The GT5 Demo at CES: What We Want

After seeing IGN’s lackluster video of GT5 at CES, I realized there is a need to “help” mainstream journalists and attendees who (gasp!) might not be as into the GT series as we are. So, I’m going to be more pro-active and use this platform to nudge them in the right direction – otherwise, we might just end up with more video of Tokyo R246 (and I know how much you all want to see that). If you’re a member of the media, consider this a “how-to” guide to receive millions of hits to your website from adoring GT fans from all over the world…

  1. Take video footage from the Nurburgring Nordschleife or Fuji Speedway – we’ve seen Tokyo R246 dozens of times, and we can all play Indianapolis in the GT5 Demo. However, there has been some debate over whether or not the demo’s Indianapolis circuit is visually representative of the final version of the game, so it’s still worth a look.
  2. Unquestionably, the most exciting new car in the demo is the McLaren F1 (it looks like this). Although it is not “playable” in this demo, it could appear in the lineup, and you can “switch cars” during replays by pressing the “X” button on the steering wheel.
  3. We’ve already seen game-play footage of the Ferrari F458 Italia, the Mercedes SLS AMG, and the Subaru WRX WRC car. While the 458 and SLS will always be interesting, the Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 is also a highly anticipated addition to the series and in-car video will be popular.
  4. If you’re not used to playing driving games, it’s OK to go slowly. It’s difficult to see how the game and track looks if the car is always up against a wall (unless you’re trying to show off damage, of course).
  5. Although you might not think so, hardcore fans like to see video footage of the demo’s menus and options screens, too.
  6. Don’t be surprised if some of the “production” cars don’t show any damage (yes, they will in the final game, but not in this demo according to the IGN clip). Only the “race”-prepped cars will be the ones with hoods and doors flying off, and we’d like to see that happening on anything other than the Subaru WRX.

Now, if there’s anything else from CES you, the readers, would like to see, post it in the comments below. If you know someone attending the show, hand them an HD camera, a tripod, and a link to this page.

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  1. McFlu

    The only thing I think the gt games have really focused on with their games is presentation, the car models are so far past amazing its not even funny, but the environments are kind of a let down, you can tell there is alot less focus on the roads and environments. And I’ve seen all of the gameplay videos I could find, and I’m fairly certain tires don’t squeal THAT bad on EVERY corner. To me it seems the physics haven’t exactly improved much since the first one, and anyone here can argue if they want, and say crap like ” well its hard to improve perfect”, but the way I see it is they had all the fans they needed hooked with the first one, and those fans are the ones who truly believe that those are realistic physics. I’m not saying theyre bad, and I understand theres only so much that can be done with a video game, but for a game that its’ developers devote ALL of their time to, you’d think they could do more than just make cars look good. I seriously doubt that every single one of those 1000 or so cars will be used, by everybody. People do not play racing games to say “wow I wonder how fast a car from 1885 can go around this track”, they play so they can drive those exotics they cant afford, or even just the sports cars they wish to own sometime in the future, because seriously, who wants to play a game, with exotics all over the place so they can race in a prius? And seriously? 1000 cars? how many of them aren’t 100 different variations of the same skyline, in different special edition colors? with no real difference at all? I am a huge fan of the series, and I always will be, but they really need to step it up, it just feels like they’re trying to have the bigger you know what. NASCAR? really? they added that to get more sales in the US and THATS IT! It isn’t real racing, regardless the fanbase. They need to expand, and try new things. And everyone here, if they don’t already hate me for what I’ve said so far will hate me now, at least Forza 3 is trying new things, with the design editing, the massive community. Sure its graphics aren’t the best, but it’s not all their fault, they did what they could with what they had, and the car models are very good, you can’t argue, and the environments, mostly on the fake tracks, do look amazing. there is a reason the game has such a large community, and it’s still growing, even in japan where is has some people, which is very hard for any game for the 360, and even in Europe its selling better than expected. I’m not saying Forza 3 is a better game, but they appeal to more than their core fanbase, by making it simpler for beginners, Forza is the one whose trying to get more people to play, not to make more money, and by introducing new features, and improving on the ones they already have. Go ahead, say anything you want, not going to change my opinions, and I don’t plan on changing yours. I’ve been waiting a long time for the PS3 price cut, and when I have the money, I’m getting one, and the first game I’m getting is GT5, because I’m a fan of the cars, and I want to be able to enjoy them in all the best ways I can, aside from actually owning them of course.

  2. Tek9[R]

    Just pretend you are really driveing an high-priced sports car, don’t mash the gas and don’t yank the wheel, keep it sooth. Also show more in car views.

  3. Maximou

    We also see Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 ’08. So I think it’s pretty sure the lambo in the demo wasn’t a Balboni one.

  4. S3 Racer

    how much do you think will the new GT5 cockpit cost (CES in video). Another 15000 like the round thing saw at pd’s place??
    I like this one, pretty simple design but need


  5. John

    Finally, good idea to make a post telling journalists what we want. I am sure IGN is still at the show so why don’t you send this post in an email to them or other video game news organizations attending the show. Thanks again.

  6. NoxNoctis Umbra

    Although you might not think so, hardcore fans like to see video footage of the demo’s menus and options screens, too.

    I love this one! Thanks GT planet

  7. GTAce

    Would be nice to see the cockpits from the different Super GT cars, looks like there were some playable in the CES demo.

  8. Turbo_3800

    Could somebody just get a full video from the main menu to car choosing, to track choice, to racing (OUTSIDE THE CAR WITH A DECENT DRIVER!). I’m tired of seeing front bumper view or atleast give us cockpit and let us see the entire race and what happens when the race is over. Oh yea and record anything besides R246! Lol

  9. Jorge

    Thumbs up Jordan!… we need more prepared journalist to cover CES for GT5.

    Yes, The McLaren F1 was on GT4 as the BMW McLaren F1 racecar. Thought, the standard car version was not. It will be very interesting to have an in-car replay to see the central seat and wheel…

    God, please give some brains to the people at the CES floor and get us more quality videos.

  10. RADracing

    Someone hit the eject button on the PS3, grab the GT5 disc and runnnnn! Then we can really findout whats in it.

  11. Dan_

    Ohohoho, what happened to Amar212? Our GT Jeremy Clarkson? He’s not with us anymore??

    BTW: Jordan is the no 1!


    @wiseguys: You never heard of Amar212? He usually is on top of this stuff and does have close connections. Of course if certain idiots didn’t go pointing fingers at him as if he caused the end of the world, he’d be here right about now….

  13. Mickle Pickle


    WE NEED TO TRAIN THOSE JOURNALISTS TO DO A BETTER JOB… not just scrapping the surface… They need to be investigators… and damn serious ones, and know their subjects, not just accept what is presented to them… They need to go past the gliders all marketing department of all industry have been now so successful in tricking the journalists’ eyes!

  14. Ataur-Raziq

    I want to see the Bugatti Veyron.

    I want to see a thorough exploration of the game menu’s.

    I want to see vehicular damage to its limit.

    I want to see the Nurburging track and any others apart from the ones we’ve already seen.

    I want to see online gameplay.

    I want to see cars overturning.

    I want to see the dynamic weather effects and day/night conditions and how they affect handling and visuals.

    I want to see interior damage (as it was confirmed in the previous post “Feb ’10 PSM issue).

    I think that covers it :D

  15. wiseguy

    It’s baffeling that a group as large as ours can’t find a local member who is able to attend CES. Not one of gtplanet’s thousands of members is a journalist, has connections to journalists, nor the PD dev team? Seriously?

  16. Dan_

    Well done, every time a jounalist try to interview KY we get elusive answers from the sensei, so you’d better write a book teaching techniques to avoid the usual elusive answers, anyway, it’s a very nice attempt to gather more info for us. Thanks.

  17. KamyKaze

    the same video taken from another angle( better quality but shorter.
    the hands animation is really disappointing. the pilot takes is hands of the steering wheel to change the gear, and it takes to long. i don’t think you have to take your hands of the wheel to do that…

  18. Flagmo-T

    thanks Jordan..

    Some shots of the Trees – environment and so on ( will it be with leaves, and 3d like, or just billboard as usual “hope not”

    will the environment be a part of the sound reflection as in real Life “reverb” “damped” “echo” ( Rally car sound (tv broadcasting) is a good explanation for my question.. or is it just flat good sound as usual!! (creativity PD please)

    Will there be any of the weather features in this demo, please lets see it. from the driving seat, and outside the Car (a Mixed rainy-sonny day ) Lights turned on (light reflections on the road surface)

    Any skidmarks ? any Dirt when driving around Nurburgring Nordschleife like 3 times. any Animals like Ex. Birds. shadows on the spectators..

    Is Fuji the latest version build, a lot has happen to fuji, since the GT5p version.

    Any minor Car damage Like “Burned Breaks “smoke” flat tire, lost tire, exploding tire…

    is there a Codriver in the Rally Car ? ( oh man, I’m really afraid of the page note style in this rally part, will it work as English/Europe or American style )

    If they use a DF-GT wheel, does the feature of the dials work properly ?, mine is with the GT5p Awful and jumps around when trying to use it, in realtime. ( stupid design, to confusing, should have been over middle instead of under, I just don’t get it)

    Thanks again Jordan..

    ps just a Hint. To remember the Turns on Nurburgring Nordschleife, is to remember the different kind of trees around the track, It’s like a garden, it chances all the way through ( some Race driver said it somewhere hehe, but it works)

  19. Luke

    What ? The McLaren F1 never once was playable in a GT game ? I never really looked out for such a car, so i don`t really know, i always tune my precious rice machines to keep up with every other car :)
    But what interests me the most is probably a Lamborgini, hopefully the Gallardo Superleggara. The sound of hat V10 is amazing, and they did a pretty good job with Ferrari.

  20. Harry

    if id ask a question, the audi r8 in GT5prologue was v8 but since then a v10 has come out, will the v10 be in gt5 or the v8? or both!? ^^

  21. alba

    Usually the representatives on the show floor don’t know much sadly… It’s always the same time which is sad :(

  22. N155AN

    yeh they might, gtplanet is known for breaking GT news, plus i think it has more members than any other ‘official/unofficial’ forums

  23. 80Y 2C2

    Well done Jordan – although if this is directed at journos who are somewhat disinterested in the game (compared with the rest of us), would they really look up a non official forum about it first?

    ‘Course not complaining about you – the effort and initiative are great. :tup:

  24. Dijital Majik

    Perhaps ask the booth staff if they know of any new cars in the full game that haven’t previously been in the series before?

    Or if another demo will be arriving on PSN as the current one finishes on the 24th of this month.

  25. S3 Racer

    “Or take them to a dark room and tickle it out of them..” Stewie???

    I want to see the nurburgring in vid with a nice non-seen so far car.

    ‘Infact a proper gameplay video with an other track than tokio would be sweet enough

    And of course a release date but guess that will be impossimpable

  26. Phil

    I’d ask them to fiddle about with the menus to see if there’s an adjustable camera, other than the game-ruining stiffness of the moment.

  27. Maximou

    I forgot the Superleggera, yeah one car I wanted to see in GT5 the first time I saw it on Best Motoring…

    BTW, I posted a request on AVforum uk, there are some guys at CES doing reports for that forum.


    Not alot but this is what I want:

    Replay video of all the cars not previously seen in the other demos (The Super GT cars, the Amuse Nismo Superleggera, Mclaren F1, etc)

    A video of at least a minute or two showing the menus

    And a High Quality/High Definition capture (Without all the background noise or people, just the game’s sounds)

    Have at it, Men (& woman if there are any)

  29. Maximou

    I think guys have to pay attention to redhot brakes and backfire on cars. Since it was featuring in previous GTs, if there are not here, we can almost be sure that the demo won’t be representative and some hidden features will show up at the final release.

    We also have to see other drivers than just Solberg and Hirvonen. Please give us some in car views. Please pay attention to their eyes blinking and following the apex too. I tried to shot that but my cam was crappy :

    Check all views ingame and replay looking for added POV.

    We need to see SuperGTs in Nurb and Fuji. McLaren F1 had to have its own replay ! Do good use of zooming function !

    BTW, great idea Jordan, I was thinking about a way to tell them what to shoot.

  30. DaveTheStalker

    I’m on my phone so I can’t, could someone please post this over on AVSforum? There are loads of people over there at CES.

  31. Mark

    Yes, exactly what I was thinking. I’ve kept checking back here every hour or so since CES started hoping to find a new video of actual gameplay. If only there was a way to get your message to those CES journalists and attendees.

  32. Zenith

    IGN video made me laugh, someone obviously doesn’t understand the way 3d glasses work

    Good thinking by Jordan, most mainstream gaming sites really don’t know what to do outside the FPS, RPG, and Action genres.

    Hoping to see definitive proof of the Balboni and some gameplay of the F1

  33. [UK] ANDYW

    Find the nearest SCEA / SCEE and ask them very kindly for release dates outside Japan.

    Or take them to a dark room and tickle it out of them..

    Nice idea Jordan, I just hope someone picks it up.

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