More Screenshots, Videos of GT5’s New Damage Modeling

The new Gran Turismo 5 damage system first spotted by GTPlanet users in the Best Buy demo continues to make waves throughout our community, as more pictures (and now videos) keep coming in. Here’s the latest batch of higher-quality photos from Asane and tyv2448, along with a YouTube clip courtesy of StedySniper (thanks to Volcao for the tip!). Asane also provided me with a few more details on his observations so far:

From playing the demo I noticed the only car I could really kill was the Ferrari 458 and to an extent the NASCAR car and the AMG. The other cars in demo were impossible to really beat up only having dents and scratches. I think it’s either damage is only turned on in some cars or PD has made some deals with a few manufacturers to have that kind of crazy damage. For example, the 458 is murdered in these screenshots, but the Ferrari Enzo was very hard to kill.

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  1. Stephen F

    Why don’t some people understand that you can’t have ‘realistic damage’ in a video game, if you hit a wall head on at even 70mph you’re not driving the car away from it. See a real car has something called a crumple zone at the front, when you hit something at speed it buckles and folds like an accordion to absorb the impact and it makes the car about a foot shorter than it originally was. PD have just done their best to make it look like you’ve had a big crash without being totally realistic and ending the race (something I think would be a great addition to the GT series). So of course the damage doesn’t look real because it isn’t real. Personally it’s something I think the game could do without anyway, I mean realistically how much time are you going to spend looking at what your car looks like after a crash?

  2. brainfade

    Now now children, how many times to i have to tell you : DO NOT FEEDS TEH TROLLZ! …they seem to be multiplying these days and you know what happens when you get too many asses on here = a whole load of unwanted s**t lol….

    But back to something WORTH talking about, i’ll admit im disappointed with the damage on show here, but remember, its simply just an alternative BUILD to what we’ve seen before, knowing Polyphony they probably have a series of alternate builds with they are tweaking about with, so we can be pretty sure that improvements will be made, Polyphony will pretty much be working on this up till mid-Oct and they are capable of pulling surprises out of nowhere.

    P.s. i dont know what this moron has been smoking/popping/drinking/snorting/felching/cooking/injecting but id sure like to try some >>

  3. LGForce

    I dont like this very much. the damage looks like they just “smudge” the car.

    but anyway is better then no damage at all. Drop the game already.

  4. Red_9

    I will GUARANTEE you that 100% of the damage haters here are still going to be buying this game when it comes out.

    If you hate this damage so much, go play Forza 3. Jesus you guys are like 5 year olds…

  5. quarkist

    you guys should check out this new damage videos… this will blow away your mind:

  6. infamousDee

    This is entertaining. Stupid kids complaining about the damage looking “weird” or some bullsh** along those lines. Some people just need to grow up and see the bigger picture.

  7. AGNT009

    Looks like we created a monster by asking PD for damage. Who knew they’d have no clue how to do it. Wow. And, is it too hard to ask for the paint to be chipped off? The damage would look 50% less cartoony if they understood that. If THAT winds up being the final product, I’ll be ASHAMED to show non gaming adults replays of this. I think I’ll try even harder not to total my car, cause the more you damage it, the worse the damage looks, and not in a good way. As others said, hopefully the car handling matches the damage, thats all Im really concerned with, so if idiots beat their car up, they cant keep up with me in a race.

    1. jerkydong

      we already seen a seperate build where all the cars got the paint scraped so this is a diff build not combining the two, as u can see there are no skidmarks in this demo and we have already seen them before

  8. pasigiri

    To all those complaining about damage … go play Burn Out. I’m going to enjoy reading reviews of this game. It’ll go something like this: 5 page review, 4.5 pages of nothing but review of the damage system, .5 on skid marks, grass, etc., and a cliff-note stating “oh yeah, the driving in this DRIVING SIM is phenomenal”; giving this game a 7.5 because damage looks weird.

    *sigh* All I’m concerned about is the driving experience. When I play GT, I’m not trying wreck my car, I’m trying to win a race. If I wreck, I lost. That’s enough damage for me.

  9. 2005pierric

    this is the best way to get varied crashed cars… come on I’ll be fine with that considering previous GT didn’t have damage :)

  10. Rob

    I love GT but this does look rubbish.. No cars bend like that when you crash and become blurry… Let’s hope that it’s work in progress. TGS should reveal more

    1. llllllllllllll

      they can do that but they don’t have time , that’s why im saying i don’t care about the damage in gt5 but i won’t accept bad damage in gt6 .. so people stop saying bad things about the game !! because they didn’t plan making damage in the first place !!

  11. jerkydong

    LOL First people complained cus there wasnt enough damage because we only got tiny dents, now its too weird and too extreme. STOP CYING damage is a tiny portion of GT5. AND FORZAs DAMAGE IS A JOKE COMPARED TO THIS. YOU HITS SOMETHING HEAD ON AND THE WHOLE SIDE OF YOUR CAR GETS SCRATCHED AND DENTED WHEN IT SHOULD BE JUST THE FRONT. GT5 IS GONNA BE INSANE, DONT BUY THE GAME BECAUSE THE DAMAGE LOOKS ‘WEIRD’ LOL WHAT A JOKE!

  12. llllllllllllll

    i don’t care about the damage in gt5 but in gt6 i won’t accept that they don’t make realistic damage , because they will work on it 4 to 5 years just like gt5 and they already have the engine ( i mean they have alots of things to start making gt6 , like the programs and things like that … not like gt5 ) … but i dream yesterday that gt5 get delayed again >.< … but it's just a dream … hahahahahahahahaha .

    remember guys that Polyphony and Kazu didn't want damage !!!! u people asked for it and wawnted it !!! and this looks good and weired in the same time , they didn't want to make damage in the first …. soo now just shut up and just say wow , if u don't like it don't look at it … and i think they will make it an option , because some people don't want damage in gt5 , just like the old games :) … i'll play with damage because i want the game more harder :) … i love hard games :D …

  13. BigAmerican

    Oh my god! This we have been waiting like one year plus more. I hope that damage modelling is possible to remove from options.

  14. Lil Ape

    Wow the damage looks so unrealistic. It just looks like someone used a warp tool on it or something. All that damage and the bumper hasn’t even fallen off yet. Plus…..were are the scratches?

    1. infamousDee

      It’s still attached to the bonnet, as well as being attached to the car by wires. It’s not “floating” at all.

  15. ...hmmm

    Pathetic damage modelling. Plastic bumbers should go to pieces and fall off on the track… not change their shape and still hang there. Only metal body-parts does that.

    …and for those who really think GT5’s physics-modelling will be spot on, or even compareable to some PC-racing sims… WAKE UP! It’s just impossible. PS3’s CPU is very very old today, and cause GT5 is eating lots of resources from it because all this candy-stuff, it is just impossible to have decent physics also. You wanted to have great graphics… so you got it… but you cant have both cause PS3’s components are just out of date. Why do you think PS3’s are so cheap in these days? Cause they are build from CPU’s and GPU’s which are almost free today and, not high end. Sorry.

    Thats why PC’s are so great. You can always update it to be high-end by hundred or two every few years, or you can just buy some nerds high-end machine from yesterday with small bucks… plus you will learn lot about computers if you just believe yourself and consentrate to find articles and such from net, and build/update your PC by yourself.

    I was GT-fanboy… then Kaz opened my eyes. No way back to consoles anymore. It’s just old-salt which always drag me back to see news, and some great guys who still are active in here. Luckily most of GT-Aliens are already growed up and climbed up to real racing-sims.

    1. infamousDee

      I’m sorry, but even the worst processor can simulate high-end driving physics. My crappy laptop, powered by a single-core, 2.2GHz processor can run Live For Speed, one of your beloved PC sims, with ease, and the PS3 boasts a 3.2GHz Cell. Sim TV reviewed GT5’s driving physics as recreating 95% the feel of iRacing, not to mention the fact that the game also excels in the area of low-speed physics, something PC sims could definitely improve upon.

    2. ...hmmm

      LiveForSpeed’s driving physics ain’t even near of ‘high-end’ …it’s even more older than PS3, and it’s physics-engine is developed to be played in bulk PC’s then.
      I something like year ago tried LFS for few days. It felt very lame… so did GTR2 and rFactor too. Try your laptop with iRacing and lowest graphics. You cant reach even 30fps alone because it’s tyre-model and physics-engine needs so much CPU power.
      I am not GT-hater, but I just some months ago did read article about physics-engines in simulations, and how many calculations per seconds there was needed to be, to create good simulation. My PS3 is 4 years old now… and even todays high-end CPU’s cant run iRacing with maxed graphics, so how could that paper-weight do that with even better graphics?

      I played week ago again GT5P with my friends after year of iRacing… you just better believe there is huge difference with how you can feel physics-engine, weight-transfer, all small details on the track, ForceFeedback in G25, you name it. I was so sad when I realized how sterile and dead GT5P felt after I was forgotten it. I cant believe that I have waisted so many years with GT’s cause I was afraid of ‘complex PC-environment’!

      If you like playing racing-games… GT5 is good choice. If you keep Sim-Racing as a real hobby… just buy second-hand Gaming-PC and you will never regret!

    3. shazui
      terrible reviews, horrible clipping, lesser selection of cars, poor damage modelling, ridiculous costs,(both to play and to build the pc required to play it) no day/night cycle, no weather cycle, less tracks, less popular, worse community aspect, no B-spec mode.

      Also the ps3’s cell processor, which is a “paperweight” to you, outperforms even an i7-980x in certain calculations and can your cpu perform graphics related tasks?. The XDR ram runs at 3.2ghz… faster than what you have in your computer…
      The only thing outdated is your view of PC gaming. As a PC gamer you’re missing out on all the best games and getting stuck with the crappier multiplatform games. You have no GOTYs to play on your PC whereas uncharted 2, LBP, MGS4 are all available to play on the ps3. There’s a reason it’s the least popular platform for gaming

    4. George

      This conversation is so stupid. 99% of racing sims on pc run only on Windows. Windows needs a dual core machine with 2 gigs ram, just to run, so from ur stupid pc do the math and kill half of ur first two cpus, and 2 gigs of ram, from what remains, never be so stupid to say that they r used 100%. Most software doesn’t make use of the third and forth core. So minus the other 2 cores. If games used 100% of pc power, the noise from the fans would kill ur ears and ur pc would close in 5 minutes so it doesn’t overheat. Console programming is taylored to the console, thus more effective. remember ps2 has only 32 mb RAM and remember with which (in the past) high end pcs and games could compare. But i like that u r here and u post cause u will eventually drive ur fathers car, and then try to recreate this experience, only GT has many many cars, so yours might be in, and GT always was a better simulation.

  16. infamousDee

    When are we going to receive a video portraying an actual crash? That video was no better than a simple screenshot.

  17. Geo_212

    In all of the 458’s, both headlights seem to be fixed with an invisible pole… one of the lights always seems to be in the air :P

  18. infamousDee

    I’m absolutely staggered that this site has been allowed to be taken over by a wave of pre-pubescent haters, fair weather fanboys and hypocrites. This damage system looks utterly stunning – I can’t think of any game to date that features deformation comparable to this – yet the idiots in this community have taken to making moronic complaints regarding it looking “weird,” or some other vague, nitpicking bullsh** along those lines. It’s pathetic.

    1. Tenacious D

      It does look a little strange because the headlights aren’t broke and the windows shattered, and loose parts aren’t scattered all over the place. Codemasters does have fantastic damage in their Grid and Dirt games. Of course, that’s about all you can say about them…

      But I agree, the deformation is at a level that no other game has reached yet. If the damage carried to the point that glass broke and parts were strung all over, I’m sure everyone’s draws would drag the floor. Well, except for the Microsoft virals…

    2. Red_9

      Actually, GRiD has a very nice damage model that reacts very nicely to where you crash, much better than most racing games. That being said, the amount of details they put into cars, and the general graphics quality of GRiD is far less than GT5, not to mention GRiD isn’t really a simulator and has much less cars.

    3. zevehcj

      Exactly.The main reason why I barely check the news page anymore. The comment sections are always filled with trolls. First, the damage wasn’t good enough for them and now that the damage looks absolutely amazing, it still looks bad to them. My impressions? I’ve never seen this kind of deformation in any game before. Kaz promised real time deformation and he delivered. I’m actually shocked by how unrecognizable those cars look.

    4. Vulcao

      Finally some serious guys. There are more trolls than fans here. It looks like Forza fanboys have opened a thread on their forum with the title “Go troll at GTPlanet now” :)

      However, there are some real GT fans – only a few ones, though – who still don’t like damage. I don’t understand them. I don’t know what kind of realism they expect from a game (O.o). Maybe they don’t remember it’s a demo and of course PD will implement (if not already) damage on the windshield and stuff.

      I think this damage is just incredible. Way more than I was expecting.

  19. Red_9

    Wow the hypocricy running rampant here is dumbfounding. You cry for damage and you get it, but then its not good enough. They try to improve it, and then you say it’s not good and say that the previous build was better. Now you’re saying “GT5 is a bad game because the damage sucks!” Keep in mind you’ve been enjoying GT since the PS1 without damage, so why including it makes it a bad game just screams “I’m OCD and wanna trooooll”.

    You should all consider yourselves damn lucky you’re getting a console driving sim of this caliber.

  20. Brett

    I think it’s weird that they windshield isn’t cracked or hurt in the slightest bit. If you are going to put that much damage in a car, you’d think the windshield would be destroyed or at least have a spiderweb crack pattern

  21. Sicko

    Looks like they have been melted or something! This demo is truly awful! 5 years for this crap! I hope the full games is MUCH better! I love the Gran Turismo series but this wait has been too long and it has been a major own goal for Sony, Polyphony and Kazu. It’s turned from a fun, realistic game series to a game for obsessed anoraks and nerds that try to justify the wait with evermore bizarre reasons. Sorry Kazu, you took the fun out of Gran Turismo. Look at this whole site! Blinkered fan boys orgasming over tippets of news. The game has changed from a healthy hobby to an unhealthy obsession. A non-nonsense, no-BS approach is needed a la Forza; not this long-winded, drawn out affair. Kazu, sort out the damage and don’t make us wait until kingdom come for GT6. Sayonara!

    1. Tenacious D

      Bye. Oh, and be sure to cut n paste this post a few more times on the way out to be really really sure we’ll see it. Again.

    2. Geo_212

      Yep, obviously you hate a game that isn’t even out yet… Makes perfect sense. Well, if you hate it so much, go play your little Xbox 360 and keep dreaming that Forza 3 is better than GT5- oh, and it’s not even out yet. Go be stupid and hateful somewhere else, you obviously don’t belong here.

      Did I mention GT5 isn’t even out yet?

  22. JamDodger

    I think the damage is great, it’s a step in right direction!

    The only thing i’m curious about, has there been any damage to the window screen or any windows on any cars? I mean surely there must be a chip or a scratch or something?

    Just curious lol

  23. Paulo

    I honestly hate seeing these cars in this condition. In some ways its good, in some its a bit weird, but its a hell of a lot better than most. I’m glad I like driving cars more than crashing them to death.

  24. HRP

    There are so many haters down here it’s scary, i mean like 1 or 2 people !! Wow ! How dare they criticize the great Kaz and the perfect game . :facepalm:

    No for sure the wave of gt blind fanboys ( some of them just Sony fanboys and never played a racing game seriously ) is way better than 1 or 2 trolls .

  25. Gt3luke

    I think PD shows different kind of damages during the gameshows. KY is an perfectionist. So he probably wouldn’t make a damage model what makes him “anger” when GT5 is released. We will see it on the 3th of November.
    I’m glad when i see this kind of damage

  26. @ndr3w

    TBH I have been waiting years for this game and if you where to ask me to make a wish list for GT5 it would be somthing like this

    1 – Driving Dynamics
    2 – Cars
    3 – Tracks
    4 – Mechnical Damage
    5 – Overall graphics
    6 – Decent online interface
    7 – Customisation
    8 – Damage grahics
    9 – Cockpit View (I use bumper cam)

    As you can see, damage graphics is not my priority but im sure for some of you it is. Would be interested to see what list of order you guys have. Im sure PD done some market research and built the game based on whats important about the GT game for the end user.
    Im sure things will improve with DLC as well.

  27. Si-Fly

    Reminds me of iPhone face warping apps, not too impressed to be honest! I’m a good driver though so I won’t be seeing much damage lol!

  28. ralph89

    It’s funny that people who complains a lot have no clue that this was a very old built demo. :lol: It’s very entertaining to watch this type of jokers commenting around. Oh well, it’s not GTplanet without a hater that’s for sure. On the side note, thanks a lot Jordan for being so dedicated on this site, it’s been more than 5 years, yet it’s still kicking! So keep it up bro.

  29. pasigiri

    The damage looks … nice. I’m not really into the damage stuff. I’m more interested in the game’s driving experience. I’ll probably turn damage off and play GT5 the old fashion way. Besides, I still feel like they could have left damage out and concentrated on stuff like weather (fog, rain, snow), dynamic day and night for all tracks, and vehicle customization (to the level of Forza).

    1. Tenacious D

      I agree. The one nice thing about Forza is the livery editor, and it’s the one thing I really miss in Gran Turismo. For the rest, Forza is a pretty cool game, but the bugs and issues finally drive me back to GT. And sorry PC sim fans. I like them, but they’re just too dry and limited.

      I need passion. And great physics. And unreal graphics. And car collecting. And good driver views. And cool replays. And cool replay music. And Photo Mode. And that means GT5.

      And I’d better get out of here or I’ll waste my day off…

  30. emoneybags

    They got that demo in best buy out in n.y………..I was there all-day I got mad videos I just can’t get them on my YouTube…………

  31. DirtyMudFlaps

    HEY…. HEY…

    Who ever took this video/pictures, you should crash into wall hard enough at an angle and see if it rolls over!!!

    1. Sicko

      Yeah, I agree! Looks like they have been melted or something! This demo is truly awful! 5 years for this crap! I hope the full games is MUCH better! I love the Gran Turismo series but this wait ahas been too long and it has been a major own goal for Sony, Polyphony and Kazu. It’s turned from a fun, realistic game series to a game for obsessed anoraks and nerds that try to justify the wait with evermore bizarre reasons. Sorry Kazu, you took the fun out of Gran Turismo. Look at this whole site! Blinkered fan boys orgasming over tippets of news. The game has changed from a healthy hobby to an unhealthy obsession. A non-nonsense, no-BS approach is needed a la Forza; not this long-winded, drawn out affair. Kazu, sort out the damage and don’t make us wait until kingdom come for GT6. Sayonara!

    2. infamousDee

      Of course it “looks like crap;” you’re ramming the car into a wall at 160mph, what would you expect the end result to look like? Some people need to consult their common sense before posting sometimes.

  32. skip101

    GTPlanet has been breached with haters! Keep your guards up mates, they may still be in here, watching and waiting to strike.

  33. GlobeKIDD

    In my complete and honest opinion, the damage looks overdone and not very appealing. Maybe it’s just from the angles that the pictures are, but the body has too much crunching and not enough parts actually dismantalling from it. Ive seen too much racing and drifting to be told otherwise too. I’m not trying to Bash GT5, but i think they could have honestly done better.

    I have faith that it’ll all look fantastic (just as i thought all the sounds would improve, which thank god they did, i think the damage will too.)

    And I will also be stopping at BestBuy tomorrow after i figure out what’s wrong with my FC3S, and getting many photos and videos. (480p is the best i can do on videos though)

    I’ll get about 2-3 photos of each car and at least one (good) driving video with (hopefully) direct sound for each car.

  34. Kenny

    Do you guys know if PD has mentioned anything about full compatibility with the Logitech G27? I assume it would be like the GT5 TT, which had full compatibility

  35. Kenny

    I can’t believe PD they missed it again, seriously shouldn’t the 458 just catch fire? And you call GT5 a real driving sim…lol dudes GT5 is the sickest and will make 100s of millions for PD. Who gives an ish about damage, I know good drivers don’t!!! Keep it on the track, Jack!! Nov 2 can’t wait, overnight delivery of the CE package for me. Oh and a week off of work to geek out!! Can’t wait GT5 staycation!!

    1. Dr.Strangelove

      @HugoStiglitz: I totally agree!
      Even though i would like to see dynamic weather (which i havent seen a video of until now, even though such a video might exist) and a realistic damage model (which it is not right now) on GT5, i would LOVE to have cockpit views on all cars, not just the premium cars.
      Off topic appeal: Come on PD, give us a cockpit view for every car! Pleeeeeaaaaase!

    2. Vulcao

      Between cockpit and weather, I care more about weather (given that we already have more than 200 cockpits). I think it adds a lot more to the experience.

    3. SZRT Ice

      I don’t care about damage or cockpits, a livery editor & weather would be great, but what I care most about is for PD to keep their release date! If they delay the game due to bad reviews from internet forums & such, I’d be pissed! Just do what you can or in updates PD, but if it causes a delay forget it!!! The game is amazing and worth the $ as is!!!

    4. Dr.Strangelove

      Of course it would be great to have dynamic weather. Would be a great racing experience and a lot of fun too.

      But maintaining a cockpit cam for the premium cars only, means for me that i cant use any of the +800 standard cars – except looking at them in my gt5 garage…

      You get the best possible (most realistic) gaming experience when driving from an onboard view i.e. cockpit cam. Thats a fact. Even though there are some people that rather enjoy the (beautiful) rearside look of their cars instead to get the best possible gaming/racing experience, thats not me.

      A Gran Turismo title on PS3 without a (realistic) cockpit cam for ALL cars is a shame. Sorry. And even though i already ordered multiple ce’s and i definitely will love this game, i still will be disappointed by this fact.

  36. Hernan

    To be honest is a very bad damage at this point with headlights floating around and clipping all over the place, Polyphony is need keep working in this damage or patch it after the release.

    1. pLiDeX

      the problem is that i remember yamauchi saying some months ago that the damage model was finished and that they were happy with it, nut maybe they are changing it to see the feedback, who knows..

    2. Vulcao


      did you mean “they are changing it by seeing the feedback” or “they are changing it to see the feedback”? Because PD shouldn’t take into account those kid fanboys who cry for everything and are never satisfied with anything.

      Damage is great for me, and I was already satisfied when I saw the damage system from the PS Beta Rooms.


    @ Gt5 your ignorant & stupid

    You are sad
    & kids
    You will be able to change the damage settings

    Stupi kids
    Its still a demo
    Lol im laughing at all you ass kissers who wanted damage so bad & they got it
    Now all you kids shut ur mouths

    GT5 will always be amazing :)

  38. DirtyMudFlaps

    Looks awesome… I just wish they could make things crack where there suppose to and crumble where there suppose to..

  39. ChunKie

    Everyone here somehow has to remember that cars usually aren’t drive-able after the first initial high speed crash…What we are seeing is “theoretical” damage more than realistic damage. Cars could theoretically be mangled up this bad if the bumper doesn’t fall off first. =D

    1. ChunKie

      However, that blue Ferrari shot looks ridiculous, headlights somehow manage to stay intact and in upright position and just shifted to the top of the hood. XP

  40. Leo_328i

    The thing that concerned me most of all from that video was the engine sounds. They still sound tinny like in GT4! I think that is of far greater concern than damage!

    1. tommy

      Well so far it doesn’t even show up in replays, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

      Oh and side note: Woohoo, thats my video up there!!

  41. bachy

    Reminds me of the demon faces Charleze Theron sees in The Devils Advocate.

    Pretty cool looking so far. Personally, I’m more concerned with how the damage affects vehicle performance; the realism (or lack thereof) in that department to me is 100x more important than how it looks.

  42. Sharky

    When PD announces GT5 has damage, everyone’s acting like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Now people are complaining and saying it’s not realistic?

  43. supersquirrel

    Atleast its not LFS damage.

    Vegeta what does the mechanic say about the damage price level?

    its over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sum1s2pid

      While it does seem a bit… exaggerated… it’s not too shabby for the first game in the series to receive damage–comparable to some series well into their second and / or third iterations, and beyond. It’s a good foundation with which to expand upon in future sequels.

    2. Sam__NY

      I like it. But you can’t really call a smashed car “weird looking”. I mean it just crashed, what’d you expect?

    3. GTPreader

      It is not you, ferrox96, the damage does look a little bit weird. Usually when you see this much damage the car is not drivable.

      The damage graphics are nice and all, but does it affect the car handling physics? That is the critical question.

    4. Jordan

      GTPreader, significant mechanical damage – which affects handling and the gearbox – has been reported in many GT5 demos from recent game shows.

    5. Ringmaster

      Yes, it looks weird… it could be done better; they are using the polygons individually to calculate the damage, and is not realistic but this way it is cheap on CPU use, and for me it is enough for the first time we see it on GT.
      If they want to improve it, PD must take every piece of the car as a whole (if they don’t do this now) and take into account resistance (curving it in the weakest zone). I hope they improve it over the time, but I am happy by know, PLEASE concentrate on climate PD!!

  44. mcknight8279109

    this damage model is amazing lol not just the bumper falling off and the paint scratched up
    im sure the ferrari’s won’t look like this in the final build cuz carbon fiber won’t do all of that lol nor any car in this day and age with these plastic bumpers

  45. Bakemono858

    Hopefully in the full retail the bumpers will fall off, it’s completely irrealistic the way the bumper crumbles like seriously after a few good smashes against an object or wall that thing is definitely gonna come off. Least it looks a lot better than the alpha stages of body damage

  46. Nascarfans0

    Listen, GT5 is 2 months away. The Damage is already awwing people. Imagine on Nov 2 and beyond, with the constant updates about every month, that will truly be the game of the year topping Call of Duty Black Ops, Little Big Planet 2, and Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2. It will be the game of the year in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

    Approximately 1,000 Cars @ release
    About 70 Tracks
    Plans for Glory

    1. FlareKR

      I don’t think it will top CoD, there’s too many pubescent 12 year olds under that disease. I’m leaving the CoD killing to the new Medal of Honor.
      But I did change my pre-order from MoH to GT5 Collectors after playing that disappointing BFBC2 like beta, lol.

    2. Vulcao

      I don’t like Halo, I don’t like COD. MoH promises though, and its multiplayer mode will be made by DICE, the same company that made the multiplayer for Battlefield (which is absolutely great btw, more strategic and much better than COD).

  47. hotrod65

    It looks like they warp the front end of the car and it looks really odd, almost like your looking at it through rippled water. On the cars with less damage, it looks fine, but ones with more damage just look odd.

    1. yomamma

      it does look that way to me too. i mean if the car was hit that badly there should be little bumper cover left at all if any.

    1. yomamma

      actually i think it is. if you look closely at the 458’s you can see that the driver side head light is tweaked about the same way in all the different color 458’s.

    2. Vulcao


      the head light is not tweaked the same way, it’s slightly different. Also, the way the hood was deformed made the head light be there. As the player was crashing always the same way (maybe at the same curve?), deformation was always similar.

    3. yomamma

      @vulcao, you do have a point if the driver did hit the same spot at the same speed everytime it would expalin why those shots flooks similar. but i don’t think that is the case. i think there is some level of scripted damage in it because i don’t believe that all those shots were the result of the same or similar crashes. no two collisions is ever the same. i’m not saying it doesn’t look promising, i’m just calling it how i see it.

  48. Watevaman

    Looks insanely awesome. Will be great to have some pictures of crashes (read: destruction derbies) where the cars are colliding and crumpling.

    1. colj00

      I honestly think that PD shouldnt have spent all that time on premium car damage, when i get GT5 im only using the premium cars for driving around a track and not smashing them up in a race, thats what standard cars are for.

  49. Yaycandy69

    i think grid and dirt have good damage too but on the codemasters games you can destroy the car. PD has more crumbling effects to the damage. kinda more realistic on gt5 with like smashing it. grid and dirt the bumper will just fall off. not stay on and crumble like gt5


      GT 5 Damage = AWESOME
      GT 5 Damage = REAL Damage (not “normal” Damage like in !! ALL !! other games !!!!)

      -> I love GT 5 + Mr Kaz XD

    2. FlareKR

      From you comment, it looks like you’ve never seen any drifting or rally competitions. There’s bumpers flying off all the time. – That’s just a taste of some damages, I’ve seen worse in real life (and some unfortunate fools trying to do the same on the street, which never ends well).
      It’s still pretty awesome that GT5 is actually having damage, that’s one thing I’d never thought would happen and they do a great job at it. But they’ll never beat the damage system we’ve seen in games like GRID and Burnout, which is more than fine, because the driving is not the same, those are arcade games. Still hats off to PD for doing some great damage, I can’t wait to take a NASCAR car flying off the wall (which is at number 5 at first things I’m doing when I get GT5).

    3. caasimun

      i honestly dont like the damage in some pics…they all look to cartoonish….the 3rd pic is horrible…i seriously dont like it

    4. GTracerRens

      @ Iceman_Zidane:

      The Damage is not that real. Okay, it looks great, and I didn’t expect PD to give all the premium models damage like this, but still when you hit the wall at high speed there’s only light damagage to the car. Colin MCRae DiRT has the best damage model I’ve ever seen. (Burnout is also great)

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