Driveclub VR Officially Announced, Releasing Later This Year


The DRIVECLUB VR saga is finally over. This morning at Gamescom, Sony confirmed the existence of the game and that PSVR players can expect to pick it up before the end of 2016 in a blog-post on the official Playstation EU blog.

However, as many speculated – the game will be an adapted version of the original and not simply an upgrade to the existing title.

DCVR will include some new tracks and new modes to keep the game fresh for those who may have already jumped in when it launched on PS4 two years ago. The title is set to feature over 80 vehicles and a selection of old and new tracks to race on.

From screenshots so far, we can see that Scotland, Norway, India and Japan will all feature. Paul ‘Rushy’ Rustchynsky confirmed on Twitter that there will also be 5 new urban locations to experience, A list of the new content to expect was posted on the PS Blog:

  • Game modes: Online virtual reality multiplayer race modes and an action-packed single player career are joined by drifting and time trial challenges
  • Tracks: New and classic Driveclub tracks are brought to life through the power of PlayStation VR, including five all-new Urban locations
  • A closer look: Every car is recreated with immaculate detail for players to explore up close with Inspection Mode
  • Cruise control: A little time to kick back, open the throttle or just coast and explore any track, in any country at your leisure in Cruise Mode.
  • Virtual passenger: An immersive thrill ride through exciting replays of hot laps as players watch themselves handle their greatest challenges from a unique viewpoint in Passenger Mode

Rustchynsky also revealed to GTPlanet via Twitter that this title was developed by the same team who made the original DRIVECLUB, formally known as Evolution Studios. So, expect the same level of quality and polish when the game comes to Virtual Reality.


It is not yet clear whether dynamic time or weather will feature, but from official screenshots we can see that there is at least time-of-day settings to fiddle around with.

Additions like the inspection and passenger modes will definitely add to the eye-candy aspect of the game whilst taking advantage of the Playstation VR.

One aspect to take note of, is that this seems like a standalone title rather than an upgrade available to existing DRIVECLUB owners – those wanting to experience VR in the game will need to purchase the VR edition separately. DRIVECLUB VR will release in 2016 with an exact release date to be confirmed.


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Comments (20)

  1. Robin.

    If they have actually removed some other content or functionality to make concessions for the VR to work well then that will be lame. I wonder if the graphics or framerate have also taken a hit and also wonder if there will be a Neo mode.

    1. MeanElf

      Nothing removed according to the other news item – I’m curious as to why you’d think that frame rate would drop from its DC norm of locked 30fps – it’s generally accepted that VR requires 120fps…

    2. SZRT Ice

      Scenery has taken an acceptable hit to my understanding. As well as the player count (from 12 to 8 player). No weather either. But it’s apparently the best VR racing experience there is according to some reviews.

  2. ExoticMachines

    Really hoping they will continue to produce a new Driveclub game in the near future. Driveclub got fantastic cars and graphics and fun to play. They can not quit now!

    1. SZRT Ice

      Sony owns the i.p. and Evolution is now with Codemasters. So, yeah… You’re better off hoping for an even better masterpiece for Evo’s next game, than continued DC development. But who knows…

  3. AudiMan2011

    Whilst I’m glad that Driveclub isn’t dead, I still wouldn’t buy PSVR just for this game. I’m holding out a bit of hope that the new tracks will come to the base game too.

  4. Aussie_HSV

    Sounds pretty cool to me.

    Online races where everyone is VR.
    Cruise control, virtual passenger, new tracks, and lots of eye candy.

    Thought DC was locked 30fps?
    I guess that’s not the case for this game version. :)

    I’ve pre-ordered PSVR.
    New game purchase to be able to use the equipment doesn’t worry me.

    So count me in.

  5. queleuleu

    You don’t push two racing games at the same time as a publisher. At this point, I don’t expect VR for GTSport release. Or something like VR mode mainly for PS4 Neo.

  6. Zebaldus

    It looks like you have to get this game to drive whith PS4VR…. No pCARS, Asseto Corsa and GT SPORT support as far as I know. =(

    1. SZRT Ice

      GT Sport will support VR. PCARS added VR support for PC via update, so we’ll see (same for DiRT).

      Sony is obviously trying to recoup losses by re-selling DriveClub rather than making it an expansion/update. What’s worse is that the base game isn’t getting the new courses, and any previously purchased DLC will be unavailable in the VR version. And DriveClub Bikes would have been SICK in VR!

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