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Fanatec Announces CSL Elite Wheel Base V1.1 for Xbox One and PC

With E3 2019 right around the corner, Fanatec has announced its latest offering. If the CSL Elite Wheel base looks and sounds familiar, it should. In 2017, Fanatec released the dedicated CSL Elite Wheel for the PS4. One year later, the German brand returned with the standalone CSL Elite Wheel Base +, also for the PS4.

Celebrate GT Sport’s Latest Update With a Sale on the Fanatec CSL Elite

Amongst the many goodies included in the latest GT Sport update, one was especially welcome for sim enthusiasts. Fanatec’s fantastic CSL Elite wheel is now officially supported by the title. It’s a big deal for those who own the wheel and now potential buyers have an even stronger case to pick one up. Fanatec is going one step further too, with a special Easter deal this week for the peripheral.

Fanatec’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017 Deals

Sim-racing accessory manufacturer Fanatec has revealed (most) of its of Black Friday reductions: four peripherals will be on sale this weekend, starting Friday, November 24, including a secret sale that has yet to be announced.

Fanatec CSL Elite for PlayStation 4 Review

Earlier this year, Fanatec unveiled its latest product, the CSL Elite. No, not the one we reviewed last year — a new model, featuring official support for the most popular console this generation, the PlayStation 4.

Fanatec Gets in on Black Friday Deals: Up to 48% Off, Today Only

Black Friday has only just begun, but we’ve been keeping track of the deals since last week. One area that seems to be lacking — especially compared to last year — is sim racing hardware like wheels and seats. Fanatec has stepped up to offer a discount on a small selection of its wares, and depending on region, it could save keen racers almost 50% compared to retail.

Fanatec CSL Elite Bundle Review: The XB1 Mid-Range Wheel of Choice

Video games, at least in the beginning, are a fairly inexpensive hobby. Sure, a console will set you back a few bills, and games cost substantially more than a physical copy of a movie (I hear some people still buy those). But on a cost-per-hour basis, gaming has its advantages.