Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown May Have Slipped to 2024

Fans hoping to get hold of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown later this year might have a slightly longer wait on their hands as publisher Nacon looks to have set the title back to early 2024.

The information is contained in a set of annual “universal registration document” for Nacon, filed at the end of June. This comprises the company’s financial reports up to the end of FY22, in March 2023, as well as other legally required information such as the composition of the board of directors, corporate structure, shareholders and voting rights.

As part of this very dense report, running to 318 pages, Nacon has published a list of its investments and product portfolio — with 53 titles in development — including a product line-up for 2023/24 on page 80. Naturally TDUSC appears on there, but not where we were expecting:

Original image via Nacon DEU filing

This clearly shows that Nacon’s current plans involve the title launching some time in Q1 2024, in February or March, rather than 2023. Curiously though, the document shows PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions despite those being confirmed as abandoned.

It’ll be the second time the game has slipped since first announced back in 2020. Nacon originally planned to have TDUSC out in 2022, but nine months on from that announcement the target became 2023.

KT Racing, the developer behind the title, has been publishing monthly “Solar Club Letter” diaries throughout the early part of this year, keeping fans informed on aspects of the game. However there was no entry for June, leaving players to speculate if TDUSC would land on time.

As things stand, there’s been no official launch date announced, but it looks like the 12-year wait for a third entry in the series just got longer. Again.

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