Driveclub Servers to Shut Down in March 2020

Sony has announced that it will be discontinuing support for Driveclub, bringing an end to the game’s online life.

It will close down the online servers for Driveclub, Driveclub VR and Driveclub Bikes at 22.59 UTC on March 31, 2020. This will remove all online functionality from the game, including creating your own events, representing your club online, competing in leaderboards or using your season pass online.

The game’s single player offline modes will continue untouched. Players can still earn Driveclub PSN Trophies and play all games and DLC single player content. You’ll still be able to use your season pass in single player and offline modes.

Ahead of the server shutdown, Sony will also stop listing the game in the PSN Store. As of 22.59 UTC on August 31 this year, you won’t be able to buy Driveclub, Driveclub Bikes, Driveclub VR, or any DLC or season passes.

This is likely to disappoint a lot of people. Driveclub is the most popular PS4 racing game title of all, racking up an estimated 10.5 million players across its life. It’s a fairly inevitable move though, given that Sony closed down Evolution Studios, the developer behind Driveclub, three years back — although that didn’t stop it from releasing as a Playstation VR launch title six months later.

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