Tag Heuer Spotted in GT Sport’s Brand Central

A unique feature of GT Sport is the Brand Central feature. In this area of the game, players can read up on various manufacturers and important parts of history. Surprisingly, Tag Heuer has been spotted amongst the car manufacturers.

Watch Maker or VGT Creator?

The leading screengrab comes from selecting an option seen in PC Games’ car preview video. Focusing on the European car selection (covered in our always up-to-date car list), we see the Brand Central main menu. Every company listed is involved with manufacturing cars in GT Sport minus one — Tag Heuer.

The actual contents under the category appear to be some history and ads run by the watch maker. Racing enthusiasts will note that the Senna promotion is given some screen space. The real question is, what makes Tag so special to appear in this category?

We know Tag is the official time keeper for GT Sport, but other main sponsors are nowhere to be seen. Similarly, Brand Central’s Tag Heuer page only has one piece of motorsport history highlighted; most of the page focuses on general information about the firm. With this in mind, is it possible that Tag Heuer could be involved in creating a Vision GT car?

With the project not even half way done and other non-manufacturers involved, it’s certainly possible. Nike and Jordan are yet to reveal their vehicles and Tag Heuer isn’t a far stretch from those companies. Specializing in a form of engineering and design, it could certainly create a looker for the fantasy series.

It’s probable that the partner is listed simply because it plays a key part in the GT Sport package. Pre-race countdowns are delivered by the Swiss firm and post-race results also feature the company branding. But if the brand is looking to further strengthen its relationship with the Gran Turismo franchise, a VGT car would certainly be the way to do it.

Thanks to AKps3 for snapping the menu shot!

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