Vision Gran Turismo Project ‘Not Even Halfway Done’

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When the Vision GT Project took off back in 2013, nobody really knew how long the collaborative effort between Polyphony Digital and leading automobile manufacturers and design houses was going to last. Speaking with GTPlanet in London last week, Kazunori Yamauchi confirmed the initiative is far from complete, and that players can expect further additions in this year’s Gran Turismo Sport:

Jordan: During the press conference I noticed that you didn’t really talk about the Vision GT project. Is that still moving forward?

KY: We are going to continue with the Vision GT project, we’re not even halfway done with it. Some manufacturers have already expressed desire to make more than one, so their numbers are growing.

JG: Should we expect to see more VGT cars coming to GT6?

KY: In terms of VGT cars that will appear in Gran Turismo, we won’t be releasing them on GT6 because of the load of work they would create; programming on PS3 was a nightmare at times (laugh). At the same time, it would definitely be better to have the players experience those cars in the high-quality environment that’s going to be part of the new title.


During the active days of Gran Turismo 6, we were introduced to numerous VGT cars, many of which tried to bring highly advanced technologies from the world of automobile production to regular players. Recently, the Vision GT project was recognized for its contributions to the automotive world, winning the ‘Golden Marker Special Award’ at the 2016 Japan Car Design Awards.

There certainly seems to be more behind the Vision GT project than players can currently perceive. As ever, GTPlanet will report on further developments in the program as they surface.

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Comments (67)

  1. ribloGT

    Very sad about this…
    My interest about the new GTS is Like GT6 now… Officially dead…
    Pity cause GT6 is still a good game and lnowing that in about one year they Will close online servers Too is the tomb Stone on My PS career…
    I still have to buy a PS4 due to the “wheel affair” and now this GTS is totally Killing my interest in getting a PS4 and a new wheel…
    Lucky enough i have a PC a G27 and Assetto Corsa to play…

  2. Sick Cylinder

    It’s obviously the right thing not to add any more VGT’s to GT6 and to concentrate on the new game. Also very pleased that these cars are getting fully detailed interiors. However I have always felt this project could be much more effective if with each Vision car a link to the past and the present was added in the form of a current model and a classic model. They might have to be more selective due to numbers of cars, but it would give each VGT relevance.

    1. Johnnypenso

      It’s the right thing to not deliver the content for GT6 that was promised to us when we bought the game in favour of making a new game that none of us own?

    2. Psychopulse

      I think it’s fair. We had our share of VGT cars in GT6. However, times move on, and porting models that are being designed for GTSport to GT6 is somewhat redundant and inefficient in terms of cost and time for PD. I’d rather they focus their efforts on making GTSport the best it can be. Just my two cents though.

    3. Johnnypenso

      Interesting confirmation bias. So if you go to Mc’D’s, order a Big Mac and fries and give you a Mac and say, “we are bringing out some new fries next week so we aren’t going to bother giving you the fries you paid for. They’ll be much better next week, come back and buy some then”.
      “Can I have my money back then?”
      That’s cool right?

    4. Psychopulse

      This metaphor isn’t accurate. A better one would be ordering a Big Mac Combo with fries and a drink, getting the Big Mac Combo, and asking for more fries after eating everything. Technically, since we paid for it, including the fries, we’re entitled to get more fries (just like we would free refills for the drink anyway), but it’s just not possible for numerous reasons, with these same reasons apply for why we are not entitled for a new Big Mac.

    5. Johnnypenso

      Lol…no, you are completely wrong. The 30 odd VGT cars were promised for GT6. I’m not talking about future cars or cars that were never promised for GT6. They were promised, end of story. They weren’t delivered and now we’re told that it was too hard to make them for GT6 and to wait for GT Sport and buy a new console to enjoy them.

  3. Psychopulse

    And the man is absolutely right! Totally agree with Kaz on that one! GT is about the future not the past, so porting new VGT cars to GT6 is not only irrelevant, but impractical from a cost and efficiency standpoint. Not to mention that the PS3 is a “nightmare” to work on, as Kaz put it best!

  4. M2M design

    Okay, the news is official. Kazunori, congratulations!
    A man who always keeps his promises! (-_-)”
    You’re ridiculous!
    An incomplete game, paid as a full game!
    No VGT cars and no VGT races or specific championships;
    No FORMULA GT races or championship;
    > 300 KM Grand Valley – 60 laps
    > 4 hours Roadster
    > 200 Miles at Laguna Seca
    > 500 Miles at Indianapolis
    > 1000 KM at Suzuka
    > 4 and 24 Hours on Nürburgring
    > 9 Hours at Tskuba
    > 24 Hours at Le Mans
    and more…

    The future is PJC and Assetto Corsa!

    1. ALB123

      I think Gran Turismo will always fill the needs of certain gamers. For me, I strive for the most realistic experience I can find. When I played GT6 I was all about Ridox Replica Garage. Yet, I needed more than GT6 could give me, so I made the switch to Assetto Corsa 8 months ago. I couldn’t be happier. I think console players who strive for realism above all will absolutely love Assetto Corsa on PS4/XBone. If you want the best possible experience though, AC on your PC is out of this world because of the mods you can download and the game settings that you can go in and tweak view .ini files and LUT’s (Look Up Tables).

    2. Mickeman

      Thumbs up ?. You are right. Kaz has no clue how what his development team is doing, even less of a clue how to make a modern game.

      I don’t really blame him. Who would want to live the playboy life, jet setting between car races, motor sports events, and getting awards instead of sitting in some dull development studio.

  5. Sasek

    This VGT cars will turn into space cars driving simulator. In GT6 I barely touched it. I don’t like the look of it which don’t look like a cars for me. I prefer to see more existing, real cars, even more production ones than race cars.

  6. Chikane

    Yikes ..Yea explains that wacky race from the reveal.. 3 LMP cars and the rest where nothing but VGT cars

  7. Reydawg Rey

    IMO VGT cars are the only thing separating GT vs the competition. These are cars the competition will never have. Just because they’re not real doesn’t mean they can’t be implemented into the game. For example at the Brands Hatch Race at the London event, they had the SRT Vision Gt competing in the Nation’s Cup. You would think it would dominate but it only came in 3rd or 4th, so GT knows how to properly implement them in the game and not have them blow everything away. I think that car and most of the VGT’s are super sweet to drive when it has the same performance points and you can have a competitive race with production cars.

  8. Godarm

    Not hating these vision cars, but would rather have more REAL sports/racing cars and pls FIX the game FIRST…

  9. GT5 Level 41

    Not the news I wanted, but knowing is better than wondering. GT6 is officially complete. Thanks for asking and getting the answers we wanted Jordon.

    1. GT5 Level 41

      True, but it’s no longer necessary to hope or wonder about future updates. No need to randomly check GTPlanet for news. Win/win

  10. RacingOtaku86

    Well, it’s official now. The VGT Project is dead on GT6. PD, do us a favour and release an update (or something) that will remove the grayed out entries. There’s no reason to have them anymore.

    I wonder, when GTS comes out, will they also kill the GT6 online services?

  11. OptiMystik

    Choosing between futuristiс VGT and real classic cars I’d choose the second. But It’s KY game, so I can only take it. IMHO, VGT cars is more suitable for “full-fledged” GT7 but not for e-sport version of GT with FIA Championships: it estranges virtual races and it’s drivers from real.

    1. SavageEvil

      Ehhh, what? They are sport aligned and derived vehicles, literally all of them are about performance over all else, GT Sport is aimed at what again…performance racing. Seems like a logical fit to me, did you not notice that all the VGT’s in the GT Sport aren’t stomping the cars they are up against? They all have realistic engines, sizes and outputs so performance matches reality.

    2. Johnnypenso

      Various classes of racing have very specific regulations. Unless these VGT cars were designed with those regulations in mind, putting them on the track with homologated racing cars in a racing simulation supposedly created in partnership with the FIA, is stretching the bounds of simulation.

    3. OptiMystik

      SavageEvil, Johnnypenso,
      ..and nevertheless they are still a virtual concept/prototype out of production. You won’t see them on the real track or champioship. It’s just a detailed designer’s sketch that COULD be a car but it’s faaaaaar away from real efficient racing car. It requires a great amount of track tests and so on, what will make ingeneers to revise a car.. and after all it will be a another car :-P

  12. Tenacious D

    I took the Toyota FT-1 racer around the Nurburgring in a GT2 style race, so to the naysayers I say, “Yeah, whatever.” I’m glad these cars are going to be able to flex their virtual muscle in a race in which they’re matched to the competition, and we don’t have to adjust anything. Once again…

    BRING IT!! ;D

  13. Schmiggz

    I never bought this vision crap! Yeah it’s cool… It’s the future, Designers dreams, bla bla bla! The thing is, Granturismo is not a car magazine! It’s a freaking racing video game and 90% of this interiorless future hipotetic dreams are undrivable for racing.

  14. MrWaflz55

    Stop complaining about free content, you’ll still get a LaFerrari, Veneno, RC F, 4C, F-Type, MX-5, WRX, etc. GT Sport will have quite a few new road cars too,

    1. Tenacious D

      This reminds me too much of the whole Standard silliness. “Oh noes, I might see imperfect textures!”

      Now it’s, “Oh noes, I might see a fake car!” It never ends at GT Planet, the Real Grouching Instigator. ; )

    2. Johnnypenso

      Can’t put a sticker on a car in Forza – modeling sucks. Ok with standards. Consistency.

  15. Obelisk

    Is the Chaparral 2X coming over to GT:S? I’d love to see it with a dialed down laser system to keep it in line with the LMPs.

    1. SavageEvil

      Lol, that car doesn’t even have a conventional engine, where would it go? The other are still built off platforms that house ICE or Hybrid or full Electric, that Chapparal supposedly runs off dark matter or something absurd like that. The design of the car would have to change heavily to make it into Gt Sport.

  16. Rubencho

    The concept is great, unfortunately the execution not so but what Kaz achieved was pretty cool and I’m glad this will continue

    1. ALB123

      I was greatly disappointed in the Vision GT project on GT6. Experimental Prototypes are one thing. Some of the fantasy cars (like laser propulsion) were just ridiculous and lame. Cars like the BMW VGT were pretty decent though.

    2. Rubencho

      @ALB123 but it’s a Chaparral :P it was supposed to be something crazy (but yeah the Real Simulator title is weak in this one)

  17. occasionalracer

    My goodness, I wish the usual 20 people on this site with their OCCD (Obsessive Compulsive Complaining Disorder) would go away. So disrespectful.

    1. CarBastard

      Doesn’t complaining of the complainers make you yet another complainer? How is criticism towards a product “disrespectful”? I’m PD/Kaz/Sony’s customer, not their friend, not their relative, I don’t give a rats rear if they feel disrespected because their customer and fanbase call out on their bluff and exposes their flaws.

      Want to know what’s disrespectful? Having your loyal fans and customers wait for more than ten years to get a proper game that isn’t swamped by stupid flaws…and then making them buy another console and another wheel to give you a second chance. Na-ah, I loved GT to bits but this, this is heart-breakingly disappointing. So disrespectful…

    2. Schmiggz

      Democracy and modern society have this annoying problem! Some people DON’T AGREE! And the worst part is… IT’S OK TO DISAGREE!!! DAMN!

    1. RodolphoPNeto

      Yeah i know i might have exaggerated, but i certainly don’t hate it. I love it too much to see the effort and focus put on things that don’t matter to me while there are so much to improve… GT is my first true love when in comes to racing games, and that’s how it is for most of us who whine and complain without reasoning, like i did up there… can’t you tell?

  18. celtiscorpion73

    I agree. The only reason we got the DLC cars and everything free in GT6 is because they knew the game would be difficult to bring to its entirety due to constraints.
    I’m still undecided on whether to continue with the series, but I’ve been there through all of the games so far. If they want me to come back, they need better communication with the fans and listen to their concerns and they need to stop pushing all these ridiculously priced accessories that the average player can’t afford.

  19. Donnced

    On launch of GT6 in 2013 he promised to complete the vision GT list in a maximum of 24 months(2 years).

    He launched half list in 2 years and only a few with the inside of the “car” detatailed.

    Then he said and promised last year in goodwood that the list was gonna be completed in GT6 and even more new cars would be added.. And if they got time to put the interiors of the visions also…

    Listen kazonuri, if you can’t complish your words, don’t put the names of all the cars in the game on launch and shut up your mouth and don’t say i will do that and that..

    Closing the servers of GT5 (much better game than GT6) was an ugly movement also from your part PD.Not because you close online servers all the people will move on tho the next game.

    And listen more to your fans also! Give us back a game with a great offline GT mode, offline endurance races.. And all what maked GT big the first 4 games.. The last two where lot of content and lack of quality!
    And now in GT Sport only arcade mode and a “campaign driving school” .. This is the first GT i just don’t gonna buy. I don’t care about online championships or GT academy’s! I just want a good racing game with a great offline like GT3 and GT4 with a basic online to play with friends.

    Cheers from an EX Fan! Don’t be a liar kaz and don’t promise to people what you can’t achieve!

    1. deviln3

      I agree that they over-promise features, but at least he was upfront that we won’t be getting those on the Ps3. Also other racing games sell cars as DLC for $1-5 a car sometimes, all the updates GT on ps3 were free, can we appreciate them for releasing all those free cars and not rip on them for not releasing half the list. Not to mention so many people complained that these cars weren’t real and shouldn’t really be part of the game to being with.

    2. Imari

      They were free because they were features that were advertised at launch as part of the product.

    3. Donnced

      @deviln3 mmm i liked lot more the way they token in GT5 with payed DLC that brought us Spa,montegi or test track and lots of cars. And they put also free cars in. But nothing was listed and promised in the menus of the game like The vision GTs of GT6.

      About the vision project, yes they where free, but he said that al the cars listed in the game menu will be in the game in a maximum of 2 years…

      Why he didn’t put in the vision GT menus only the released cars and not a full list (audi,Nike, Jordan, hyundai etc…)? so anybody can’t be angry because you don’t now how many cars there will be putting in free or not, that’s an ugly movement to the fans.

      And now he laughed in the face of the fans while last year even in goodwood he promised the cars… Because hardware of PS3 is difficult…. Yeah..come on..he hasn’t to take people as stupids

  20. doblocruiser

    I’ll say here right now that my guess is that the Peugeot L500R Hybrid comes to GTS. Why? 100 years of motorsport is shown in their design (it even represents) and during an interview they (Peugeot) mentioned already working on another future project.

  21. TheEvstar93

    Will this mean more manufacturers will join the party? I’ve recently came across someone’s Volvo VGT and there’s even a Skoda VGT somewhere. Both look perfect for this project!

  22. FosterG

    GTS just becomes less and less interesting to me thanks to the approach at PD. I am not starved for it as there are other choices. Thank goodness for “choices.” If you have been waiting breathlessly to drive certain cars, you might be/will be waiting for who knows how much longer. If GTS turns out to be not what you hoped for, how long is the wait for GT7 I wonder.

  23. CarBastard

    -“Kazunori! The loyal folk in GTP is asking for more cars, what should we do?”
    -“Let’s make fantastic cars that only exist to boost a manufacturer’s ego and belong in Ridge Racer rather than a game that claims to be a simulator”.
    -“B…but…Kazunori…they’re asking for simple things, like BMW M3s, a MKIV Supra, or a relevant supercar, they even say that F**za has got them…”

    Yeah, Kaz is a real genius alright. And that’s how the cookie crumbles…

  24. Imari

    That’s BS, imo. People who bought GT6 paid for the VGT program. To only give them half at best and then shift the rest to a later game because it’s too hard is just…shall we be kind and say not particularly fair?

    If you’re going to advertise the VGT program as a feature of GT6 to be released over the first twelve months of the games life cycle, at least follow through on the content even if you can’t follow through on the time frame.

    1. Lain

      I’ll have to disagree. GT6 owners paid for the first wave of VGTs… Or are you suggesting that if they’re still doing new VGTs around the time of GT X on the PS6, GT6 should still be getting every one of them?

    2. Imari

      No, I’m suggesting that Polyphony should finish what they advertised for GT6. It’s not the customer’s fault that it took them longer than expected, the customer shouldn’t be expected to take the loss for it.

      From the official Gran Turismo website:

      Over 20 of the world leading companies in the automotive industry have designed special cars for Gran Turismo, celebrating its 15th anniversary. Over the course of approximately 1 year, cars from each company will be provided one by one in the game. This is a festival of cars only possible to experience within Gran Turismo.

      And a list of 24 participating companies, as of December 2013. It’s awfully sad that it was hard for them to work on PS3, but if you’re going to advertise something as part of the game then have the stones to follow through instead of half-assing it. And have the decency not to use the remainder to drive sales for your next game, if you’re not going to provide the content to people that have already paid for access.

  25. Fat Tyre

    Meh, I think my excitement for these thing lasted for about a week when I was playing GT6. Even a real life Civic gets me more hyped than these marketing batmobiles.

    1. VetteZR1

      Batmobiles without interiors don’t forget. Useless to cockpit drivers. They all look arcade-like. I think the GT franchise is now more about marketing, gizmos (helmets’ suits ect.) and gimmicks (driving on the moon) than sim racing. Just my opinion, but I’m driving Assetto Corsa now and am never looking back.

  26. Last Daimyo

    Lovely, I never can say no to more cars. I wonder how crazy the designers are going to go this time haha.

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