Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Will Launch in 2022, Set in Hong Kong

Nacon and KT Racing have revealed more details about Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown during the Nacon Connect live event.

First and foremost is the game’s location, which will see the Test Drive series head to the Far East for the first time. Solar Crown will take place in Hong Kong, and specifically Hong Kong Island rather than the wider territory.

That’s a smaller map than we’ve seen in previous TDU titles, with Hong Kong Island coming in at just over 30 square miles — compared to Ibiza (220sqmi) and Oahu (600sqmi) which hosted TDU2 and the original game — but with the 1:1 recreation of the island, the map will be roughly the size of Forza Horizon 4’s.

The island packs plenty in though, with most of Hong Kong’s most famous sights on that side of Kowloon Bay, and it’s the most densely populated area of Hong Kong. Along with urban driving, players will be able to explore the greener areas of the island, to the south and east.

That will all play into the storyline of TDUSC. Players will be based at the Solar Hotel, a huge, fictional building set in Hong Kong’s Victoria Park. From there they will engage in races and other driving missions like transport and escort, as they look to rise up the ranks — and up the floors of the Solar Hotel — of their chosen clan.

You’ll be able to pick from two clans, with the elegant and sophisticated “Sharps” and the loud and proud “Streets” competing for reputation. The two groups are marked out by their choices of clothing and vehicles, although it’s unclear right now if your clan choice limits your garage options.

Either way, the car list looks appropriately expensive. The official website mentions Apollo, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Bugatti, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche, and Range Rover specifically, and notes many other brands too.

There’s plenty of information yet to come, but there’s also still a way to go until TDUSC reaches shelves and digital stores. The official launch date is September 22, 2022, and it will be available across PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series, and Nintendo Switch.

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Comments (26)

  1. Rue

    Well, this is a turn up for the books! A racing game based in the city where I live is pretty exciting. Hopefully it’s a bit more geographically accurate than Sleeping Dogs. Bring it on!

  2. Krakenous

    Pass. If it’s just gonna be boring premium cars I simply just don’t care. Funny people saying it’ll give FH a run for it’s money erm lol it’s 14 months away and FH5 is out in 4 months ish. Plus, the track record of these devs is questionable at best.

  3. Pajaaa18

    I am glad that an Asian location from China was chosen, including the content of the game. But there’s one big part of the game called “Unlimited Missing”. I understand that compared to TDU the map offers much more buildings and details, but TDU had 1500km2, this map only 80km2, you have 17 times less. GTA 5 has an even larger area and a very long time has passed since the release of TDU 2, so it was expected that something big and if not so big, so decent, but really only 80km2 would come to the game called Unlimited, where should there be enough movement? Why, for example, didn’t they do the other half of the city so that the size of the map wouldn’t be so ridiculously small when the next part is released after 11 years?

    1. MadaraxUchiha

      Because they’ll release Kowloon as a DLC area so people have something to pay for. If they had Kowloon already included in the game, what other areas could they possibly release as DLC? Other than more cars as DLC, I can definitely see them making Kowloon a DLC expansion area.

  4. SportCoaster

    Hong Kong? You mean the extension to the communist dictatorship after the approval of the National Security Bill? Just no, I’ll wait until all official Online Services & Servers shut down, then I’ll buy this used.

    1. matrix_gt1

      So games where you kill police or can kill innocent people are fine, but a game based in a country where a government is trying to take over… and all the people hate it… no that’s going to far?

    2. matrix_gt1

      I know man, it’s just, there are many lovely people there. Besides apart from using the location I’m sure the game will not be political lol.

  5. crooky369

    Looking forward to this.

    I think as good as they are individually, once you’ve played two or three games from the Forza Horizon series then you’ve seen everything it has to offer.

    Plus all the PlayStation owners finally have what looks like a decent open world driving game to play again.


    Well, finally, a new open-world racing game :)
    Although it’s just CGI at this point, the trailer looks awesome and promising, unlike forza, that has like 0 improvements or new elements. It was lazy and lame, and horizon 5 just shows how little they care. But I think the only reason for it is that they didn’t have any competition up untill this point. Knowing older games and their obsession with details, I hope the new TD will give Forza a nice kick in the butt :)

    But I see one little issue – in the end it says that the game is supposed to be released on almost every platform ever, even on a calculator like Switch, which is worrying in terms of Graphics and Detail. But at the same time it’s absolutely reasonable, they have to make a ton of money to keep rolling, unlike well-established Forza. So we can hope for good gameplay and innovative features :)

    No hard feelings, I’m not a fanboy, I’m just bored of the same old games and assets over and over again…

    1. nsyxavier

      Kai Tak is on Kowloon but the game is only set in Hong Kong Island so it wont be able to drive there?
      Beside, Hong Kong Island do not have such huge containers terminal shows in the trailer.

    2. Ryan81

      Glad there’s a new Test Drive game coming. Bit disappointing the map is so small in comparison to Oahu and Ibiza but it is what it is …

    1. adam thompson

      I didn’t want a mmo test drive, so it’s the same as the crew. All I was hoping for was a single player tdu 1 and 2 like we have now. So I assume it’s always online, players following you and running you off the road when doing your own thing check!!!, a Xbox live gold subscription needed too, which I don’t have as I don’t play multiplayer games. Really disappointed as I was so hyped and looking forward to another test drive, I have the crew I hate it don’t play it much.

  7. MadaraxUchiha

    I’ll buy it due to the fact that it’s set in Hong Kong, such an amazing and dynamic city. Now if only the next Forza Horizon game after 5 will go somewhere in Asia, preferably Tokyo. I used to live in Tokyo in Kitashinjuku and I miss it terribly :(

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