Driveclub VR is “More Instinctive” in First Gameplay Video

Driveclub 17 August 19, 2016 by

Sony finally stopped the mystery act about Driveclub VR earlier this week when it had its official reveal on the Sony blog. The game will arrive in players’ hands before the end of 2016, with new modes and features. Naturally the new driving experience will be one of the main draws, and a new video from PlayStation Access shows off just that.

The primary takeaway from the video is how much more instinctive driving in VR seems to be. Access producer David Jackson talks about how apprehensive he was at first, worrying he’d not be any good. The concern quickly melts away, as he finds himself naturally checking side mirrors after executing passes. Threading a Ferrari FF through the city streets, he compares the experience to not just playing a game, but simply driving:

“I’ve never been this good at a driving game before, and it’s just because… everything is how your brain knows it is. The distance, I can see the distances with my own eyes. I know when I need to turn, and how much.”

Of course, Driveclub isn’t a hardcore title in terms of physics simulation, but the video highlights one of the major selling points of VR. Driving in the real world is a relatively easy thing to do, and VR offers more visual and aural cues to ‘trick’ players into thinking that’s what they’re doing. While the all-important g-forces are still absent, VR adds another layer of believability to the genre. For those of us that can use the headset without motion sickness setting in, it’s an exciting (if pricey) prospect.

Driveclub VR arrives on the PS4 during the Holiday 2016 season.

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