Tom Brooks, the ‘Voice of GT Sport’, Launches New YouTube Series

Since he first began commentating on GTPlanet’s live racing streams so many years ago, Tom Brooks has become known as the “voice of Gran Turismo Sport”, and you have almost certainly seen him on the FIA Gran Turismo Championship World Tour live streams.

Since then, he has branched off into some interesting side projects. Last year, he began documenting his experience restoring a 1972 Series 3 Jaguar E-Type Coupé here in our forums.

Now, he’s taking things a step further with the launch of a new YouTube series on his transition from a professional racing commentator to a competitive racing driver.

The series kicks off with a rallycross at Lydden Hill in the UK, with Tom getting behind the wheel of a Citroen C2. As you can probably tell from the video thumbnail, Tom ended up doing something that made him look bad.

You can follow the rest of Tom’s adventures on his YouTube channel. In the next episode, he’ll be meeting up with various industry experts to figure out how to make the next jump in his racing career.

Good luck, Tom — it looks like you’re going to need it!

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