New Gran Turismo 5 Damage Model in Best Buy Demo

At first glance, it appeared the GT5 demo popping up in Best Buy stores around the United States – while certainly exciting – did not reveal any new features or content. Now that more users in our forums are getting their hands on it, however, it seems that is definitely not the case. Collisions reveal dramatic and impressive new car damage modeling – I’ll let these screenshots by GTPlanet user Asane and gamer28 speak for themselves.

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  1. carl.vain

    PLEASE!!! Make Attention! GTplanet READ THIS! And share this information with KAZUNORI! and every fan of Gt. Well brothers and sisters everybody knows that Kazunori is a master of creation simulation and we love his work.But there is one missing thing that gt5 do not have and makes me cry.Kazunori forget to put a one beautiful camera that Forza3 have. Everybody love the grafics in gt5 but WHERE! is this camera that you could enjoy the beautiful grafics from outside the car.I meen that you could pull the triger during a race and look around every side and see whole boody of a car.Inside in the cockpit view is perfect you can turn around camera on left end right .

    1. SZRT Ice

      It’s in GT5:Prologue. All you have to do is go to options. I’m sure it will be in GT5. I’ve said this already. I’d care more for Customization, or atleast custom paint colors so that we have some individuality in online races with the same make & models.

  2. Hernan

    In my honest opinion, Polyphony still have LOTS of work to do with the damage, there is floating headlights in the air and clipping all over the place.

  3. ChunKie

    Look, for those who are complaining that’s damage is unrealistic, or wow, it looks crappy. Truth is, it’ll never be “real” damage, because the sort of stunts we pull in GT5 can’t be done “in real life.” After smashing into the wall at 100km/hr+…no car can just reverse, get back on track and drive around as if only the steering or gear box is screwed up. In “real life”, you can’t continually smash into the wall at 100km/hr+ at different angles to see how visually misshaped your car can become. And in “real life”, no one drives around with a bashed up Ferrari, they call a tow truck to untangle their mess, if they are still alive.

    Funny how if PD made damage “realistic”, everyone would start crying about its difficulty and say how fragile the cars in GT5 and whine that the cars don’t survive 150km/hr crashes. Well, car manufacturers don’t want to hear that their cars aren’t safe now, do they? Personally, I think car manufacturers are allowing PD to put damage to this extent, because it shows that their cars can still run after smashing into a wall at high speeds and the driver can still survive.

  4. gtracerman

    So the GT5 demo is at the Bestbuy in the Mall of America. The damage modeling does live up to expectations but the sound when crashing into barriers is pretty weak. The lambo was fun to drive and the new physics engine is going to take some getting used to.

  5. Sigmaviper11

    Not the greatest damage, but not the worst. I like it though, barring some nitpicking. Specially given constraint of tech and legality/licensing restrictions. Its all good. Anyword on tire blowouts or other wear and tear related damage?

  6. Vulcao

    I was positively shocked when I saw the pics. We can expect all this damage and more to be shown at TGS this month.

    Please, everyone who is able to go to a Best Buy store make a video.

    1. rgt5uk

      that red 458 looks like the image has been messed with i hope no one is f ing around and this “new damage” is for real, but seriously why is this at best buy seems strange

      roll on november

    2. 2005pierric

      I think they are real, if you remember the first series of damage pictures on an enzo, you could see the whole front frame had just been “moved” from the front of the car… I think that’s how GT5’s damage will be like ;)

  7. bbcnascar2

    Just got back from my local BEST BUY (The High Lands,Wheeling WV).This game looks great!!!!!!Can’t wait to try out the wheel on Nov 2nd…

  8. gtone339

    Why do you guys always care about the damage in GT5 anyway?

    What I only care about is knowing all of the trakcs and cars.

    Thats all.

  9. Gt3luke

    OMG I love this. This is what I want when they’re talking about damage. I just can’t understand why there are still people complaining. If you want it more realistic just take your car and smash it into a wall.

  10. Zuel

    None of the Best Buys in my area got the GT 5 Demo yet. Once the store down the road from me gets it I’ll be able to use my wheel on the demo. I’ll have video of the drive.

  11. Super_Colossal

    I’m going to Best Buy. If I see good damage, I’ll see what kind of pictures I can get. Luckily for me, Best Buy is 5 minutes down the road!

  12. THX118

    The damage is apparantly dynamic which should make replays look stunning with every crash unique. Can you imagine what it’s going to be like when they finish the code and add extra spot effects like shattered glass and small bits of metal flying across the track. I’m sure you’ll be able to use the photo mode to capture those insane crashes.

  13. UCLA'09

    Manufacturers want their cars to continue running, no matter what. This means that it’s kind of hard for PD to make a car shatter into little pieces, and still have it running. So the next best thing is, make the car crumble…a lot.

    1. infamousDee

      In GRID and DiRT you can entirely total your car, although Gran Turismo may be an exception to this rule as a result of its superior realism and handing dynamics.

  14. The Nothing

    lol some people will never be happy. you kids ask for damage, they give it to you and you complain. and the worse part………the game isnt even out yet.

  15. infamousDee

    GT6 won’t be released for another decade? ;)

    On a serious note, I hope you’re wrong. After all, competition does breed perfection. (Not that the Gran Turismo series needs much help on that front).

  16. magburner

    I would have to agree with pLiDeX, the damage looks a little too predictable, and definitely unrealistic.

    Most of these images were no doubt the result of driving a car into a wall several times at high speed. That isn’t realistic, and doesn’t sit comfortably in a game touted as the real driving simulator.

    For me to be happy with the damage in GT5, it would have to be terminal, in both physics and visuals, anything less would be doing the concept a disservice.

    IRL, the last time I had a crash in my car, my front bumper disintegrated into pieces no bigger than than the palm of my hand, I was only driving 60mph, and I didn’t even hit a wall.

    1. infamousDee

      You say that these images are “no doubt the result of driving a car into a wall several times at high speed,” with absolutely nothing to back that claim up, then dismiss the game as unrealistic as a result of that presumption. Where do you buy your logic from?

    2. Bernd

      After all it’s a game. Sure, a heavy impact in RL would take you out of the race. I think, this will never happen in GT, just like you could always “mysteriously” crawl back to your pit with an empty tank in GT4

    3. deathcabdan

      “Most of these images were no doubt the result of driving a car into a wall several times at high speed”…how can you possibly know that from looking at a still image of a crash. I know in the past builds the damage was nowhere near 1 to 1, but I am certain that this is our first true look at the extent of damage in GT5.

    4. Tenacious D

      I’m unaware of any realistic racing sim having damage approaching this, with the possible exception of iRacing, which is a game you spend money on for eternity.

      Codemasters do have nice damage, but it’s generic – no fiberglass or carbon that I’m aware of. And the the games are otherwise poo. Good luck finding the perfect game if GT5 lets you down.

    5. 2005pierric

      funny, when I crash into a VW touareg with my 20 year old car, the front bumper was “intact”, but 50 centimeters in my car… and the engine came through my dashboard.
      Anyway, I’m glad to see crashed like that, rather than no crash at all.

      God i hate haters xD

    6. magburner

      @infamousDee: So let me get this right… You are countering my ‘unsubstantiated’ claim with another unsubstantiated claim? I never dismissed the game as unrealistic either, I actually dismissed the damage modelling as unrealistic, based on the evidence I have seen thus far, which, it appears to be.

      @2005pierric: I’m not a hater, far from it, I admire GT greatly. Its just that I feel the damage in GT5 is only there because of pressure from certain parts of the gaming community. I’d be quite happy if there was no damage modelling at all, than settle for something that was created just to appease.

  17. superb16

    If they can get the damage right on 100% of the cars, then I won’t mind that only 20% of the cars have interior views.

    Guys, can someone please educate me. Does every car have damage modeling?

    1. Vulcao

      Every car has damage, but on Premiums it will be more dramatic. Nobody knows so far how damage looks on Standard cars.

  18. Luke

    I still don`t understand why they don`t just release this demo (or any kind of demo) on PSN. I would be satisfied with just one car and one track. It`s a shame the Time Trial demo is not playable anymore.
    They obviously have not problem showing GT5`s current builds, so why not release a demo for everyone ?

    1. J-UK

      Because if everyone had access to the demo in the comfort of their own home, what reason would they have to visit gamescom and e3?

    2. Vulcao

      Because of:

      1. Hype (for both the game and Best Buy)
      2. Best Buy will have more visitors, who are potential clients.

  19. viejaloca

    ok, it’s official, gt5 is the best. I cant wait to play this game. Hopefully the canada best buy stores get the demo!!!

  20. GT'ireland

    well jordan the pics are fantastic.its actually made my day a bit brighter and the release wait alot more intense.nice work jordan

  21. tommy

    Well I’m going up to best buy later to return something so ill be sure to check it out if they have it there. If it looks this good ill be sure to take some pictures of my own….hopefully with a higher quality.

    1. tommy

      Uhh…is linking aloud here?

      Just in case use this this : /watch?v=jv7bHsOTvKc
      No video of the crash but here’s what happens to the car after it.

    1. pLiDeX

      yep, i don’t understand how there is people saying that this is realistic, amazing, perfect, i’m not a forza fanboy, neither a GT fanboy, i’m just saying what i think

      i don’t care if it isn’t ultra realistic, for me the problem is that it looks ugly

  22. infamousDee

    I just knew the old damage model couldn’t be the finished product. Yamauchi-san did, after all, ask us to “expect perfection!”

  23. GTracerRens

    This is AMAZING!! :D Can’t wait for the release. I’m going to pre-order the collector’s edition next week.

  24. ddl8

    why not to make a video and show it to the public? Screenshots… ok they are not bad… but why not to make a video… cmon its 21 century – every cell phone got one now?????????????!!!!!!!!! So you must be liking to tease people i guess!!!!!!!!!!! Assholes.

    1. kaos

      Dude, calm down.
      I am happy enough to see there are people who actually take the effort to show us some new things.

      I say : Big ups to Asane and gamer28!

  25. lado

    Woow!! I have never thought that GT5 will impress me like that. This is the REAL DRIVING SIMULATOR the crashes are unbelievable good!! I hope we´ll see the effects on all cars, although premium cars have damage to the engine and so on. This game will TOP every racing game that was ever made and it TOP´s itself by far. And this huge packet of cars and features will be the masterpiece!

  26. dearlybeloved

    Amazing….. this makes me think back to what i said to my mates ages ago….I predict that GT5 will be an absolute monster of a game and by looking at these images I think that it will be.

  27. Gamer GT5

    I seriously thought these were real photos! It’s hard to believe. I wonder why Kaz didn’t demonstrate this feature at gamescom? Maybe he’ll show present this at TGS Can’t wait!

  28. Geo_212

    Oh, and that picture of the SLS AMG, if the TV edge wasn’t showing, I’d have a hard time telling that it’s a game. Same goes for the Nissan. I’m in love with this game I haven’t even played…. IT’S JUST SO BEAUTFUL!!!! *bursts into tears*

  29. GT and Forza God

    Some of you guys need to relax.

    The damage model isn’t 100% realistic in the sense because they aren’t completely removing body panels, so in turn, they have to make them crumple as much as they can. In real life the panels would come completely off or disintegrate like carbon fibre does, but because they can’t do that, they have to show it like you see here.

    I think it looks incredibly awesome, I don’t intend to crash often but when you have one of those unexpected mid race crashes, I LOVE watching the replays.

    Any doubts about the crash system for me are gone :) Bring on November 4 ;)

    1. Geo_212

      I agree about both things, I mean, the damage will most likely be improved with the coming of GT6, but really, there’s not that much to fix.

      PS: That’s an epic name.

  30. RT*// WNDWLCKR3000


    SHATTERED WINDOWS? When crashing so hard that it deforms the car in a way like shown in the screensnaps it is a 100% certainty that your window(s)
    will be crushed to thousands of pieces all over, in and around your car.
    Maybe the last picture reveils a missing backwindow?

    Nonetheless, damagemodel is improving and that’s great!

    1. gtone339

      @RT*// WNDWLCKR3000 Yeah I do want to see shattering windows off a car lol.

      The damage that I see so far is good, but looks so ugly.

      Oh well thats damage…

    2. F.G.

      Why should KY or PD take any notice of ridiculous comments like this? They have better stuff to do than to pay any attention to retarded GT fanboys.

      Yeah, the creators of the greatest racing sim ever don’t know how glass shatters. Are you stupid or something? The number of imbeciles on this board is just incredible.

    3. Geo_212

      Yeah, seriously…
      “Gran Turismo Six has been announced! We made the damage extra special, but apparently forgot about the physics, car detail, graphics, tuning, and customization! But don’t worry, we put in windows that smash on impact!”

      It’ll probably happen if these useless comments keep popping up. Hahahahaha

    4. RT*// WNDWLCKR3000

      Dear F.G. [Forza Gaylord],

      Restrain yourself, ventilate the frustration of your GT nonskills elsewhere.
      I suggest Forza where you will meet all the others of your stature.

      Have a good life.

  31. mitsifumi-san


    A turd is shot – a fantastic reached! The emotion of happines is inappropriately felt at this, screen shot.

    The damage is the requirement of the simulation.

    Mitsi -_-

  32. Sundesz

    Parts should fall off, otherwise it looks pretty good. But my number 1 is still GRID in terms of damage, maybe after GT5 release it will change.

  33. llllllllllllll

    and forza fans saying forza 3 have better damage ,
    gt gamemakers didn’t want damage but people asked for it and look what they did for a short time :) .. this is really good , i just can’t wait for november !! ..

  34. No46_TheDoctor

    Check out all the haters! Seriously people, you all cried because GT didn’t have damage like that other game, now GT5 has damage better than that other game, it’s too much for you to handle ! Nothing left to complain about? Sad.

  35. rgt5uk

    Looks good but one thing how will standard cars fair up to damage against premium cars will they have less visual damage which will look stupid on a mixed grid i guess time will tell.

    1. enzo309

      the damage should atleast decrease the aero dynamics
      and if a bumper comes off then it should be replacable at the pits / still reduction on performance

  36. Oli (Death783)

    to be honest I thought the damage would be so rubbish that it would ruin the sense of realism but this new model looks amazing! Everything about GT5 is so damn real! I LOVE IT.

    I guess we’ll be seeing loads of crash compilations on youtube :L

  37. Craigles

    And did anyone else think the 458 italia on the top right hand corner looked like the new renault clio sport. It got my hopes up. Hopefully there is lods of cool new hot hatches in the game.

  38. Craigles

    OH……………………………………MY……………………….…………………. GOD that is so cool. Now all we need is night on all tracks and dynamic weather conformation. Hopefully we will get that ( or more) at tgs at the end of september.

  39. riph

    Ok its sooo fine satisfied.i prefer dont want any concentration on realistic damage.concentrate for other thing thats major thing.

  40. cartro

    @ @ndr3w people like u r mentally confused why. u complain
    when theres damage and when there is ur still complain? one thing u have to remember is that its a game not real life.

  41. Rovot12

    I’m heading to Best Buy tomorrow and plan on playing for hours. That is if they have it over here already… The damage btw does look a little exaggerated but hey, it’s a game and PD’s first shot at damage. Can’t wait until Nov. 2nd!!

    1. Mr Frappy

      Good enough because it’s GT5, right? If this had been the first damage model on Forza you’d be singing a different tune I’m sure.

      Like @ndr3w, I’m not knocking your beloved game, but I’m not going to say something looks good when it doesn’t, just because it’s GT5. Still, with only 20% of the cars showing it, and me only driving in bumper/hood view, I guess I won’t have to look at it too much!

  42. @ndr3w

    Although im likng the damage model, I would not say its realistic. Since when has plastic and carbon fibre been able to look like that after a collision?

    Im not knocking the game it’s just an observation.

  43. IronM@sk

    I really hope the damage is “persistant”. By that I mean that it doesn’t automatically fix itself at the end of an event. I think that having a repair shop of something in the game, where it would actually cost you credits to repair damage would be a good addition to the game and bring another dynamic to it.

    Might get people to race properly online too. Got so sick of being rammed off the road in GT5P by spastics.

    P.S. Where is gt5-bestbuy-damage-1? Pic numbering starts at 2 lol.

    1. Vivian

      and if stupid drivers ram in to you that they have to pay for your damaged car…but is probably difficult to make:(, but let’s hope so

  44. nintandrew

    When I played in the NASCAR car in this demo, unfortunately, after I crashed head on into the other cars a few times, one of the body panels passed through a wheel without seeming to affect performance. Hopefully, this can be fixed before Nov. 2

  45. pLiDeX

    IMO that damage looks awful and very unrealistic, luckly i don’t plan on crashing too much, but i prefered the little bents and bumpers slighlty falling off than this tin cars

    1. Magic Ayrton

      Seriously doubt you could do better though! It’s the most realistic damage ever seen in a video game with such good graphics. Looks like real crashed cars.

    2. Spaghettimonster

      have to agree with pLiDeX. never seen a single car that looks like this after a crash. from a top of the class point of view, the last damage was better in quality. although this looks very exciting. just first impressions.

      would like to see video as well and get my hands on this diva of a demo. :D

    3. Geo_212

      You’ve never seen a car smashed up as bad as that, probably because a car would totally fail mechanically even before it would look something like that 458 Italia… So if you’re playing with mechanical damage on, you probably won’t be seeing any unrealistic amounts of visual damage :)

    4. infamousDee

      “Tin cars?” Believe me, this is exactly what happens to your Ferrari when you crash it into a wall at 200 mph; if you don’t believe me, try it for yourself. :P

    5. Shokz

      Nope, GRiD’s damage certainly isn’t better than this – it’s better than nearly all other games (as is DiRT’s, but this does look a little more impressive even though it doesn’t seem like there’s many parts falling off.

    1. Cigol

      Looks like it’s just clipping to me?

      A small blemish if true, something that can easily be overlooked in favour of everything else.

  46. Whatbrown

    I played the demo at the infamous Best Buy in Oregon and I did not notice any visual damage. I did notice mechanical damage though. Either I didn’t look hard enough or maybe different stores have different builds. It’s weird to me that the skidmarks are absent but that there is more extensive damage than we have ever seen. Cool pictures either way.

  47. Jay

    Hey Jordan.

    It’s Asane. I’ll try to get higher quality pictures tomorrow when I go again to BB. I’ll try to bring a digital camera this time.

    I wanna bring my 5D Mark II DSLR, but I don’t want to attract attention.

    1. 1nkz

      Hey Asane, i wonder how hard did you hit the car to get this level of damage, i mean, this is a 200km/h against the wall damage or a 80km/h front colission?

    2. Super T

      Screw the attention!!! Haven’t seen if there’s anything like this planned for the UK, I need hi res piccies please.

      Only joking, good job so far Asane (and Gamer28). :)

    3. Rattlehead

      Wow, Asane, that would be great!
      You can capture HD-video with 5D MkII, too.
      Regarding attention, you may try to convince people, that you’re trying to do some very important work for very important site. =)
      Good luck with the quest!

    4. Sasek

      Tell us how much you have to hit walls until this damage will show. I hope thats not more than 10 hits :D 3-5 maybe?

    5. caasimun

      jay-“well i went through the whole or nuburgring hitting all yeah count that one XD lol”

      but actually 1 hit shld look like that if he was going 250km/h

    6. Zuel

      Jay please take your MARK II with you to get the video and photos. It really shouldn’t be in trouble, if so just let them know your from GT Planet.

    7. Vulcao

      I’ll be very happy if you make a video. I want to check out how smoke looks so that I can find out if that build of the game is different from those at other BB stores.

    1. caasimun

      ****GLITCH**** sls amg…2nd pic in mid-top row the mercedes sign has moved to the left…i think thats a glitch coz its supposed to be out on the road taking turn 11

    2. Obli

      Some of these pics look like they may have been doctored. The front end of the 458 does look like it’s been modded with a smudge-tool. Perhaps it’s just the quality of the pics… hope I’m wrong.

    3. MRDAVE079

      And I think it lack one gaming convention… TGS 2010…… I hope to see some epic videos with some improvements as crash effects like posted above and of course, driving feeling.. C’mon November 2nd!! Hurry UP!!!!!!

    4. FlareKR

      Those 458’s are dropping like flies in the desert, lol. I hope those pics haven’t been edited either.
      I’m gonna go check out my Best Buy in Aventura, Florida (just a bit North of North Miami Beach where I live). Hopefully they’ll have the demo!

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