Playable GT5 Demo Coming to Best Buy Stores?

UPDATE: This playable demo has since been confirmed. See the new post here for video confirmation and more details.

Before you read any further, keep in mind this rumor – while very promising – has only been mentioned by one person, so proceed with caution. With that said, Oldschool27 of the PlayStation Forums claims to have spotted a playable Gran Turismo 5 demo at a PS3 kiosk inside a Best Buy in Oregon. He’s backed up his story with pictures and information about the “5 tracks” and “15 cars” featured, including Rome, Daytona, Toscana, and Jeff Gordon’s #24 NASCAR.

You can read his thread for yourself, though it was unfortunately closed by the PS Forum moderators due to “flaming” (it’s back open, now!). Others were understandably suspicious, and as of Wednesday night no other Oregon-based forum users were able to find this at their local stores just yet.

Regardless, the pictures are quite convincing, and it should be expected that retailers will receive playable demos of the game at least some time between now and November. Oldschool27, if you’re reading, please contact me or leave a comment below regarding the exact location of the store you visited so that others can go and check it out. Thanks to Ricardo for the tip!

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  1. Geo_212

    I checked my local Best Buy in Summerville, SC, but the PS3 at the kiosk was down for maintenance (in other words, broken). I’ll be checking back next week, for anyone who lives in that area.

  2. carcoll13

    I really hope a demo will hit PSN, but I will be checking the Best Buy in Victoria BC, Canada today.. I don’t expect to find anything but it won’t hurt to be sure!

  3. ChunKie

    Well IMO, a demo would actually kill quite a bit of hype and craze when the full GT5 comes out. It’s a premature release of hype & excitement compared to the real deal when we finally unwrap the game and load the game into the PS3. It’s like finishing a thirty hour famine and then eating a light snack right before heading to a all-you-can-eat buffet.

    Look at all of us right now, we would do anything to get our hands on anything about GT5. I’m checking GTPlanet everyday every hour to see if any new News have come up. That’s how “hungry” I am for GT5, and I presume many of us are like that as well.

    If PD actually quenches our thirst right now by giving us a PSN demo, or a master car list, or the full track list, we wouldn’t be screaming like little girls when the PS3 loads the game and the intro starts rolling. We wouldn’t be like “Holy S**t!!!” when we look at the dealers or the tracks. Simply because the anxiety of not knowing what GT5 offers is gone.

    Alot of the info has already been released, and those stuff already lost the initial hype and has now been put into expectations. For example, the “newly” added Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini brands were jaw-droppers at the time when the info was released. Now? It’s a “Meh…old news.”

    Just imagine the tense wait when you’re installing the 10GB data. The immense feeling that you’ve waited for so many years, grasping for new info year after year and it’s finally all in your hands like you’ve dreamt so many times at night. And I wouldn’t want anything to ruin that feeling. Not even if it’s an chance to play a small portion of it two months early.

    Just my 2 cents.

    1. King Goeres

      You’re so right! I feel exactly the same, checking GTplanet a few times each day, hungering for new videos and/or news.

      However, I dont want a psn demo, because knowing myself, I would manage to stay away from it for a week or so.. but I would slowly give in, after reading other peoples impressions from the demo, about how awesome it is and other WOW factors..

      But hey, girlfriends.. that’s just me ;-)

  4. Z06onGT5

    Hey guys this is a little off topic but real quick…why aren’t we getting the signature edition here in the US?

  5. Chris

    dammit sony, i got the HD demo, i got the prologue demo, i pre-ordered GT5 prologue, and i pre-ordered the collectors edition of GT5, i think i (and anyone else who have already pre-ordered) deserve to download the latest demos!!

  6. J-UK

    (SORRY about the username change, it annoyingly goes back to mantis for some reason ¬¬) (and REALLY sorry about the triple post :/ lol)

    1. J-UK

      Thats what I was wondering, because there is a best buy in Lakeside (next to Ikea). And that’s not a million miles away from me. Oh and I doubt it will be in Game or HMV, they weren’t even mentioned im afraid ;).

    2. mantis

      Oh wait you meant UK stores in General? Not too sure about that. Although like I said above, there is a Best buy in Lakeside…

  7. Ner0_sol

    hey this would be nice i would pay up to 20$ for something like this.. and o jordon i no this might not be very gt related but can u put up stig identity has been released

    1. HugoStiglitz_420

      what? they released his or their identity? I hope you don’t mean black stig, Michael Schumacher, or Ben Collins. It’s Ayrton Senna right? Like Tu-Pac he didn’t really die?

    2. HugoStiglitz_420

      I looked it up. I already knew it was ben collins before this scandal. I thought there may have been a few guys switching off & I knew Ben was one but I guess it was always him


    @ Stealth

    Its in chula vista by the ffree way
    In the mile of cars
    The one right next to the wal mart

    Idk if my friend is lying
    But im going to check today…

    1. FatLeadFoot

      Jordan, would you please mention Calvin for being the 2nd person to report this to GTP? He’s over at the US forums having a hissy fit for not being the first! LOL

  9. Whatbrown

    Jordan- it is the Clackamas store in Portland, OR. It is Best Buy #452 on SE 82nd Ave. I still plan on going during my lunch break today.

  10. opelgt1969

    You can read his thread for yourself, though it was unfortunately closed by the PS Forum moderators due to “flaming”. Others were understandably suspicious, and as of Wednesday night no other Oregon-based forum users were able to find this at their local stores just yet.

    I read this last night and looked at it again this morning and the thread has been UNLOCKED now. Jordan you’ve been named!

  11. RacingFreak

    Actually I just noticed something….is it me or does the ceiling look different in the closeup pictures compared to the very first picture showing the system case, and television, which actually looks quite a bit smaller than the televisions in the other photos….hmmmm.

    1. RacingFreak

      ….but then again, I still can’t seem to tell as the stickers on the television in the closeup pictures matchup with the stickers of the television in the further away picture…..I can’t tell…guess we’ll find out 100% soon enough.

    2. Paulo

      Ceiling looks different due to the change in lighting in the photo. The first photo has a lot more light flooding in, the closeups are exposed more for the screen.

  12. magburner

    Hahaha! As the screen flashed up, I thought the picture was of an Ikea store (it does look similar at a glance). I then read “Playable GT5 Demo Coming to…” I thought to myself “IKEA!?” then I read the rest… LOL dumbass! :)

  13. Kurenai

    The pictures don’t prove anything, as they are only screens. They could have been taken from anywhere. The shot with the demo screen and the shop, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a playable demo. I see no controllers either. Smells like massive BS imo.

    1. RacingFreak

      Well, in all fairness, you can’t see the controllers because none of the pictures are taken from far enough away to see them. The controllers would technically be placed on a holder just below the system case in the first picture. However, since the picture was taken just above where the controllers sit, you can’t see them.

      But yes, until more evidence is found and confirmed by other people, it is quite hard to believe…though it looks somewhat promising.

  14. Magic Ayrton

    So How long to bring a game to market? ie.. Print to disc and distribute worldwide??

    I mean they have another month to Polish it right?? knowing Kaz, there is always 10 to 15% to finish!!


    1. Spaghettimonste

      i talked to some representatives that were close to sony at gamescom and they told me it takes six weeks to produce the master of the game for sale. that i think doesnt include shipping and the like… so theyve got until mid september.

  15. fade

    Demo’s are usually pretty much final code, so we will maybe get to see what the game is actually going to be like, no more excuses about unfinished code and things still being worked on. (btw I think the game looks great, i’m more concerned about the online content).

  16. DemonBlade

    I got way too excited when I saw the words ‘playable demo’. A demo on PSN would fill the void nicely until November 03rd rolls around!

    1. Mr Frappy

      Even if a demo hit PSN, I wouldn’t bother with it now. I know enough already without needing to play yet another version/demo of the game after GTHD, Prologue and the TT Demo. For me, the only other time I’ll experience the game is in the full version.

    2. R35-Vspec

      A demo? I don’t think they can upload it all over to PSN unless it has one track and 2 cars like the TT but meh why do you need a demo for GT5? This is not a new game to us just buy it straightly man!

    3. HugoStiglitz_420

      @R35 I totally get what you’re saying & I agree but not everyone got to play the TT demo. I have it but it expired with the competition. Nothing would make alot of people happier (besides getting laid or if GT5 was all of sudden done) than if we had a demo on PSN. It could be just nordschlife with a SLS AMG or 458 or something & some Karting for the newbies ( & us). I would play it non stop. I preordered it but it would be like a gift to the GT addicts & a great demo for those unsure.

  17. André Ferreira

    Ahhhhhh… Don’t you just love rumors?!? :-) Everyone get’s so excited and the jokers responsible for it, just stay quiet enjoying their moment! It’s a great way to have some fun for a while. Still I do believe (hope) that this demo could hit PSN any time soon…


    They have one here in San Diego, CA my friend just got back tonight from Best Buy
    He played it for an hour standing
    Being self fish

    Im going tommmorrow


    1. Stealth

      Please please please tell me which store in SD? I’m only 3 minutes away from best buy and im in San Diego. Hopefully its the one close to where i live.

  19. George

    Maybe it will not be released in psn, if stores pay sony for the demo, hoping an increase in client traffic in their shop, psn release will boycote their action… If the rumor is true anyway… Looks like the final built has yet to come and PD team will work until the last minite to perfect the game, so lets just wait till November…

    All of as students lets study hard now, cause i’m not opening a book in Christmas holiday!

  20. NBH

    Surely they have to put a demo on PSN at some point? It’s a massive way of letting people try games and most other big games do it and GT5 is basically made by Sony so I don’t see what reason they would have for not putting it up for download.

    The pics certainly look real but it seems strange for it to be a one off demo in the whole world. Maybe other retailers have it but aren’t meant to have it running yet?


      It’s true. Others have been to this store and played the demo for themselves.I think that this store jumped the gun and put this out too early.

    1. Drogahnus

      Doubt it. The reason they have it in stores is so that people just might buy something on their way out, or pre-order GT5.

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