McLaren F1, Nurburgring in 3D Gran Turismo 5 Demo

The show floor has finally opened up at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and reports of the Gran Turismo 5 demo are starting to come in. According to Motor Trend, there are 12 cars and 4 playable tracks in the latest demo:

“…Toyota FT-86 Concept, ARTA Honda NSX JGTC, Tom’s Lexus SC430 JGTC, Amuse Ericsson Nissan 380RS Superleggera Z33, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Valentino Balboni, HKS Mitsubishi Lancer, Subaru WRX WRC, Suzuki Swift WRC, Ford Focus WRC, and Nissan GT-R SpecVon – four tracks (Fuji Speedway, Indianapolis 500 Road Course, Nurburgring Nordschleife, and a fictional Tokyo city streets track) were available for play in a terse ‘Event’ mode.”

Our sharp-eyed forum users also caught a glimpse of a road-going version of the infamous McLaren F1 in this video preview of the Sony booth – watch for it during the start of a race on the Nordschleife below. Stay tuned for more pictures and videos from CES as they are released!

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  1. Corrado


    Come to think of it, I like the sound of that, although some peopel have very strange ideas for “matching colours” lol, I can imagine racing online and seeing a bright green viper with blood red upholestry lol

  2. Giygas

    I think it’s great that the Mclaren made it. However, pitting it against the Veyron at the nurburgring will reveal that the F1 would blow it away in handling, which plays a key role in this track.

    I wonder if you can have a tuned Lp550-2…That would be sweet!

  3. Tate

    Well… since the Time Trial “demo” they modified the setup for the track map…; I don’t know you guys, but i really prefer the classic (full) one. This one is too forza for me :p (i don’t want to start a rant btw), but the full map is better to know the track than the zoomed one. Luckly we can change it at the settings menu.

    And i hope that Kazunori includes again the great Wiegert Vector W8 that car is a MUST. I don’t care the Jay Leno’s Tank Car (Blastoline Special) :p, i do care the Wiegert… the GT2 Muscles (i miss the Cobra Daytona). Would be nice to have the Pikes Peak cars (not only the Escudo or Cultus, i mean the Celica, the 405, the Quattro, etc).

    And i think that Forza uses the same shaders system as GT 2000 :p

  4. kahniacfloyd

    Iremember being first person in Indiana to get just Prologue….. if I imported is all of it in Japanese? im tryin to learn

  5. Dudezi

    McLaren F1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m sorry, but I just love that car so much.

  6. Max Mosley

    Looks like rolling starts are still in the game.

    Hopefully with the Mclaren F1 in, we will see the P11 prototype or MP4-12c production car.

  7. RedBaron

    It’s obviously McLaren F1, that slick and effective shape is obvious. Can’t wait to take it on the ride!

  8. Alex

    A Tip for all players who are always annoyed by the dumbass reps bugging and shoving you during Gran Turismo matches… Wear EVERYTHING GT! hats, shirts, racing gloves etc. and tell them to f*** off because I want more than 2 minutes and let the noobs behind me whimper because they can’t drive worth a damn. :-D.

  9. Joel

    it would be very cool if in GT5 you could choose your interior as well as the outside colour, more like buying a real car

  10. K_Soze

    I wonder if we could use 3D stereoscopic glasses AND head tracking… It will be awesome.

    The sony glasses allow the perception of the depth AND the position the player is looking at. So it enable the possibility to set a correct depth blur.

    The head tracking give the position of the camera so it will be possible the move lightly the head like if you are watching through a window…

    Both together -> your TV screen is a window on the nurburgring :)

    1. Jordan

      @Joel: This demo won’t be released to the public, it’s only for demonstration of Sony’s 3D technology at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show.

  11. bobzed

    damn good! Gallardo Balboni – Lambo with a proper manual gearbox !! This will be one of my favorites. Along with McLaren


    What an amazing week for GT5 news. The waiting just keeps getting much more worth it.

    lol@RACECARMAN, are you my arch nemesis or something?

  13. pasigiri

    Now that I’ve seen the Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Valentino Balboni is in, the Reventon, LP670-4 SV, and LP640-4 should be in GT5. The LP670-4 SV … complete automotive bliss!!!!


    About the porsche ,it could be a Ruff,i saw a white 911 turbo in a picture on this site sometime last year for GT5

  15. Paulo

    Seriously, this past week has been off the wall with all this new info, amazing stuff. Plus the fact that GT will be in 3D. I heard that PS3’s will receive firmware update to support this. This game, will own!!

  16. Barack

    What’s the big deal, am I missing somthing, why wouldn’t McLaren be in this game, its in Forza3 as well, help me out here, what am I missing.

  17. caasimun_18

    i hate nfs shift now that i cant win a single race on AI hard
    But also, Gran turismo 5 AI has been improved especially when i was in tgs the ai like freakin blocked u as u try to pass but they said that was normal so i guess hard will be pretty impressive i love competition but not too much like nfs shift, that game should be called nfs drift seriously!!!

  18. ICANT55

    Damn the mofo “F1”,Now thats what im talking about!!!!!!!!!! now only if it’s other rivals are in the game? (Konigsegg)Did i spell it right? and the ssc ultimate aero, ultima GTR and Mosler mt900….

  19. inVietzAble

    Dam, all they need now is the Honda HSV-010 GT
    “aka nsx” v8 vtec!!!!!
    Does any one remember the Taeivon FTO it was badass?
    forza blows

  20. Kevin


    This is most likely footage of the 3D gameplay offered at CES. Images seen without 3D glasses look tripled and with a high speed racing game it is sure to bring a blurred appearance unless seen through goggles. Assuming of course I am not mistaken and Gran Turismo is offered at CES in 3D.

  21. HaVoK_

    Great news! I looovvee o drive the mclaren in NFS:shift, it truly is an automotive beast! I’m sure the experience would be much more gratifying in GT though :)

  22. biGgeSt_GT_Phan

    is it just me?? i did’nt see any F1 cars in that vid?? and I love mclaran! LOL :S

    God to see lewis’s amazing silver arrow fly around gt5’s gorgeous night tracks!! LOL

    the last few days have been the best days of my life!!! :D
    now i can die happy!!!

    gt > froza

  23. wiretap

    Is it just me or does the image of the SLS on the The Ring have alot more motion blur than previous GT’s? :)

  24. Max Mosley

    For 5 years + scant info. Now in the past few days.. BAM! Inundated with non stop great news: The new trailer, the OPM scans, the box art and now this. Can’t wait to see whats next?

    Gearing up for a worldwide release on march 2010, perhaps?! :)

  25. hazel

    just imagine those huge competitions with all the beautiful and powerful cars. like for example
    im so excited to see the time differences between mclaren f1 bugatti veyron ferrari enzo pagani zonda on the northloop. AND EVERYTHING IN 1080p !! Just awesome !

  26. hazel

    bring up the demo pls.,,
    and gt5 should just kick ass forzarrrr and any othaaa racing game.
    cant wait for nurburgring

  27. Spazza

    OMG A MCLAREN!!, wow, the only thing that worries me now is i hope the GT mode will be like the other GT’s, i love saving up money to buy cars, imagine how much the mclaren will be, or a veyron? :P

  28. J-XY

    I never would have thought that a confirmation of a virtual car from 1992 on a video game would get me so exited. But you, Mclaren F1, lightened up my day.

  29. Flagmo-T

    well well Thanks PD..
    But Damn I’m more interested in the Rally tracks, these tracks will be a blessing, But Damn!! Nothing New really !! Ups the Tokyo City track is, But the others hmm.. it’s the same thing isn’t it.. I really don’t care a Bout F1 dah!! Lets see some of the new stuff instead..

    Ex: How is the physics on Gravel ? Now that’s gonna be interesting to know..

    Same old song in a new packets.. >TaK< Thank you -Merci- But I'm a Rally Fanatic :O)
    Sorry Guy's, But i'm happy for your exitement on the matter of course.. Thi-hi

  30. Mickle Pickle

    Since the Cover Art is unveiled, the marketing is showing the demo everywhere, it must means that the game is 99% done and currently undergoing “certification” and passing ratings determination…

    GUYS, GET YOURSELF READY….. and Go to the restroom NOW!…

    … because once the game is out, you dont want to catch yourself missing one second, if not one BIT of this Game! LOL

  31. TOLL-Scibba-HRT

    man this new is to good to believe bring it on sony 3D GT5 God OF War3 just great to hear GT5 is live to see. thank you Jodan to bring up the new

  32. caasimun_18

    HUG ME HUG ME HUG ME !!!!!!


  33. Jax

    When they say Demo, does that mean, we can play this by downloading it or something. Or do you have to be at 1 of these shows?

  34. Tenacious D

    As long as we’re playing wishing well…

    Kazunori sensei, can we pleeeeease have a livery editor paint shop and race mod?

    *throws in a dollar*

  35. Zenith

    Good, finally the F1 is in gt. Bugatti vs mclaren time.

    The balboni lamborghini is in gt5?
    I doubt that, it’s not like polyphony to put the “special edition” cars into their games. It would still be a fun addition to the roster.

  36. Tenacious D

    Can you smell what The Kaz is cooking? ;D

    Wow… with each bit of news, I get that much more excited, and forget all these other awesome games I have. Especially one which starts with “F.” Heck, to enjoy the Japanese soundtrack and get an early taste of GT5, I’m definitely going to import. My bro has a Japanese wife. Maybe I can lure her into playing translator if I dangle the chance to own a Korg keyboard at her…

  37. Loxstokk

    That leather jacket upsets me…

    Awesome stuff on GT5 though! McLaren F1 the most exciting car shown yet! Also great news on the Balboni version of the Gallardo… shows the PD are putting in the more specialist versions of the new big boys (Ferrari, Lamborghini etc..)

    Just need a 3D TV now :(

  38. Corrado

    Ah I remember that Arta nsx, its been in Gt quite a while hasnt it? (not sure if it was in gt 1 or 2 though). Thats just reminded me, I hope in the full game they have the Raybrig nsx. Haha, It always stood out from all the other competitors in gt4 and 3 lol, with its flurescent purple paint job, u lot remember?

  39. Phil

    Oh dear – the camera on that Toyota FT-86 looks pretty stiff. I hope there are camera options, otherwise I’d consider this game ruined.

  40. Daniel Johnson

    @Jatsu92. ah, true true. it looked like the gallardo from the side view, but once it started to straighten out more it looked like a 911. definitely the gallardo though.

  41. Jantsu92

    “Is that white car in the back at 2:26 in the video a porsche?”
    There will not be Porsches in GT5.
    White car is Lamborghini Gallardo.

  42. CarBastard

    I call GT5’s marketing campain started!!! Amazing news on few days, I’m expecting a lot more to come to make the waiting more bearable.

  43. Mustang750R

    My eyes then mind are going to explode in that order. Eyes first because of the how it looks beautiful. Mind seconded becuase it’s trying to process what jus happend. lol

    I can’t wait anymore! *freezes himself in the freezer*

  44. The_Icon

    Can anyone please confirm the graphics of the demo shown? I was shocked to see the graphics of the online demo. Only hope was that since it was only like 200mb.

  45. alex c


    bring it microsoft.

    id like to add…

    ps3 eye has a microphone so good, i can tell where you are in the room, and then re-center your voice….

    headset who?

  46. Kilborn230

    In the Press Conference they stated that there will be 3D demo booths in a number of Sony Stores in the USA soon to be in Latin America and Japan. I’m not sure if its just for movies so who knows, they may have some game demos.

    I believe they may already be up. I saw the 3D PC at

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