GT Sport Delayed Until 2017, New Features ‘Yet to be Unveiled’


Sony has announced via the Playstation Blog US that Gran Turismo Sport will not be releasing this November. In the update post, Kazunori Yamauchi himself details that the game will now be releasing in 2017 with an exact release window still to be confirmed.

Kaz explains that he believes GT Sport is the most ambitious Gran Turismo game yet and that in order to get it to the level Polyphony Digital want to be at for release, more time is needed:

“As we approach our planned release date in November, we realise we need more time to perfect GT Sport, to which we’ve already dedicated so much effort to since announcing the title, and do not want to compromise the experience. While we cannot confirm a new release date at this time, we are more committed than ever to making GT Sport the best Gran Turismo game to date.”

In the run up to release, the game will continue to be shown off at gaming venues ‘across the world’ so players can get their hands on the game.

Earlier this year, during the silence between the original announcement of the title and the Copperbox event this past May, a French journalist recounted his visit to the Polyphony offices. His concerns that the game would be pushed into 2017 were quickly forgotten after the blowout event in London, but that is exactly what has now happened.

Although this is unfortunate news for those eager to get their hands on the title, a glimmer of interest comes toward the end of the blog post. Kazunori insists that some new ‘cutting edge’ GT Sport features are ‘yet to be unveiled’. GTPlanet will be sure to keep an eye on developments in the coming months.

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  1. infamousphil

    OK. No suprise here.

    So where’s the new content for 6. Oh, yall got time. You just delayed Sport… so you got time

  2. Tenacious D

    I seem to be experiencing deja vu with every visit to this place. A certain number of people are never happy. Are always complaining. Have moved on to greener games, but want to park here and continue complaining anyway.

    I went through this all over again with a game called No Man’s Sky, which I’ve been playing avidly since its release. It was a game that was hyped all out of reason because, even though the head of Hello Games Sean Murray gave tons of interviews about it, and showed off quite a bit of gameplay, so we had a solid idea what we were getting, people were sure the game would be all about shopping in exotic alien cities and space combat with epic war fleets and romancing alien cat women and whatever they dreamed up. When in actuality, you are alone in an alien galaxy just trying to keep your ship fueled and suit powered long enough to make it to the next star system.

    But of course, people made up in their collective head what No Man’s Sky was supposed to be, on top of a few missing features that weren’t exactly what I consider deal breakers but what do I know, and when they didn’t get that game, thousands of people threw a collective epical fit. Trashed the game, demanded refunds, probably made more death threats – which they did when it was delayed, you name it.

    And the rest of us are playing the game right along and enjoying the heck out of it. In my case, I’m STILL exploring my adopted overheated home world, learning all the language of the Vy’keen race which have evidently claimed it before, making a few discoveries and snarfing up resources to buy my ideal ship, and generally having a blast.

    It reminds me of the situation Gran Turismo finds itself in. It has a rather unique approach to racing games – until Forza copied the formula anyhow – and established itself as a quirky but enjoyable racer. In fact, the most popular racing franchise of all time.

    And then the Entitlement Age struck the planet, and disappointment over one thing or another quickly became outrage and endless flaming and the occasional threats of violence. And most people are baffled by this or even blissfully unaware, and continue enjoying Gran Turismo, even though they didn’t get the memo that GT5 and 6 are the worst racing games ever made, Kazunori is a rich insensitive jerk who won’t talk to his fans and whatever.

    So here we are with the usual grouchfest over GT Sport and its delay, even though the usual complaints about the game rage, and the delay may well fix a few of the issues they complain about. In the case of No Man’s Sky, the nearly two month delay did result in some nice improvements to the game, some new goodies which were greatly appreciated. I very much applaud the doubling of storage space, thank God! And more improvements are in the pipeline. Likewise, Kazunori has said that the delay is to make GT Sport the Gran Turismo game he wants to make, and given his track record of making platinum sellers, and how good the game looks and is being reviewed even now, it’s whetting my appetite even more for the game we’ll eventually be playing. Yes, the nets are on fire about it, like that’s news. Who cares. I and my millions of fellow fans will wait for it. Maybe impatiently, but we won’t be trolling or making threats about it.

    I keep returning to that “awful” GT6 when the competition is pretty stiff, with games like Assetto Corsa and RaceRoom on offer, because Gran Turismo just has something about it that is unique. I’m hardly alone on this, as even some people who race in real life are fans. I suspect that it’s going to be even more true with GT Sport.

    Kaz, when the time is right and the game is tight, BRING IT!

  3. vrossi

    Just got AC to last until Nov. Guess I’ll have to get DiRT Rally too.
    & to think…since 2004 we’ve only been able to play 3 “Triple A” titles from PD. That’s 10 years. Over 3 year between titles. PD is so far in the rear view mirror now, I hardly even think about them. & I was a H U G E fan.

  4. stupidstormy36

    While this is disappointing to here, again I am willing to wait if it means getting a more complete experience. It’s not exactly the first time this has happened. I already have it pre-ordered, so I’m not retracting it anytime soon.

  5. SolidRacer

    Well it’s sad, and you know what is even more sad… It’s that there is still no proper gt like sim on console with proper setting menu and proper tuning.. Let me explain.. Project cars is ok, but physics is kinda unfinished (especially crash and drift department). In other hand there is assetto corsa just got it on ps4, massive disappointment because the only thing there is is physics, game is unfinished and broken, and worst part is that we can’t change button layout for proper steering wheels… So it’s literally undrivable right now, I have custom made handbrake and in ALL games I use it wit t300 r3 button, asseto corsa decide it will cut all necessary features out of console.. It gets 2 out of 10 just because they think console players don’t use that. really hate when developers limits already ready game
    .. What a waste… so there will be no proper sim game on console until 2017.. Forza is a kids game for a record.. Maybe f6 is ok for arcade drift, but that’s it… Sad day to find out..

  6. AITB 420

    Well this is rather unfortunate, but I can wait. Especially if it means they’re going to add more content to the game. When I buy a Gran Turismo game, I expect it to have much more than just 150 cars.

    1. AITB 420

      @Johnnypenso Indeed they didn’t, but one can always hope. The PD employees that work on car modelling aren’t just going to stop working during the delay, are they? There can never be too many cars (unless they’re duplicates, of course), especially in a Gran Turismo game.

    2. Isho

      Why would you add content during a delay lol…? Im pretty sure they delayed it because they where working on certain aspects of the game that probably wouldnt meet the release date. Adding content inbetween would be just stupid.

    3. Tenacious D

      Content is routinely added during a delay, lol. Every modern racer with the possible exception of DriveClub has had this little notice that content is subject to change. AC has more content coming to consoles than it did at release, and you could consider it a “delay.”

      One of the additional things I’d like to see is something of a Career Mode. If nothing else, that Event Maker I’ve been periodically mentioning. Whatever it is though, I’ll enjoy having it.

    4. SZRT Ice

      @Isho: Wat? o_Õ?

      If post content updates were planned already, and the reason for the delay is taken care of by the departments responsible, you think it stupid) to add content? What??

      And if hypothetically, “certain aspects weren’t going to meet the release date, so they delayed it”, wouldn’t that also mean that rather than wrap the game up and give it to us as is, the instead chose to “delay the game to add content”? You essentially claimed adding content as stupid and that it was the cause in the same breath…

      What type of logic is this?

    5. Johnnypenso

      @AITB, you’re right, they won’t stop working on it of course, but every car added to the base game is one less that can be sold or promoted as free DLC. As usual, we’ll have to wait and see how it shakes out. You never know, the entire reason for the delay could be the updating of the “future proof” premiums from GT5/5.1 and it could launch with 400+ cars.

  7. CLG314

    If this means that the game will be complete, Then I’m totally fine by this. Some of y’all treat Kaz like he’s Vince McMahon or something lol.

    1. Johnnypenso

      Vince McMahon is a brilliant business person who took a niche and laughable “sport”, brought it into the mainstream, made billions of dollars for himself and dozens upon dozens of millionaire athletes in the process. I’d be pretty happy to be compared to VM…lol.

  8. micantony


    We have received new release date information related to your pre-ordered video game in the order you placed on January 13, 2016 (Order# xxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx). The release date for the video game listed below has been changed by the publisher, and we want to provide you with a new delivery estimate based on the new release date:

    “Gran Turismo Sport – PlayStation 4”
    Estimated arrival date: December 29, 2017

    We’ll make every effort to get the delayed items to you as soon as possible.

  9. Zibster

    in all honesty, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone. on the bright side, at least the delay wasn’t closer to the release date…

  10. dualshock

    I am not at all surprised at this but of course I’m still going to get it……You bet!
    PS. Don’t believe the hype, Asetto Corsa is NOWHERE near as polished as GT or Forza and really needs some tidying up via some updates…also there are lots of car and even track repetitions..IE, about ten Elise’s!

    1. Johnnypenso

      I don’t believe anyone has ever said that AC is ANYWHERE near as polished as GT or Forza, in fact, if you read the AC Forum in the last few months it was pointed out countless times that the opposite was true and that players should temper their expectations accordingly. Perhaps it was another, less informed forum that misled you and you meant to post over there.

    2. dualshock

      Sensing a ‘”Right, just for that I’m gonna get AC!” reaction coming on, the AC bit was a PS to my GT comment and I thought I’d just as well add it there as anywhere else in the – what seemed to me very pro AC – News section as I consider it more of an overview area of all our vehicle games for non owners inquiring rather than a more in depth one for people who already have the game. Also as the game has only just been released I can’t see how the previous ‘Months’ of conjecture can be “Informed” either.

    3. CarBastard

      Except Asseto Corsa has been released MONTHS ago for PC so it’s not conjecture at all, it’s just that it’s just been released for consoles.

      Honestly, these people blindly defending GT and Kaz just because…it’s like a game has become a matter of faith!

    4. Tenacious D

      Well CB, what do we do when people do so much complaining and trolling here?

      I know this is the age of entitlement where everyone gets what they want or they make death threats, but this place used to be better than that.

    5. MeanElf

      Indeed TD this used to be a far better place and a lot of people have just gone because of the trolling. I find it telling though that most news items for other games get a few responses but anything GT related gets a far more activity – as has been suggested, they must love it really, even if they do complain endlessly.

    6. Johnnypenso

      So true. It was a far better place when people weren’t making ludicrous statements like, “this is the age of entitlement where everyone gets what they want or they make death threats”, that apply to literally no one here. If you have to invent false hyperbole to prove your point, how much of a point do you really have?

    7. MeanElf

      Look further afield than this little planet and you’ll see plenty of evidence in the gaming world amongst other places where developers and posters alike have been threatened by precisely that type.

    8. Johnnypenso

      “…but this place used to be better than that.” infers he’s talking about GTP and not some nameless, unknown forum so the point remains. Hyperbole, flamebaiting, trolling works both ways.

    9. MeanElf

      Honestly, that’s what you read into it – to me the comment was about this being the age of entitlement in general and as an aside, that GTP used to be a better place.

    10. SZRT Ice

      Correct. Publishers/Developers get paid by Distributors. So the Distributors are the ones that get paid by pre-orders. Pre-orders tell distributors how much a game is in demand, so they can order the amount required. Stock not sold, means orders to Publishers/Developers stop. On the other hand, if a pre-order getts cancelled, the money comes out of the Distributors pocket. The Publishers/Developers don’t receive a dime until.

      Not sure how that works with the PS Store since PD is a first party Sony Dev.

    11. Johnnypenso

      English must be your second language MeanElf, or you just see what you want to see. It’s clearly a single sentiment in a single sentence and GTP is the target audience. If the two things were meant to be separated it should have been worded differently.

    12. SZRT Ice

      Above reply posted to the wrong comment string…

      But I agree with MeanElf. The consensus is that we are in the ‘age of entitlement’ among online communities and social media. And the “where people make death treats” was an example of that sort of tact. And since his point being the age of entitlement, I took that he was speaking of the rampant entitlement that is on display here and nothing more.

      Such a ridiculous thing to scrutinize over.

      This strays away from the point he was trying to make. Hyperbolic or not, some insight was enough to grasp what he meant if your defense system isn’t paper thin and made of glass and your sense of understanding and comprehension isn’t as thick as a concrete wall with the intellect of a 2 year old… There’s no rule in GTP’s terms and agreements against hyperbole. And no reason to be so easily offended by it. People are free to express themselves in words the best way the know how, so long as it isn’t flaming, flame baiting, trolling, attacking, etc. But let’s all speak as JohnnyPenso does so that he doesn’t wet his pants, again shall we?

    13. MeanElf

      An interesting summation JP – I take it that you always say things in exactly the same way and that everything you read is formulated identically and without flexibility?

      Personally, as a person who has read several thousand books (in English) many of which challenge the way ideas and sentiments are expressed, I can recognise the true intent very swiftly in most people’s words and I disagree with your interpretation of what TD said. Ice also accepts the words in the same way too, so maybe I’m not as crazy or illiterate as you seem to think. Ten D is of course the definitive authority on what his post meant, so I suggest we wait on his word regarding this.

  11. WyldAnimal

    We are all Brain washed drones…
    Why any one of us Find it Acceptable that an Officially announced release Date is no Longer Official.
    Oh, it’s ok, I expected it to be delayed…

    Well in my Job, My Life.. If I present a Delivery Date, I’m held accountable with Heavy Financial consequences if I don’t meet that date.

    It’s my Responsibility to coordinate with my Team, what a realistic delivery date is, and then to make sure we CAN meet or exceed that date.
    I don’t enter into a contractual deliver that I don’t know that I can meet.

    The same should be for any Project. Game Design is really no Different.
    Sure, there can be the Occasional Unforeseen issue. and a single (short Delay ) might be tolerated, once..
    but why is it now So Acceptable, to Pay for a pre-Order ( or a Deposit ) , and then OH, It’s Delayed… I’m Fine with that…

    Hey That’s your Hard Earned Money they Got…. They are earning interest on it.
    It shouldn’t be, it’s not acceptable…
    it’s a breach of a contract.. every financial exchange is really a contractual agreement.
    Maybe we should all demand our money back plus damages, based on breach of contract laws..
    Maybe that would stop the Insanity of it all.

    No, I’m not saying, we should all run out and do this..

    I’m just making a statement to the fact that, Money has been exchanged, and that is a binding contract.

    1. MeanElf

      “…Hey That’s your Hard Earned Money they Got…. They are earning interest on it….” Pre-orders aren’t charged for until delivery time, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about there.

      And what’s with all the random capitalisation

    2. ImaRobot

      Preorders are charged as soon as you preorder it. So I’m not sure what you’re talking about there.

      You can mostly put a fraction of the full price, but in my experience ive seen people pay in full. Either way you have to put atleast something down to do it, here anyway.

    3. MeanElf

      Pre-orders from a shop maybe but I’ve never been charged before the shipping stage; not until they pack it and post it – that’s when the money comes off.

      Gaming shops or any other retailers will be the ones reaping the interest, not the game publisher or developer. They only get their money after each sale or physical receipt of the game, depending on how each store works.

  12. SZRT Ice

    Too many great games coming out.

    PS4 Neo
    DriveClub VR
    Ride 2
    Final Fantasy XV
    The Last Guardian
    Watchdogs 2
    Destiny: Rise of Iron
    Rise of the Tomb Raider
    Skyrim Remaster
    Speed Elixir*

    With Horizon Zero Dawn, GT Sport, and Mass Effect: Andromeda to look forward to for next year.

    I don’t mind a delay that makes GTSport an even greater game than it is. Wondering what stuff the team has come up with to add into the game now that’s essential enough to be worth a delay? I personally would really like a video editor/movie maker on par with the one found in Grand Theft Auto 5.

    An increased track list with more GT Original tracks would be nice too. Missing tracks like Hong Kong, Citta Di Aria, Cathedral Rocks, El Capitan, Smokey Mountain, Tahiti Maze, Swiss Alps, etc.

  13. epic_apri_39

    Why are people getting mad at it being delayed? Surely you’re used to delays by now?

    Team Fortress 2, delayed
    Half Life 2, delayed
    GTA 5, delayed
    Spore, delayed

    Need I go on?

    1. Master Weasel

      Maybe people are upset because 1) there is no clear release date now and 2) we have no clue WHY the game is delayed other than this vague excuse Kaz is giving? Did you think about that?

  14. Lambob

    (you may ignore my comments, as I ignored 99% below)
    oh well, no matter, I am very happy with AC on PC, (I am astonished at their DLC licensing and weekly support) and may finally buy Dirt Rally PC to learn the Hill Climb track.
    less time on (holiday sale loss for Sony) PS4, and more time for these two deserved games.

    but truth be told, all 173 comments myself included, we will all be buying GT7S in 2017 when it does come out as-is.

    1. Cobra2245

      Why waste the money? This has happened before with GT, only more recently the releases have been total crap, and they have yet to fix the numerous bugs and server problems.

      We’ve seen Kaz’s (lack of) work in GT6, with it not having an update for about a year at this point. We’re still plagued with issues in GT6, so I CAN’T be convinced that GTS will not have those issues – issues with quality (bugs and servers), the graphics and sounds (which sound like blenders and vacuum cleaners), and, the 500 cars, which I highly doubt will happen.

    2. SZRT Ice

      GT6 isn’t getting updates because the focus is on GT Sport. You want updates in Gran Turismo? You’ll find them in GT Sport.

  15. YoshiMaster2

    Am I surprised, No.
    Am I disappointed, Yes.

    All the more reason to get AssCor instead.

    When was the last time a GT game wasn’t delayed?

    I thought that development was quicker for PD on the PS4.

    1. MeanElf

      “…I thought that development was quicker for PD on the PS4.”

      True, that has been said (or repeated) many times. I would wait though until the game is there to see what they have done with that time – I have a good feeling about it.

      AC should keep you busy in the meantime, so no worries, eh?

    2. SZRT Ice

      Easier development usually equals more ambitious goals for those the hard working type. They’re not just going to slack or deliver the simplest most easy to complete package. That’s not the PD way and it never has been. They’re always trying to excel and push the limits of what the PlayStation platform is capable of. I’m not surprised that if it was completed too easily, that they didn’t step back, hands on hips, looked at it and said…”It could be better”. Good isn’t “good enough” for PD. They’re definitely going to try to push GTS even more in some yet to be seen way. And I’m down with a new and improved Gran Turismo.

    3. MeanElf

      I fully agree Ice – they haven’t shied away from innovation or raising the levels to a new excellence before, so I doubt they will now.

    4. SZRT Ice

      I’ll say this again: Never felt GT6 was meant to be a true sequel. More so a “thank you to the fans”. People wanted 2 GT’s per platform, they got it. No other reason a GT was released so close to the release of a new platform. More so, hello GT6. Because you did push the PS3 to its limits. Further than GT5 already did. It was a struggle for Kaz to do what he did with you on such a weak system by comparison to what these other devs have to work with. So I appreciate you for what you were.

    5. MeanElf

      You may call GT6 GT5.1 JP but that is just your opinion – admittedly this is also just an opinion but I felt it was way more than a simple extension, what with improved suspension physics, increased day/night cycle track list and increase to the ‘edge effect’, something that really needs the PS4 as seen by Driveclub.

      Nor did I t say that their innovation needed to be a massive leap, just that it’s always been there. As always though, you knew that.

    6. Johnnypenso

      “improved suspension physics, increased day/night cycle track list and increase to the ‘edge effect’”. Certainly worthy of 3 years of effort.

  16. VetteZR1

    I made the right move and went the PC route in November. Chose to go PC over PS4 and after a short learning curve I haven’t regretted it one bit. AC, Pcars, and Dirt Rally are more than enough to keep me busy for a long time. No PS4 in my future. This news comes as no surprise considering its coming from PD and Kaz.

  17. Whodoyouthink

    Could easily be something like May 2017. November 2017 wouldn’t be totally out of question either. But honestly, HONESTLY, you need to add months on their initial release date, because PD is infamous for releasing new games that leave many, if not the majority of us, feeling like it is half finished! Consistently delivering GTs with lacking career content, announced features and cars, and inconsistent physics. For sure, the games still were techinically playable, and hot lapping would tend to be fairly solid, but even still, Major physics updates would have to be applied in order for PD to feel they delivered the right thing. And in some light this is good; to have continuous support and actually improve the game. But still, it cannot be denied that the previous games have always been questionable on Day 1, and we never seem to get the….let’s call it “Spec 1.00” version (not officially) until months after release. We really do effectively get a polished up beta version cleverly packaged as an official Playstation game.

    Still have no reason to upgrade to a PS4, nor pick up GT Sport when the time comes. I want things to improve, I want them to succeed, but I’ve been a fan long enough to know now that Gran Turismo games, especially on release, tend to not lack in potential, but rather lack in reaching it!

  18. Godarm

    A “smaller” version can get delayed, what happens if it is the real full normal version?
    Is this a marketing trick or someone’s big empty words again?

  19. sayba2th

    This is disappointing indeed, not surprising however.

    No point getting in a flap about this, if you are that “jaded” by PD and Sony’s decision to delay then there are other alternatives which you can go and get and enjoy. Then you can let PD know your dissatisfaction by not purchasing GT Sport when it finally does come out.

    Or accept this and wait for them to release it when they do which unfortunately seems to be becoming the norm in the gaming industry these days. At the end of the day it is what it is.

    In the mean time this gives me plenty of time to really get into AC which has been a complete revelation to me!

  20. Racin-Rev

    If I remember correctly. New Platform PS2 = GT3 Delayed
    New Platform PS3 = GT5 Delayed
    New Platform PS4 = we shouldn’t have been surprised by this delay.
    I will buy, play, and enjoy the game, but why give release dates that don’t have any possibility of being met. It isn’t just PD — other developers do the same thing. — Still very frustrating.

    1. ArR29

      I think what’s more frustrating is, 4 years into PS4 life cycle and yet there’s no Gran turismo on it. Even exclusive title like God of war still missing.

    1. Bxx88

      ^Already have the xbox and will get Forza 7 when is out.
      But I’m just pointing out how funny it is that Forza is walking to it’s 3rd motorsport game in the current console generation, and Gran Turismo still haven’t made it’s debut.

    2. SZRT Ice

      Kaz and PD aren’t TURN 10. They’re both companies that make simulator racing games, and the similarities stop there. People shouldn’t expect of TURN 10 what PD is doing, and vice versa. They have different ways and different game plans. Accept it.

    3. SZRT Ice

      Forza 10 will also likely be out before GT8. I’m okay with this. They are racing games, but it’s not a race to see who can pump them out at a faster pace.

    4. ImaRobot

      You’re right, there is no race because there’s only one person in the competition.

      Either way, there are a ton more similarities. They are both car collecting games(Where, actually), they are both games that function heavily on user choice and personalization(or where, actually), they both have a good physics system while still simultaneously making it easy to just pick up and play. Hell, even most of the features in the games are extremely similar.

      They are practically like-for-like, just on their exclusive system. Well actually, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore with GTS, but they used to share many similar aspects and hopefully GT will return to what it used to be.

    5. SZRT Ice

      Lol, @ PD/Gran Turismo not even in the competition. 230+ comments and counting, and they’re not even in the competition.

    6. ImaRobot

      They arent in the competition Though, because they literally dont have anything out to be part of it. That is, until they actually release something

      Comments on a message board does not mean anything lol. Its even more ironic you point that out on such a news post.

    7. SZRT Ice

      “Not in the competition” indicates that they’re not recognized, on par with, or producing games on the level of their competitors.

      Example: Honda not in competition with BMW, Mercedes, etc. Gran Turismo has been in the competition for a long time now, and is still recognized as such by the backlash and fervor over each news article and event hat regards it.

      Just because they’re “dancing around the ring” doesn’t mean they’re not in the competition. They just haven’t thrown another punch yet.

      The new car is in the shop. It’s on pit lane, and it’s being worked on to make sure it’s track ready and up to specification for the competition. Meanwhile, the “older models” are still making their rounds and setting better “track times” than some of these “newer models” ever will.

    8. ImaRobot

      No, not in the competition means they don’t have a product to compete with. Recognition means nothing with no product, hence “they aren’t currently in the competition.” There certainly is something in the works, but you can’t be part of a competition if you haven’t brought anything to the table yet.

      No, they aren’t even part of the match to be able to throw a punch. They are sitting, on the sides not even part of the event yet. Maybe they’ll have their fight down the line next year, but as it sits, they are no different than any other viewer. They’ll be stepping into the ring once it hits the shelves. Until then, they are not involved in this competition. They have no fighter, Hell, they don’t even know what time they’ll even be able to fight yet.

      For that to make sense, the newer car would have to be up and running in the first place. It’s currently experiencing technical problems that will ultimately stop it from entering all together, therefore, no one is going to have to be concerned with it at the current time, as they won’t be encountering anything about it until it resolves it issues. Unfortunately, the vehicle will be out indefinitely as there seems to be some issues and the team can’t seem to get the car even started in the first place. They are out of the competition now, even though people recognize that it could have done very good.

  21. bullie77

    LOL… now, where have I’ve seen this before… I think the “new unveiled features” would be something as mind blowing as… moving wings with individual feathers on the birds over the Nurburgring…

    Delayed?! Seriously?! What else would you expected from a GT game?… LOL

  22. qwbufp

    I wouldn’t have been able to afford a ps4 until december so it’s ok ;) Not surprised… They know we’ll still buy it even if it comes in 2036.

    1. BrunetPaquet

      Maybe you should try Unbeatable difficulty with no crew mods in Forza Motorsport 6. XD

      You’d see it’s not so casual. I get my behind mauled by about 100 meters on a 3-lap run every time I try at this difficulty.

      Just saying lol. Hopefully you won’t take it personal.

  23. RodolphoPNeto

    Wow. I’m actually surprised. At this point, with such a massive competition, didn’t think they would make the same mistakes. Maybe i’m old and fixated on the past, but it’s such a no-brainer – keep it simple, use what worked in the past and update it a little bit.

    Pretty sure these cutting edge features will have little to do with actually racing. It’s probably some photomode/replay/streaming/social networking thing. Sigh…

    1. David Brooks

      Or even worse, gps logger thing to enable those with a particular expensive real car to do something pointless in the game.

  24. cfc


    I got slated by blind Gt fans when i said gt sport will be delayed-but then again only people who believed in release date are same blind GT fans.
    Since GT4 all went downhill for PD and GT – there are much better games who offer much more than GT will ever do.PD and Kaz still lives in 2000’s – now remember – when GT Sport finally comes in 2018 (yes,exactly-dont be fooled by 2017 LOL) it will be obsolete,but no matter what same blind GT fans will say its ok..Just like they saying since GT4.
    Forget about GT guys – move,GT as a series dead.


    1. KevinHeryanto

      Milions of people still care about GT and to them GT is not dead yet. Just because it got delayed doesnt mean its dead.

    2. SZRT Ice

      What’s the point of this? You think it’s dead, but it’s not “dead enough to keep you from coming here to talk about it? Look at all the comments in here. Good or bad, we’re all here talking about GT. If it was dead, this comments section would be empty. So stop acting like a kid (being childish) and carry on. Trolling makes you look like a loser.

  25. BrunetPaquet

    Ugh… just when the feeling that it would get delayed came up in my thoughts, we get this.

    Been like that since GT4 I think but I guess I’m crazy enough to give ’em the benefit of the doubt, as usual.

  26. Andyc709292

    Very LOL. But don’t worry, Racers Revenge (pod racing) is on sale in psn, and it’s been re-skinned to higher resolution. I’ll confess to my <$10 purchase and first few races!

  27. Rich2086

    Also theres so many options out there now Dirt Rally, Project CARS, Asseto Corsa, even the new F1 game is a vast improvement from recent years. And if you have a PC then theres rFactor 2, R3E and iRacing. There are so many quality racing titles now do we really give a stuff about GT it was great in the day but i wont be losing sleep over it.

  28. Rich2086

    Wow im so surprised….

    In all seriousness I would put money on it that when this does finally come out it may look visually stunning but will probably be years behind its rivals. I think the time has come for someone to steer this in the right direction quickly before its gone for good and becomes a back-marker. Few driving puns in that for you ;-)

  29. CorvetteConquer

    PD = Postponed Delayed.

    I’ve been saying since late GT5 into GT6 that the series could use a new head honco. Kaz had done his job well from GT1-4 and everyone should legitimately thank him (along with his team) for bringing driving sims to consoles. He ought to be replaced. But the Japanese culture is a finnicky entity. Sony would have to tread carefully.

  30. Skyline_77

    no! damnit, and I just got a PS4! was looking forward to GTSport. oh well, plenty of games to enjoy, but I must look elsewhere for a racing game. Asseto Corsa it is I guess

    1. torque99

      Try DiRT Rally, Drive Club+season pass, The Crew and NFS 2015 as well that should keep you going for a while :)

    2. jm79

      I 2nd what @torque99 says, there are plenty of options to keep you going until GTS releases… Dirt Rally is great fun and you can’t go wrong with DC. Don’t bother with PCars on a pad until you’ve checked the settings in the forums here. Unplayable otherwise.

  31. Ryan81

    Haha, what a surprise!! PD not keeping to their release dates?? Surely not! Wtf!?!?!? Kaz, you da man! I will wait till hell freezes over for you to give us the perfect game! Long live Kaz! I trust he will deliver to us the second coming of the third revelation!

  32. SZRT Ice

    Still waiting on Gran Turismo. There’s reward for patience.

    As of right now, Assetto Corsa feels like an incomplete game to me (on PS4). And it’s being chopped up to serve out in pieces as DLC. A lot of the things people are touting as amazing with this sim, I’m finding sub par.

    Two of my friends are sorely disappointed with it and one has deleted it already. The only worthwhile sim on PS4 is DiRT to me. Otherwise, I’ll be waiting on Gran Turismo.

    There’s a critical review by my friend Cody, if anyone’s interested. Not for those biasly happy with it.

    1. liv4hardstyle

      Pfftt hahahahahahaha.

      Actually found that very funny. The thought of physically doing that made me laugh.

    1. letdown427

      It wouldn’t be a GT game without a delay of unspecified time and some ‘mind blowing new features’ that nobody asked for.

  33. FosterG

    Going to pick up my copy of Assetto Corsa in a few minutes so my disappointment is for the GT faithful. If I had bought a PS4 in anticipation of this release I would be upset. But with Asset coming to my house this afternoon and Horizon3 next month, I’m good.

    1. MeanElf

      There are other games on the PS4 y’know – it isn’t a one trick pony.

      Frankly, with an original release date in November (two and a half months away) I was planning on filling up my time with games that I have collected but not had the chance to play yet, so I’m good.

    2. GrumpyGrumps

      I’m going to pick up my AC in an hour, and I really am quite excited. But I agree with @MeanElf. I certainly don’t have a lot of games for my PS4, but between F1, PCars, AC, and DriveClub, how much more do I really need?

    3. ImaRobot

      For some, PS4 doesn’t have much to hold with right now, myself included. GTS was supposed to be the game to get my foot in the door, everything else is not a must have in my opinion.

    4. Leggacy

      Yes there are plenty of other great games to play.
      having a little trouble playing battlefield 4 with T500rs tho :-/

  34. breyzipp

    Kaz probably checked out Assetto Corsa on the PS4 and was thinking “holy sh** this handling and ffb rocks!” :)

    1. Leggacy

      And at the moment that’s all AC has going for it, it suffers from gmotor syndrome. There’s a nice sim there but little content and slightly broken

    2. ALB123

      @Leggacy you are so wrong about saying “No Content”. Yes, for an arcade game it has few cars compared to GT or Forza. Assetto Corsa isn’t the same type of game. It is a sim. Go look at the other sim titles. The only title even close to the number of cars is pCars – I think they actually have more than AC. Arcade racers keep saying there is no content and they clearly don’t know what they’re talking about because they don’t even understand the genre. Not all console players are like this – many understand what the point of AC is and it’s not to collect 1200+ cars like GT6.

    1. YoshiMaster2

      Well, All of the GT games have been good at least (Main series titles) and pretty much all of them had been delayed about 57 Quintillion times.

      And one of the notable ones that wasn’t delayed (GT2) was incredibly buggy and quite cut-back (well at least compared to what PD wanted) at launch.

  35. Blood*Specter

    This is expected. And for PD part in it, they really can’t afford an disaster of a release.
    The need to have as much as humanly possible go right for GTSport on day one.

    I think all manufacturers will have day one glitches. They will have bugs known the developers when the game releases. It’s called mitigated risk. That said, PD and Kazunori need to take the lead back from the upstart new comers. If they don’t, sales will surely be lost to Assetto Corsa, PCars2 and Forsa. In fact the process has already begun.

    I think they know that having standard cars, and advertised features that take years to make it to production are things that will leave them where they are now……second fiddle.

    On the other hand, if their affiliation with FIA, the social aspect of their game and the sheer number of available cars (NO STANDARDS) and tracks continue to lead all others, they will again be masters of all they survey. But, they had better up the anti on sound, physics, damage, tire model and off-line/on-line balance.

    So they can delay all they want. What they release had better be smoking. Or their shot.

    One thing they can do to really endear themselves and their game to customers is to insure that legacy wheel kits are compatible with GT(7) Sport.

    1. Dragonwhisky

      One thing they can do to really endear themselves and their game to customers is to insure that legacy wheel kits are compatible with GT(7) Sport.

      So much this. They want to sell game titles and PS4s? This is what needs to happen.

  36. SDSPOWER01

    Project Cars got delayed, Asseto Corsa got delayed, Drive club got delayed, No man’s sky got delayed, it all comes to studios who wants to dedicate more time and make sure to give the best experience ever. We cannot assume that it’s bad management or that the leader is at fault no, I bet the most of you that were in school begged your teacher to postpone projects that were too much because you did not feel “ready” enough. In order to be a good leader and make sure to give people the best experience and quality, delays happen.We are humans after all. Kazunori Yamauchi is a very dedicated person and I believe the moment another person steps in that “Gran Turismo” magic will disappear so a little respect from his community is to be expected as well. Criticism is ok but it has to be shown without insult or offense towards the respectable studio and Leader. After all they are doing this for us.

    1. CarBastard

      Uhhh, nope. First of all, when I asked for a time extension back in school it was because I had done squat up to that point and pulled an all-nighter to make something. I still do it in college and, amazingly, results aren’t bad at all. Which brings me to another point: Kaz Yam is running a multi-million dollar business not trying to pass Logics III (ugh, stupid analytical philosophy…).

      The “I’m a human, I make mistakes” argument is utterly irrelevant when you’re trying to sell me a product. I don’t care who or what you are, if you want my money you have to earn it because that’s the way I got it. If Kazunori wants affection and sympathy that’s a different matter altogether, but if he want’s money then there are no excuses for this pathetic way of treating his customer/fan base.

    2. MeanElf

      Pathetic, really? So that makes a high percentage of other game developers the same, as SDSPOWER01 already pointed out?

      It seems also that you must have missed out the bit of philosophy concerning the Greeks and what pathos actually entails.

    3. Northstar

      If you are usually on time and slip up you can probably get away with it. when you make it a habit like some developers have been doing it gets harder to support them.

    4. CarBastard


      Yes, pathetic, and not just because of the delay. Comparing PoDi’s way of treating their customers and fans with how SMS or Kunos does is absurd: the delays can easily be forgiven if the game developer’s actually communicate with you and listen to your demands and constructive crticism in regards to contents, fixes and game quality. PCars was developed from day one with the input from the community, it was not only funded by it but there were frequent polls about what direction the game had to take. Kunos’ Marco Massarutto constantly solves doubts and reads comments on VirtualR and other simracing sites, for crying out loud, he’s basically running a basement operation compared to Kaz Yam’s budget and he’s able to churn out a far superior product. Having decades of history, millions upon billions in budget and failing to reach your goals because you disregard your fanbase who have asked in shouts for almost a decade “GIVE US PREMIUM MKIV SUPRA PL0X!”? Yup, absolutely pathetic.

      And no, I didn’t miss it at all. I’d be happy to discuss anytime the greek definitions and distinctions between pathos/ethos/mores, three things we seem to mix up in contemporary language. But I fail to see why you’d bring that point up here besides appearing smart: we’re discussing a game developer failing to deliver a product to it’s customers and it’s loyal, and frankly masochistical fanbase. We’re not discussing how to achieve eudaemonia or about the Platonic identity of truth/good/beauty or trying to clarify what Hegel defined as the “ethicity” of the greek character. We’re talking about a freaking game that a clown who poses as an artist is expecting me to buy for $60, plus the cost of a new console AND a new wheel when he isn’t able to keep up a simple deadline or listen to feedback from the community.

      Fun fact: If we guided ourselves by greek ideals, then Kaz’s claim to being an “artist” because of his concept of “mimesis” would make Plato laugh at his face. You do remember this bit of Plato’s philosophy that disregards art as fake and inferior because it’s an imitation and a simulation of a perfect idea, right?

    5. SZRT Ice

      Games released half-assed that we’re made to pay full price while we wait for them to “maybe” complete it via updates and patches, is pathetic.

      Taking a good enough product back in to the shop to continue working on it and make it even better. To give your customers a product they can appreciate on a higher level, before receiving a penny for your efforts? That’s honorable and commendable.

    6. MeanElf

      But we are discussing the concepts of truth, good and beauty Car bastard, certainly in the concept that beauty is truth – at least I feel that we are. Your use of the word pathetic though is what I still find questionable.

      You cite pCars as comparison, yet fail to mention that pCars was solely a community funded game, a very different business model, so why is that even being compared? AC was also delayed, several times – okay, communication has taken place, but PD have done that too – it’s what sparked all of this after all.

    7. MeanElf

      Sorry – shockwave crashed during my previous post, so didn’t include all that I wished to say.

      Car Bastard: the reason I find your use of the word pathetic questionable, is it is the wrong word,

    8. CarBastard

      Just for kicks, I’ll play along. You’re one funny elf.

      Pathetic, adjective (UNSUCCESSFUL)

      C2: disapproving unsuccessful or showing no ability, effort, or bravery, so that people feel no respect: a pathetic attempt/joke/excuse.

      That’s Cambridge’s dictionary, my boy. By the number of negative comments in here you can see that people feel no respect for Kaz Yam and his team because GT5 and GT6 have showed no special effort or ability that their competition weren’t able to match. That’s where the disapproval comes from: PoDi used to produce the standard-bearer of the genre, they slept on their laurels and took the liberty of treating their fanbase like dirt and now those chickens have come home to roost, bawk bawk. A response you might find unsatisfactory, but face it, it’s a word with the correct semantic content for the present situation at least in the opinion of several individuals.

      Regardless of business models, pCars and GT CAN be compared because they’re, uh, racing simulators sold on PS4. That’s a very narrow category of things and surely it isn’t a categorical mistake comparing them, regardless of their origin. Also, I did mention pCars was community funded so you might need to brush up on your reading skills before using big-boy words like pathos, but I disgress. Your mentioning of ACs delay proves my point: when a developer has a good communication with it’s fanbase it allows them even to get away with this kind of things, specially when considering Kunos is, again, running on a mere fraction of PoDi’s budget. And yet, Kunos is able to fulfill a simple promise like “regular DLC” which is true DLC, not some laughable excercise in engineering onanism a la Vision GT. Compare a pack with three VGTs to ACs Red Pack, compare the people’s reaction, see what I mean.

      This isn’t “communication” from PoDi. It’s like saying a marriage failed because of poor communication and then arguing “But I sent her a subpoena for the divorce! That’s communication!”. They don’t care about our opinion, as well-meaning as it has been on most cases, they have ignored simple pleas for particularly popular and iconic cars and made pointless Wipeout laser-powered clones, they don’t care about fans asking for tracks that are already designed for previous games (Like Complex String and Citta di Aria) and instead release a bunch of made-from-scratch hideous new “original” tracks like this “Fisherman’s Ranch” and Cape Ring. That’s what has sparked it all, that’s what’s driving people mad: Kaz thinks he knows better and he really doesn’t. Meanwhile, his competition does know better and offers a better competing product so it’s time for the most loyal GT customer to ask himself: “Why am I still here?”.

      And no, beauty isn’t necessarily truth and truth isn’t necessarily beautiful (it’s often the other way around). If we went according to Kant, you’re making a total categorical mistake because beauty and morality are completely separate spheres of the human mind, one aesthetical and the other practical, and are judged in completely different ways. And no, we aren’t discussing concepts of truth and beauty. Again, we’re discussing a game franchise which we all love, or used to love, that’s going downhill because the head of the whole operation is acting like an utter moron.

    9. MeanElf

      “Pathetic, adjective (UNSUCCESSFUL)
      C2: disapproving unsuccessful or showing no ability, effort, or bravery, so that people feel no respect: a pathetic attempt/joke/excuse.”

      Yes, curiously enough I can read a dictionary – however, the “…disapproving[,] unsuccessful or showing no ability, effort, or bravery…” bits are simply your opinion in this respect and frankly, If I were Japanese I would find the last suggestion to be extremely offensive. The remaining definitions: “…pathetic attempt/joke/excuse…” are also subjective. The one from that whole pile that I can accept in any way is “…so that people feel no respect…” which again is an opinion but one that I have seen frequently, so it merits a reply in context. Whilst the past passage is a definition of ‘pathetic’ the word is a bad choice which is why I questioned your usage of it. A lack of respect [for] is a far more direct route to take, rather than hiding behind a lesser suited but more emotive word – Debate devolved to a click-bait approach is how this looks to me.

      “…By the number of negative comments [debatable] in here you can see that people feel no respect for Kaz Yam and his team because GT5 and GT6 have showed no special effort or ability that their competition weren’t able to match…”

      Emulation is always easier than creating. Hasn’t at least one competitor been unable to include a full day/night cycle with the other managing to introduce dynamic weather ahead of GT – but only on a more powerful console? The dynamic weather wasn’t original to them either, as Driveclub had it not long after its launch. AC still hasn’t got that on the PS4.

      “…That’s where the disapproval comes from: PoDi used to produce the standard-bearer of the genre, they slept on their laurels and took the liberty of treating their fanbase like dirt [very subjective] and now those chickens have come home to roost, bawk bawk. A response you might find unsatisfactory, but face it, it’s a word with the correct semantic content for the present situation at least in the opinion of several individuals…”

      Several individuals are just that. This isn’t politics where the few speak for the many. The choice of ‘pathetic’ I still contest because the delay is the issue in question, nothing else, or did I miss something somewhere? People have their agendas, fine – but please don’t expect the rest of us to fall over and play dead just because you and a number of others are upset.

      “…Regardless of business models, pCars and GT CAN be compared because they’re, uh, racing simulators sold on PS4. That’s a very narrow category of things and surely it isn’t a categorical mistake comparing them, regardless of their origin…”

      Sorry, no I don’t feel that they can. The end goal may be the same but the way they get there makes a big difference to the end result. Community based/designed games have a very different dynamic to them, changing how its community perceives it. In this age of armchair developers who would love a game if it only did everything they personally wanted; a community model will get more acceptance. PD are making their own game, their way and that appears to rankle with a number of gamers – yet that was what PD always did. True, they have a by far bigger budget over the smaller companies but they also have the onus upon them to produce and not simply emulate – not an easy situation to be in. Where will PD go now, we won’t know until it has happened – surely that is a part of the journey.

      Quite recently we’ve seen Milestone, another small Italian developer rise to challenge Codemasters and apparently make them nervous enough to create a proper rally sim over the mixed bag that they previously focused upon (my interpretation, I know.) I mention this because the end comparison is very similar with the one following in the footsteps of the other and possibly altering the way the former will respond – like I suggested in the last paragraph, we shall see. True, AC has poped up to challenges PD – PD have yet to put their answer on the table but here you are dissing them before they have done that…

      “…Also, I did mention pCars was community funded so you might need to brush up on your reading skills before using big-boy words like pathos…”

      Yes that little fact I did notice, and are you really reverting to internet pettiness to prove a failing point? I clarified and quantified your comment, which apparently you missed. ‘Big-boy’ words…you really are a funny person yourself.

      “…but I disgress. Your mentioning of ACs delay proves my point: when a developer has a good communication with it’s fanbase it allows them even to get away with this kind of things…”

      And PD have communicated their delay which was linked to in the article. I also said that they had done this in my last post to you…

      “…And yet, Kunos is able to fulfill a simple promise like “regular DLC” which is true DLC, not some laughable excercise in engineering onanism a la Vision GT. Compare a pack with three VGTs to ACs Red Pack, compare the people’s reaction, see what I mean…”

      Credit where it’s due, Kunos have managed to land Porsche – GT:S isn’t out yet, maybe wait before going all prehistoric on them? I know that I prefer to wait and see before getting all upset for possibly no reason.

      “…This isn’t “communication” from PoDi. It’s like saying a marriage failed because of poor communication and then arguing “But I sent her a subpoena for the divorce! That’s communication!”

      Sorry, I’m not really understanding what it is you’re saying there.

      “…They don’t care about our opinion [again, subjective] as well-meaning as it has been on most cases, they have ignored simple pleas for particularly popular and iconic cars [license query?] and made pointless Wipeout laser-powered clones…”

      Are you jesting about the Vision GT cars again? I see that FH3 has the Warthog – one person’s pointless is another’s joy – why is it you studied philosophy again?

      “…they don’t care about fans asking for tracks that are already designed for previous games (Like Complex String and Citta di Aria) and instead release a bunch of made-from-scratch hideous new “original” tracks like this “Fisherman’s Ranch” and Cape Ring. That’s what has sparked it all, that’s what’s driving people mad: Kaz thinks he knows better and he really doesn’t…”

      Trouble is, all those tracks would also need to be made from scratch too – different architecture requires re-making it all – so it was likely a question of choices. Don’t forget that their team has only recently grown to what is now considered to be a full team in gaming development.

      Personally, I don’t think that Kazunori-san thinks he knows better – I am sure that the real problem is, you all think you know better than he does.

      “…And no, beauty isn’t necessarily truth and truth isn’t necessarily beautiful (it’s often the other way around). If we went according to Kant…

      …and no, we aren’t discussing concepts of truth and beauty. Again, we’re discussing a game franchise which we all love, or used to love, that’s going downhill because the head of the whole operation is acting like an utter moron…”

      I wasn’t citing Kant but Keats:

      “When old age shall this generation waste,
      Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe
      Than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou say’st,
      ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty — that is all
      Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

      To me that is as applicable to GT as it is the Grecian Urn of the title – that’s what I’ve been talking about here.

      I also love the way you can look at the man who created and has driven the very series you (used to) love and then call him a moron – such absolutes must make you a fun conversationalist at parties.

  37. GTR325

    Could it be that Kaz and team want to take some time off to play Assetto Corsa?

    They’re probably all like, “forget that we promised our first game on PS4 3 years after the release of the console, let’s make them wait 4, 5 or 6 years.”

    Also, I guess these “yet-to-be-unveiled” features couldn’t just be added via an update later, huh?! I guess they couldn’t just give us a solid game with less features in a timely manner at first, and then update it with more and more features over time?!

  38. gigio79

    Do you know why GT sport change release date? Because actually F1 2016 and Assetto corsa came out few days ago and in the next months they have to sell DLC, Sony decide to wait next year. Very simply.

  39. celtiscorpion73

    Now would be a good time for an update to GT6. All this waiting for GT Sport deserves some reward until it comes out next year.

  40. occasionalracer

    Clearly the additional work of balancing the graphics processing correctly between the two consoles plus smooth VR is a good part of this delay. Unfortunate yet totally understandable.. GO PD!!

  41. ScotteDawg

    Delays are good, especially in the case of PD and the Gran Turismo series! PD have always put out a superior game compared to others on a PlayStation because they take their time, study other games and do it better.

    Since GT5, there have been complaints about delays. What are the biggest differences between GT4 and GT5? GT5 had a larger car & track count, GT5 had ‘premium’ cars for the first time and GT5 was the first in the series to go online, which came with trading cars, parts, paint chips, racing suits and user-created tracks! Yes, we got to make our own freakin tracks!!!

    PD give us a lot more than most other games in the genre – A LOT MORE! So, all you whingers and whiners out there, if you want a good game, expect delays!

    1. pascalf1

      Only PD can get away with a concept of Premium cars and the rest…

      If Turn10 did that or any other dev for that matter, they would get slaughtered.

    2. CarBastard

      With that kind of writting you can definitely get a tax-exemption from the IRS for the Church of Gran Turismo!

      I’ll bite:

      Biggest differences between GT4 and GT5: consistence of quality and the design of the offline mode: GT4’s was much better in every way. GT5 wasn’t the first to have “premium cars”, it was the first to lazily include “standard” sub-par car models, you could say all of GT4’s cars were “premium” given that they were the best they could do at the time. The online portion of GT5 and GT6 was such a half-assed attempt that bringing it up actually hurts your argument, and the trading portion was the same thing: so much so that they had to limit the trading of cars! Racing suits are nice, parts are absurdely limited for the car count and the paint chips idea is idiotic (why the huck not giving us this magical thing called “color pallet” and just charge credits for whatever color we want?).

      Up until GT4, Gran Turismo reigned supreme. That time has long passed. Anything GT can do, the competition can do it much better!

    3. Isho

      @pascalf1, Oh so you mean the many people that disliked this exact concept dont exist and PD got away with it? You’ve definitely been living in a cave.

  42. Fredzy

    Fortunate that this announcement coincides with release of Assetto Corsa, hah. AC and Dirt are going to have to hold me over for a while now. AC is out for delivery right now and I’m looking forward to playing tonight.

    This news is really disappointing for me for a bunch of reasons. I feel like this was PD’s chance to reinvent itself or something like that, I don’t know. Maybe they will, but this doesn’t bode well – more PD as usual.

  43. Adramike

    Fine by this. Make it worth our while. Give me more time to get a newer wheel. Was not looking forward to having to squeeze out the cash for a g29 or t300.

  44. potvinsuks

    As much as I wanna pull my hair out, I’m not surprised by this one bit.

    Just feel like a fool for stressing out over having to sell my G27 and coming up with more money for a new PS4 and new wheel.

    I guess I can keep myself busy on my PC until then…. Hmmm, should I go with AC, or F1-16?

    What a day for PD to make this announcement…… Isn’t AC being released on PS4 today? Good grief.

    1. Isho

      Same here. Though, I had the cash ready to buy a G29 and pre-order GTS. The only thing that kept me from buying the wheel was the weird announcement that they might support older wheels.

  45. GTP_CargoRatt

    This delay should not surprise anyone, this is PD (Postponements & Delays) we are talking about after all.

  46. beezball

    I am neither surprised or disappointed… Because this was assumed the moment it was announced. No worries, I’ll wait. BTW, Deus Ex is wonderful for anyone wondering.

  47. Kovu

    GT Sport wouldn’t be Gran Turismo if it wouldn’t be postponed.

    I always questioned the november ’16 release window. Not only because it’s a PD game, but because I couldn’t imagine how they’d develop and release such a big title so shortly after GT6 (which, to be honest, was released when the PS3 already was well over its best times).

    But I’m fine with it. I prefer when they let the devs perfect the game instead of pushing them to the initial release date. Meanwhile I’m enjoying Assetto Corsa, which finally made its way to the consoles (delayed… …and I still I love it, really).

  48. CarBastard

    To all of you justifying this by saying “I’m ok they’re delaying the game so it’s not rushed and a quality product at lunch”, don’t you remember saying the same thing about GT5 and GT6? We still got buggy, rushed games without promised features and with very poor thought of game modes that just ruined the great work done in the graphics and physics departments.

    Stop treating a game like a matter of faith, PoDi and Gran Turismo are kill and they got nobody but them to blame. It’s the result of years of ignoring their fanbase and treating them like crap, of thinking they knew better than everybody else and that the competition would never catch up to them. Suck it Kazunori!

    1. Fredzy

      Regardless of what the finished product ends up looking like (which honestly with GT I am always satisfied enough) there is no logic in excusing PD for missing their release.

      PD set a date, screwed up and missed it. This “polished, complete game” that people are OK with waiting forever for should be finished and ready by the date that they set. At what point do you stop saying “this delay is OK because it will mean I get a better game” and ask them to get their s*** together? 6 months of delay? One year? Forever? Should be the very first miss.

      Our feelings on this don’t matter, few missed sales will result from these delays.. I think? But I think the people who do matter are going to make things change after this.

  49. pascalf1

    Gran Turismo should be given to a new studio. It would give it a fresh start, a new outlook, new ideas and for once, maybe a release date would be respected.

    On the other side, you have Microsoft with Turn10 and Playground Games that are showing Sony how it’s made with 2 year release dates for each franchise. So how in the heck can Polyphony only turn out a game each 3-4 years max? Kaz and his team are stuck in 1999…

    Sony had Evolution Studios in their hand and they paid an ultimate price for the release of DriveClub wich turned out to be a great game in the end. How come Polyphony doesn’t pay any anything? I would have give an “Horizon” type go to Evolution with the GT branding just to see what they can do. And out of that, it would have resulted in a decision for Polyphony.

    That’s my take on it.

    1. pascalf1

      Meanwhile, Horizon 3 has gone gold 2 years after it’s last release and Turn10 is getting ready for Scorpio with Forza 7.

    2. KingK76

      Great post. It’s all true. Funny that I wouldn’t doubt that Forza Motorsport 7 releases before GT Sport (GT7)! Even though Polyphony have had a MASSIVE head start on Turn10, Turn10 have just about caught up. I love GranTurismo, it is just a shame that Polyphony can’t deliver #1 on time and #2 without breaking a tonne of promises about “features”. And getting excited about “a glimmer of interest” that Kaz has lifting up his Carrot is simply ignorant at this point. How many times is he going to make us think that we a waiting because the game he is about to deliver is going to be “perfect”? Not since GT4 has a Polyphony release been even close to “perfect” or complete for that matter. And yet Sony kills off Evolution Studios (I wouldn’t doubt that fact that they aren’t a Japanese studio has a lot to do with it…) for basically committing the same sin Polyphony does EVERY time they release a game! I mean Evolution were excellent with their Motorstorm series… They falter once and Sony kills them…. Very suspect.

    3. Ben Rogue

      My thought exactly. Evolution Studios should have been given direction to make a Forza Horizon type game. Given their experience with MotorStorm and DriveClub, they would have been perfect for the job. Too bad PD are given so much leeway and we have to sit and wait only to be disappointed again and again.

      Let’s face it, we shouldn’t have any confidence in anything said by PD or Kaz. Any hype for a future GT game is too much hype.

    4. MeanElf

      All this is based on T10 and Playground Games with a huge team at their disposal vs PD who have operated with less than a hundred members up until relatively recently. Sure, throw another two hundred plus at the project and it could well be possible to make a GT title every year – that wouldn’t be GT though. Forza aimed at a higher turn-around from very early on and that’s their method. PD never promised a yearly or every two years title roster.

      As much as I love Evolution and Driveclub, I think you folks have forgotten that Driveclub was also delayed substantially and operated with a small staff (110 or so up until launch and dropped to 55 afterwards.) Nor do I think Sony’s plans are to create a competition – I mean, do they have a Halo comparison? GT was there before Forza, so that one was also not created to complete with MS. Not everyone has the same business methodology.

  50. JKRACING23

    Shocking and not shacking at all. They’ve only had 3 years since 6 came out to make sport. Sport better be really good. We better get a server upgrade till sport comes out at least.

  51. Gunma36

    They expect us to buy a PS4 Neo that’s why. GTSport needs to be the killer application at launch, so they had to delay the title to make a PS4Neo bundle. New title will be “GTD – Gran Turismo Delayed”

  52. GregOr1971

    While certainly I’d like to enjoy GTS on PS4 in November, as I was looking forward on that “spring beta” that never came out, this “unexpected” delay means, I’ll be enjoying AC more time untill GTS comes out, so, no harm done) Take your time PD.

  53. Isho

    Thank god I didnt waste my money on a PS4 compatible wheel or even pre-ordered the game. I knew something was about to happen when Kaz stated that the game is 70% finished at a relatively close point to release.

    1. TX Executioner

      That Kaz quote was a head scratcher for me as well. It took that long to get to 70% and he thought that last 30% would be done in just a few months? Strange math there.

  54. Le_Manuz

    we now have a forgotten title with no more updates and functionnalities still missing
    a delayed product

    nice joke again PD
    your fan base is disappearing like an effervecent pill in water

  55. black300zx

    So disappointing. I gave PD too much credit and preordered the game and took a few days off work, should have known better to not believe them. Same old story, need more time to perfect it blah blah. I know it’s not unheard of and games get delayed, still this time I thought PD was going to surprise us but in a good way. still getting the game, just a shame it’s not until next year.

    1. CJT

      Yup, I just had to cancel the two days I booked off. Bought a G29 6 months ago, so I was all set for November. Meantime, I keep looking at all the Forza content that keeps coming through. Really difficult to not buy an Xbox One…!

  56. Ben Rogue

    Gran Turismo, PD and Sony have become a joke! How long will Sony let Kaz waste time and money with his pet project, constantly missing release dates and failing to deliver on features?

    That’s it, I’m gonna buy an Xbox and get FH3… No more waiting and hoping for a decent GT game, just to be left waiting and disappointed yet again. Meanwhile Microsoft throws money and resources at Forza and they manage to turn out 5 games in the time PD have barely done half the work on a half measure of a GT game. It’s pathetic!

  57. usielx313


    I remember I wrote an article about PD lies in the forums and the moderatos shut it down.

    I said it was imposible for the game to be a its 50% development with a launch date this year.

    Ahahaha I see how this game will turn to be a dissapintment as many other games in the industry thanks to the fanboys.

    Stop beliving kaz..he is a liar.

    1. MeanElf

      So, where is the lie? An original release date was announced, once they realised they couldn’t reach that, he announced the delay…still not seeing any lies in this…

    2. Scaff

      No you created a duplicate thread for a post that could have been put in a number of other existing threads, that’s why your thread was locked. Please don’t make things up, you just end up looking embarrassed when the reality comes home.

      GTP has no issue with critical discussion, we do have an issue when people think they need to create a new thread for it (or did you think you were the first).

    3. SZRT Ice

      People like you are too simple minded. Everything going on in a company is not made public. There are things that sometimes need to be moved around to coincide or make space for other things. Wait for more info or just move along. No one is deliberately lying about anything. This isn’t the NMS Hello Games and Kaz is not Sean Murray. It likely has more to do with future plans by Sony than anything else.

  58. cgaspar1

    That’s it for me i was going to pre-order this game next week, but this change it, I don’t care for GT Sport anymore or “GT7 Prologue” 1st they say it’s 140 cars then oh it might have 500 cars by the end, just give us the real Gran Turismo 7, not spin offs like GT Sport or Prologues, we want the full game, meanwhile xbox guys, are on the 4th Forza Game, soon to be 5th with FM7 ,on the next gen and the best game Playstation guys got was Driveclub and Sony just gave up on that game so that i assume make Gran Turismo their flagship racing game.

    1. jm79

      @isho – for sure, I totally agree, but it was certainly not unlikely… Given current practices in the industry. Defo a shame though, I was looking forward to a bit of PS4 GT :(

    2. KingK76

      When is the last time any Forza release was delayed….? That’s right never. There is no excuse for this AGAIN! All the studio makes is the same damn racing game! Exactly like Turn 10! And each Forza release has new features and is measurable better than the last… Giving Polyphony a pass here is exactly why they don’t care about delaying… I love GranTurismo, but I am not a fanboi (nor am I for Forza… I am simply stating facts…) and the treatment Polyphony gives their fanbase reminds me of another Japanese company. Nintendo. Nintendo has been giving there loyal base garbage for far too long and they get away with it because their fanbase are such fanbois that Nintendo could literally sell them a turd in a box and they would argue that it is the best smelling turd EVER! Polyphony needs to have their base turn on them for this type of behavior…. Not “Meh, games get delayed all the time. How can people not be used to this, in this day and age!?”… Although it does seem that many in this thread at least are fed up… We will see how long Polyphony takes advantage of how “loyal” their base is…

    3. jm79

      Hey @KingK76 – I’m fed up too bro. Don’t get me wrong, but you know, a lot of games get delayed these days. As for Turn 10, I hear you, and they make great games, but there’s something slightly off-puttingly… mechanical about the way they churn things out. Remember also that on the PS4, DC, AC and PCars were also delayed. It’s cool, sh*t happens. I’m not going to go ape or insult them. It doesn’t deserve that response. Videogames are complicated and expensive things to make, we should give these companies some leeway, IMHO.

    4. SZRT Ice

      If the game is a turd, it will to some degree suffer. But releasing on time won’t make it less of a turd, only moreso. So we’ll see if the added time makes the game worthwhile or not when it releases. Otherwise, what else can you do but wait for further info, carry on, or move on?

    5. MeanElf

      Do you have issues with Japanese companies KingK? Your whole Turn 10 comment is actually just your subjective opinion, not actually a fact. The industry is a lot more complex than you give it credit for, clearly.

      Oh, and re-spelling ‘fanboy’ won’t exempt you from moderator action.

    6. jm79

      Also, @KingK76, this is utter, utter nonsense: “Nintendo has been giving there loyal base garbage for far too long”

  59. civicgsir

    To all those saying “good, a finished product”, please & spare me. How many times until that response is stale and some accountability for doing poorly at your job has to be recognized? Kaz and/or PD are in over their heads, clearly. Either it’s poor management, funding or worse. Part of good leadership is situational awareness. Kaz is in LaLa land. Can’t say I’ve seen articles on GTPlanet about Dan from Forza or the team at AC doing 24hr NurRing races while trying to make their deadlines? Kaz is a joke at business and should not be a VP at Sony. He is more suited as head daydreamer in the creative department. Leave the serious big boy stuff for adults.

    1. GrumpyGrumps

      This all may be well and true, but it’s not going to matter and the situation isn’t going to change. Until PD and the GT title become a loss-making exercise for Sony they will do whatever they want, and they will do it without hesitation or regret. That said, I really do hope I’m wrong!

    2. ArR29

      I know what you mean. But it’s not like the whole PD development team has stop doing their job when Kaz race at nurbugring 24 hours.

    3. MeanElf

      Exactly ArR29 – there’s delegation right there. I also know of very few people who stay on top of a game development for every day of the process – even game directors get holidays.

    4. SZRT Ice

      A weekend of racing will not set a game back months. Settle down. People are entitled to their days off, vacations, dreams, etc. He’s not our slave. And at least his “leisure time” (if you can really call it that) is work related. Amazed at how easily people can point their fingers without knowing the ins-and-outs. You may think you’d do better in his shoes, but you don’t know the difficulties and challenges until you actually know them.

  60. Cobra2245

    What a surprise! /s

    I feel like we’ve heard this before in previous GT releases. I already gave up on GT when GT6 was released, and I’m definitely not getting this game after seeing how little was done to make GT6 just a /stable/ game.

    Oh well…

  61. wigs2009

    No Surprises there !
    Assetto Corsa is gonna keep me busy for the next 6 or 8 months at least with the difficulty level…. So….. take your time Kaz & P.D and release the best GT game in years.

  62. ArR29

    I don’t know if delay is good or bad thing for most people. But to me, It’s alright, as long they made the game more polish and stable. It would be better if they release a demo so people can see what the game looks really like.

    1. ArR29

      Seriously tho, a small demo will make everyone happy. 1 nurburgring track, 3 cars like M6 GT3, 650S GT3 and lamborghini veveno is good enough.

  63. another_jakhole

    Really though. People have been upset they were going to release a version of GT which isn’t suited to the name. This delay is necessary. And with all the people expecting the norm of current gen games to be released with less value than previous generations. Give it a break by not laughing or responding in some told-you-so manner.

  64. Gran_Turismo

    Well I guess it’s a good thing I counted myself out of this game, the moment it was announced.

    Now I don’t feel upset about this.

    More devs need to adopt Bethesdas method of unveiling games when they are close to finished product.

    1. Gran_Turismo

      Exactly the first thing that came to myself head when I just saw this news posted on another forum site.

      It’s too common place for PD at this point. Maybe time for new leadership and directing.

    2. another_jakhole

      It’s a shame Kaz announced it without certainty but GT doesn’t need new leadership. It’s hopeful to expect what we had with the PS2. All those tracks. I was expecting the Amalfi Coast shove GT HD.

  65. Schmiggz

    At the end of a carrousel of speculation, delays and disappointments, the next title, whatever name it comes with it, will finally be released at the very end of the playstation 4 life span and again born outdated and technologically behind from whatever other titles will be doing by that time.
    It’s really hard to understand what the hell PD is doing in terms of market strategy. In a world that in order to be leaders, companies have to constantly work in the limits to beat competition, PD seems to enjoy the back marker position! Go figure!

  66. GBalao888

    This delay better make up some time to make the game even better since I don’t want to waste my pre-order.

  67. TeamCZRRacing

    Not surprising, but good on them for not compromising quality in order to get the game out for the holiday season.

    1. ScotteDawg

      I’m with you on that! Ever since the delay on GT5, there have been far too many complaints about Kaz and PD not having their s**t together, yet they all still play the game and are somewhat “wowed” by the effort put into it!

      If Kaz and PD didn’t have their *hi* together, there wouldn’t be delays, they’d just throw out the game and expect us to wait on updates and DLC… But, they do have their s*i* together and pushing the game back is the intelligent thing to do! Get it finished, present us with a full game and make sure there is less for people to whinge about!!!

    2. KingK76

      @another_jakhole… It is that attitude you have about this situation that gives Polyphony the nerve to continually delay their games. There is no excuses for the kind of blatant disregard for their fanbase. And if you actually believe that they are doing a proper good job but just can’t meet a deadline (that they set no less!) then just look at Turn 10. I know I keep on about Turn 10 and believe me I am no fanboi here. It’s just that they are the closest thing in games development to Polyphony (1st Part Studio, Racing game only studio and they basically make the same game) and they meet their deadline EVERY time! If they can do it Polyphony can as well. And please don’t tell me that Forza is any less quality wise then GT. If anything Forza has surpassed the quality of GT back with Forza 4. It is NOT acceptable to continue to delay the games you are developing. Add to that the constant “promise” of features that are NEVER delivered and you can see why people are starting to talk about new leadership on the title. And I do see it in terms of “not compromising on quality” but look at GT5… It was delayed more then any racing game EVER and when it did end up launching it was a mess! Even GT6 launched without a whole slew of “promised” features! Polyphony have no more credibility. And they only themselves to blame. And the people who count on them to bring quality games have every right to be upset.

    3. KingK76

      @ScotteDawg You must be joking… This is your quote: “If Kaz and PD didn’t have their *hi* together, there wouldn’t be delays, they’d just throw out the game and expect us to wait on updates and DLC” ?!?!?!?!??!? Both GT5 and GT6 (more GT5 though) absolutely relied on updates AND DLC to finish and fix the games! Where were you when GT5 launched? Give me a break man! You obvious are FAR FAR too up PD butt to see the reality of the situation. I don’t intend on being mean by saying that but you certainly seem blind to the facts. It’s almost funny…

  68. GT5 Level 41

    In no way shape or form am I surprised by this. You cannot count a Kaz egg until it is hatched. I feel foolish for even pre-ordering. I did know enough to only put a deposit down and not the full amount.

  69. Imari

    Lol. What a surprise.

    I’m pretty sure with their lofty ambitions and ridiculous goals they’ll never get off the back foot from the massive GT5 production length.

    Are we taking bets as to whether FM7 will be out before GTS yet?

    1. Imari

      I’m not sure if you heard, but FH3 is out THIS year. September 27. 2016.

      Forza Motorsport 7 will be out about the same time next year. I think it’s about even odds as to whether GTS is out by September 27th 2017.

    2. TeamCZRRacing

      By that, I meant that 2017 will be a year full of updates and DLC for FH3, with FM7 arriving in 2017.

    1. GrumpyGrumps

      T10 doesn’t have to give us a reason, because the reason is money. It’s a business, and someone in the situation didn’t get enough of it to be happy, so there you go.

    2. HarlemG27

      Aint that the truth. I liked playing gt6 and mcla just as much as the next guy, but sony has to see that the delay of the new gen gran turismo hurts consoles sales. I was waiting on gt7 to buy a new console. No dice. But xbox had most of the same racers plus the horizon series And i needed a new wheel either way.

      I’m now playing forza 6, looking forward to the free horizon this week, and new one next month, and ac for the holidays. Gt7 can task all the time they need now(although gt6 manual trans physics is better than ms6 :\ )

    3. Imari

      At least t10 were honest and admitted upfront that there isn’t going to be VW. We all know the reason, and they’d be fools to burn potential bridges with VW by throwing them under the bus.

      T10 are acting like professionals, doing their best to inform their customers of what they can expect in their product.

    4. KingK76

      @TeamCZRRacing That’s funny… It would seem that you are trying to turn everyone’s attention form a train wreck by pointing at a person who stubbed their toe and shouting “hey everyone look over there!”. There is no comparison in the two situations. Maybe VW doesn’t think the FH series is a good look for their brand (street racing and such…) now that they are trying to clean up that divisions image. Who could blame them after all the bad press they have gotten lately. Maybe it is simply financial… who knows. At least Turn 10 was up-front about the whole situation. And the are a business who doesn’t want to sour their relationship with VW so that’s is most likely why they aren’t giving exact details about why they won’t be n FH3. I would expect VW to be in FM7 though. No reason for them not to. Anyway, nice try…

  70. glassjaw

    I had assumed Polyphony had enough time and preparation to get this out the door by November. Wishful thinking, I guess.

  71. MrWaflz55

    I hope this is because they realized just how empty the final product was looking for a while. This might give them a chance to add more cars and maybe even a career mode too. I’m actually looking forward to this delay.

    1. FT-1

      If this is the case then I won’t mind the delay. From what has been shown so far, the single player aspect lacks A-Spec races and looks so bare.

    2. another_jakhole

      I’m thinking this as well. It’s unfortunate for those of you who are ready to get started but I wasn’t feeling ok with this release. I’m glad Kaz had it in him to push it back.

    3. Gran_Turismo

      It is more of less too late to add any meaningful career mode and PDs method of implementing cars takes too long. They’ll need a whole another year of Dev time to implement those features, without them being rushed.

    1. Rubencho

      true, this new is not that new. it’s part of a cyclical process and the beginning of new delays… expect the next full GT to be released by the end of the PS4 life cycle.

    2. KingK76

      No joke… It’s sad. Sad and frustrating. I really wanted to play this game. Oh well FH3 will eat up all my racing time anyway I suppose.

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