Sung Kang’s Datsun 240Z Wins 2015 GT Awards

UPDATE: The “Fugu Z” was scanned by the Polyphony Digital team on November 7, 2017 in Long Beach, CA. It was finally added to Gran Turismo Sport in the game’s 1.31 update, released on December 5, 2018.


It was another spectacular party for the 2015 Gran Turismo Awards here in Las Vegas last night, where Kazunori Yamauchi crowned this year’s Best in Show winner: a beautiful custom-built 1973 Datsun 240Z owned by Fast & Furious star Sung Kang.


Sporting a Pandem body kit by TRA Kyoto, Volk TE37V wheels, and powered by a naturally-aspirated Nissan RB26 engine tuned by Greddy, the car was a popular draw on the SEMA show floor and a definite favorite among many here in GTPlanet’s community.

The car has a nice story behind it as well: Sung has always been passionate about building a 240Z track car, and wanted a project that he could work on to spend more time with his friends. This labor of love started getting a lot of attention as the car was scheduled for debut at SEMA, and FOX Sports began filming a five-part series about how it all came together.

The first three parts of the series have already been posted online (see below). As the 2015 GT Award winner, Sung’s 240Z will be coming to a Gran Turismo game in the future.

Congratulations to Sung Kang, Greddy, and all of his friends!

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  1. Coyote30000ru

    God Jesus, this is a HAN :D When I ferst looked at the photo, I thought like “Wow, he seems very familiar…” Haha, awesome. I’m actually were never interested in Datsun, but now I guess that 240Z will be the one of my first-look GT7 car :)

  2. vespid82

    Um… aren’t we still “waiting” for the Gran Turismo Award cars from 2014 (GoPro “Rampage” 1970 Camaro), 2013 (1967 Chevy Nova), AND 2012 (Ford Mach Forty) to finally make their way into the game?!

    Pretty sure the most recent GTA winner in the game is the 1971 Pozzi Camaro… from 2011.

  3. Psychopulse

    I was hoping Rusty would win, but this is 240Z earned it too. I’ll be honest, it does look like a regular track-spec 240Z with a wide body TRA Kyoto kit (just like any Rocket Bunny FRS/BRZ for that matter). The solid white (read, primer) just makes it even more generic, albeit much more aggressive and shows the car really means business. Nothing special in that regard, but I guess they also take into consideration the story behind each masterpiece. A well-earned Best in Show nonetheless!

  4. TomBrady

    I don’t know how but I didn’t notice right away that THIS IS HAN’S CAR!!! That’s so cool. At first I was just happy because for once, Kaz didn’t choose a muscle car but this makes it even cooler.

  5. GT5 Level 41

    As the car count continues to grow, SEMA needs it’s own dealership. Some of the past winners get lost in the clutter.

  6. Mickeman

    Nice car, but saying that something is going to to be included in a GT game is highly speculative and very naive, kinda like believing in the easterbunny, though I do agree that GT needs more Nissans ?.

    1. mikronimo

      If the article says: “As the 2015 GT Award winner, Sung’s 240Z will be coming to a Gran Turismo game in the future (it’s already been confirmed for a PS4 release)”, doesn’t seem speculative, seem more like a certain fact; said that, anyway a good choice, but i would have preferred the mustang.

    2. Mickeman

      I admire your enthusiasm but there is only one fact when it comes to GT announcements, they are going to be delay, or canceled, or moved to a mobile device.

    3. Jordan

      There is no question or debate here. Polyphony and SCEA are very clear that winners will be included in the game – that’s the whole point of the GT Awards. Sure, it generally takes Polyphony years to digitize and scan them, but the cars do come.

  7. Terje

    I like the Datsun, but it’s too bad they only pick one car. I would really like to see Rusty, it strikes me as a more custom built car.

  8. Sick Cylinder

    very nice – hopefully we can paint it and add a racing number. It looks a bit dull in white, but in red it could look like “Big Sam” the British Modsports Championship racer from the 1970’s.

    1. Magic Ayrton

      It’s look dull?? Ha!! If you saw this coming the other way on the street it will blow you away.. For sure!

  9. Normalaatsra

    Sung Kang took a lot of inspiration from the Devil Z from the Wangan Midnight manga, there was a photo of a panel from the manga in his Instagram feed.

  10. sparkytooth

    All around sick machines this year, personally I would’ve picked the Bimmer but I respect this 240 a whole lot too.

  11. Johnnypenso

    Always loved the 240z, one of my all time faves. Love what’s underneath the car, all the work that went into it, but if I’m honest, it looks like a bolt together kit car. Sure it’ll be fun to drive but the exterior doesn’t look all that creative..especially in white.

    1. Doodle

      You guys have a problem with me prefering a pickup over a 240Z? I like both cars very much, but something about that truck made me happy inside.

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