Gran Turismo 5 Demo Playable at Best Buy in Oregon (Confirmed)

September 2nd, 2010 by Jordan Greer

The playable GT5 demo which was first spotted last night at a Best Buy in Oregon has now been confirmed by multiple sources. GTPlanet reader Jeramy has also grabbed video of the new demo, walking us through all of the available cars, tracks, and features. Vermontster of the PS Forums has also shared his conversation with the Best Buy employees (thanks, calvins48), which you’ll see below. We do, indeed, owe a lot of thanks to Oldschool27 for his discovery!

The demo should be coming to more (and hopefully all) Best Buy stores over the coming weeks. For now, if you’re in the Clackamas, Oregon area (outside of Portland), you can get an early taste of GT5 right now. Click here for the exact location and directions to the store – tell them GTPlanet sent you!

We all owe a big THANK YOU to Oldschool27 for this find.

He was in fact correct.  The Best Buy in Clackamas, OR has a working, PLAYABLE demo. It has 2 modes. Time trial or Arcade mode, arcade mode has 3 levels of difficulty- A ,B, C

5 tracks are available

1. Rome

2. Toscano

3. Indy Super Speedway

4.  The RING Nordscheif (sp)

5.  Tokoyo R 246

11 cars are available.

1. Merceds Benz SLS AMG

2. Corvette Stingray ’69

3. Enzo Ferrari

4.  GT Citroen

5. Ferrari 458 Italia

6.  Lambo Gallardo

7.  Audi R8

8. #24 Jeff Gordon Dupont Chevy

9.  Nissan Motul Autech GTR (super GT)

The last 2 cars are available to use in rally

10.  Nissan GTR V Spec

11.  Citroen C4 WRC

I had a lengthy conversation with the stores manager.  He said Sony sent it to them and they just set it up.  I think I may have really scared the guy.  He left me to go search to see if he was under any gag order.  He was not fond of the idea of hundreds of people comming in just to play a demo.  I told him to stock up on steering wheels and enjoy the next 2 months. :)

I am down loading the 3 pictures I was able to take.  The manager was very addament about not filming in his store.  They are of the TT screen, the arcade screen and home screen.

The physics are going to be familiar to those who did the Indy time trials.  They are a step up in difficulty for sure.  The graphics are nothing short of spectacular.  The demo was set up for controller use and the left stick didn’t work so I was forced into using the D-pad.

I’m not sure if my photo’s will be any better than Oldschool were.  All I have are those 3 photo’s and a half an hour playing the demo as proof of its existance.  I also met Oldschool at Bst Buy.  He walked me through the demo then let me at it.

Thank you Oldschool.  This was a great find.

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  1. Sep. 5, 12:47pm

    I checked the Best Buy in my area and they do not have it. Lets start a list on the regular forums?

  2. Sep. 4, 7:48pm

    But in a way i supose i am a retard for asking that. I cant help it. Im ginger you see

  3. Sep. 4, 7:44pm

    @ukgtfan And you care about my question why?

  4. Sep. 4, 7:22pm


    Bestbuy Binghamton NY

  5. Sep. 4, 6:05pm

    Damn, I was just in best buy about an hour ago in Glen Burnie Maryland. Completely forgot to check for it, I walked out started my car and thought to myself “am i forgetting something?”….now I know what it was.

  6. Sep. 4, 4:29pm

    Best Buy in Maple Grove, MN has it. That Corvette is sweet.

  7. Sep. 4, 12:49am

    I played it at a target in Denver, Co. So dont just check Best Buy.

    • Sep. 4, 11:36pm

      Which Target in Denver?

    • Sep. 4, 11:43pm

      I played it at the Target in the Stapleton Shopping Center. Or as people better know it at “the Target next to Bass Pro Shop)

    • Sep. 4, 11:48pm

      Its nice to see there are some people from denver around this site. hit me up on PSN im Shakezula069

  8. Sep. 3, 9:38pm

    Just played the demo for about an hour at a Best Buy in Sarasota, FL.
    All around it was pretty awesome. The physics were good, similar to the TT like everyone else said. I loved the rally racing a lot, and the Tuscana track was pretty damn fun with the Citroen. I did a few intentional demolition runs with the SLS and Gallardo to see how the damage worked. It looks very good, I ended up with the bumper on the SLS hanging of by a thread. The time limit of a little more than 2 minutes was kind of annoying, but you can just restart right away. I do wish I could’ve gotten further than just a few miles down the ‘ring though.
    In all very fun. We can only hope to get some version of this on PSN before Nov 2nd, but thats doubtful.

  9. Sep. 3, 5:22pm

    I got to try the demo at my local best buy in Minnesota.
    I drove the enzo on the rome track. all aids off. first thing i notice was the handling of the car. i could actually feel the car’s weight when making a turn. so its a lot harder to turn very fast. i slammed into a viper and the viper was knock completely off the ground but it didn’t flip over. it looked sort of funny. I kept slamming into the walls and the damage started to show a lot on the front of the car. I like the visual damage, it does looks like its done in real time and not pre-programed. the tire smoke is also very nice and comes off light or heavy depending on how hard you break or spin out. sometimes the sparks come on very just slightly bumping into another car and sparks fly. but when you slide on the walls and sparks looks very nice. the AI is also better. when i crashed into the wall and backed up into the street, instead of crashing into me, the cars actually slowed down and went around me.
    next i played the nissan gtr race car on the nurburgring, but there was a glitch. all of a sudden the entire road disappeared and i could see only the grass beneath it. but what i could tell is that PD actually did the track in layers. The sound of the gtr sound very similar to the tuned nissan 270z from the gt academy time trail demo. i could hear the gear whining very well. and that’s only coming from a TV speaker. so i’m assuming that if you hook up your ps3 with a good sound system…the cars are going to sound GREAT!!
    i’m going back today to play again!!!

  10. Sep. 3, 4:10pm

    I need to check the one in Niles, Ohio. I hope it’s there and if it is, I’m also expecting a gigantic line.

  11. Sep. 3, 1:46pm

    ukgtfan- you should be uniting with your fellow UK citizen, not insulting. Now go enjoy some tea and crumpets while you wait for GT5!

    • Sep. 3, 4:01pm

      It’s a bit late for tea and crumpets, usually have those in the morning if ive time before work. wasn’t insulting, just found it a bizzare and ridiculous question. Think i’ll pop to Tescos, see if they are getting a demo anytime soon…

  12. Sep. 3, 1:14pm

    The demo is only available at the store for play, you can’t buy it or take it home.

  13. Sep. 3, 1:09pm

    Does best buy have any online stores with the demo in it, and if so is it availible to ship to the uk

    • Sep. 3, 1:23pm

      Thats one of the most ridiculous questions ive ever read!. online stores with a demo in it, ship it to the uk?? are you mad??.lmao. sorry.

  14. Sep. 3, 10:56am

    “Toscana, Super Speedway – Indy, NOOBergring…” XD

    • Sep. 3, 4:45pm
      Alex p.

      LOL. nice one!^^

  15. Sep. 3, 10:22am

    I don’t get it. And I’m very worried about damage now, amongst other things.

    While us fan-boys wait with bated breath for the full game, with all it’s features and content and beautiful cars, it’s another matter for GT5 to appeal to more casual gamers.

    What exactly is this demo going to achieve for poly when it has…

    -no skid-marks
    -no damage

    2 things which are confirmed as in the final game.

    It’s not showing GT to it’s fullest and will probably do very little to enhance the reputation of GT, while at the same time putting some some casual people off it because they will assume skid-marks and damage aren’t in GT as usual.

    I understand it’s not finished code, but they shouldn’t be showing unfinished code in best buy. When I play something on a demo stand in a shop like that, I assume I’m playing something that represents the full game. In fact it’s so close to release I’m wondering if these features are actually getting cut. I’m racking my brain here to think of a demo of a product which has significant technical problems/limitations compared to the full game.

    I know some casual gamers who already don’t like what they have seen from GT5. Prologue has already put them off the full game, it’s not even on their radar. It doesn’t matter that the physics and car models are amazing – there is no damage, there are no skid-marks, and the game doesn’t feel visceral to them. They have played Dirt 2 and need for speed shift. I have different priorities but in some ways they have a point about immersion.

    Skid-marks and damage are 2 things which help win over the people who aren’t enthusiasts obsessing over the excellent grip physics. Not having them in a demo is risky from a sales perspective.

    • Sep. 3, 11:41am

      I think GT5 will sell very well, wether it’s got damage or not, this game is going to be awesome!! :D

    • Sep. 3, 12:59pm


      Relax, the demo has damage, I played it last night. The vehicles I drove had cock pit views as well. Not sure why you are so concerned. There is always going to be other PS3 racers out there to choose from. None have a thousand cars, none have so many tracks. Nobody goes and buys a game so they can make skid marks. We can all do that in real life.

      I played the demo last night, thanks for the scoop about the Clackamas demo! The screen was tiny and was a POS. GT5 still looked good though! Physics felt like the TT demo. They need to put it on a real screen and attach a wheel to it for people to play with!

    • Sep. 3, 4:11pm

      I agree but I just really wanna play it. But what I think has already & will be scaring off most people that are new to gt5 is the fact that after 5 years 80% of the cars aren’t finished. I’m happy to see alot of cars from gt4 but they really shot themselves in the foot by not just cutting down to 500

  16. Sep. 3, 9:59am

    Woaah!! I really really love this car. The Lambo LP 560-4 Gallardo. I hope you can also choose black rims in the full game, but this is already very very good!! I hope we can expect this demo in the PLaystation store, but I’m afraid that a demo as extensive as this won’t be available for everyone. It’s almost as big as the Prologue itself. :) Thanks for filming this. And for everyone who is going to visit a BestBuy store, make sure you upload some gameplay trailers. You can also earn some money on youtube if you add advertisements, i think.. ;)

  17. Sep. 3, 8:26am

    Put this on Playstation Store damn it!

  18. Sep. 3, 6:40am

    looks like the playstation beta rooms demo, nice!

  19. Sep. 3, 5:42am

    Gonna be for the whole world available DEMO than ???

  20. Sep. 3, 4:50am

    Anyone else notice the blades of grass being thrown up in the dust as he goes off the track at 0.38?

    That’s a really nice touch.

  21. Sep. 3, 4:25am
    Mr Frappy

    Very nice, although just like before any major release I am interested in, the last thing I’ll be doing is going to play an unfinished demo.

    I’ve played enough previous versions already, and with all this news and footage, that’s good enough for me. I want the first time I see it properly to be in a finished state and on my own TV.

  22. Sep. 3, 3:15am
    RT*// WNDWLCKR3000

    I am the only one who thinks that the smoke effect/dust clouds
    are so ridiculous when running over grass?

    PD must redefine/differentiate that for real!

  23. Sep. 3, 2:07am
    Magic Ayrton

    The second video is a true demonstration of a “messed up” professional driving :D

  24. Sep. 3, 1:29am

    Tanner won the Battle. You’ll have to watch it on tv or the web site to see what happened.

  25. Sep. 3, 1:24am

    why do you guys always choose hard mode? Is it to show how b.a.d. Are you?

    • Sep. 3, 1:30am

      If you want to drive you better drive. That’s all all I’m saying.

    • Sep. 3, 2:56pm

      I like that people r choosing pro physics cuz im not interested in standard.

  26. Sep. 3, 1:23am

    Anyone Know if they have one in Chicago already?….thanks :)

  27. Sep. 3, 1:04am

    Outstanding NEWS on the GT5 DEMO, I’ll look in my local area of Best Buys. Wish we could have got a cockpit view if there was one at all. Wonder if the On-line Battle works, and if there’s a cost for the demo. And what do you know Battle Of the Super Cars on Speed TV has the Ferrari 458 Italia. With Tanner Foust and Paul Tracy, I’ll let you know who wins.

  28. Sep. 3, 1:02am

    It’s up in Eugene…

  29. Sep. 3, 12:41am

    Jeeze, it could be nice if Leutenant Best Buy could drive, jk

    • Sep. 3, 12:45am

      btw, the reviews for this store are A PLUS

  30. Sep. 2, 10:59pm

    someone need to steal the PS3 hard drive and torrent the GT5 demo file. :)

    • Sep. 2, 11:43pm

      That would be illegal dude. Simmer down.

    • Sep. 3, 12:37am

      Let’s get some one in on that, lmao

    • Sep. 3, 5:49am

      Even if it did happen, no one would be able to play it unless they are in the .01% of ps3 owners who bought a PSjailbreak.

  31. Sep. 2, 10:13pm

    wow, very cool!! i cannot wait to get my hands on this!!!

  32. Sep. 2, 9:39pm

    Maybe he would have been able to turn left if he had chosen the Nascar car. Ha just joking. Too bad there are no Best Buys in the immediate area. I like everyone really hope to see this on the psn store, but I doubt it will happen(I always expect the worst and can never be disappointed)

    • Sep. 2, 10:39pm

      hahahahahaha, that Nascar joke made me laugh a lot

  33. Sep. 2, 9:35pm

    ……. I live in oregon. I guess im going to play this demo for an hour

    • Sep. 3, 11:45am

      Tokyo…I wouldn’t of said that If I were you hahahah.

  34. Sep. 2, 9:03pm

    god i visited my local Bestbuy store and… nothing yet, man you guy in Oregon are lucky… but soon just soon.. : )

  35. Sep. 2, 8:56pm

    aaaaah i’m gonna die
    plz give us the demo on the PSN!

  36. Sep. 2, 8:33pm
    ferhound id

    So much I would like to be able to play that demo here in Argentina…

  37. Sep. 2, 8:24pm

    The demo is available in NYC. To those who live in the area i went to the Best Buy in “Union Square” and the one in “Chelsea”(23rd And 6th Ave). Both Stores are in Manhattan and my best guess is that all stores in the NYC area have the demo but i could be wrong. Enjoy it!!!

    • Sep. 2, 9:52pm

      wooo now I have a reason to “go to Best Buy”

    • Sep. 2, 10:40pm

      Nice! Looks like i’m going to pay a visit to Best Buy. Thanks for letting me know.

  38. Sep. 2, 8:19pm

    It’s in orange,california as well…

  39. Sep. 2, 8:10pm

    Asif they would publish the above demo to the PSN, there is no way they would give people access to 5 tracks.

  40. Sep. 2, 8:04pm
    Static X

    Hmmm im in Bend,Oregon ill have to check to see if we’ve got one on display

  41. Sep. 2, 7:33pm

    If this is for stores only, this sucks (in a I can’t have way) … TORRENT PLEASE.

    If it comes out on PSN (and at 3Gig not likely), I hope Sony can keep their network up because it’s in for a SERIOUS stress test. Take gooooood notes AT&T.

    • Sep. 2, 7:34pm

      sorry. 3Gig aint bad at all considering HD movie downloads from PSN.

  42. Sep. 2, 7:31pm

    Ive downloaded films off the PS Store that have been nearly 9gb. There should be no problem at 3gb. Lets hope.

  43. Sep. 2, 6:46pm

    3 Gigs. Prologue was around that size wasnt it? So its what? 1024Mb to a Gig? If thats accurate then that demo barely makes PSN size restrictions.

  44. Sep. 2, 6:44pm

    I thought they weren’t making a demo… Damn… Now I want the demo to be released.

  45. Sep. 2, 6:39pm

    3gb in size! Too big me thinks for a PSN download? Here’s hoping though

    • Sep. 2, 8:41pm

      nope. they have bigger downloads than that & tiger woods 2011 is 2gb so I think it’s possible. I WILL LITERALLY SH!T MY PANTS!!!!!! if the demo is on PSN soon

    • Sep. 3, 7:12pm
      Mickle Pickle

      3Gigs!!! That’s huge for a demo!! But The size might not matter here… Yet I dont think it will be in the PSN stores. Not until next year 2011. This game will ride on its hype …. once that wave is out, they will put the Demo available online. GT5 does not need to release a demo to sale the game.

  46. Sep. 2, 6:34pm

    ukgtfan, snow is obviosuly weather. However, in reference to the type of track in GT, it is referring to the type of surface that the race is conducted on. Hence dirt/snow. Unless of course, dirt is a type of weather phenomenon.

    • Sep. 3, 1:17pm

      ahh, so there be snow on the tracks but it wont be snowing. ok. thats good. for some reason i didnt know about that. i havnt seen any screenshots or owt. cheers.

  47. Sep. 2, 6:24pm

    If this is supposed to be the ‘Real Driving Simulator’ the 458 Italia should catch fire :-)

    • Sep. 2, 7:39pm

      hahahahahahaha, nice, but only if it was made with that glue that heats really easy hahahaha

  48. Sep. 2, 6:24pm

    just pre-ordered and paid in full for CE version at gamestop. got it for $60! i HAD alot of store credit lol.

  49. Sep. 2, 6:23pm

    So i just came back from Best Buy
    In San Diego,CA

    Guess what!!!

    They have it!

    & a massive line
    For it

    Wow im happy

    • Sep. 8, 6:15pm
      //M rated

      I’m also in the San Diego Area. I have been to 3 different Best Buys and NONE of them had the GT5 demo running. Furthermore, nobody in any of the stores knew anything about it. Can you please tell me specifically which store location has the demo?

  50. Sep. 2, 6:18pm

    I love how every time we see a video like this the player turns off all the assists to make themselves look like a hardcore GT bad ass only so they can drive like crap and crash into walls.

  51. Sep. 2, 6:17pm

    Would a best buy be in Belfast NI

  52. Sep. 2, 6:15pm

    I always thought snow was weather, are you saying there will be snow on the hills but not on the tracks??

  53. Sep. 2, 6:13pm

    The snow is referring to the background, not the weather.

  54. Sep. 2, 6:12pm

    nice vids!
    Good walktrough!

    btw, the guy in the video sounds a bit like Comic Book Guy from the simpsons :p

  55. Sep. 2, 5:53pm

    Get the work here someone!!!(Steal the demo!)

  56. Sep. 2, 5:51pm

    I hadn’t heard about the snow, and iv’e been following this for months, years even. can someone point me to a link thats says there is snow on some tracks?? I heard of dynamic weather but we’ve only seen that on Toscana.

  57. Sep. 2, 5:40pm

    i can understand them not wanting to allow filming i suppose its down to security etc. i agree from other comments it looks old. but is this the start of the gt promotional stuff for shops , i am wondering if we soon could be seeing this extended to other shops like game store in europe , us , au and japan it seems odd sony would just send it randomly to a shop without reason , there must be something behind this.

  58. Sep. 2, 5:37pm

    That’s the Beta Rooms demo I played

  59. Sep. 2, 5:34pm

    Anyone that wants more vids or the ones that you see just email at

    – Jeramy

  60. Sep. 2, 5:34pm

    I live in NYC and I just went to 2 different Best Buys and they both had the demo. I didn’t want to leave the stores at all. Nov 2nd is too far off. :'(

    • Sep. 2, 7:06pm

      Are you sure you saw the demo at NYC Best Buys? Can you please tell me which stores(location)?

  61. Sep. 2, 5:33pm

    Watch as he scrolls through the tracks on the arcade mode demo, above Toscana it says SNOW/DIRT…
    you’re welcome.. :)

    • Sep. 2, 5:43pm

      Snow was already confirmed :S

  62. Sep. 2, 5:30pm

    Am i the only one to notice confirmation of SNOW?!

    • Sep. 3, 12:36am

      on toscana right, well, it’s not a confirmation it’s actually saying what catagory, the track is in

    • Sep. 3, 1:14pm

      And it would would be under the catagory of snow why?? because its sunny with no clouds??

  63. Sep. 2, 5:30pm

    Could this be a small hint for a playable demo @ PSN ?

  64. Sep. 2, 5:22pm

    Somebody needs to torrent that STAT!

  65. Sep. 2, 5:19pm
    Massimo78 has been updated with news of the gamescom

    • Sep. 3, 6:12am

      What is That domain doesn’t even exist, just some page full of ads :o)

  66. Sep. 2, 5:17pm

    So, they are going to bring the demo to ALL BestBuy store around the world or just the US?

    • Sep. 2, 6:19pm

      Isn’t BestBuy just in the US? It’s not in the UK.

    • Sep. 2, 6:38pm

      ive just checked and theres a tiny few that are opening or opened in the UK. I thinks theres 4 open, never seen one though

    • Sep. 2, 7:37pm

      I live in Mexico, and we have some here, at least here in Guadalajara there is already one and they are going to open a new one in october

  67. Sep. 2, 5:06pm

    If a demo will ever be available at PSN, that won’t be the same from the Best Buy.

    From the demo at PSN we can expect full damage, skidmarks, great smoke effect, roll over, horn and ability to switch the beams high, low or off.

    I don’t think PD would release a demo on PSN without all the features the game has to offer.

  68. Sep. 2, 4:59pm

    Called the best buy near me (mcallen, tx) and they said they would have it soon :(

  69. Sep. 2, 4:51pm


  70. Sep. 2, 4:41pm

    OK Time to pull a Famine I need lots of money to get to Oregon quick! Since this is a driving game I’ll need one car Fast new SLR will do fine one gas credit card another credit card to pay for food alone the way I like to eat alot and since I’m in Bristol,Tn/Va I’ll need for Jordan to take about a week off to help drive nonstop as I’ll be going through Ky anyway. What you think Jordan! I’ll just keep car at end of trip. Oh yea will be needing extra money to pay for speeding tickets!

    • Sep. 3, 12:56am

      Calm down friend! One of the Best Buys in the Tri-Cites should have it soon and we got three to choose from!

    • Sep. 3, 2:48am

      Haha, LOL

    • Sep. 3, 8:13am


  71. Sep. 2, 4:37pm

    It’s an old build apparently since there aren’t skid marks and the smoke effects aren’t as good as the ones in the Gamescom demo… still pretty cool that they are showing off the demo at BB, hopefully this means the game REALLY is coming in Nov 2nd lol

    • Sep. 2, 4:40pm

      after all rumors, think that this fact is fix. the game will arrive at2d nov.

  72. Sep. 2, 4:34pm

    Nice, hopefully we get this once on psn, but seems to be an older built than gamescom, cause there are no skidmarks – or just removed for the demo but i don´t think so

  73. Sep. 2, 4:32pm

    I’m not seeing any skidmarks on this demo (just to make GT fanboys bash that xD)

    Still can’t WAIT to play that game!

    • Sep. 2, 6:28pm

      this demo isn’t even close to what the real game is going to be

    • Sep. 3, 12:25am

      This must be veery old, just look at the pixelated shadows at 00:32 and the jaggies at 01:32.

  74. Sep. 2, 4:25pm

    Those debris effect looks awesome!

  75. Sep. 2, 4:21pm

    Lol, nice Jeramy. I love your voice, sounds like Peter Griffin :)

    • Sep. 3, 8:56am


  76. Sep. 2, 4:20pm

    NICE!!!! Hope they get out to other stores quickly…

  77. Sep. 2, 4:20pm

    You guys can see my impressions of this demo in the general news section in the forums. I just got back from playing for about an hour.

    • Sep. 2, 5:26pm

      1) Yeah, maybe they should really remove spectators from the tracks, as they look bad and don’t add much to the experience.

      2) Remember to consider the bad sound on the TV. If you play the game with a Home Theater, it will be much better. But you said something I had never noticed: engine sounds at high revs must be louder. It’s so obvious! XD.

      Thanks for the impressions ;)

      I saw the BB store on Google Maps and that made me want to visit the States so much :( … and not only because of the demo…

  78. Sep. 2, 4:13pm

    Why is the Lamborghini available in only three colors? Where’s Verde Ithaca? Orange?

    Not that I’ll drive it. PD – like everyone else, it seems – has decided to model the glorified automatic. Sigh . . .

  79. Sep. 2, 4:10pm

    GT5 unpacking video on youtube spotted…

    • Sep. 2, 4:27pm

      Ahhh! Nice job! :D

    • Sep. 2, 4:38pm

      Very creative :)

    • Sep. 2, 4:53pm
      Sam__ NY

      How did he do that? I’m honestly baffled as to how they pulled that off. Or am I missing something?

    • Sep. 2, 4:59pm
      Sam__ NY

      I guess I see “how” it might have been done. Still, I was in shock at first.

    • Sep. 2, 5:40pm

      It’s fake, but a really good fake! You can see the old plastation 3 logo on the box thats how I knew it’s fake before he even puts it in the PS3. GT5 will support Move?! Because he put a Move logo!

    • Sep. 2, 7:04pm

      Dude that was funny and epic. But that also made me hope that the white Gemballa Enzo on your monitor will also make an appearance ingame.

    • Sep. 2, 11:47pm

      The white edges on the art gave it away and not having the Japanese CERO gave it away but nice job!
      but still going to share it on Facebook!

    • Sep. 3, 4:13am
      Mr Frappy

      Haha, awesome video – very convincing.

    • Sep. 3, 6:22am

      not bad at all.. :) funny!

  80. Sep. 2, 4:09pm

    Hmmm i wonder how long till we see this on the PlayStation Store ????????? :) :) :)

    • Sep. 2, 4:22pm

      hopefully a month :)

    • Sep. 2, 8:35pm

      If this is a demo on PSN with all these cars and tracks I’M LITERALLY GOING TO SH!T MY PANTS!!!!!!! BOWEL MOVEMENT UNEXPECTED

    • Sep. 3, 4:39am

      i doubt it will because there is a prolouge to fill in for a demo.

  81. Sep. 2, 4:06pm

    I was just near a best buy too =/

  82. Sep. 2, 4:05pm

    Fantastic! I work at Best Buy and I’ll be playing this the wholeee time during my break :D

    • Sep. 2, 8:41pm

      i heard my friend tell me about one here in ottawa, i didn’t believe him but i’ll go check it out tomorrow hopefully its there XD

    • Sep. 2, 9:33pm

      Fantastic, I live in Australia and I get to watch everyone else in the world get demo’s. There’s people in my country too Sony..

    • Sep. 2, 11:59pm

      Woohaaa, that’s only 12000 miles from my home. So I should be there tomorrow at noon

    • Sep. 3, 4:11am

      Its not in the uk either :(

    • Sep. 3, 5:20am

      umm yeah pretty sure the UK had a demo setup already..

    • Sep. 3, 11:28am

      do you see the AWESOME tree shadows on the car after the first corner ? AWESOME , amazing

    • Sep. 3, 6:58pm

      Fantastic man !! I’m very jealous !!!!

    • Sep. 3, 9:33pm

      New York City, Manhattan, 23rd Street 6Ave Bestbuy has the GT5 Demo.

    • Sep. 9, 5:06pm

      Not in Ireland either boohoo..

    • Sep. 9, 5:16pm

      Anyway id rather not play the Demo version before the proper game comes out because i am going to treasure the 3rd of november when it is released in my local Gamestop….. I can picture me walking in and collecting my Signature edition and strutting threw the mall with it in my hand… When asked at the counter would i like a bag i will reply.. no thanks… I want everybody to see what i have just laid my hands on… Arriving home and waiting for the game to load and then WWWhhhAAA…. “ive been waiting for you, come to daddy”

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