Tom Brooks “Make Me a Racing Driver” Part Five: Virtual Driver Training

As we’ve been following throughout this year, our friend Tom Brooks is looking to get out of the commentary booth and onto the race track. His latest video is now available, and again focuses on driver training.

If you play or follow GT Sport, you’ll know Tom. As well as being the host and co-commentator for the FIA Online Championship live events and Top 16 broadcasts — and you can catch him in action in that role this weekend — he’s the voice behind the in-game videos.

However Tom is also aiming to get his own racing career started, and he’s put together a vlog of his experiences so far. To date we’ve seen him take on rallycross before taking some driving lessons from Mercedes-AMG factory GT3 driver Adam Christodoulou — with inevitable consequences.

Since then he’s picked up a racing car, in the shape of a French hatchback for rallycross, and gone through some of the driving-oriented fitness programs he hopes will improve his lap times.

This time round Tom is with Adam again, but doing things in the right order. Part six of the series, which will follow on in the next couple of weeks, will take Tom to the challenging Donington Park circuit. To make sure he’s prepared, he’s taking the time to learn the track virtually first, in iRacing, with Adam’s help and guidance.

Racing games are actually used by real-world racing drivers in exactly this manner, so Tom’s in some pretty good company. Hopefully that will translate into the real world, if only for the sake of Adam’s Renault Sport Clio…

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