TGS Interviews: Yamauchi Talks Standard Cars, Damage, GT6 & More

September 21st, 2010 by Jordan Greer

The first batch of Kazunori Yamauchi interviews are finally getting published from last week’s Tokyo Game Show 2010! Here’s a translated transcript of GameBlog’s video interview above, kindly provided by our own RoadRunner99:

[GameBlog Fr] What are the reasons you are made to postpone the date of Gran Turismo 5 release many times?
[KY] For the West, we never announce a date. So the things have followed their course as it was scheduled. And of course, is always the same thing: I always want to continue working on it, but people around me stop me! It must stop at some point or another.

[GameBlog Fr] Are you really satisfied now? or you still want to do more?
[KY] I always want to do more, of course.

[GameBlog Fr] You mentioned the concept of premium cars. can you tell us more?
[KY] Standard cars are actually cars from previous games in the series. We had less work to convert them to the PS3. They were included to provide a greater variety in the cars. Premium cars however, are like a glimpse of the future of the GT series. Moreover, and we have mentioned before, we may have gone too far into detail on PS3. What we have done is perhaps more appropriate for a future console.

[GameBlog Fr] Does that mean that only premium cars will have a damage management ?
[KY] The damage will affect the two types of cars but they “express themselves” differently depending on the type of vehicle. The premium models have a damage model much richer. But all will damage.

[GameBlog Fr]
You have presented a new mode, the “special events”. Those will they take the form of appointment on the internet?
[KY] Yes, it’s that!

[GameBlog Fr] Such as to compete against Sebastien Loeb?
[KY]Yes, quite

[GameBlog Fr] How much physics has been reworked in relation to GT5 prologue?
[KY] Characteristics and movements of tires, and suspension have been changed profoundly since the prologue. One could say that this is totally different.

[GameBlog Fr] after a well deserved holiday, do you leave immediately on GT6, or do you have other projects in his head?
[KY] I actually enjoy working. So I do not tend to want to take a Holiday. And of course there are still many things I can do for Gran Turismo. This will probably lead me to begin the development of GT6. Whatever happens I can assure you that waiting for GT6 will not be as long as that of Gran Turismo 5.

Peter Lyon – who was one of Yamauchi’s teammates when he competed in the Nurburgring 24 Hours race this year – has also put together an interesting interview as Yamauchi discusses GT‘s relevance to real world racing. It’s a great read, and you can find the full article at MotorTrend. Here’s a brief excerpt:

“It was only when I launched the IS F over the Nurburgring’s numerous jumping spots (in the real race) that I realized the landing areas were not all flat, as I originally thought in the game,” [Yamauchi] says. “Some landing patches are sloped to the left, some to the right. This is just one of the many challenges of the track, and amendments I will make to the game. As I pushed the car around the 15.5-mile track, I also realized that some details were different. Some trees which drivers use for cornering or braking markers were not quite in the right place, while some small buildings need to be adjusted too.”

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  1. Sep. 22, 3:07pm

    Hey any idea if we will be able to listen to our own tunes while racing?

  2. Sep. 22, 2:59pm

    GT5 will not be the king of racing games. Why? Because there’s no such thing you idiot.

    Mr Frappy has to be a girl. He HAS to be. I refuse to believe that any male would whinge and whine that much. You behave like a little sulking girl.

  3. Sep. 22, 2:41pm

    as long as there is an audi r8 with interior view I am happy. like who seriously is going to collect all the cars in this game? its sad how people say there are better racing sims, yet cant even name one. (that is as good looking as gt5 ,almost lagless & realistic)

  4. Sep. 22, 1:43pm

    Not sure what’s up with the timing of this commenting system?

  5. Sep. 22, 1:41pm

    I hope the physics are similar to the time trial demo – the way the car behaves on track is wonderful, even though its harder.

  6. Sep. 22, 1:11pm

    Hey any idea if we can select our own playlist from music stored on ps3

  7. Sep. 22, 11:21am

    3-2-1 argument

  8. Sep. 22, 11:20am

    Previous comment was to Lone_Racer

  9. Sep. 22, 11:16am

    The fastest production car ever created (although it isn’t anymore because the veyron has been replaced with another veyron) should deffinetly be a premium if a vw camper van is, dont you think?

  10. Sep. 22, 11:09am

    @ Berlino Bear. No one knows if standards and premiums will be mixed together in the gameplay. But I’m sure they are. I mean y not? Just as someone mentioned before there is a “standard” car in prolouge. The GTR Proto. That car looks almost or just as good as premium cars. Just the black tint give them away. To answer on the physics if u played the TT demo at the start of the year you will know the physics are a notch better and also if you live in the U.S. you can try the E3 demo they have at best buy. Its different then prolouge. It feels more realistic.

  11. Sep. 22, 10:59am

    OHh man can this game just come out… im out of cum 8===D

  12. Sep. 22, 9:50am

    “Whatever happens I can assure you that waiting for GT6 will not be as long as that of Gran Turismo 5”

    Didn’t he say the same thing between GT4 and GT5? ;)

    I’m not holding my breath or thinking about GT6 yet. If GT5 lasts me halfway to GT6 release I’ll be a very happy man.

  13. Sep. 22, 7:38am
    Berlino Bear

    Anyway… does anyone know for sure if Standard and Premium cars will be seen on the track at the same time? I don’t think I have seen either way on this.

    • Sep. 22, 11:06am

      Well that would be a hell of a limitation as to how to play the game. I couldn’t possibly imagine that will be the case. PD would get death threats for a long time.

  14. Sep. 22, 7:18am

    Will be MANUAL TRANSMISSION WITH CLUTCH in Gran Turismo 5??? It’s the only thing that matter for me now, after all the gourgeous things that was showed. Can anybody answer that question??

    • Sep. 22, 8:46am

      If you are asking will there be clutch support for GT5 with such wheels as the G25 and G27, then YES is the answer, since GT5 Prologue supported this feature =)

  15. Sep. 22, 6:47am

    The “mysterious 6 page interview” ^^

  16. Sep. 22, 6:19am

    I just pray that the cars in GT5 actually sound like they do in real life!
    Also why the hell doesn’t PD use laser scanning technology for their tracks? It would make them so much better & accurate (i thought they wouldve deffinitely been using it).

    • Sep. 22, 6:53am

      There are a hell of more options to scan the surface (not only laser scan) I think PD will do the best they can in this area.

  17. Sep. 22, 4:37am

    It should’ve been Mikko Hirvonen instead of Loeb :D

    • Sep. 22, 4:55am

      who will have 7 world titles and who has non? Mikko is a fast driver and a nice guy but next year he will not stand a change against Ogier, Latvala, Solberg and Loeb.

  18. Sep. 22, 4:33am

    The only thing that really matters at this point is the fact we will be getting our hands on the game in 5 weeks… How about we reserve our judgements until we can play the game?? m’kay??

  19. Sep. 22, 4:30am

    GT7 on ps4 would be Unbelievable !!!! with only 512 mo of RAM polyphony achieved 16 cars, 720p-1080p, 60fps, dynamic weather cycle, dynamic day/night cycle, damage, great smoke/dust/particle effects…etc etc etc

    with 2 GO (or more) of RAM on ps4 and a graphics card more powerful than the latest geforce/AT cards of taoday (which are at least 10 times fore powerful than the graphics card of ps3)…I cant imagine what polyphony could do !!! Maybe we will get for the first time in history a video game difficult to distinguish from reality(at least in replays)

  20. Sep. 22, 2:47am

    Good news for most of us I presume.

    But the time for us to wait for GT6 will be after GT5’s release. So during that time we will be on GT5 until kaz announces the date for GT6.

    Bring on GT5, november 2, 3 and 4 of 2010.

    Racing game of the year. :)

  21. Sep. 22, 2:15am

    Ok so the detail on the premiums is too much for the PS3 but is it enough for the PS4? Imagine having extra quality on the PS2 then putting that into the PS3, it probably still wouldn’t be good enough.

    You have to admire his desire to make the best racing game, it’s like he’s creating it over time and every now and then releases a game to show his progress so far. It’s a shame that current technology is holding him back, in a few years he could probably make something so life like you would struggle to tell the difference.

  22. Sep. 22, 1:51am

    Seriously, I’ll wait a little bit longer to see PD’s plan for GT6. A sensible game player might be different from those fanboys, a fanboy may buy all those games they want, however, I’m only buying the most favourate and valueble games for myself. In a way, GT1 and GT2, GT3 and GT4, all these stuffs told us that the first version of GT series for the new console should not be totally completed, the next generation usually doing more make up for improvements and approaching a more perfect standard for that console. Look, once you got both GT4 and GT3 on hand, are u still gonna bother with the older one? The GT3 would be more likely a collection that you’ll leave it on the shelf…So if GT6 would still be publishing on PS3, I’d rather wait longer for its release. Emmmm probably another reason is that I’m not that excited with GT5 as most of ppl do here…it’s not the way I mean GT5 is bad, but more about my notion on buying games

  23. Sep. 22, 12:33am

    @Alex p.
    What 6 page interview?

  24. Sep. 22, 12:18am

    I really want to see these “standard” cars. I don’t care if they have a cockpit or not. I’m cool if they don’t.

    I do really want to know HOW good they look. The last time we saw “standard” cars was back in June.

  25. Sep. 21, 9:43pm

    Every odd-numbered game in the series has had a smaller amount of cars as compared to the even-numbered games. Yes, they are serving as a teaser for the next game, which sucks monkey. Yes, the 800+ standard cars are basically fluff. Yes, GT5 has been a long time coming. But damn, man… settle down, Beavis.

    GT5 will still rank as one of the best racers ever released on a console for quite some time to come. I’ll play it to death. You’ll play it to death. The whiniest of the whiny whiners who ever whined will play it to death.

    November cannot come soon enough so everyone can just shut up and drive.

    • Sep. 22, 4:36am
      Mr Frappy

      I don’t doubt that it will be a solid racing game, but the foundations upon which it is built are too rocky for it to be crowned king. Two different classes of car, different damage levels, not all tracks support weather etc. It’s too fragmented and inconsistent, regardless of how well it actually plays.

    • Sep. 22, 4:40am

      Obvious troll is obvious

    • Sep. 22, 5:00am

      That’s all just superficial non-sense. GT5 will be crowned king because realistically… who is there to compete? Forza can throw pebbles at the throne all they want, but the fact remains the actual racing in FM3 isn’t all that great, and GT5’s physics, graphics & features are WAY above and beyond anything that Turn 10 have done, and beyond what the 360 is physically capable of. ALL they have is a livery editor, and lets be honest… Its a racing game, the only thing that matters is the RACING.

    • Sep. 22, 7:37am
      Berlino Bear

      Not sure how you can comment on the Physics when the game isn’t even out yet.

    • Sep. 22, 12:03pm

      Many people have played the demo at Best Buy stores, and it’s blindingly obvious that the physics will far exceed anything that’s been done before on a console, even having not played the game.

    • Sep. 22, 8:51am

      Yes, but ALL games have inconsistencies, missing features and whatever else you can think of. GT5 is going to offer us something that no other console game can provide, albeit not 100% to our satisfaction. This game will own, I am certain of that, and anybody who ever enjoyed playing any other GT game in its franchise history, will love this game all the same.

    • Sep. 22, 10:37am

      Yeah, it seems as if it were “incomplete” dosen’t it?

    • Sep. 22, 10:39am

      Meant to reply to mr. frappy up there.

    • Sep. 22, 12:22pm
      Mr Frappy

      You failed then

    • Sep. 22, 11:19am

      Yes, Mr Frappy, you’re right. I mean why even bother. This thing is way too iffy to be crowned king. I think we should all go home and say forget it, GT5’s not worth it.

    • Sep. 22, 5:12am

      well said. I think it’s best that people appreciate that theyre getting 200 stunning cars, the likes of which gaming has never seen.

    • Sep. 22, 1:29pm

      It doesn’t take much to imagine some of the most vocal of the negative folks clenching their fists and stomping about their room while holding their breath until their faces turn blue.

      A man much wiser than myself had said that you can please some people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all of the time. Another would ask them if they could smell what he was cooking before elbowing them in the face.

  26. Sep. 21, 9:09pm

    With regards to GT5’s release, is there any MORE info going to be revealed seeing that this was the last major conference before release? I know all hasn’t been revealed, but is this similar to whfst happened with the earlier GT games? I suspect or hope KY has some more surprises in store for us as its still a while until November! On a different note, even though I don’t use this website much I find that the commenters are quite respectful to each other – ive not seen much abuse being hurled at each other – I say keep it up like the true Japanese spirit of respect.

  27. Sep. 21, 8:23pm
    Alex p.

    Agree, besides there was a 6 page interview already, which was also a lot better, why has this not been posted-no sense in there.

  28. Sep. 21, 8:23pm

    @ Erik: my name is Erick. Well, umm, okay…

    Back to GT5. I like it, they should make a special PS3/GT5 bundle with the GT colors & the GT logo. I won’t buy it anyways because I have a PS3, but just saying.

    • Sep. 22, 10:53am

      Ya I think they should have done something special with a console bundle. In Japan they’re releasing GT5/PS3 bundle with a blue console, but apparently no GT logo or special markings otherwise. Too bad, I would have imported it as I’m looking to get 3 PS3’s anyway, to run a triple monitor setup (once confirmed).

  29. Sep. 21, 8:15pm

    I just want my GT5 copy NOW!!! LOL. Kaz has done an amazing job, something you (people complaining alot) can’t do, damn. If you want every car premium make the game yourself!

    Keep it up Kaz. Still waiting, alot…I’M DESPERATE, GIVE IT NOW, LOL.

  30. Sep. 21, 7:44pm

    Mr. Yamauchi isn’t lieing about the physics. I tryed the gt5 demo at best buy and the game blew me away. The feeling of the car is so much more real. Its like u can almost feel the tires gripping the pavement and I like the movement of the camera in cockpit view. I tested the 458 italia at the tokyo track.

  31. Sep. 21, 6:29pm

    [GameBlog Fr] You have presented a new mode, the “special events”. Those will they take the form of appointment on the internet?
    [KY] Yes, it’s that!

    [GameBlog Fr] Such as to compete against Sebastien Loeb?
    [KY]Yes, quite

    Does anyone undertsand what he’s saying here? Are these real time online competitions/leaderboards trying to beat the nreal drivers lap time ala Ferrari Virtual Acedemy? If so thats cool.

    • Sep. 21, 7:16pm

      It sounds like that to me.

  32. Sep. 21, 6:26pm

    People making a big deal outta the whole premium car thing.. I don’t like the cockpit view when I’m racing so to me there’s 950+ cars or whatever is it.. Then to others there are only 200ish.. So it depends how ya look at it. It’s gonna be an epic game.

    • Sep. 22, 1:09am

      Same here.I’m fine with standard-cars. The only thing that bothers me a bit: I didn’t expect tinted windows in a 2010 PS3 game, I wanted to see “something” inside the cars, even if you can’t switch to cockpit-view

  33. Sep. 21, 6:14pm

    The motortrend interview of Yamauchi discussing GT’s relevance to real world racing is AWESOME. Some people said these events were mearly publicity stunts and a waste of PD’s time and resources, but I’m convinced that Yamauchi’s first-hand-racing experiences will only help him to improve the realism of the GT series and raise the bar once again.

    Talk about a driven man. He won’t even take a break. This is why I love Gran Turismo..

  34. Sep. 21, 6:05pm

    This means that GT5 is the last of the GT series to be for PS3… and if we don’t have to wait for GT6 as long, and GT6 can only be played on a Sony console, means that PS4 and GT6 will be here in 2-3 years.

    • Sep. 21, 6:13pm
      Big Ron

      till yet, every console had two full GT-titels (Prologues excluded). And Sony prefers a ten year cyclus of their PS3-console. So the chance is not bad to get GT6 on PS3.

    • Sep. 21, 6:26pm

      I said PS4 since Kaz believes that this amount of detail belongs on next gen console. And it would make sense because of the frame rate drops he talked about. And, this would make sense for sony to market the the PS4 with GT6 together… don’t get me wrong, if the PS3 can handle it, I’d love to have it on PS3… so I don’t have to buy a new console at launch prices.

  35. Sep. 21, 6:03pm

    Of course hes a workaholic. Have you seen PD headquarters? Who wouldnt want to work there. Plus the fact that he gets to see and drive and work on cars none of us will ever see. Plus he gets to play GT whenever he wants, and has perks galore in the automotive world. I wish i was Kaz.

  36. Sep. 21, 5:54pm
    Big Ron

    Oh man, I bet after interviews Kaz comes out and smashes a couple of car windows, because always been ask the same questions.
    Doesn´t the editors think about themself they are too dumb to read the articles, they have written, to see that they ask the same questions in the last interview.

  37. Sep. 21, 5:38pm

    You’re not the only one Lone Racer! But for anyone that’s read the latest edition of Fast Bikes will know (where they tested the Veyron against the new BMW S1000RR Superbike) even the Bugatti official tester Pierre-Henri said…..’it’s no track car-it only took a single demonstration lap at Le Man to melt the Veyron’s brakes’
    Wonder if that will be simulated in GT5 :)

    • Sep. 22, 4:20am

      Thank the maker for “Tuning Shop” and “GT Auto” then. :)

  38. Sep. 21, 5:32pm

    Dang, he’s even going to fix tree and buildings that are used as markers by racers to get them accurate…talk about attention to detail!

  39. Sep. 21, 5:32pm

    GT5 will be nothing less than amazing. Kaz is a perfectionist and he realizes that nothing will be perfect, that is why he says the level of detail that he is trying to get isn’t possible on the PS3. He’ll say the same thing when he’s making GT7 (in hopes that GT6 will be on PS3) on the PS4.

    42 DAYS LEFT!!

  40. Sep. 21, 5:29pm

    um can someone tell me if the bugatti veryon will have a cockpit please i really wanna know because when iam going 253 mph down the Nürburgring i wanna be inside the cockpit

    • Sep. 21, 5:44pm
      the stig

      nobody knows…
      buuuuut I think its gonna be premium,because if its not.. we will it him alive ;)
      now seriously,making hippie van premium and veyron standard gonna be TOO MUCH.

    • Sep. 21, 5:48pm
      the stig

      I mean ‘eat’ not ‘it’)

    • Sep. 21, 5:56pm
      Big Ron

      the stig is right. Making a VW-van from the 60´s premium but a “luxury” Veyron standard is a bit stupid.

    • Sep. 21, 6:56pm

      My bet is that it will be Premium. All cars that are new to the series (PSP excluded) are Premium and although I haven’t played Gran Turismo scince GT2 I’m pretty sure that Bugatti has never been featured before.

      And again, for everyone who hasn’t done their Premium vs. Standard homework: Premium and standard hasn’t got anything to do with the luxury, the performance or the looks of a car. This is what happened: “Once upon a time Kazunori decided to make a game, it would be called GT5. He said ‘I want 200 cars in the game, here is a list of those cars. Make them very detailed’. Then he thought that ‘man, we have had some damn fine cars in the previous GT titles. I wish we could include some of them in the game too’. ‘Oh, but we can!’ said his chief engineering computer geek officer-san (who could also read minds) because I have come up with a cunning plan on how to import models from previous games and give them some touch-up without consuming too much time!’ Kazunori was thrilled and ordered his dedicated team of computer geeks to import 800 cars from previous titles and to give them some touch-up without consuming too much time. And so they did, and that was how Premium and Standard cars came to be. And we will all live happily ever after when the game is released. The end.”

    • Sep. 21, 7:05pm

      @Big Ron

      Hey be quite the one guy here might get offended at what you said! (He might like the VW instead of the Veyron, shhh!)

  41. Sep. 21, 5:24pm

    ‘…cant wait for GT10’. Easy guys, there is GT5 to be released first. lol

    • Sep. 21, 10:02pm
      – SZRT Ice –


  42. Sep. 21, 5:22pm

    Think about it, if he admits the PS3 cant completely handle THIS game, you think he’s going to be happy releasing GT6 on a PS3? No. The only way to one up this is new console, and that I have a strong feeling will take another 5-6 years. Dont let him fool you, GT6 will be no less wait time than GT5. I worry a bit that as my PS3 struggles to run the game itself, hows that going to translate online with 16 cars? I hope they programmed it right, or its going to be a lag fest unless everyone is running a non wireless cable connection, and even that may not be enough. I really worry cause Im running a DSL with wireless router directly below my bedroom. I dont lag on other games, but GT5 worries me. Good point on the laser scanning stuff. So just how do they model a track? eyeballing it? lol. I like that he’s worried about trees and buildings as reference points. Something to watch for, but Im still going to suck at and hate the Nurb. Its just too big. I havnt made the best attempt at trying to memorize it all either, like I should be.

    • Sep. 21, 6:29pm

      didn’t kaz just say that he can assure us all that gt6 won’t take as long as gt5…. -.-

    • Sep. 21, 6:40pm

      Now you are assuming that GT6 will mainly be about improved graphics and detail level. I’m not so sure, there could be many other things he has in mind for the game, like adding more cars and tracks, include F1 and Indy cars, etc. etc. Doesn’t necessarily have to raise the bar in terms of performance requirements.

      I think 16 cars is not that tough for the internet connection. The limit 16 cars has probably got to do with what the graphics engine can handle (scince it’s the same limit when you play on your own), so it shouldn’t give any lag. Not more than your other games.

    • Sep. 21, 7:26pm

      I am guessing GT6 will be more a fleshing out of GT5 than a real next version in the way GT5 was.

      Basically bring the rest of the cars up the premium, maybe touch up the tracks a bit, fill in some more karts and NASCAR and maybe a bit more real Rally. But interms of more I doubt GT6 will push more cars on track at once or fancier effects… the hardware does kind of seem to be maxed so I think what we see is the potential of the PS3 hit and now we move on to broader instead of higher goals.

    • Sep. 22, 4:56am

      I expect GT6 to erase limitations of GT5 like only some cars are premium, rain can appear only on some tracks, time changes can occur only on some tracks + we’ll have more “toys” and “sandboxes” to play with/on. :-)

  43. Sep. 21, 5:07pm

    Sorry kilzonestrife but check out the YouTube video of the Arta NSX on Indy infield track and then tell us car sounds havn’t been improved!

  44. Sep. 21, 5:06pm

    So kaza has been working on that game for 5 years non-stop and then he goes straight into gt6. How does he do it?

    • Sep. 21, 5:28pm

      I think he finally admitted he’s a workaholic. Which, for us actually isn’t bad. But, you’d think he’d need a rest every so often.

    • Sep. 21, 6:24pm

      Well, most of us normal people also goes to work every day. It’s not that hard… Also, if he likes his job it’s probably even easier :P

    • Sep. 21, 7:21pm

      I think he has one of those jobs that he loves doing so much it’s less like having a job and more like being paid for the opportunity to do what you want to do anyway.

  45. Sep. 21, 5:01pm

    KY: “I always want to continue working on it, but people around me stop me!”
    Well, he has great people around him.

  46. Sep. 21, 4:55pm

    the only time most people will notice the differences in modelling quality is perhaps really close up on photo mode, and replays, generally in game play other than lack of interior view your average joe wont care.

    if anything gt5 will reward more hard core players giving them interior views on race/ rally/ nascar/ f1 real time weather and a more robust damage system.

    either way itll be epic.

  47. Sep. 21, 4:55pm

    Just like the rest of you!

    All I have left to say Is enjoy, and see you online


  48. Sep. 21, 4:53pm

    It doesnt matter anymore, cockpits or no cockpits, old sound or new sound, scuffs and scrapes or full deformation. I know one thing that in 44 days or as close as, I’ll be unboxing my signiture edition loading up the disc, installing to the hard drive and getting seattled into my chair, wheel in hand and a grin from ear to ear

  49. Sep. 21, 4:51pm

    You know after all this bitching about standard cars, KY should have told everyone to go F themselves and only ship the game with 200 cars, just like GT3. People still don’t understand how long it takes to create a car with the amount of detail that a premium car has. If that feature is so goddamn important to you, don’t buy GT5, miss out on all the NEW and IMPROVED features that GT5 will offer, and wait for GT6 to come out.

    • Sep. 21, 9:57pm
      – SZRT Ice –

      Awesome reply… 2 thumbs up.

    • Sep. 22, 3:39am


    • Sep. 22, 4:15am


    • Sep. 22, 4:20am

      I don’t even get why this is still an issue…

  50. Sep. 21, 4:44pm

    so many interviews with Kaz and they ask the same stupid questions…

    why didn’t they ask about the method they used to transfer cars from GT4/3 to GT5?? did they just take the cars from other GT games and polished them up or did they remodel the cars from scratch but didn’t put as much detail in them as the premium???

    will there be DLC where standard cars get upgraded to premium???

    what about the depth of tuning? or will there be technical damage to car on endurance races?

    so many interviews are just wasted with the same questions… get over the delays and premium/standard thing already.

    • Sep. 21, 7:06pm
      Mr Frappy

      It has already been said that they remodeled certain aspects of the cars such as wheels, and smoothed out things like wheel arches and around light clusters where they might have been blocky before. On top of that they also used higher resolution textures for the cars. So, while not re-modeled from scratch, they certainly improved them.

      If PD have got any sense, no, DLC will not result in standard cars getting upgraded to premium. If you want that, wait for GT6…

      Some people obviously do not listen. ALL cars can suffer mechanical/technical damage regardless of race length.

      Wow, how hypocritical can you get? You tell people to get over the premium/standard thing, yet there you were, crying over how they handled the transfer and whether or not DLC will result in standard cars getting upgraded to premium. Take some of your own medicine.

    • Sep. 22, 4:13am

      Who says these questions are not asked? Im not saying it is, but if You have 42 questions, room/time to fit only half. What do You do? If several answers seem uninterested or are not answered to in detail, do You pick 21 Q&A that seem to carry any interesting information or do You simply start cutting from the end?

      Also. Even if You are writing for a computer game magazine You have to remember that most readers does not really care about little details such as how the tracks are scanned or cars are modeled or transfered. Its just us, the the hard core connaisseurs who already know just about everything there is to know. And although there are many, many of us, we are not in majority when You take in account the entire gaming community, all platforms and gengres.

      So. If Your not writing for a Gran Turismo exclusive publication, what do You as a gamingjournalist, with an affection for the GT-series, when Your editor gives You one page or three minutes to cover it all?
      Lets not forget You may only get three minutes for an exclusive with the man.
      But Yes. It does seem we see the same questions answered time and time again. The obvious ones. No need for them to over exploit the game before it is released and tested.
      Then again, the obvious is perhaps all the mainstream public needs right now.

      I rather liked the looong GT Planet exclusive interview. Even if every question imaginable did not get an answer, I think that showed Kazunori San do care and keep track of what is said and done by the hard core GT-crowd.

    • Sep. 22, 4:49am

      @Mr Frappy: Could you please give me source of this “they remodeled wheels + smoothed out wheel arches and around light clusters + they also used higher resolution textures” statement? Thanks in advance, I missed it somehow. :-(

    • Sep. 22, 8:56am

      I must say I find the question of possible DLC quite interesting : )
      As far as I know nothing conclusive has been said about it.

      As most racing games have car pack DLC, I wouldn’t be surprised if PD had plans for some DLC for GT5. I just hope it’s not just the stealth cars and chrome line.

    • Sep. 22, 11:09am

      @ilex Kaz was asked about a DLC in a past interview and he got kinda mad about it, so i dont think there will be any DLC regarding new content, However i do think the stealth cars will become available. The Chrome line on the other hand should ONLY be available to the collectors edition. I mean I`m spending an extra $40 pretty much entirely for the chrome line DLC. So how crappy would that be if the DLC became available later for $5-$10? thats like $30-$35 PD should have to give back to me.

      You want the Chrome Line DLC, buy the Collectors Edition!

  51. Sep. 21, 4:43pm


  52. Sep. 21, 4:33pm

    We should now start to prepare for GT7 waiting.

    • Sep. 22, 4:39am

      I’m sorry, but my calendar does not list 2021…

  53. Sep. 21, 4:31pm

    GT5 basically has 200 cars, people need to understand. Imagine if GT3 shipped with a couple hundred GT2 car models but with the pixels smoothed out. It’s like that. GT6 will be the new GT4, with hundreds more premium models (and only premium)

    • Sep. 21, 6:23pm

      naw, it’s going to “basically” have about 250 or more cars in the full release.

    • Sep. 22, 6:49am

      @J-KiLLA24 -dont think so, standard cars will be remodeled for GT6! have to be!

  54. Sep. 21, 4:16pm

    Bring on GT6 WOOHOOO!! can’t wait :D

    Ahum…, ok this interview hasn’t really brought anything new to the table but it’s interesting to know that Kaz thinks they’re going to far into detail with the premium cars, a level even not appropriate for the PS3. Does that mean they’ll dumb down the detail a bit for the cars in GT6 (wich will still be on PS3) ?? I hope not ^^

    • Sep. 21, 8:16pm

      GT5 is already at its limit on PS3, i’m pretty sure GT6 gonna be for the next generation, PS4! Full 3D with 1500-2000 cars :D

    • Sep. 22, 4:37am

      @Belph3gor: I know you’re just kidding, but from the serious point of view, GT6 will be developed for PS3, otherwise we would wait for it another 10 years. ;-)

      I know, I’m boring as average nerd. :-)

    • Sep. 22, 5:59am

      Are you sure its gonna be for ps3? Mabey two discs? We’ll find out, but from what I know its gonna be on PS4.

    • Sep. 22, 8:10am

      @acevt06: Kaz said we shouldn’t wait as long for GT6 as we did for GT5, that means GT6 will arrive at least in 4 years (maybe 2-3) and I don’t expect there to be a PS4 already so…but yea it could be.

    • Sep. 22, 8:22am

      Sony will make sure that GT6 is developed for PS4 so that they can sell millions of consoles at launch. That comment by KY essentially confirms it and I’m sure Sony already have a very good idea of the PS4 processing capabilities that PD can work on already.

    • Sep. 22, 10:58am

      There should be a PS4 within 3 years – that would already make the PS3 7 years old. Would make sense with the whole “10 year life-span” thing considering there would be an overlap between generations.

  55. Sep. 21, 4:07pm

    What?interiors on standards?FACT,there isnt! I think the engine sounds will be the same as GT4,just not compressed.Thats what I hear in the difference between GT4 and the standard car trailer

  56. Sep. 21, 4:06pm

    Lol It’s a bit crazy that they start GT6 right away. That’s passion right there. I still want standard cockpit views though lol, I don’t care If the cappachino is the standard cockpit I would still use that…but If they are searching the internet for suggestions this late on in devolpment then listein! They should make the driving force GT-style cockpit view for standard cars! With GT logo’s and the liek all around the cockpit. What do you guys think? I’d love that..

    • Sep. 21, 4:10pm

      i think thats stupid

    • Sep. 21, 5:33pm

      @ Liam that is an awesome idea!!!

    • Sep. 21, 6:19pm

      Well, maybe the GT-style cockpit could work, but I think they would face some serious licensing issues if they used the Cappuchino cockpit in all standard cars…

      And from my point of view I think the whole idea of cockpit view is that it is somewhat accurate to the real world car. Having a Cappuchino cockpit in a Toyota GT-One would just be awkward. And about blackframes, I think that would just look bad, and my years playing in an amateur orchestra has taught me that “if it ain’t gonna sound good, it’s better to not play” because what the audience can’t hear won’t disturb them.

    • Sep. 22, 12:49am

      I’m not too surprised PD starts seveloping GT6 right away. Developing-costs for GT5 are more than $60.000.000. They’ll
      be much lower for GT6, so it should be a giant cash-cow

  57. Sep. 21, 4:03pm

    OMG you guys still don’t get it? There is NO cockpit view for standard cars. Standard cars are the same cars as in previous GTs while Premium are the new additions to Gran Turismo(over 200). Damage will be on ALL cars but premium will have richer damage(physical damage). Performance will be affected on all cars with damage. Engine sound has been confirmed by PD that is improved.

    • Sep. 21, 4:08pm

      *note in another interview he mentions that all the cars, even standard ones have been remodeled from scratch, yet here its as if they just ported them and updated….*

    • Sep. 21, 6:04pm

      @isocuda exactly!!! have any of you guys finished GT5P
      you are awarded the nissan GTR proto 05 for finishing
      all the s class races. the nissan GTR proto05 DOES NOT
      have a cockpit view or a view of any kind inside that car.
      it has the same level of detail just like the rest of the other
      cars but no cockpit view!!!

    • Sep. 21, 6:08pm

      @ isocuda: Everytime I heard something about the modelling of the standard cars it has been more or less the same as he says in this interview, shouldn’t come as a surprise.

    • Sep. 21, 7:52pm

      @ dreadlockdragon

      The GTR Proto 05 is Premium. It has no interior because the real world GTR Proto 05 (Tokyo Motor Show 2005) had black windows, no interior and no engine. It was just a prototype featuring the external design of the car. In the game they obviously fitted an engine, but so they also did with the GT by Citroën (it has an engine, but a very different one in the game).

    • Sep. 21, 8:05pm

      @Erik, yes, you are right i totally forgot about that.

    • Sep. 22, 2:00am
      the stig

      lamborghini countach is new to series,but it is standard

    • Sep. 22, 4:28am

      @the stig: It was already featured in Gran Turismo PSP.

    • Sep. 22, 6:08am
      the stig

      enzo was in psp as well,but it is premium.more precise.
      …and not only enzo.
      I think premiums are the cars which are important for career,thats because there are from crappy daihatsus to monsters enzo/gallardos…

  58. Sep. 21, 3:59pm

    Great news about GT6 coming sooner than later.

  59. Sep. 21, 3:58pm

    cant wait to hear more about GT6 hehe :)

  60. Sep. 21, 3:58pm

    Great interview! I hope the physics don’t change on standard cars compare to the others.

  61. Sep. 21, 3:58pm

    “Those will they take the form of appointment on the internet?”

    What does that even mean?

    • Sep. 21, 5:53pm

      It looks like a direct translation from French. I would say that “meeting” is a better translation of rendez-vous than “appointment”. It probably means that GT5 will host special events through the internet, for instance a race against Sebastian Loeb. Like a massive multiplayer online racing game event.

    • Sep. 22, 2:39am

      @erik: aaaaah, now i get it. 100ds of people racing against loeb at the same time on the same track. :D

  62. Sep. 21, 3:56pm
    Ya momma

    Why has the most important question NOT been asked AGAIN. What’s the engine sound like ???

    • Sep. 21, 4:04pm

      And the second most important question, why if he’s so focused on details, doesn’t he utilize the same strategy that iRacing uses, actually laser scanning the track, they certainly have the payroll and talent

    • Sep. 22, 2:37am

      last thing i heard is this:

      if all cars are improved like that, id say at this point that almost everybody will be very happy with the game. except for those who always have to criticize. :)

    • Sep. 22, 3:39am

      What is the Track list?, this to me is the most important question i have

  63. Sep. 21, 3:56pm

    So we might get the dashboard into standard cars then:)

    • Sep. 21, 4:00pm

      No. That was covered at Gamescom.

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