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25-Car Pack, Bonus DLC in Latest Gran Turismo 6 Sale

A special sale on Gran Turismo 6 has been announced with several participating retailers in the United States, offering another chance to get some of the game’s 15th Anniversary content which was originally only available as a pre-order incentive. The content includes:

GT5 Sales Rank Increases 1300% on Amazon After Release Date Announcement

As observed by PlayStation LifeStyle, Gran Turismo 5 suddenly became very popular after the game’s official release date announcement last Friday. Within 24 hours, the standard version of the game topped’s video game “Movers & Shakers” list with a 1,300% increase in sales rank. The more expensive GT5 Collector’s Edition came second on the list, with an 823% increase, followed by the 160GB PlayStation 3 console with a 236% increase. Impressive numbers, to say the least!

Drifting in Gran Turismo 5: First Gameplay Videos

YouTuber ukoredgar2143 has provided us with some of the most entertaining gameplay videos yet! He’s been camped out at his local Best Buy, playing GT5 Kiosk Demo and putting the game’s new smoke effects to good use. Unfortunately, the demo doesn’t include skidmarks, but these clips still provide a nice preview of what’s to come! Thanks to all who sent these in.

Find a Gran Turismo 5 Demo Kiosk Near You

Headed out this weekend in search of the GT5 kiosk demo at your local at your local Best Buy or Target? It’s appearing at stores across the United States, but a lot of people out there are still having trouble finding it. To help out, take a look at GTPlanet’s GT5 Public Demo Locations Index, kindly organized and maintained here in our forums by paskowitz.

GT5 Kiosk Demo: Detailed Gameplay Impressions, More Videos

GTPlanet user Rated-M3 came home from his local Best Buy store after playing the Gran Turismo 5 kiosk demo and was kind enough to share his detailed impressions for those of you who may not be able to check it out for yourself. From his forum post:

GT5 Kiosk Demo Also Playable at Target Stores

The playable Gran Turismo 5 demo that first appeared in Best Buy has now begun to appear at Target stores, according to early reports from GTPlanet readers Ryan of Denver, Colorado and Stefan of Brooklyn, New York. Check out their pictures below for confirmation, and take a look at a few more videos from Jeramy back in Oregon.

More Screenshots, Videos of GT5’s New Damage Modeling

The new Gran Turismo 5 damage system first spotted by GTPlanet users in the Best Buy demo continues to make waves throughout our community, as more pictures (and now videos) keep coming in. Here’s the latest batch of higher-quality photos from Asane and tyv2448, along with a YouTube clip courtesy of StedySniper (thanks to Volcao for the tip!). Asane also provided me with a few more details on his observations so far:

New Gran Turismo 5 Damage Model in Best Buy Demo

At first glance, it appeared the GT5 demo popping up in Best Buy stores around the United States – while certainly exciting – did not reveal any new features or content. Now that more users in our forums are getting their hands on it, however, it seems that is definitely not the case. Collisions reveal dramatic and impressive new car damage modeling – I’ll let these screenshots by GTPlanet user Asane and gamer28 speak for themselves.

Gran Turismo 5 Demo Playable at Best Buy in Oregon (Confirmed)

The playable GT5 demo which was first spotted last night at a Best Buy in Oregon has now been confirmed by multiple sources. GTPlanet reader Jeramy has also grabbed video of the new demo, walking us through all of the available cars, tracks, and features. Vermontster of the PS Forums has also shared his conversation with the Best Buy employees (thanks, calvins48), which you’ll see below. We do, indeed, owe a lot of thanks to Oldschool27 for his discovery!