Thrustmaster’s New GT-Branded T300 RS Special Edition Appears on Amazon


Thrustmaster’s latest wheel has had a quiet debut on none other than e-commerce giant While not an entirely new product, the T300 GT Edition nonetheless features a few unique changes to the regular T300 RS formula (read our review of that wheel right here).

Utilizing the same powerful brushless motor, the servo base features full PS3 and PS4 compatibility and 1080-degree rotation. The bundle comes with an 11-inch rim that looks essentially identical to the vanilla T300 RS, swapping out the PlayStation logo for the expected GT emblem.

The big difference is the final part of the package. Boasting a third pedal, this isn’t Thrustmaster’s T3PA-PRO setup, but an exclusive new GT Edition Pedal Set. Judging by the wording, the base is plastic while the pedals themselves are metal. They’re adjustable too, at least in the case of the clutch and accelerator, allowing players to modestly tailor the spacing.

Of course, being based off the T300 package, the whole setup is compatible with most of the modern Thrustmaster ecosystem, including the afore-mentioned T3PA-Pro pedal set, TH8A shifter, and the various detachable rims the company currently offers.

You might be wondering why the relative lack of fanfare, when even Thrustmaster’s official website doesn’t (yet) list the new product. We’ll hazard a guess that GT Sport’s push into 2017 is the likely reason: the original date of mid-November means this wheel would have been revealed right in the ramp-up to release.

This may not even be the only product Thrustmaster has planned to tie in with Polyphony’s upcoming racer. We’ve still yet to hear more details on the mysterious direct-drive wheel first shown at the London Copper Box event earlier this year…

The T300 GT Edition represents a slight deal of sorts over the existing T300 RS, listing for the same regular price ($399.99) but including a clutch pedal. While it’s currently listed as “temporarily out of stock” if the bundle sounds like your cup of tea, you can order it off right here.

EDIT – As many have pointed out in the comments section, the pedals seem to be the T3PA set after all, with slightly different pads. Thanks to all that let us know!

Hat tip to community member hankolerd for first spotting the T300 GT Edition!

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    1. Imari

      Or it was designed for the original November release date, and Thrustmaster didn’t see the point waiting for Polyphony when they already had their product ready to go.

    2. Johnnypenso

      It has a GTSPORT tie in but make no mistake, this piece of kit is aimed at all sim racers. It’s a good starter package to compete with the G29 and works on pc and the two versions of PS.

    1. GregOr1971

      Well, mine T300 is in use least 2+h a day (or on some weekends even 10+h) , for past 16 months and still doing great) But I’ll admit I was kind of disappointed when just recently my T3PA throttle pedal break after cca.10 months.But since pedals were in warranty,they were replaced with new pedals set, so all good.

  1. skazz

    I’d say this package is also intended to improve Thrustmaster’s competitive position relative to the Logitech G29 and Fanatec CSL Elite.

    Given the previous MSRP of the T300RS (€360), T3PA (€100) and T300 alcantara set (€480), positioning the new wheel at the same T300RS MSRP and giving effectively the pedal set upgrade for free improves the value relative to the G29 dramatically.

    In fact, I’d say that only people who suffered from Thrustmaster’s relatively high failure rate on the T300 will tell you anything other than “buy the T300RS-GT over the G29, it’s better in every single way”.

  2. Just The Stig

    If it has the same problem with FFB and calibration failure as the old T300RS has, I wouldn’t recommend buying it.

    1. gigio79

      I believe you have been unlucky with your wheel, I bought T300RS 2 years ago and never had FBB and calibration problems, I used with Driveclub and actually with Project cars, is perfect. The only change I made was the pedal set, ridicolous, and get T3PA, veru good.

  3. WyldAnimal

    “but an exclusive new GT Edition Pedal Set.”
    It’s T#PA’s with a different Set of Metal plates.
    In fact that Brake plate is now Fixed – and Wider,
    where on the Stock T3PA’s it was adjustable.

    Image of the Stock T3PA’s from thrustmaster Site

    vs the New Ones Here×487.jpg

  4. OptiMystik

    loox like there’s a T3PA in a kit – steel plates with a plastic legs. Pitty that thare was no such package from the start.. I had to buy T3PA separately.

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