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Time Extend Episode #26 – Starting Grid

GRID 113 Sep 19 by Adam Ismail

It’s hard to imagine we’ve gone more than five years without a new GRID. Once among the elite racing franchises out there, many fans expected Codemasters’ circuit-based series to continue… Read More »

Time Extend Podcast #25 – The Best of Gran Turismo with Jordan, Kyle and Andrew!

My, how time flies. A little over two years ago, the GTPlanet editorial staff and extended family pooled their heads together and ranked their favorite games in the series. It… Read More »

Time Extend Podcast #24 – Free Practice

The summer months are perfect for kicking back, imbibing in a cold, refreshing drink of your choosing, and simply enjoying the company and conversation of your friends and family. At… Read More »

Time Extend Podcast #23 – Wipeout Vol. 2

Ranking entries in a beloved series that means so many things to so many people is inevitably going to ruffle some feathers. There’s no way to avoid it. Egos will… Read More »

Time Extend Podcast #22 – Wipeout Vol. 1

Any discussion of the golden era of ’90s early-polygonal racing games is incomplete without Wipeout. Between its trendy electronic soundtrack, savvy visual direction courtesy of legendary U.K. studio The Designers… Read More »

Time Extend Episode #21 – Podcast Competizione

With Assetto Corsa Competizione finally out, and GTPlanet’s verdict now live, there’s no better time to highlight the latest episode of Time Extend. Last week, Brendan Rorrison and I dove… Read More »

Time Extend Podcast #20 – Super Sonic Racing

Time Extend enjoys all kinds of racing games. If you’ve listened before, you likely know by this point we love our old-school arcade coin guzzlers, but we have a soft… Read More »

Time Extend Podcast #19 – Unreleased Racers

This week’s Time Extend kicks off with a chat about a game Brendan and I are very excited for — the Switch release of Sega’s arcade classic Virtua Racing. It’s… Read More »

Time Extend Podcast #18 – An Evening with Rushy

Late last year, it was reported that Driveclub was the most-played PlayStation 4 racer, sitting pretty at 10.5 million players. For comparison’s sake, GT Sport topped 6.6 million players at that… Read More »

Time Extend Podcast #17 – Fantastic Planet with Jordan Greer

Later this year, Gran Turismo 2 will mark its 20th anniversary. And with it comes another reason to reflect, because it was Gran Turismo 2 that inspired the very site… Read More »