Subaru Impreza 22B Revealed in GT Sport in Regional Final Live Stream

Just as the World Tour live stream revealed new GT Sport content, so the Regional Finals are giving up secrets too.

The Asia-Oceania Regional Final is ongoing in Tokyo right now. Saturday’s events saw the final ten players from 30 of the region’s top players qualifying for the Nations Cup World Final in November. Six qualified through finishing top of their block, while another four won through a pair of second-chance races.

It was during these repechage events that Polyphony Digital revealed the unexpected. The 18 remaining players, in two groups of nine, ran N300 road cars around the Tsukuba Circuit. Along with the familiar GT Sport line-up of famous Japanese sports cars was one surprise.

The Subaru Impreza 22B is perhaps the ultimate Impreza. Made over a five-month period in 1998, the widebody coupe 22B version celebrated Subaru’s success in the World Rally Championship. Along with the unique body style and color, the 400 22Bs also had a number of other components specific to the model. With a 276hp (under the Japanese maximum 280PS “Gentleman’s Agreement” between manufacturers), 2.2-liter Boxer engine, the 22B is still among the quickest Imprezas ever made.

We last saw the 22B as a new model in Gran Turismo 4. Although the car persisted through the PS3 era of games, it did so as a “standard” model car: a vehicle model carried over from GT4 with no interior view available. It’s one of the most in-demand cars for a GT Sport upgrade, and it looks like we’ll get our wish soon.

There’s no information on when this car will come to GT Sport. The vehicles and track in the Salzburg event appeared with the very next update, so it’s likely we can pencil the 22B in for an update in October. This would also mark the game’s first anniversary, so more juicy content may accompany it. Keep glued to the Asia-Oceania live streams over the next two days for any further reveals!

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