“Super GT” GT5 Seasonal Event, Online Dealership Updated

The latest GT5 Seasonal Event is now available, featuring Super GT cars. Races take place at the following locations:

  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway (8 Laps, 411,000 Cr.)
  • Nurburgring GP/F  (5 Laps, 522,000 Cr.)
  • Laguna Seca (5 Laps, 468,600 Cr.)
  • Cape Ring (5 Laps, 500,100 Cr.)
  • Eifel Circuit (5 Lap, 523,200 Cr.)

The game’s Online Car Dealership has also been updated with new vehicles, which continue to be offered at reduced prices. As usual, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more details and discussion. Thanks to Eduardo and RACECAR for the early tips!

GT5 Photomode image by whereveriroam.

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Comments (82)

  1. cliffatron

    You get the prize only for the place you finish. For the events that have a one time only prize (such as drift, time trial and expert events) you receive everything below the place you finish.

  2. Onigod

    Quick question… When you get to first place on this seasonal event, do you get just the first place prize or also the second and third??


  3. Bucc-i

    I thought they were gonna give us the Honda HSV-010GT for the Super GT seasonal events in the online dealership. Meh…

  4. Greyum

    These seasonal events are fine for what they are, but I have now played every car and track I ever want to play in the game, multiple times over. They need to release DLC to give us new tracks and new cars.

    1. Hal

      Yep, and if you buy one of the 20 million credit cars, you get a trophy for spending all your credits back to zero. Kinda seems like quite a bit of work for a trophy and a car, but probably one of the easiest ways if you want all the trophies. Otherwise you have to plan a little bit to spend without ending up with 23 (random number) credits left that you can’t get rid off.

  5. Madman2k10+1

    Power and glory version 3 coming for GTR2 ahhhh cant wait to blast the iroc porshe round tha ring lieeeeeek waaa

    1. Ryan

      Yes I agree lets see more Australian tracks and the line up of Australian cars I.e hsv r8 and the Allan moffat special fpv 335 gtp!

  6. ripped

    I am enjoying the seasonals, all of them. My number one wish is to see some more tracks, both “world” tracks and “PD” tracks, esp., El Capitan. I would pay for a “track pack” update. I also would like to see some tracks with 1960’s configs such as the Spa, Monza, Zandvoort, Silverstone, Brands Hatch, the list goes on. Road America also comes to mind.

  7. Pothole0222

    That’s great and all, but how about PD fix their website so I can run some damned Remote Races?!?!

  8. danjee

    Is it actually restricted to JGTC cars, or is it just restricted to Japanese cars, like in A-spec?

  9. spikeyhairdude

    I think they gave us a extra seasonal event as they might be doin something like an update. So they don’t need to think about seasonal event for another 2 weeks. Also super gt has much fun races

  10. Doc

    I am gonna agree with a large number of comments up there… something of a decent length would be good. There are a large number of events where you get a hell of a lot of credits for no effort, so why not give us something like nurburgring 24h for something decent like 10 laps?

    They haven’t got ANY races of medium length on the ring, it’s like 3 laps TOPS… which is a crying shame… played a 10-lapper online a while ago, was sweet…

    maybe a seasonal that locks to in-car-cam with no instruments…?

  11. Al

    I’m enjoying the seasonal events as well. I bought every used car I’m even mildly interested in having and still have $10 million in the bank. If they keep this going much longer I’ll reach 1,000 cars far sooner than I ever thought possible.

  12. captaincrunch24

    This event was such a blast. I got gold in every race and raked in SO many credits. I’m gonna go to the dealerships now and buy something TRULY sexy.

    1. whereveriroam

      that car is very photogenic compared to others for some reason, i was very pleased with it, didn’t think it might end up being used for something! :)

      im with everyone else, something abit longer would be cool, but im fine with racking up the credits!

    1. BDA

      It wasn’t really PD’s fault it got cancelled, I watched the replay of the guy in first place who apparantly got round the 24 nurb circuit in 6 mins, the cheating douche was using a glitch anddriving under the track just roughly following the track. Did wonder how a RM Corvette was beating Bently LM cars for a minute or two!!

  13. GrandeP

    Boohoo! Just got my new PS3 after the original one broke, and now I’m going to have to start from scratch because of saves being limited to one profile!! :@

    I can’t do any seasonal events at the moment :(

    1. Union 76

      I did. Ran a restore from a backup of my old drive, one with a gt5 save, and my game transfered just fine. As long has your using the same PSN id as on the old machine, I think that’s all the copy protection cares about.

    2. Union 76

      BTW, you’ll have to make a “new” PSN account on the new machine using the “Use existing account” instead of creating a new one from scratch. Just be sure to duplicate all your info exactly to be sure, although it may only care about the e-mail/password you use to sign in.

  14. Mazdaman83

    Lots of Rallycars again !!
    Please give us the ‘Pikes Peak’ track DLC in the next update !!

  15. Bien Cien

    Oh, something tells me I should have bought that RS200 long time ago.

    I’m going to crawl in fetal position and sob now.

  16. Anna+Reece

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME. The OCD is full of cars that I bought for full price days earlier!!!! >:(

    1. Brandon

      Haha, that sucks. I’m saving up $$ but I don’t know what for. Maybe whatever it is it’s in the new OCD!

      Wait, OCD. I just noticed that. If I only buy cars from the OCD, is that OCD?

  17. gast1976

    Good !Yesterday i ve reached 0 credits …. i ve bought 908 hdi lm But in addition of these seasonnal events , some new tracks will be awesome !!!!!!!

  18. gast1976

    Good !
    Yesterday i ve reached 0 credits …. i ve bought 908 hdi lm
    But in addition of these seasonnal events , some new tracks will be awesome !!!!!!!

  19. Hortus

    Great. Might go snd check them out since it’s my day off…i’ve kept putting off the seasonals, got a lot of catching up to do…oh but then there’s the U3 ßeta…hmmm.
    What i’d like to see added are one or two longer races, maybe a half gp distance, just for some variety…not that i’m complaining about making over 500k in 5 laps, just saying is all

    1. axletramp

      Yep, although I really enjoy the Seasonals the format is all too familiar now. How about now and again the tables are turned and the AI are allowed a higher PP and they have to try and chase us down? Just thinking out loud…

  20. axletramp

    Wife away working tonight – me alone with the PS3 and GT5 – the timing of this couldn’t be better!! Never run a GT500 on Eifel… good times!

    1. GTP_Rcrcool9

      I wish they would let you use the Nissan GTR 500 Stealth and the Honda NSX GT 500 Stealth. Seems right since they have the model of a super gt car…

  21. ColinZeal

    Man these seasonals will force me to play this game for ever. Or atleast until I reach lvl 40.

    But some DLC with new tracks would be awesome. I’d even pay for it.

    1. Bernard7

      These seasonals are mint and I will always do them as soon as possible but I do agree about dlc some of the tracks featured in gt4 would be nice Seattle city or infinion raceway??!

  22. brave bear

    im happy and everything that they are bringing out seasonals pretty regularly but i have to admit their track selection is off. how can you have a super gt event with no japanese tracks. honestly the seasonals have all been like that. loving the seasonals pd but please spend another 15 minutes going over track selection before you release. please

    1. priesty

      Why would they release a seasonal event which is the same as in the extreme championship?!

      Its good to mix it up with a combo some people might not have tried.

    2. HKS racer

      Indeed, japanese tracks are already in career mode, If you need cr. just spend 15 minutes at La Sarthe with your tuned Enzo or at the Ring with a british car, you can race all the other events for fun now because cr. are no longer an issue now. GT5 keeps me coming back, more SuperGT races is what I was asking for, now it’s time to turn ABS off and adjust brake balance properly to increase difficulty a bit and have more fun!

    3. Slick

      You can make some of the people happy some of the time, all of the people happy none of the time. As has been stated in other treads some hate when an existing offline race series is duplicated, others don’t. I am glad to see any updates.

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