GT5 Kiosk Demo: Detailed Gameplay Impressions, More Videos

GTPlanet user Rated-M3 came home from his local Best Buy store after playing the Gran Turismo 5 kiosk demo and was kind enough to share his detailed impressions for those of you who may not be able to check it out for yourself. From his forum post:

Well on my way home from Baltimore today, I stopped by a confirmed Best Buy in Glen Burnie. I played it for about an hour since my local Best buy doesn’t have it The controller was shot unfortunately, the right joystick was worn to where it was tilted down a tad bit. The right joystick is in the button configuration as Up = gas, down = brake. So, the car was constantly braking which forced me to use it for gassing and braking. You cannot change the buttons as the options menu is locked. I’m used to driving on a controller configuration similar to NFS: Pro Street, which I don’t even use a controller. So my driving sucked. After a couple of races I became more interested the damage.


The Physics seemed solid on all the cars. It had a different feeling to it than Prologue. For example, the body roll felt much more realistic compared to Prologue where everything felt like flat-out understeer. It was also visible, the car would lean on either side due to the g-force. The grass didn’t suck you in like in Prologue. It has a different feel to it, but it is still a slow ride out of the grass. Downshifting while turning is now detrimental, meaning the rear end breaks loose from the higher revs. Power cars with no traction control are prone to spin outs, even on R3s, could just be the suspension though. Having driven on a controller, I cannot give a true comparison to Prologue or the TT demo. All this was experienced under Professional. I tried one game in Beginners and it a huge improvement from Prologue. The car did not handle unrealistically well like in Prologue’s standard physics. Instead it seemed to just handle better maintaining the characteristics of the car. Drafting takes effect at a longer distance, not to the extent of Prologue. Professional physics drafting seemed more realistic, about 2-3 car lengths on Indianapolis. In beginner it seemed to drag you in faster than in professional as well. For tires, the N tires seem to be much more improved. They aren’t as bad as in Prologue. S tires are in between the feeling of N and R tires.


The damage was great. Almost accurate as far as speed and collision points. I say this because in the other demos at game shows, people were eating the wall at 100+ MPH and barely hurt the car. Not the case here. Damage appears on all 4 sides of the car. The Nascar is the only car that’s hood pops open. It is also the only car to shatter the rear quarter plexi-glass. THE CARS WILL NOT FLIP OVER. I tried a hundred times and the cars will only go air borne. Damage does affect car performance, not sure if it is mechanically or aerodynamically.

Other Items

The AI drive a lot smarter, sometimes I felt they even hit me back after I hit them. They try to avoid collisions better than in Prologue. They themselves make contact with other cars and the wall sometimes. Cars will not do stand still burn outs, they do crazy awesome donuts though. The graphics looked a bit better than Prologue, but not by a long shot. You cannot destroy your headlights so you can’t see in the dark either. Debris kicked off the ground: Grass, dry grass, gravel, dirt.

The overall review: I’m pretty happy with it, it will definitely be a better experience on the wheel. I think the physics and damage is only 75% of what will actually be in the final product.

I thank my wife who got bored recording me the whole time lol.

Thanks to Rated-M3 (and his wife!) for sharing this info with the community!

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  1. Mancubus

    Okay, so the damage looks better than in the last videos? But isn’t this the same version? Quite confusing.

    Rallye still looks pathetic compared to DIRT 2. Invisible walls and hay made of anti-matter…I still think this is ridiculous.

    Question: Is there no hood cam? Why is it only a roof cam? :(

  2. infamousDee

    We haven’t seen actual crashes prior to this news, just screenshots and pointless videos of damaged cars driving around aimlessly.

  3. pikalulz007

    Hmm… I can tell from the car sounds that this is the E3 build.

    From what I could gather, the Gamescom build has way better engine sounds.

  4. Super_Colossal

    I just got back from the very same Best Buy in Glen Burnie, MD. I was about to race on the Ring in the Stingray, and before I hit the first corner, the road went invisible, and the only finished things were the cars and the scenery. By the time the fast section came up, it reappeared agian.

  5. Finally

    Thank God that GT5 has rear white lights.
    just a little thing to be more realistic.
    just gt2 had those and now its back!!!

  6. VeyronGlen

    Aaaw I wish you could do standing burnouts, I think the only way you could do it in GT4 was in a front wheel drive car like the Punto Abarth and just full throttle with hand brake, let off for a split second and back on again and then that was it.

  7. sin

    damage isnt that good but oh well everything else looks nice. come on head on collision at 200 mph that should wipe out both cars.

    1. Maxiboy

      How many times are you planning to do that? This game is designed for people who want to race not crash, and i bet the damage will be better than most other games.

  8. BWX

    Don’t be a fool, he was driving like that on purpose to SHOW DAMAGE! Duh.. FFS what is wrong with people, are they really that dense or is it an act?

  9. Red_9

    Some days I just think I should just avoid this website until launch. Between the inconsistencies of the demos to the haters, I’m just going to get the game when it comes out without having expectations through the roof.


    51 more days left tommorrow:D

    10 im gonna be excited
    Then 5 days happy

    Then a day

    Im going to sleep all day until 6:00pm & camp outside of GameStop


    1. BWX

      Wait, is GameStop going to have a midnight release, as in be open Nov. 1st until 12am to give the game out to people who pre-ordered? I preordered mine at a local GS- it would be cool to get it the night of Nov. 1st.

  11. BlackNinjaGT

    Hi Jordan, I know this is not the place to ask…

    But F1 2010 by Codemasters is about to be released…

    Have you heard or seeing if any F1 cars will make it to GT5… I think probably RedBull F1 due to the new trailer and having Sebastian Vettel voice in there and the RedBull wind tunnel?

    Do you think F1 2010 will be impacted by the fact that GT5 releases begining of Nov?

    1. GTbyPlaystation

      Probably Not.
      There hasn’t been any news towards Formula 1 cars making it into the game. They will probably have the Ferrari Formula 1 like they did in prologue, but apart from that there hasn’t been much news on Formula 1 in GT5. Buy F1 2010 if you want Formula 1 cars.

      With the Sebastian Vettel and the Rebull Hangar, that’s probably for the WRC Citroen Rally Car sponsored by Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel is probably a simple spokesperson for the game.

      Don’t take this all serious, I’m just assuming.

  12. Polly

    There is 1 thing that I have not herd for a long time , they said the cars you have won in prolouge will go straight onto gt5 and u will be able to race them from day 1 , duz any1 know if this is still true , please let me know , the game is looking ace can’t wait for nov 2nd

    1. Bernd

      Don’t know for sure, some people say, you can transfer them,
      but only use them in Arcade-mode. Transferring the money would also be fine, but I don’t think it’s possible

  13. nondo

    We should know the answer’s to most the major questions in around six days time. Maybe even a fully confirmed track and car list! Can’t wait for TGS! :-)

  14. fade

    If they are doing roll-overs, they have to implement a button/feature to flip your car back over. Or would that be related to the famous “Rewind” that was mentioned previously? Still haven’t seen anything about this.

    Id also love to know how the 2/8/16 player limited races (We’ve seen rally limited to 2 cars, and some circuits 8) is going to integrate into a 16 player online lobby.

    It all seems very last minute, or maybe they are just showing old builds.

    1. DrTrouserPlank

      8 and 16 player races will just be an option selected during lobby creation and will work normally. Not all games will be 16 cars, in fact I expect the majority will be less. I assume that only the largest tracks will have 16 cars, and I think having 16 cars on a lot of the tracks will just be a mess.

      Racing in the rally is a little more tricky, seeing as it would be difficult to actually race for track position in a rally, and it’s not done in the real world. If it is multiple cars on track at once then I can’t really see it working. The only way I see rallying online working is by having it as a staggered-start time trial, like they do in the WRC.

  15. DrTrouserPlank

    The damage still isn’t anywhere near right though. Every video we’ve seen shows 60+mph crashes doing almost no damage and that’s no good.

    With regards to driving around the track the wrong way, lets hope that anyone doing this online is either ghosted or booted from the race within 5 seconds automatically, as stuff like this is what wrecks online racing.

    The most worrying thing of all is when you look at YouTube comments on these sorts of videos,

    “Oh cool, this has got damage, I am sooo getting this!!”

    Give you a pretty good indication what these idiots’ plans are and their reason for buying the game.

    I think largely due to damage and casual morons, the first month of online will be a bit of a shambles, probably borderline unplayable. Hopefully Black Flops will divert the attention of the idiots pretty quickly though.

    1. Big Ron

      You will never find a public server in any racing game, where no wreckers are destroying races. That the thing of public server where “everybody” is racing.

      If you want clean races, the is no way around to search for a community with own servers.

  16. Sigmaviper11

    Finally tried the demo at a Best Buy. Had no damage. Feels way different than TT or GT5P. Couldv’e been the controller. Tried to get some drifting in. had success a few times, but for the most part, either push, spin or fishtail, which I tried ti force into manji and failed. Couldn’t get used to the physics, only played 20 min. Got a vid of the replay of the failed drift attempt. Definetly need a DFGT.

  17. ScouserChris88

    There will be grid starts online, prologue has them now :-) but hasnt GT always been rolling starts since begining?

    remember the video of the WRC Subaru Rolling over with doors flyong over?? Confirmed along time ago to me. You dont get all of the “SUPERCARS” shown in demos rolling, take a FWD Clio 197 and hit a curb while rear wheel is cocked, then you will flip!

    1. Bernd

      Not “always”, as you stated. Some grid starts in GT4: Trial Mountain, Apricot Hill, Tokyo R246. El Capitan, Fuji, Suzuka, High Speed Ring

  18. ElieTheStig

    I just realise something from the random editor track …. does that mean all rally point to point wont have pacenotes ????!!! : ( ((

    1. F.G.

      Damn, that’s a big big problem. I mean, thousands of people have died in flooding in Pakistan and millions left homeless, but side view mirrors sinking into the walls…that’s a real problem.

    2. ElieTheStig

      hes right ! instead of paying milions togheter just playing video games for fun … we should create an important huge help center fund for people in need !

  19. viejaloca

    Damage+Body Roll+The car actually gets thrown in violent crashes+skid marks+physics+ burnout physics+ the ability to do donuts+ tire sounds= HHHHHHUUUGGGGEE improvement from Prologue!!!
    Anything else to add?

    1. Red_9

      I’d like to actually see a car roll over like they showed in one of their trailers. So far it’s the same deal of nearly getting there but always coming back down.

      I’m sure it’ll be in the final build, but I’d just like to see it for reassurance.

  20. yomamma

    Alright just got back from best buy. I can certainly understand now what Rated-M3 means by “The Physics seemed solid on all the cars. It had a different feeling to it than Prologue. For example, the body roll felt much more realistic compared to Prologue where everything felt like flat-out understeer.” However I was playing on a tv with the sound turned off so i can’t comment on it (damn it).It was pretty hard to play without sound since I shift by listening to revs. So i had to use an auto gear box till i got into the feel of it. Also the controller I was using was prolly there since the PS3 came out so pressure sensitivity was shot to say the least. In 20mins of playing the demo I did manage a 1min 36sec run on Tokyo with the Gallardo on pro with S2 tires and no assists. I will however say that the Nurb is pretty challenging with the physics in this build. I found myself resorting to drifting the ring to stay off the grass. As weird as that sounds it was a blast. Drifting felt somewhat like GT3 but with really touchy steering (prob due to the controller).I will def be selling my DFP so I can get a G27. Seeing as my CE pre-order is already paid for, I guess i will be saving for the G27.

  21. brainfade

    This isn’t exactly what i was hoping for, that damage is pretty much the same as what we saw in Toca World Touring Cars back on PS1 to be honest, the audio inside the NASCAR cars seems to have gone backwards since what we saw/heard at E3, the engine noises are just plainly shambolic, these are GT’s two weakest areas, as well as that theres that fact that the liveries on each racecar look all pixelly like they did on GT PSP.

    Im not knocking GT, just expressing an observation.

    1. AaronAnonymous

      Assuming you could stall the car you would also have to have a button assigned to start the car up again, unless you’re planning on getting out and pushing for a rolling start. All joking aside, I have my doubts about stalling. Having the g25 I really hope that the game is set up to reflect what you do with the wheel, pedals, and gear lever. For example, when playing the time trials (I’m aware this isn’t the final build) I noticed that when I depress the clutch the game would seize and flash the gear I was in last and the next gear up. I hope that when the clutch is pressed in it goes to neutral and even when the lever is in first I don’t want it to say I’m in first until I bloody let the clutch out. Sorry, I went off on my own little rant, but I hope I slightly answered your inquiry.

    2. Chad D.

      since i have a g27, and i have prologue, if you ever just slam on the brakes to a complete stop (or something like that) the car will stall, but pressing the clutch and pressing the gas started the car right back up again, but thats prologue, it might be different in gt5

  22. superb16

    Well it certainly looks great, but I sure hope the final product has better sounding cars. Please let the poor engine sounds be the result of weak flat TV speakers + camera microphone.

    1. Dude27

      What I really hate are the supra zealous and devoted fanboys… so intolerant within their super narrominded GT religion. ;-)

    2. jerkydong

      or the ignorant people thinking this is the final build and how the full gt5 will be. its obvious this is an older build as alot of features havent been shown/applied to this demo, yet base opinions about the final product off this. I wouldnt walk into a a pizza shop and base my opinion off the pizza after its only been in the oven for 2 min and is still frozen and uncooked, not the final product.

    3. Dude27

      Like I said, I hope so… but sad to see that 2-3 weeks before the release, the demo cannot benefit from the final code, not wise to show something unfinished and full of little bugs (and I don’t even speak about the engine sound).

    4. jerkydong

      2-3 weeks till GT5? Your math skills are lacking, its more like 54 days. What other games uses final code this far before releaese, or even has a public demo of a build in progress? not many. We still got TGS next week so hopefully we get a more up to date build. This isn’t a demo like you find normally on PSN store or regular electronic stores, those are usually pretty much final code, this is more of a work in progress rough draft with bugs and all.

  23. Narly

    Vulcao i’ve watched that clip but still not quite at the peak i was hoping for…i don’t want to bit** about anything…but i think they have enough experiance and greenies *money* to do so.. :D

  24. ChunKie

    Meh…I would most likely turn damage on only on short circuits, because it’s much quicker to go back to the pits to fix it all up. Can’t imagine the horror of the drive back to the pits after a huge crash in the beginning parts of Nurburgring or La Sarthe.

  25. eludethis

    On my way to try out the demo at best buy in maplewood,minute soon as I get off work. Just called and they have it.

  26. Narly

    I hope i won’t be disappointed by engine sounds again…they must’ve realised that this is a no go…:D:D otherwise game looks amazing can’t wait, thats my only let down if they don’t put their heads (ears) together and recreate something worth listening to :D

    1. Vulcao

      Have you watched the videos from Gamescom? Some of them show a huge improvement in terms of sound (also in recording, because a cable connected directly from the TV to the camera was used), which made almost everybody satisfied.

      The build we see here is surely older than that from Gamescom.

  27. rydeen

    Why so concerned about damage? When we first herd about damage in GT5 most of us hated it.
    How much are u guys going 2 crash around?(lol)!
    I sure dont wanna meet u online…

  28. BlackNinjaGT

    “Damage” is a nice addition to the GT series.

    I like the test run by Rated-M3 to illustrate the various degrees of damages you can obtain.

    But for me, I am more for racing various laps, avoid crashes and find the right racing line! and come up 1st.

    If by clean-racing I encounter some damage, great! becuase it feels more real, it adds to the experience.


    1. Dude27

      True, but like real racing, you drive more carefully with damages on (if you are, of course, a serious racer (VS Arcade racer), so damages are important for the immersion, they make you aware of your own behavior (no more bumping cars, rail’s help, etc…) and your driving then become much more realistic.

    2. alrc25

      You drive more carefully with damages on, because there are those players that play to crash and not race. We all here have raced online with various games and only a handfull will actually race you clean. For me damage is not a factor because I race clean. Even in my TOCA 3 days when the setting was no damage. Everyone was ghosts, I did not drive through the slower cars, I would avoid them, knowing that I can pass right through them. I think damage looks great for a game and it looks to be none script even if it is.

    3. BlackNinjaGT

      You guys are right! damage did add to the equation, I played TOCA 3 for long time and with damage it makes more aware of the consequences if you hit someone in front of you. While I wait for GT5, I am playing F1 2006 on PS3 with damage, it is tought as hell!

  29. Dude27

    Very unfinished… is my feelimg: hope this is not near the final build because:
    – the visual damage model is rather well done WHEN it’s under parameters and completely screwed up when outside parameters (photoshop smudge effect when too much collisions)
    – No visual damage during replay??
    – IA behavior after crash is very annoying: they going on like nothing happened OR they just have an “epilectic post traumatic seizure” (LOL)

    We are few weeks from the big launch so I cannot believe that they are still working on it… they have to produce the DVDs and shipping which takes generally few weeks to 1 month… this is VERY ANNOYING if this is taken from a nearly final build!!! I foresee a full bucket of patches after launch!

    1. jerkydong


  30. jKirby

    The smoke looks awesome!…… It builds up nice but goes away too fast. Nascar crashes and drifting will look really cool with all the smoke flowing from the wheel wells!!

  31. magburner

    All this body deformation damage is fine, but are there any video’s that show actual mechanical damage?

    For instance, is it possible for a car to lose its wheels, or for some part of the undercarriage to fall off?

    1. Bernd

      Couldn’t spot any mechanical damage so far in any video. That would be a major fault if it remains in the final product. Seriously, driving away with more than 180mph after several impacts is just laughable, because you’d be instantly dead after only one of these violent impacts in RL. So, I’m hoping this is an older build.

    2. BWX

      Yes I saw mechanical damage, in one of the vids, forget which one.. After some impacts the car would hardly get outta 2nd gear. Gas was mashed but engine RPM going nowhere. Then when it did finally get to third gear, the car would hardly get to 120mph. Then in another vid you could tell that the car became extremely difficult to keep going straight after a crash. Plus the people making the vids have commented about the mechanical damage the felt.

  32. Detroitbb

    Thank you Rated-M3… and special thank you goes out to your wife for being the videographer!

    If that was me and my fiancee, she’d make me film the action while she raced. And, honesty, I couldn’t really complain – she’s a much better racer than I am (in the virtual and real worlds).

  33. Bryan

    Wow. Really? If I wanted to watch someone crash into walls after turning off all the assists I’d watch one of the hundreds of videos already posted or a three year old play. Can’t we get somebody to do a clean lap? Then only to see complaints of how the damage looks after these cars are thrashed about is just fan boy hatred. I don’t think Kaz intended for us to crash head on at over 170 mph. The game looks great however the driving is terrible. Please complain more about the kiosk controllers. That’ll help. Just like all the other posts.

    1. Rated-M3

      I did a clean lap on the Ring with the SLS. Not exactly clean as I had to push some of the AI out of the way to get to first. The damage looked similar to the current video with the SLS right after I let the Ferrari go. Bumper damage was similar and didn’t have the black gap in between the hood and fender. Will be meeting on with someone soon to get some real racing on video.

    2. Rated-M3

      I’m going to get more video tonight. I will focus on the Rally Citroen as well. I will post link here as a reply.

  34. @ndr3w

    Slighty confused how ppl are judging the sound based on a recording from a cam/phone. Im sure once I get the game running through my 5.1 it will sound fine.

    1. Geo_212

      Yeah, but:
      1. The cars from Gamescon showed a big step forward with engine sounds, so the final build will, most likely, sound incredible, and-
      2. Not everyone has a 5.1 surround sound system. Games like the GTR series and Forza sound amazing, even on bad-sounding TV speakers (or, in GTR 2’s case, PC speakers). I think if Turn10 can do it, PD can do it ten times better.

  35. Red_9

    People need to realize the sound is coming out of the tiny speakers of a flatscreen and being recorded into a handheld camera. It is not going to sound realistic with that setup. The only way you can get an accurate representation of the sound is with a direct-feed gameplay video, which these are not. Until then, I think it’s safe to say we can take this guy’s word when he says the sound is great.

    I’m a little concerned about damage not being in replays. If you want to show off a great crach on youtube, how can you do that if the damage doesn’t show in the replays? It’s no better than having no damage at all. Yamauchi needs to clarify.

  36. Omamder5

    I’m sad to say that Forza 3 had, as far as I can tell, better car sounds than I’ve seen in this game. I’m even sadder to say that NFS: Carbon, a game I dearly hate, even has sound better than what, I at least, have seen in GT5. Even the tire squeal in Carbon is better than that in GT5. I sure hope they get some better sounds for at least a few things, because graphics alone don’t make the experience.

  37. ddl8

    GT does it again, i.e. it lacks the most important part of collisions, i.e. flying parts, pieces of glass etc etc what makes it feel real, like with skidmarks they now too so to say screwed a bit, made it too sandboxy.

    1. magburner

      I’m going to tow the party line and say “this is an earlier build of the game and does not represent the final product”. ;)

    2. viejaloca

      I don’t know man, it looks more realistic to me! I bet if they added the flying parts, it’d take alot more time to make the car fully destructabe. Plus,that’s what Motorstorm is for.

    3. GT'ireland

      maybe they dont want to show too much before the release,i think theres a suprise for us, who knows but the way i see it is the less videos i see the more suprised i will be and it makes the wait more exciting,maybe thats just me though but never the less im still as excited as i was when the first GT was in production..not long to wait now.:)

    4. BrijG

      This is a demo, not the real game and as for collisions go play other games, I swear the point of this game is that it is a simulator, crashes shouldn’t be happening all to often. And anyways, this is the first time GT has put exterior damage in their game, cut em some slack, at least they trying!!

  38. ralph89

    For some reason, why are we going backward in this GT5 demo? Back in GC everyone was WOW by the sound, but suddenly a small demo from BB had changed a lot of peoples opinion about the sound and call it “suck”? But whatever criticisms they put in this sim, I’m 100% it will still sell with millions and Im one of those. And you’re NOT a car enthusiast if you hate this game, that’s for sure.

    1. jerkydong

      because this build is most likely an older build than the one from gamescom as u can see there are no skidmarks here. use your head.

  39. brainfade

    First of all just a reminder to my fellow GTPlanet members :

    It’s abit shambolic that the damage doesn’t show on replays or on other AI cars other then NASCAR… however, this is a demo, lets hope these flaws down show in the final product, because i’ll be brutally honest, this is the exact damage engine/style we saw in Toca World Touring Cars on PS1… IM NOT KNOCKING GT AT ALL, im just expressing an opinion/observation.

  40. cerbera0104

    It’s always good to have any kind of news, but this mini review was excellent!
    Just waiting for a screenshot of a standard car with bonnet view now…90% of the cars I want to buy are standard. I think they still look pretty good in photo mode right?!

  41. Rated-M3

    Just to re-iterate, this is a demo, not to be expected as the final product. You see no skidmarks nor damage in the replays. I believe this demo’s intentions were to display damage to the general public perhaps attracting new and younger customers.

    I was not able to reproduce that glitch and everyone should know that PD has never released a product with silly glitches like that one.

    I recorded all this with a HD Sony Camera, audio in 5.1

    The NASCARs sound great and similar to the real ones. The R8 sounded just like the one in GT5P.

    Damage on the Citroen only consist of paint scratching. Damage on the Corvette is not as destructive as the cars shown here.

    Thank You GTP for posting my review here and thanks to everyone who took the time to read it. My wife is happy with the comments as well and says “Thanks to everyone.”

    1. maxpontiac

      You shouldn’t have to say that though. People should use their God given common sense.


      Thanks for the hard work. Props to you and your wife!!

    2. Vulcao

      And we thank you for the time that you and your wife took to make all those videos and write the review. Very dedicated indeed.

    1. jerkydong

      this is an older build than from gamescom, we have already seen the gamescom build with skidmarks, improved smoke and toned down sparks.

  42. Big Ron

    The damage in the last NASCAR video looks great, the rear deformed by little impact like I would expect and the deformations look nearly like the real ones. Good job so far.

  43. dearlybeloved

    Hell! the AI at 1m56s is truly hilarious. it’s like the car was having a epileptic seizure!!!! well at least it shows some of the crazy physics that will be able in the game.

    Haka… thanks for pointing that one out.

  44. lado

    So the videos look great thanks to the guy and his wife !
    The detailed analysis of the impressions is also great!
    The damage model is really cool and it´s real-time but with defermant, so they have to improve that it can´t be that the car needs 4-5 crashes to be in “pieces”. Hope for improvement and also for the KI that is still foolish and boring to drive against. They sometimes avoid your car and often the run into your side door and and they do not overtake like they should do and and and.. MY opinion the game is very good, but KI and damage must be improved.

  45. Rasmus

    Thanks so much for the detailed impression, and thanks for all the videos, Rated-M3 and all you other guys who sent these in. The bit about the physics sounds good to me, that’s perhaps the thing I was most worried about. Cus if the physics are great, everything else doesn’t matter that much!

    However, for it to really become a great, great game/sim, here’s some things which I’d LOVE to see. A wishlist aimed at Polyphony Digital and Kaz, if you will. :)

    1) Now that even generic, black border cockpits won’t be available for standard cars, MAKE SURE to include a decent bonnet/hood camera. Veeery important.

    2) Rain! However, if it’s in the game, we probably would’ve known by now… unless they surprise us later on. Dynamic weather changes would be cool too, especially in endurance races. Snow is not necessary, how much racing actually takes place when it snows?! A thing like fog is also not really neccessary, though it could be a nice addition.

    3) Please make the chase view cam less fixed and rigid. Something like in GTR 2 or rFactor would be preferrable. That just became SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT now that we’ll be seeing no cockpits for the standard cars.

    4) Qualification. At least online. If this isn’t possible against AI drivers, at least randomize the starting order. Starting dead last all the time isn’t fair.

    5) Standing starts :) adds so much to the realism. A lot of real life racing takes place from a standing start. Also, standing starts would be great if you wanted to eg. make a drag race. You can’t have drag racing with rolling starts, ya know!

    6) A small thing: great addition with the skidmarks on track. But then, make sure they STAY there throughout the race. If it wouldn’t cause a memory problem, at least.

    7) 16 players/AI drivers on the track at once, in both A-spec and B-spec mode. People say it has been confirmed, and yes, it was confirmed about half a year ago I think, but show me a video with 16 cars on track at the same time and I will shut up about this. If it doesn’t have more than 8 simultaneously, it won’t be THAT much different from Forza.

    8) A livery editor… which we probably would’ve seen by now if it was in the game.

    9) Ability to adjust max. steering degrees for wheels like the G25 – driving an F1 car with 900 degrees of lock-to-lock rotation just isn’t realistic. PLEASE make this happen, if you can!

    10) Ability to play around with more than just one car in photomode, so you’d be able to make setups like in some of the 66 screenshots – for instance, that picture with the Ferrari, Ford and Jaguar. Would be epic!

    11) The sounds… :) although it probably doesn’t get any better than it already is. Might also be a very different experience once we get it home on our own PS3 in our own living room instead of listening to it through YouTube, recorded with a video camera at a game show.

    12) Spa-Francorchamps :D maybe my biggest wish of all.

    13) A decent way of punishing crashers online, whether it be impounding their car, making it almost undrivable, making it costly to repair, whatever. Just make sure that no one gets away with crashing into everything and everyone. That stuff can ruin the online experience.

    14) That coffee table book you’ll be releasing with the Signature Edition, I hope that’ll be sold seperately. I’d like to get my hands on that AND the collector’s edition.

    Ah well, a long post. Just a wishlist, remember. Not ordering PD or telling them to do anything. This is just an attempt to gather up the things that myself (and others) are most concerned about, 2 months before release. If PD have people looking here, it can’t hurt to write this… :) though it may seem demanding.

    1. Vulcao

      I agree with everything, except item 3. Fixed chase cam helps to drive properly. Flexible cam is only a visual detail that adds nothing when it comes to gameplay.

      Item 10: what a great idea. However, I’m almost sure that won’t be possible.

    2. Sigmaviper11

      1) I think a proper bonnet/hood cam is currently incorporated (some vids show it. Super GT R35 @ Sarthe)
      2) Rain might make an appearance, though whether its dynamic or not is yet to be determined; Fog would be badass!!!
      3) Maybe instead an option to tighten or loosen the camera on the car to fit almost if not everyone’s needs.
      4) Online would be nice, though again AI I think is a must, specially since online, with GT5P anyway, it was semi randomized or leader is weakest to tail end of the line having the most capable car.
      5) I think standing starts are in GT5 and in some races I think its even an option to choose, rolling or standing.
      6) I think memory is currently the problem.
      7) Wait till TGS????
      8) Currently it seems highly unlikely, but not out of the loop just yet. Update maybe?
      9) Just finished a similar discussion in the forums, agreed.
      10) I think you can use multiple cars, in one of the picture sets theres a BMW in the foreground with a damaged Mark IV Golf in the background.
      11) Agreed.
      12) Hell yea!!!!
      13) I think the physics might take care of some of it, and rule options set by the host for the rest of what can be done.
      14) Not a clue.

      Just figured I’d respond. Dunno if its any use or help. But hey why not.

    3. Rasmus

      @ rydeen: That says more about you than me…

      @ Vulcao: Hm, yea, guess that 3) can be discussed. I was also very much in doubt about 10), but reading Sigmaviper’s answer gives me hope :D

      @ Sigmaviper11: I hope you’re right about these things. Great idea with point 3. Didn’t know that about 4), never played GT5P actually. The thing you say about point 10 gives me hope! Thanks for the reply though, cool to have a li’l talk here :)

    4. Sigmaviper11

      Likewise. Most of what I said I remember either from conferences, or looking at it here on GTP. A little bit is speculation based on previous dev patterns, whats been unveiled so far and what would make the most sense. Though things can change, we won’t really know till release.

    5. Gamer GT5


      I definitely agree with you on #6. When GT4 came out you can see your driving turning the steering wheels 900 degrees. That would b cool if they can implement that again.

      My wishlist is:

      1) If you drive off-road there shouldn’t be an invisible wall. It should be an auto-drvie for the driver to drive back on to the road.

      2) Working interior dashboards. For example the mileage. If we buy a new car we should see numbers changing on the amount of miles while driving. And of course working clocks.

      3) Different interior replay views. I like to see the character doing the action with the car. To me it’s not just about exterior of the car but the interior. This just in case they don’t have this feature in the final product.

      4) Having the ability of customizing your cars as far as buying different seats, nos gauge, custom seat belts etc. But from real brands. Just as we seen in GT5 prologue (Concept by gran-turismo).

      This is just in case these features won’t be in GT5. It’s a simple wish list :)

    6. BrijG


      2) Snow could add a challenge and as for fog, that would be epic, love watching real life races that are affected by a degree of fog. PGR4 incorporated these well from what I remember


      I definately agree with the invisible walls, but I think that if you don’t wanna negotiate corners you pay the price of losing positio and grip of the tyres.

      Anyways, wait another week till TGS, pretty sure Kaz and PD have thoought about implementing the speculation raised by forums.

    7. pikalulz007

      I agree with most of what you said.

      Most of these comments have basically said everything I’m expecting.

      By the way, Polyphony studied Spa and there’s Belgian High Fens as a theme in Track Maker but I’d still be cautious not to automatically assume it’s in.

      Actually, if Spa is in there, I don’t want to know until I have my hands on the game… it’ll be more awesome if you’re surprised by it. At least IMO.

  46. cerbera0140

    All in all it’s looking stunning! Just a little worried about the burnout comment? Stamping on the gas in an FR car doesn’t make it do a burnout? from standstill?!, in 1st gear?! Unless it means you can’t slightly hold on the brakes to keep the car in place as you do your burnout?
    I’m sure I’m worrying about nothing, but I think I remember being able to do this in GT4.

    1. Rated-M3

      The cars will smoke up the tires when you stomp the gas from a standstill. I was referring to a stationary burnout or power braking as we call it where I’m from.

  47. jimmywizz

    the one thing that concerns me (anyone else?) is all the demo footage has been rolling starts, will there be no grid starts in the final game like in GT:P?

    1. Rated-M3

      Just to confirm, during course selection, it does tell you it is a rolling start race. I’m pretty sure grid starts will be in the final product.

    2. Sigmaviper11

      Grid starts are nice, and they do have their level of challenge. But I don’t see much wrong with rolling starts, specially now with the side by side. Specially when it comes to ridiculously high powered rear wheel drives like the TVR. Its manageable on a dead start, but rolling is very much appreciated.

  48. Hentis

    Well as this is not the final looking product I am keeping my opinions open. For what it is
    “a demo” nothing more nothing less then it looks very good. You are going to get
    Glitches on the demo from results of people doing things that they are not supposed to do. Namely driving the wrong way round a track headlong in to oncoming race cars. I will hold station on stuff like that until the final code is released for the game.

    1. Sigmaviper11

      Yes it may be a demo, but the game is supposed to hold together under all natural and common unnatural conditions. Something to expect of the final code I suppose.

    1. Paulo

      Cause all we’ve been seeing is video after video of lousy driving and people driving backwards to see crash damage that will never be up to their standards.

  49. James

    I’m new to the series so forgive my ignorance in the following question.How many cars will we be able to drive when we open the game?Are they all going to be available to drive in arcade mode or will we only be able to drive the ones we unlock/buy?

    1. Benny44

      There are over 1000 cars you can get. Arcade mode usually has about 30 or so cars to pick from initially, plus whatever you have in your garage from the main mode. When you start the main mode, you have no cars, you have to buy them. You are usually started out with about 20,000-30,000 Credits, just enough to buy a cheap car and start racing. Usually, pretty well every car is unlocked from the start except for some special ones. You just can’t afford them.And that is Gran Turismo’s biggest dilemma : Do I save up and buy a new car after I win a few races or do I spend my money on tuning my current car? Either way, I’m sure you’ll love the game.

    2. GT_Nige

      If you want to get a few cars before the game is released get Gran Turismo PSP. Apparently the cars you unlock and own in the PSP version will be unlocked in GT5 when you sync your psp with the game.

      I’ve not looked into whether this has been officially confirmed, however.

    3. neema_t

      Benny44 already said this but it’s not very clear:
      Arcade mode lets you drive a good selection of cars from the start with no work involved.

      Career mode gives you very little cash to start off with, enough to buy (at best) an MX-5/Miata/Eunos Roadster (my first car on GT4) or an Integra Type R (my first on GT5 Prologue), or you can win cars from license tests. Well, you could in GT4. Then you win money from doing races, and that money is used to buy cars or tune them.

      There are also some cars that are only awarded for winning certain races, tournaments, license grades (you unlocked one car for each grade of each license, grades being bronze, silver or gold) and groups of driving missions. Sometimes you could also buy these cars but often they were exclusive unlocks.

      To answer your questions, though: Before doing any races you’ll probably only be able to use the cars supplied in Arcade mode plus whatever car you can afford with the money provided at the start. I highly doubt they’d put every single car in the Arcade mode because it would take far too long to choose what to drive, it’s likely they’ll have various classes of car (supermini, saloon, supercar, racing car, rally car and so on) and then a few cars in each class to choose from. This helps when you want to race in split-screen mode because then both players can choose cars from the same class. It’s pretty certain that every kind of car available will be represented in the Arcade mode and there may also be a way to use cars in your Career garage, as you could load your garage to use in split-screen races in GT4, but who knows?

      Yeah, paraphrasing is not one of my strong points…

    4. Sigmaviper11

      Ok, I’mma take my turn at simplifying.

      Most cars are available at the beginning in reference to simulation mode, its just a matter of can you afford to purchase them. Some however are technically “locked” and can ONLY be acquired from completing certain races.

      Arcade mode starts with a minimal amount of cars which usually increase in number based on your Simulation mode progress and cars in you garage.

      Btw, you’re not being ignorant.

  50. snaketus

    Nice job! Finally someone actually with good feedback of the demo. And improvements sounds really good. Can’t wait the final game!

  51. Mr Frappy

    Why do people think that every time they crash the car should flip over? It does not happen that often in races, not compared to the number of crashes that happen.

    1. GT_Nige

      I agree, I’ve been to hundreds of racing events and only seen about 8 to 10 rollovers.

      Even playing Forza, I’ve only rolled about 2 or 3 times. It doesn’t really bother me whether GT5 has it or not, even damage for that matter. I just want the cars to handle and sound right….. 1 out of 2 will do I suppose!

    2. Sigmaviper11

      Yea, that’s unrealistic. But the car should definitely get airborne if you’re driving 200 mph and spin around. Unless the car has some damn good flaps systems.

  52. Pavon

    These are some great looking videos, it seems to get better every time something new comes out. Thanks to the Wife also, I bet my wife would never video tape me for an hour playing…lol!

    Was it me, or was that nascar on crack!? ^_^

    1. Aquarius086

      Yes I agree with you. The engine sounds still aren’t very accurate. I’ve made a comparison on youtube between gt5 prologue and pgr4 engine sounds. You should check that out. And what really annoys me is that fact that the skid sounds are STILL the same since the first GT. I was hoping it would be changed in the new demo but no… Realistic skid and engine sounds give more feel when driving and I miss some good bass sounds from the engine. It sounds so flat.. Hope this changes in the final release..

    2. Gulyo

      Engine sounds ??? Shameful !!! This is a disaster in 2010 !!! WTF PD ?????????? This game will get 85% because of the sh*t engine sounds … I don’t believe this can happen … perfect game with disgusting sounds ( look Audi on first video )
      PFFFFFFF !!!!!

    3. BWX

      @Aquarius086, Even the engine sounds in GT5p sound good and have LOTS off bass and lower tones when the sound is set to “large theater”, then run via HDMI To a 7.1 setup with a decent Subwoofer. If people had that kind of setup they’d think differently about the sounds of GT5p and I’m confidant that GT5 will sound even better. People making judgements about the sounds of GT5 off of a crappy TV speaker recorded through a mic, then compressed and put out on youtube need to chill out and wait for the game to come out and run it through a high quality home theater run with HDMI cables — THEN, and only then can you start complaining about the sounds.

    4. Gamer GT5

      @ BWX I agree. There’s a big difference with the surround sound system. You will hear alot of bass not just because of the car that you’re driving but the road as well.

      @Aquarius086 I see that you are comparing games with another. Why don’t you compare GT5 prologue cars with real cars on youtube. That’s what i do.

    1. lado

      Agree, boring nascar sounds where is the V8?? And still R8 sounds like crap, listen to Forza 3 R8 muuuch better mainly the 5.2 ;)

    2. GTracerRens

      Yeah, I was thinking the same about sound of the LP 560-4. But like Pingwhen already replied: The sound goes out of the tv speakers into a microphone of a camera and then uploaded from Youtube out of the speakers of your computer. There will be a difference bitween the quality of that sound and the quality of the sound out of your home cinema system when playing GT5 for real. Some videos sound horrible and some videos sound great because the microphone disturbed the sound a bit.

  53. Antan

    I suspect sparks during night racing will look fabulous! Even better would be sparks lighting up the surroundings! Save that for PS4.

    1. GTracerRens

      I don’t even like the sparks. The only time I’ve seen sparks, was when a rallycar hit the road with the chassis for example, not when cars hit each other…

  54. GTbyPlaystation

    Omg… Yellow Lamborghini.
    These videos are looking very good, I especially enjoy the Lamborghini one.
    Can’t wait till Novemeber 4 (Australia)

    1. GTracerRens

      Maybe it’s because of the television, but the sound of that LP 560-4 (my favourite car!) isn’t great… I want to hear more power and I know it’s possible because other racing games do have realistic engine-souds. I seriously want my collector’s edition now. :D

    2. Pingwhen

      we both know that best buy chooses to use the cheapest of tv’s inorder to show games to save money. so i wouldnt go off sound that is put threw those, then threw a mic.

    3. GTracerRens

      I hope you are right. :) I’m building a wheelstand at the moment, in a couple of weeks I will test it with Formula One 2010 by Codemasters and then it will be ready for Gran Turismo 5! :D

    4. VeyronGlen

      Yeah, the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 is in my top 3 cars! Low down revs sound better than i expected but high into the rev range where the best sound in The World happens, it sounds too electronic in my opinion. :/

    1. Mr Frappy

      There are videos of the Nurb where at the first main corner after the start, the entire track just disappears right in front of you.

      I truly hope this is an old unoptimised build, because the number of major glitches and below-par “melting damage” is way off what you would expect from PD.

    2. GTbyPlaystation

      @Mr Frappy
      I thought I was the only one who noticed it, cause I posted it before and no one took notice…
      But yeah, I saw that Nurburgring glitch too…

      And lol @ Jeffreypang911
      Rushing to get the first comment and only having time to say “awesome!!” without reading any of the post :P

    3. Eric

      Wow, a head on collision and the 24 keeps on driving, lame! lol

      If you cause a wreck like that in GT5 the game should be over and you would be picking up pieces of the car and driver all over the track! I’d still like to see a little more realism in the game. If the car is damaged bad enough it shouldn’t still be drivable.

    4. Stu

      How many more videos do we have to see before some folk clock onto the fact that these are demos, demos that will be set-up with certain features disabled etc.

    5. caasimun

      hahahah…that car went crazy omfg thats hilarious…by the way big thanks to ur wife for having the patients, i think i can speak for the community hear i dunno :/

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