Watch Part Six of Tom Brooks “Make Me a Racing Driver”: Putting Theory Into Practice

Community Spotlight 5 December 1, 2020 by

Tom Brooks, the man behind the voice of GT Sport‘s in-game videos and host of the FIA Online Championships, has spent much of 2020 (where permitted) trying to put his money quite literally where his mouth is. After commentating on motorsports for years, including MotoGP and GTPlanet’s own endurance championship, he wants to become a racing driver.

We’ve been following Tom through the year by the medium of his own vlog series, called “Make Me a Racing Driver”. In the series he covers several of the steps he’s taken to improve his own performance and ability as he tests the waters of entry-level motorsport. We’ve seen him work on his fitness, take some driving lessons from a professional racer, and, well, crash.

Last time we saw Tom he was preparing for a track day at Donington Park. It’s a track he’s been to before, only that was on a motorbike and he crashed. This time he was learning the circuit virtually (although not staying on brand, because it isn’t in Gran Turismo), with help from Adam Christodoulou once again.

This week it’s time to put the lessons into use, as he takes a trip to the circuit near Nottingham in the UK. Once again, it’s Christodoulou’s life on the line, as the Mercedes factory GT3 racer loans Tom his time and his trusty Renault Sport Clio 197, just as he did back at the now-closed Bruntingthorpe back in June.

How did the virtual driver training pan out? Well, you can see in the video below. No cones were harmed in the making of this film. Well, okay, one cone.

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