Driveclub VR

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Driveclub VR Now Available; Shown in Latest PSVR Ad

PlayStation VR, Sony’s foray into the maturing VR market is now available worldwide. DriveClub is one of the many titles supporting the peripheral, and after its mysterious absence from the earlier launch trailer, it can now be seen in the latest advertisement above.

Driveclub VR to Feature in Launch Day Playstation VR Demo Disc

When a new piece of tech releases, consumers often need a proof of concept to prove that the device is worthwhile. In recent times, the best way to do this has been via digital downloads and tech demos, more often than not showing what the device could be capable of but not quite representative of the experiences you’ll have.

Driveclub VR is “More Instinctive” in First Gameplay Video

Sony finally stopped the mystery act about Driveclub VR earlier this week when it had its official reveal on the Sony blog. The game will arrive in players’ hands before the end of 2016, with new modes and features. Naturally the new driving experience will be one of the main draws, and a new video from PlayStation Access shows off just that.