Tame One Fair Lady with the Latest Project CARS 2 Community Event

Americans celebrated Memorial Day this past weekend. In return, the latest Project CARS 2 Community Event focuses on the premier sports car series of the ’90s — and the car that utterly dominated it.

Nissan’s 300ZX was a force to be reckoned with in IMSA in the early ’90s. Blessed with a winning lineage and the gifted wheelmen Steve Millen and Johnny O’Connell, the 1994 Nissan team took six class wins, split evenly between the start and end of the season. It was all the more impressive when one considers Millen almost didn’t race at all, after a massive accident the year before nearly put an end to his career.

Players will find themselves on a track the Cunningham Racing team never had to worry about back then. Long Beach is the location this week, one of America’s greatest street circuits. It’s a tight circuit, which should make threading the 780hp Fairlady through its corners that much more difficult.

Despite that power output, the Z isn’t actually a complete terror to drive. Yes, you’ll want to be careful when those turbos light up, but the massive grip and long gears both go a long way to keeping the car pointed in the right direction.

As always, tuning is open, letting you find your ideal setup. Speaking of ideal, the weather forecast is clear too, which should boost confidence. If you’re aiming for the top, the best times are just sliding into the 1:04s right now.

The challenge will run until June 04. Full details are available below:

300ZX GT Challenge

  • Track: Long Beach Street Circuit
  • Cars: 1994 Nissan 300ZX Turbo IMSA GTS
  • Weather: Clear
  • Class: GTO
  • Minimum Grade: U100
  • Fixed Setup: No

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