Video of NASCAR Car Damage in Gran Turismo 5

Long-time GTPlanet reader Rob Groove got his chance to play Gran Turismo 5 at the recent PlayStation BETA event, and he made a note to get something on video that we haven’t seen much of: damage on NASCAR cars. Watch his clip above, and be sure to read his full analysis of the demo for his full impressions. Thanks to Rob and all who sent this in!

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  1. Stune

    Geo i know what you mean. Its to do with a stong look at constraint which keeps the camera always directly behind the car. Other games often use a slightly different system. One of the old Colin McRae Rally games on PS1 (CMR2 i think) actually had a camera editor so you can create the perfect chase cam yourself. The fact is its really easy for game developers to do, but they often just stick with 5 or so and thats all thats expected. Personally i would love it if games brought back the whole camera editor approach, theres no reason why they cant. Having said that i often use in car, bonnet or bumper cam

    1. Geo_212

      If I’m not mistaken, the chase-cam was like how I explained in GT3? I’m not sure about GT4 either… I’m sad to say I’ve never played them :(

  2. Geo_212

    I want them to fix the chase-cam (outside view) view… the cars feel too rigid to make any precise movements. I like how in games like Forza 3 and GTR: Evo how the camera lags behind a bit when you’re turning, so you can see the car turning even when the camera is behind the car… if anyone knows what I’m talking about. It’s pretty hard to explain :P

  3. Razgriz

    Till tday or November 2nd the best ps3 and all platforms racing game was Racing Driver Grid that was a cool game and a realistic game.But when GT5 goes out that will be the best !

  4. Stune

    Sorry fanboys but this isn’t as good as Forza 3’s damage and i could list a dozen sims which is at least this standard. That doesn’t bother me one little bit however. GT has never been about damage, its always been about a realistic driving experience, tons of cars and tracks, as well as awesome graphics etc. The fact that this game has damage is a ‘bonus’ really for me, so im perfectly happy with this standard.

    1. Wodomon

      GT5 will have dynamic damage system, then Forza and etc has a scripted one. So there is no question where it is better.

    2. danielwhite74

      Forza’s damage system is nothing but scripted scratches; how could it possibly be better than this? :(

  5. Vulcao

    I agree with Dir.

    Damage looks great. Considering that they’re not even showing mechanical damage, my expectations are already reached. I’m satisfied with that.

  6. Dir

    The damage look incredible, since we never have damage on any gran turismo game. Im happy with this, and im thinking if this is not the final product, the damage maybe gona be better.

    Sorry my english…

    1. Chad D.

      2 things:

      1) its a demo

      2) its either arcade mode, or its standard physics, which are totally diffeent from professional physics (at least in prologue they are)

    2. Drifter

      Something about the physics doesn’t seem right?

      How about I go over there and punch you in your stupid face, and you tell me if that seems right

    3. BoBo

      ??? lool it sounds like you havent played a racing game bfore or dont drive a vehicle. explain yourself coz your comments vague.

  7. zevehcj

    Fanboy? Making up excuses? Defending? What the hell are you talking about? All I said was that the cars won’t get completely destroyed or “won’t drive anymore” because the manufacture don’t let them. This was said by a sony/pd employee in an interview. The sun rises and it sets. Are you going to call me a “sun fanboy” now?

    1. Alex

      @ zevehcj your right.

      for a starter this is not the full damage model because kaz already confirmed panels bolts etc falling off as debris on the road and i assume the full damage model will also break headlights windows etc.

      however. these are real cars and real people buy them and no manufacturer is stupid enough to A) let there expensive new car BREAK DOWN in real life or a game regardless.. its bad PR.
      secondly. no manufacturer wants to let people see what its like for you to crash there car . there realism / simulator with replicating a car which PD have done beautifully… and then there’s stupidity. they don’t want the cabin to be damaged. they dont want PD to model airbags hitting you in the face.. this is a REAL car and a REAL manufacturer and REAL people buy them.. not some toy from dirt 2. mechanic damage is all u need. in realty u don’t even need panel to be dented.

      if u want crash damage that realistic go crash your mothers car.. it adds nothing to racing.

      dirt 2 . need for speed are all modified manufacturer cars and thus don’t need to stay in the strict guidelines ide assume PD does. aka Subaru rally edition. roll cages. custom body panels etc etc

    2. zevehcj

      Exactly. Also, you forgot to mention GTA and the Burnout series. People like to say “GTA IV and Burnout has better damage”. But they don’t realise the vehicles in those games are fictional. The developers of those games can do whatever the hell they want to the cars because they’re fake.

    3. Bah...

      They also blamed the manufacturers over damage in genneral before. We where told we would never see it because manufacturers would never allow it, yet here it is.
      When enough of the other games include a “stall” or “breakdown” feature, or when PD/sony gets the idea that not including it would harm the bottom line, you’ll see the same reversal of “manufacturer rules” your seeing with damage now.
      It’s just a BS excuse they use because it’s logical/hard to disprove, and let’s them pick or choose what they add or leave out without getting blamed too much for the choices they make.

  8. Jackhammer17

    Alright the damage looks okay, but WHERES THE WEATHER!!!!!
    I want to see brakes locking up and a smashed lamo :)

  9. UkHardcore

    There doesnt seem to be any physics at all when the car hits the barrier?

    I take it GT4 mode is on rather than the premium GT5?

    1. Rofl

      never going to happen. You do that, and 75% of the fanbase would either suddenly realize they arn’t on par with real world professional quality drivers, or go for the delusion route and decide that GT just became the worst simulation ever. Both ways, there goes the market…..

  10. DW

    I’m at least hoping for damage on the scale of something like DIRT:2, Motorstorm, GRID, NFS:Shift etc.

    I appreciate these games have resets/rewinds, but the damage modelling is something Polyphony should be looking to equal, if not better.

    I’m beginning to think that after all these years of waiting for GT5, its going to deliver in some areas, but fall short in others.

    1. Dumb

      Im beginning to think that after all these years of waiting for GT5, we will get served an incredible ammount of stuff for a mere $60 compared to other games, and this game WILL be amazing yet some will bitch no matter what and feel as if they deserve more and more and more.

    2. Nigricans

      @Dumb – if a game is 99% incredible but the that last 1% is woeful, then that 1% still deserves harsh criticism. It’s not about entitlement, it’s about standards.

      @Hardcore – I’m hoping the same thing. Unfortunately we haven’t seen anything other than this yet, so I’m starting to wonder…

    1. Chad D.

      thats becuase either:
      A) nonone whats do deal with such an immature and idiotic comment
      or B) everyone stopped viewing this article

      oretty sure its both, lol

    2. danielwhite74

      Why don’t you go and spend five years making a driving game that’s up to Polyphony’s standards..? XD

  11. terminator363

    how slow is GTP today! They haven’t even added the daiko kasho song name winner thing yet in the news section!!

    1. Wiretap

      I personally am looking forward to the Nascar’s. Full Nascar rules have been confirmed havn’t they?

      Full racing lags and all that guff? Should make it interesting!

      Just hope the racing flags have been carried over into the rest of the game.

  12. Magicayrton

    Wikipedia… Weather effects are also confirmed to be included, although the extent of the implementation is currently unknown.

    1. Rofl

      Wikipedia says my villiage was founded by, and is part of the next town over. Never mind that we where here 30 years before, and still have an independant government from them. But if wiki says it, it must be true. Guess I better change my voter card…lol

  13. Mr Latte

    Well we are likely to see a new trailer for GDC and with every show get some more information on the game.

    I wouldnt say weather is confirmed at all because of one so caled representative at “Comic Con” just seemed to be talking a lot of crap.

  14. Magicayrton

    Give me Ruf’s.. hope we get at least one with premium attributes..

    I will be running private races with friends online, full damage on, and a spectators to marshall proceedings!

    If ANYONE gets out of line I will say “Oi! YOU…


    1. JayKayEm

      There is more chance of my garden being hit by a meteorite this evening than a Ruf being a premium vehicle. I am praying that they are in the game at all!

  15. oo7PorscheMGS

    Besides, no real GT racers will be crashing around like this anyway, right? Right. ;) So damage wont NEED to be so excessive anyway. Just give me those 1000 beautiful cars and some amazing tracks / weather / online and I’m in CAR HEAVEN :P

  16. oo7PorscheMGS

    Wish people would stop complaining and realize they are doing all they can to add damage well without getting in trouble with the manufacturers. Is november 2nd really that far? No, less than 90 days… yes I’m kinda counting ;) So just wait, I’m sure in november NO GT FAN WILL BE WHINING. Go play something else till then ;)

  17. CamAndtom

    I just talked to kazi on my cell phone. He said that this is all crappy stuff from a year ago so that people will be shocked out their butt when it comes out. Btw…me and kazi are like bromies.

    1. Rofl

      Ummm yah, that’s why it’s taken more than half a decade. Kaz is busy having phone chats with CamAndtom….
      Btw….me and elvis are roomates.

  18. Nato_777

    RobGroove was the PS3 you recorded the footage on running in 3D? If so I would definitely say that it wasn’t set up right as you suggest in your blog. I’ve seen some video of GT5 running in 3D that was really bad to watch without the 3D glasses but your video isn’t too bad.

    1. Rob Groove

      No this video is from the GT5 pods with steering wheels and was not showing 3D. I will be posting a video from the 3D in another post in the very near future.

  19. dalejrfanfreak

    It should be mentioned that this is still demo footage. There could be different levels of damage simulation in the final product. From what I saw the damage looks promising, better than anything I ever saw with NASCAR games from EA the past 8 years.

    1. John Cheever

      I like your confidence! Surely they must be wrapping up this game pretty soon- an ostensibly finished game must have a bunch of more hoops to go through before it gets released to the public, which is really not that far off now.

  20. kerotan

    it’s still damage from “standard” physics…
    why they don’t choose “professional” one????

    1. Alex

      i dunno why either the guy that did this nascar damge test thing said he just tried to use the damge system as much as he could in the set time… why didnt he choose the professional one? maybe the guys ate the PS beta thing set the race setup themself or mayeb it wasnt an option. i no ide love to see a clear diffrence between “standard” physics and the “professional” one.

  21. Gordy

    So let me guess this straight. The “Real Driving Simulator” allows you to plow into a wall at 200mph head on without anything happening to the car? L-M-A-O. All that happens is *some* damage, but nowhere near enough that would happen in real life. And to top it all off, there is no mechanical damage, so it’s like the crash never happened.

    lol, I’ll stick to Forza 3 (and Forza 4 which will in all likelihood come out before GT5), the realest driving simulator on consoles.

    1. Drogahnus

      Hey, troll. Forza 3’s physics are horrible compared to GT’s. Secondly, Forza 4 has not been announced, and GT5 will be out November 2.

    2. LOL

      @Gordy…Ok guy, stick to forza see ya! enjoy your “real” damage model oh wait if you hit a wall on the left side of your front bumper the entire bumper and hood will get scratched up and damaged, how realisitic! Awesome physics also, oh wait the steering wheel steers for you. Awesome graphics, oh wait the cars look like plastic. Online mode, oh wait nobody plays the forced hoppers. Only 8 cars on track how awesome! You better hope Forza4 isn’t as rushed as 3 or you will enjoy a buttload of bugs and unfinished product. I could go on but I gotta run. Enjoy! L-M-A-O

    3. DumbGordy

      mechanical damage was turned off smart guy, thats why they drove away like nothing happened. You talk about realisitic yet praise forza’s damage? Ignorance is bliss. All comments are welcome but atleast get some facts straight.

    4. Gordy

      wow, nice job proving you play racing sims with all the assists turned on. Steering for you? Yeah, if you have the steering assist on, which apparently you did. LOL indeed. Only 8 cars on track? Uhhh, so did GT4 have more than 8? At least Forza has damage, and the damage that it has is 100x more realistic than anything we’ve seen for GT5.

      At this point, Forza is ahead of GT in every way. What did GT have in its 3rd installment? Yeah, that’s what I thought. GT5 is coming out and will finally have some features that have been in Forza for years. Just imagine how amazing Forza 5 will be. Wow.

    5. NimbusToast18


      “so did GT4 have more than 8?” Are you serious? You’re comparing a 7th generation racing game to a game that came out five years earlier? Pathetic. And it’s funny how GT4 still has more cars than Forza 3.
      “What did GT have in its 3rd installment?” Just… Wow.
      Forza 3 came out ten months ago. GT3 came out nine years ago.
      FM3 is behind GT5 in every way possible. GT5 has 16 cars on track, twice as many cars, better physics, real damage (this is a bloody demo, everyone needs to calm down), more details, better graphics, day to night transitions, and so much more. Dude, just.. just no. You’ve proven to us that the only good example of REAL damage is your brain. Have fun playing Forza!

    6. Murcie

      I like Forza 3 a lot, but seriously dude, it’s nowhere near the most realistic console sim. I’d even go so far as to say the 6-year-old GT4 would still compare to it, and that’s a PS2 game compared to an Xbox 360 game.

      And yes, I do drive with all assists off.

    7. StupidGordy

      You do know the difference between real time damage and canned prescripted damage right? GT5 = dynamic real time which means it shows damage in the EXACT spot where you get hit, Forza = canned which means if you hit the right rear of your bumper the entire bumper and maybe even side of the car will show dents and scrapes, THAT IS NOT REALISTIC. It may have more extreme damage but in no way is it “100x more realistic” you turd.

      Plus wait for the full game before you base your “opinion” off an old build that could be from months ago. You can turn your steering assist off in Forza but guess what, it still assists you. The physics are way to easy on that game makes it feel like arcade, LOL use rewind if you mess up, how real. Funny how you are comparing Forza3 to GT3 and GT4??

      Also GT5 will be packed with SOOOO many more features, day/night cycle, possible weather, NASCAR, F1 cars, WRC, 3D ready, 16 cars on track (twice as many as Forza3), track editor, 1000cars, the best looking car models ever seen, an fully indepth online mode with 32 player lobbies, the most realistic accurate track models, improved physics, top gear track, head tracking, track days, YouTube upload from IN GAME, Logitech G25 and G27 support, and we still havent seen everything yet. I have Forza3 its fun but is like a crappy nacho appitizer compared to a steak dinner.

    8. Magicayrton

      I have forza 3.. stopped playing 1 month after I bought it.. garnished crap, no windscreen in cockpit view, cockpits are unfinished and cars have the most baby-ish handling and damage, it’s a mess..Forza 2 is still the benchmark in that series, the sound is incredible.. I drive a slightly tuned NSX / intake and cams and WOW!!!

      GT5 will also be awesome in so many more ways fool.

    9. BoBo

      1.WooooW your either dont do research or cant read. DAMAGE INCLUDES MECHANICAL DAMAGE.

      2. I see a Forza troll looking bored, do i care if youll “stick to Forza” fool.

  22. AGNT009

    The reason people are beotching about the damage is that they want a REAL RACING simulation. I stopped playing NFS:Shift online because it actually REWARDS a guy plowing into you in the corner and knocking you off track. Real racers want real consequences. So, its not so much the damage we are complaining about, its that the consequences for your racing actions need to be realistic. The fact that its impossible to kill your car is nearly unacceptable. The Real Driving Simulator it is NOT. If a guy cant remember the course, and hits a wall at 180 through no fault of anyone else, he needs to be punished appropriately, and that punishment should be seeing your F’d up car for a few seconds, maybe a full course caution where everyones car slows to pace lap speed, then your car is teleported to the garage where it belongs. And the non idiots can continue racing. Now we are going to have idiots on track who cant maintain race speed getting in the way, and causing more wrecks by just simply being out in the racing groove. Probably also swerving into other cars because they are bitter they cant compete. That ruins the Simulation experience. Yes, cars are allowed to limp out there in real life, but a car that had a 180 crash would not be back out on track, and that is our biggest gripe. If the consequences of the wrecks are going to be dumbed down by half, we are still going to have what amounts to Mario Kart racing out there.

    THAT is what fans of damage are complaining about, because we know with REALISTIC damage, it weeds out the idiots REALLY fast. It forces you to race others with a semblance of respect, or get yourself wrecked out for being a douche. Knowing you can push the cars further than is possible in real life does not a REAL DRIVING SIMULATOR make, and continues to keep an element of cartooniness into the online matches. The only way to properly police online races is to implement real damage consequences because online drivers wont race others with respect, or act like real racers, or drive like their life depends on not screwing up. If you arent racing in a league where you are held accountable somewhat, then the online experience of this game will not be too enjoyable as it will be the wild west out there and finding yourself in a random race where all 16 cars act like professionals will be few and far between.

    1. Magicayrton

      Agreed! it should have been called “The nearest we can get to politically correctly making the real driving simulator plus some other BS to make fans buy it in droves”

      As long as I get all the old tracks and RUF’s, I’m happy whatever happens… hell, they have to leave something out for futur versions right??

  23. mika

    the weather is confirmed for gt5 rain and snow. I want to race on the trial mountain in de rain it would be so good. I can t wait to be the 4 november to play gran turismo 5 in europe

  24. gtone339

    I mght buy the “Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Racing Wheel” for GT5. So does anyone here knows if it is compatible with GT5P?

    Or has anyone tested out the wheel and also checked the force feed back?

    1. magicayrton

      not sure, but for feel I would advise Driving force GT or G25 / G27.. they are the most realistic feeling, plus you get a clutch pedal, gear lever, paddles etc with the g’s

    2. Mr Latte

      It doesnt look to be a great wheel, best to maybe consider the new upcoming Budget Fanatec Wheel or the DF-GT to see how you get one.

    3. Murcie

      The Driving Force GT is probably a better bet for GT5 unless we get proper manual with clutch support for it, in which case get a G25.

      That said, I haven’t tried the Thrustmaster but the DFGT is pretty much the GT-licensed wheel, so for GT5 I’d count on that being the better wheel. For GT4/5P though I’ve used both a DFGT and a G25 and the G25 has a much better feel to it, but the G25 is also more expensive.

  25. LoneWanderer

    EVERYONE STOP BITCHING ABOUT THE DAMAGE ALREADY! It’s driving some of us GT fans, who won’t be crashing cars into walls and actually completing races, bloody insane!

    If you want to see a lousy damage model, go play forza 3 and be grateful for the PD has been doing for us over the years.


      SIR, YES SIR!
      Thank you, for the comparitively rare fan boy perspective. We don’t get enough of that here..

  26. racer1


    Nascar car in a silly urban race track crashing…

    yeeessss… this is the real driving simulator…

    1. Corrado

      What exactly makes it a “silly” urban track? That “silly” track has been in the franchise for years…

  27. magicayrton

    Can’t stress this enough, Most important for me is:

    2.Damage to suspension tyres and engine
    3.Mechanical wear and tyre wear
    4.wipers and Headlights and their functioning for
    weather + Night and day
    5.Uprated Sounds on standard models
    6.Some Premium RUF cars maybe 1 or 2??

    1. Murcie

      The G25 is a lot better than the DFGT is in my opinion. The steering is better weighted, force feedback is more crisp.

      However, that is to be expected considering that I paid about AU$400 for the G25 compared to AU$250 for the DFGT.

    2. Bozo

      I got my DFGT for about AU$150 in March from JB HiFi… just ask for their best price… you might be surprised.

  28. Rob Groove

    At 0.35 notice the driving physics are set to standard, anyone think this might change the amount of damage or just the handling?

  29. magicayrton

    @Eliethebear (l’ours!)

    Gt’s before gt5p weren’t all that good with a wheel because of the slightly weird handling.. GT5p + has changed all that.. I got a G25 and guess what? it’s amazing!!!

    1. Murcie

      Not as amazing as I was expecting it to be.

      Every single car, according to GT5P, has a clutchless manual gearbox.

      What we need as G25/G27 users is proper manual w/clutch support for all cars that have normal gearboxes, then sequential/paddles for the cars that have that setup. Test Drive Unlimited had this setup for the PC version, surely it’s not that hard to implement.

    2. snaketus

      Murcie presse triangle after start in a race, there’s your manual clutch, it’s digital tho but it’s there.

    3. gabe_vs_geforce

      Like snaketus says, BEFORE THE RACE START, hold TRIANGLE until the START message displays. Then Clutch will work.

  30. Geo_212

    I hate using a controller to play this game, and I’m getting a wheel before it comes out, but I can’t afford a stand, so it looks like I’ll be stuck with a stinkin’ pad…
    Anyway, my setup:
    R2 = Accelerate
    L2 = Brake
    R1 = Change view
    L1 = Reverse
    Circle = Shift up
    Square = Shift down
    Triangle = Look back
    X = Handbrake
    Right stick, left = Look left (in cockpit)
    Right stick, right = Look right (in cockpit)
    Left stick, left = Steer left
    Left stick, right = Steer right

    1. Geo_212

      If I can’t use a wheel with GT5, look at the bright side: the new GTR game comes out next year! :D
      (my PC stand is sufficient enough to install a G27 onto it)

  31. VeyronGlen

    Everyone seems to be forgetting the “ghost”, on previous GTs it was the down button i think, and the NOS you could buy aswell, i think that was the up button.

    1. Murcie

      NOS was the R1 button by default, it was labelled as an “action” button in GT4. The Ghost was also mapped to the up directional button.

      Perhaps, lights mapped to L3 (click in left analog) and wipers to R3 (click right analog)?

  32. MgG

    has someone information about tire wear and fuel consumption? are differences between fuel-consumption cars?

    @ alex’ll buy a racing wheel, a Controller is not realistic

    sorry for my english, i hope u understand it xD

    1. Didier

      Yes Fuel consuption that wood be great , wear you heaf to sie witch car , yoezes
      the mowst Fuel en witch the liest , Good thinking + costs for damege after a race wood maik
      me smayl
      also sorry for my english

    2. Luke

      But what about the Tesla ? Staying in the pits for 8 hours because of recharging is not very efficient in a endurance race ^^

    3. magicayrton

      Can’t stress this enough, Most important for me is:

      2.Damage to suspension tyres and engine
      3.Mechanical wear and tyre wear
      4.wipers and Headlights and their functioning for
      weather + Night and day
      5.Uprated Sounds on standard models
      6.Some Premium RUF cars maybe 1 or 2??

  33. Andy

    If you don’t like the damage, switch it off!!!! It’s plain and simple. Everybody who owned GT4 and the previous games were constantly going “OMFGwhereisdamage!!!!??”, well now you’ve got it… be happy! Kazunori Yamauchi already stated that damage was not a top priority, and this damage model is still better than the one in Forza 3 (GT5’s main competitor). So shut up, relax, and realise – it’s just a game after all.

    And they can’t put in realistic damage. Due the nature of the licensing, they are not allowed to make any crash seem “life threatening” to the driver. Meaning that this is all the damage they are allowed to have without losing all the cars in the game. That’s why Burnout, GTA and other such games all have epic crashes where the cars get destroyed and explode, but the cars cannot be real, licensed cars.

  34. Alex

    for me
    R2 = Accelerate
    L2 = Brake
    right analog up = Gear up
    right analog down = Gear down
    R1 = Handbrake
    Triangle = Reverse
    L1 = Rear view

    1. Wiretap

      It’s interesting seeing everyone’s different controller set up’s! I dont think I could get used to your set up #Alex lol

    1. Wiretap

      Yeah agree with the triggers for acceleration and braking, it does give far more control.

      I personally cant use the X and O buttons for the gears though, has to be the L and R buttons, which in turn makes it akward to use the other L and R for the acceleration and braking! :( lol

  35. Wiretap

    I’m glad there is a separate button for reverse! Sometimes when I’m just messing about, doing a “show” for the replay i.e. handbrakes, nosedives etc… being able to brake while reversing is handy.

    Anyways for me…

    Cross = Accelerate
    Sqaure =
    Trianle = Reverse
    Circle = Handbrake

    R1 = Change View
    L1 = Rear View
    R2 = Gear Up
    L2 = Gear Down

    Left D-pad = Look left (inside view)
    Right D-pad = Look right (inside view)
    Up D-pad = Lights??
    Down D-pad = Wipers??

    1. magicayrton

      nice, so in effect you could use one button for wipers, 3 or 4 function on that button!

      press once intermittent
      press again slow
      press again fast
      press again off

    2. Wiretap

      That’s what I was thinking!

      Lights would be…
      first = low beam
      second = high beam
      thrid – off

      Ofcourse only for the Premiums

      Standard’s would just be On or Off

    3. TokyoDrift

      For me as a pad user:

      R2 = Accelerate
      L2 = Brake
      X = Gear up
      O = Gear down
      Square = Handbrake
      Triangle = Reverse
      L1 = Rear view

      D-pad…depends on what options are available for lights, changing settings etc.

      I find that using triggers for accelerate/brake gives me far better control, with smoother action and the ability to feather both at the same time if needed.

    4. ElieTheBear

      hey tokyodrift ! buy yourself a wheel .. i played gt1 gt2 gt3 gt4 gt5p with a pad … then i bought a wheel and i played gt5p with it !!!! damn the sorrow i have of not having played old gts with a wheel lol … people can’t play gt5 without a wheel .. shoul dbe illegal … u got yourself three months !!! got and get some .. and not just tokyo drift ! seriously .. ! everybody get a wheel ! racing feeling are mutliplicating by 5246578342 times

    5. tvensky (bad eng.)

      interesting. maybe you would be able to select a small menu on the bottom of the screen and select everything you need, while driving OR at pause menu. this could be usefull becouse non of the controler or wheel have so many buttons, like in cars. and with this feature you could do SO much MORE :)

  36. magicayrton

    @wiretap.. I have a G25 so I’m sure I will find some buttons!

    Handling will be the best feature of GT5.. splendid doesn’t begin to sum this game up :D

    1. Wiretap

      I just have the DS3 :(

      Although at the minute, I barely have a PS3, it don’t play blu-rays at the minute!

      That will need fixed before 2nd November lol

  37. BlackManDriving

    will the damage feature make anyone drive more like a Race car driver?? No.

    Is there another track that can be shown other than Tokyo and Indy?? No.

    Release the game early and put everyone out of their misery already.

    1. magicayrton

      Damage.. if switched on will make people drive properly, yes, as both your front wheels pointing towards each other kind of hinders progress!!!

  38. magicayrton

    Imagine racing at the ring, at night and in semi wet conditions.. wipers set to intermittent, flicking between dipped and main beams… starts to rain heavier halfway around the lap, switch to full wipers… then dries out towards the end of the lap.. switch wipers off!!

    1. Wiretap

      That does sound very very splendid indeed! :)

      Is there enough buttons o nthe controllers/wheels for all this though? haha

    2. VeyronGlen

      haha i was thinkin would there be enough buttons on the controller/wheel. remember there is a seperate button for reverse (which i don’t like tbh)

  39. VeyronGlen

    Most of the people on here are saying that the damage is bad and unacceptable for Gran Turismo 5. Give Kaz. and PD a break, they haven’t just been doing damage for 5 years have they. Damage is not the most important thing here. I would say it is the physics or graphics or amount of cars etc. IMO. Remember this is the first time damage has been implemented in a GT game apart from GT2 which was just mechanical. I’m sure in GT6 it will have improved a lot. Be greatful that there is actually damage in the game.

    1. magicayrton

      I agree, maybe in GT6, we will see perfect damage, personally I’d be happy with the game unless it’s particularly flawed

    1. magicayrton

      Let’s hope so, Do you think we will have functional wipers for wet weather.. Premium cars only of course.

  40. Wiretap

    Guys, its a bloody demo!! Hold off with your “this damage sucks” style comments until 2nd November hits.

    If it’s still like this upon release, then you can call it s**t, crap, dismal or whatever, but until then, shhhhh.

    I for one though, personally think this looks really really good. Any damage at all will just add to the game.

    But I don’t wnat to wreck my Ferrari 458 (which I’ll be buying as soon as I have enough credits for one), so if there was no damage, I wouldn’t really care.

    1. TokyoDrift

      If you think that looks really really good, you either need your eyes tested, had very low expectations, or are just very easily pleased.

      Why the need to tell everybody you will buy a 458? It’s not like you’ll be the only one… :o/

      Until you are able to force your commands as law, I suggest you keep them to yourself. These are forums, and if people think that the DEMO looks crap, they should be able to say so without being told to shut up.

    2. Wiretap

      You make a fair point, its a forum and people can have their own opinions, fair enough!

      I just don’t get why people are having such a go at this when it is only a DEMO!!! No one here knows if this is the final version of the damage, just wait and see is all I’m saying.

      And to be honest I did have low expectations for the damage. As I have already said, if there was no damage, I wouldn’t care. ANY damage will just add to it.

    3. Faster Chief

      Very rarely (if ever) we see magical improvements from demo to final version. Unless they’ve intentionally left out the complete damage model from the demo, we’ll have to settle for this lame, lame, LAME damage!

    4. Wiretap

      @Faster Cheif

      There is always hope though! :)

      We have seen improvements over the last number of demo’s we have seen. There could be many improvements from this demo to the final build! :)

      But I like the damage shown here anyways, so its all good (for me anyways)

    5. Dumb

      @Faster, this isn’t a demo that you find on PSN store or XBL marketplace this is a beta demo, with bugs and older build models. Some people have no clue. Notice how the ground dissapears and there are clipping and texture issues, you really think this is how a finished demo would look?

    6. Faster Chief

      Exactly my point. People put their hopes on the word “beta”. Over the years I may have grown overly pessimistic (and dumb I guess) and I apologize for that, but it’s all based on countless disappointments. It’s not possible to make huge changes the last minute.

      I will be VERY positively surprised if we get damage model that effectively changes the way we approach corners for the first time… Fingers crossed every one!

  41. magicayrton

    True, if only PD were showing all these lame effects just to put off the opposition, but no, the damage really is that bad??? I thought that silver crumpled 370Z looked realistic enough..

  42. Gejost

    So many ridiculous comments… damage is a major thing for a race game, especially for a sim! We have been seeing good damage models in race games since the PS2. And now, finally, for the first time, although waaaay to late, GT gets a damage model and this is it??? This looks nothing compared to the advanced damage models we have seen in other games lately. If you ask me, PD are trying to implement to many things, and you notice this with this damage model and for instance the invisible walls with rally racing. GT5 will have the best physics, without a doubt, but they lack far behind on other parts.

    And before the GT fanboy’s will start to jump on me, i’m a fan of the GT series myself, just not a fanboy. I’ve been playing GT since the first one. This is just my opinion.

    1. tvensky

      there are to many people on this planet earth – 7,000,000,000. So that means 7,000,000,000 different viewpoints and requests, dosnt it? >:) lol

    2. TokyoDrift

      You are brave mentioning PS2 games… I listed Forza 3, PGR, DiRT, ToCA Race Driver etc. as examples of racing games on other, and some lesser systems that between them have damage implemented way better. Not necessarily in the pure graphical sense, but in the way the impact is represented.

      The GT fanboys only saw “Forza 3” in that list and decided to focus on that and go crying about it. I’m also a fan of the GT series and have been since the original, but damage like this is not worth bothering with.

    3. Big Ron

      you are crying about a demo gameplay, which development status corresponds the E3 demo.
      You should wait till release date to see, how the worked with all features.

      All crying for a development level of a demo is just useless and senseless.

    4. TokyoLearn2Read

      @Tokyo, maybe you need lessons in reading comprehension, go back and read my post again, I only mentioned Forza 3 because I have only played Forza out of all the games you mentioned, why would I comment on games I never played you retarded emo crybaby all you do is bitch and moan. Go get a degree and make a game that compares to GT. Youre pathetic, all you do is cry cry cry moan bitch cry.

    5. TokyoLearn2Read

      I am sorry I am such an child, who can’t argue a point without name calling and other personal attacks. I plan to change, I just have to come up with another lame name first….

  43. Nigricans

    Just watched this again and it is just DISMAL. How many physical effects are supposedly being calculated? PD spoke about this damage like it was a science, but if THAT is the result, why bother!!??
    Anyone who hadn’t been told otherwise would guess that these are crudely scripted creases and dents that don’t even account for the force of impact.

    1. TokyoDrift

      Totally agree, the damage shown there is appalling. Either it was set to ‘tard levels, or all we have is just (as you say) scripted panel creasing and panel swapping. It is totally out of line with what was “promised”.

  44. JayKayEm

    R246! Yay! Its been a while!

    How comes, everyone was saying the NASCAR damage will be awesome?

    I witnessed the car crash into the end of the pit straight at top speed and the bonnet and bumper were creased? The tail of the car didn’t even rise with the head-on impact?

    Not getting it….

    I was never a damage fan, not fussed about its inclusion or not, but if its going to be done, do it properly – as its just as comical as if damage never existed at all.

  45. Nigricans

    So this is the full extent of the damage model PD have been unwilling to implement until it is “perfect” and superior to all thus-far unsatisfactory attempts by other games designers? If yes, epic fail.

    1. Chad D.

      some people dont get the part were this is a freakin demo, and most possibly the arcade mode at best, if you dont like, please, get lost

    2. @Chad D.

      some other people don’t get the part where this is the comments section, a place to express opinions, opinions that often dissagree with other people’s opinions. If you don’t like it, please, get lost

    3. Chad D.

      if your basically going to copy what i said, and going to contradict what you just said, your the one that needs to get lost, i’m also voicing my opinion (and a fact) and your telling me to get lost for the same reason i’m telling him to get lost, even when your doing the same thing, lol, how funny

    4. Hmmmm

      One slight flaw in that logic Chad:
      “@” didn’t say you couldn’t voice your opinion. “@” told you to get lost if you couldn’t deal with other people having a right to have and express a different opinion. There is no contradiction there, and it is not “@” telling you to go away for the same reason has yours. It only sounds simular because sarcastic parody works best that way.
      Since you have now told two people to get lost for having an opinion, you obviously didn’t get the message.
      Never mind that your now trying to justify yourself by declaring your opinions has facts, when the only thing factual about your first statement is that it’s a demo. The rest is just your speculation.

  46. magicayrton

    By the way, I’m not sure if Nascar suits the nature of Gran turismo.. seems to spoil it a little :(

    1. tvensky

      no. I dont need nascar 2. but GT is all about cars, you just can skip this part of game if you want :) I would love to see every car in the world in this game.. even the worst ones. this just cant spoil the game, afterall you have loads & loads of great cars :)

    2. Big Ron

      There are no cars, which not suit Gran Turismo. Gran Turismo is made for car fans. NASCAR are race cars, so they suit the game ;)

  47. magicayrton

    Damage is great when you are really concentrating on improving your lap times when suddenly… bam a tyre blow out and you hit the wall with bits of the car flying off etc… or you make a mistake run wide and clip the barrier sending the car into a big spin dust flying etc…

    I think that’s when we’ll be glad we had damage.

  48. RT*// WNDWLCKR3000

    First hour GTfan here and I’m really REALLY DISAPPOINTED in the collision/crash-physics and damagemodel. C’mon get real, this is so unbelievable poor. Hitting the barriers doin’ 180 and getting this result???
    KY is a perfectionist, he says, but this simply leaves me flabbergasted.
    He can’t be serious about this, it is plain ridiculous.
    Just look at what Codemasters did with Dirt2 and Dirt3 coming up, THAT is a realistic damagemodel. This is like 2 decades back in time.
    KY, do it right or just leave it out.

    Like the most of you I’m waiting and waiting for years and years now and I’ll buy the Signature Edition but although we all want the game so much we must maintain honest criticism.

    1. Rob Groove

      I think your missing the point.
      GT5 is not made to be crashed straight into walls at 180 mph it’s made for people who can race, not kids who will no doubt be trying to hit as many cars as they can cause they cant compete.

      you also need to remember this is a beta demo aswell aka not the final product, id say most probabley far from the vinal product.

    2. RT*// WNDWLCKR3000

      Hi Rob, I don’t think I’m missing the point.
      The point in my opinion is to do it right or don’t do it at all.

    3. @Rob Groove

      And yet, most of the people who play it will be kids, and people who can’t race (but think they can ussually)….

    4. waynz

      wait until the final product is released. This is probably a dumbed down friendly version for the general public… Or maybe just a hunch that it might be realistic once your on ‘professional’ psychics?

      Either way save your anger till November 2nd. :-)

  49. Mr Latte

    I dont get the importance of damage in the game. Its mainly cosmetic and if being anything like a simulator then slight damage would have you out of a race due to reduced handling or performance. Yet people have moaned for damage to GT series for years now that it comes and if it does it like other games thats not enough? So with GT it has to be much better is the expectations combined with the development time.

    In one one hand yes having visually impressive damage effects is really nice but like every game the graphical effects wear off once you have seen them a few times.

    From a gameplay mechanic perspective Id have more interest in damage that effects tyres in much more detail. So smashes and scrapes of bodywork could leave small parts of debris on the track which could cause tyre failures.

    Examples, slow punctures, flat spotting, blowouts. Having these in a race or event would be ways of making the racing more simulation based yet improve gameplay.

    The usual crash you car and it gets wonky gears with reduced speed and oh maybe pulling to the side has been done to death. Besides who here in say a 10 lap race and getting severe damage 1st lap making you 3-4 secs per lap slower would continue racing for the remaining 9 laps? You know you wont make the finish before the countdown anyways. Thats one of the main fundememtal flaws with damage in racing games.

    If damage ends up ruining races then people are likely to race online with it off more than with it turned on.

    1. Luke

      I`ll have to agree, and i seriously hope the level of damaged in the final game gets much more realistic. Up to the point where you have to worry about an exploding tire and even an exploding engine if you constantly over rev an heavily tuned engine.
      GT5 will be a great game, but for it to become game of the decade it should provide in-race features that force me drive more cautiosly with my car, preventing an overheating and ultimately an exploding engine.

    1. Chad D.

      i dont remember the title of gran turismo 5 mentioning anything about damage being its #1 priority, so think your off by quite a bit buddy

  50. Danny

    I’m with Big Ron.

    But I’m not really impressed by the damage.
    On the other hand, I don’t have the intention to crash around in GT5, so I won’t see much of the damage anyway.
    I still believe that it will work without damage, just as it always has.

    1. Da

      The idea is not that you are supposed to crash around, it should be a part of the race, that a mistake will end your race in the worst case.

  51. tvensky

    Hope this is not final :) didnt see the flying “bolt” :)))) I need only one terminal damage crash in nascar to end the race on oval. If this is what it is.. GT “bumper karts online” :(

  52. Big Ron

    When the carcrashes into barriers, it looks like the car weights 20 tons. No movement, suspenion work or physical effects. Would be mor important to fix that than adding a damage model.

  53. dimbo01

    I find the crash physics just a little bit underdone in this video. There is no drama at all. You would aspect more bouncing off the wall action when you hit … a wall.

  54. NBH

    I’m still interested to see what the damage will be like on the Ferrari F1 car that we had in GT5P. Will the front wing fall off and can the wheel and suspension be smashed?

    Also concerned about the wall grinding, looks similar to the other GT games except we get sparks this time.

  55. UCLA'09

    If they model all these premium cars down to the nut and bolts, why don’t they make the car “shatter into little pieces.” I remember them claiming they could do that. Hopefully, that will be true, and it will be a surprise in the real game.

  56. Peewee737

    Kaz said that cars would never ‘stop running’ after a crash because of manufacturor demands. That will mean no tyres flying of or anything like that. With this demand the damage will always be UNREALISTIC!!!! And it shows…..

    1. Kaz says lots...

      He also said we would never see damage. Sometimes he blamed that on manufacturers, sometimes on some personal love of automotive beauty, but either way “the rules” have a funny way of changing when the fan base gets vocal enough……

  57. ElieTheBear

    the thing about damage (realistic or not) is whenever we will finish a race … we will see how bad or good our race was seeing our car in the garage ! (hope they wil stay damaged into the garage ) would be kool ! to be punished if we drove like an idiot ! (damage on beautiful collection car) and (mechanical damage) and have to pay to repair it ! it is a plus even if its not realistic !

    1. Bernd

      And the repair of a seriously damaged car should cost at least something near the price of the car,like in RL, that’s how some people are forced to drive clean

    2. ElieTheBear

      yeah then lap records would be harder to achieve not pushing the limits to the unreal with just restarting the race when we crash (even if pause/restart will always work)

    3. TokyoDrift

      Here’s a fact for you – damage will not persist after a race, and if you need to see a beaten up car in order to know how good or bad your race was, maybe you should pay more attention while racing?

    4. ElieTheBear

      it as to persist ! how kool would it be to see the car scrap and dirty on the main page (title screen) for a while before repairing it come on !

  58. KoldStrejke

    damn more video with music. what the hell. just play without the music no one needs to hear these stupid ass songs.

  59. Joshua

    Jeffree, I am expressing my opinion. I already stated that I love the GT series, but it does not mean that there is not room for improvement. Also, I am not hyper or excited, so why should I chill?

    1. Bernd

      Umm – I think, we had our favorites among GT4-cars, which many of us would like to see again (except 100.000 Skyline)

    2. Jackhammer17

      take a look at that game again, with the cars in the showrooms of the dealerships. I think you’ll change ur mind. And they did upscale the ps2 models.

  60. Joshua

    I am unimpressed. The damage is just nowhere near enough for the punishment that the car went through. The car should be totaled. I know this is just a demo, but why even bother putting damage in this demo if it is that half-assed.

    I love Gran Turismo and I will certainly buy it. However, I have some rants I want to get off my chest. I was surfing YouTube today and watching videos from games like Dirt 2, NFS Shift, Forza 3, etc. Gran Turismo is a way more complete and fun game than any of these in my
    opinion, but the all are blatantly superior to any of the GT games, including what I have seen of GT5, in a few greatly important aspects. Those include:

    Car sounds (not debatable)

    3d crowds and trees (not a huge deal, but annoying)

    Damage (far superior to what has been shown so far in GT5)

    High percentage of desirable cars (GT puts a ton of repeats and a ton of crap amongst it’s stable)

    Uniformity ( All tracks and cars are created with the same assets)

    Skid marks, more trackside action, etc ( small things that add to the immersion)

    That is all I have to say. I feel better now. I really love GT and I am really looking forward to GT5. I hope they address some of these concerns, but it is getting a little late in the development cycle to hope for too much.

    1. Bob

      I see it this way. If GT5 should include all these features, whats there to look forward to in the later GT series if any? Who knows, damage may never get any better or we’ll never get skid marks. Can’t make everyone happy these days, ugh…

  61. Mark

    That damage is in no way realistic. If you hit a wall going 180+ mph in that car, or any other car would be totaled and the driver would almost certainly be dead.

    1. zevehcj

      Because you will never see realistic damage in GT. The cars can’t be destroyed. The car manufactures don let them. Do a little research before you call someone an idiot.

    2. Bernd

      @Elie – Tu es très impoli. I would like to see the car done after an 180mph-impact and crawl back to the pit, like you had to drive back to pit in GT4 when the tank was empty, but even slower

    3. Didier

      that wood be lots of Fun e , at a 24 h race wen you crach your car at 280km/h
      in the 23de houwer en you ar Finicht , that wood be lots of Fun , dont you think

    4. Da

      Well, if you are racing in 24hours, and crash 23h 50 minutes into the race, you will not finish the race? So what is wrong with that? Also, if you crash after 5 minutes, and are unable to fix your car, you are also finished.

      It is the reality of racing, it should be a part of GT5.

    5. Mark

      @zevehcj Wow, talk about being a total GT5 fanboy. Why the defensive remarks and making up reasons why GT5 doesn’t have a more advanced damage modeling system? I know why, you’re a fanboy. Personally, I think GT5 is going to be one of the greatest racing games ever released, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be allowed to offer criticism of the game.

    6. Bernd

      @didier and da – It actually happened in 1985 or 1995, don’t know exactly, when the leading car at LeMans broke after 23:45, I think some team-members ate their hats afterwards. And 2010 was almost as bad for Peugeot (or even worse)

    7. SwIch

      No really, zevehcj is right
      There is something about Manufactures not wanting their street cars being wrecked. But it’s pretty hard to find info on it

  62. CamAndtom

    This is a demo! Get it through your heads! Believe me, Kazi would NOT settle for anything less than the best. On November 2nd, we WILL see the greatest racing game ever made. In every aspect.

    1. Cripes!

      Most people get that when they hit puberty…. Don’t remeber any cars being involved for a few more years after that though… :P

  63. nameless

    It`s so funny – the damage still sux and people (who were bitching as HELL about anything before) now write “love it” .. wtf is wrong with you. xD

  64. Daverytimes

    The damage is looking better and better everytime a new event is held. At this rate by TG the damage will be showcased in its full glory.

    Edit: off topic, i cant believe i haven’t commented in almost two years and there has been quite a lot of new moaners added to the site.

    1. LoneWanderer

      Yeah… they all complain about the damage model not being good enough even though they’re going to buy the game anyway.

  65. Owen

    I like that there is the trade mark GT loading graphic.

    Flies all the way to 90%, then goes really slowly to 91%, then jumps to the end as if it were saying “what you worried about I was just teasing”.

  66. chris

    i dont know why people are say we are getting real damage in gt5, coz if you crash head on into a wall at 180 km/h your car is finished, and will not be able to continue, but in gt5 it dose???

    i still say damage was a waste of time for a gran turismo game, but everything else looks amazing, cant wait for the game :)

  67. Kurenai

    WOW there’s a hell of a lot of moaners here… we all want everything don’t we. Can’t appreciate any of the work that’s been done so far by Kaz and his team. I am not talking about everyone, but seriously, a majority of Gran Turismo fans are moaners.

    Do me a favour, but once GT5 is here, please shut up about it not being the most realistic thing in the world. Gran Turismo has never ever been the best racing simulator for realism, but it’s been the best that PlayStation has to offer. So once it’s here, quit moaning, play the game, enjoy the game… then move on if you desire.

    1. Nero9

      Then the “The Real Driving Simulator” should’ve been removed. GT4 is fun, but has a laughangly flawed physics engine.
      GT5 will be fun, but if something is said to be “The Real Driving Simulator”, then after 13 years it should offer “The Real Driving Simulation”. Yes they are doing a great job. But there are still holes that needs to be fit in. Kaz is a perfectionist, no?

  68. Nero9

    If the ” “Real” Driving Simulator” is going to have damage, it should be simulated properly or not simulated at all.

  69. LoneWanderer

    Damage has improved, but honestly, I don’t care about damage. I just want to play the game.

    Still 86 more days away…

  70. tyl0r_r

    Sparks seem exaggerated but then I’ve never scraped a wall at speed so I’m guessing.

    All this visual damage is neat-o, but I’m more keen on seeing a vid that shows something related to loss of functions/control, are any of these vids in or are we all waiting? Not personally too excited about wrecking a car at 100 MPH then driving off like nothing’s happened :).

    1. Bozo

      I’ve watched motorsport for years and I’ve never seen sparks when normal race cars crash like this. Sure you see sparks when cars bottom out but usuaully not when crashing into barriers.

      As much as I can’t wait for gt5 to come out I hope the driving experience isn’t spoiled by fake effects like this.

  71. magicayrton

    Oh and I love the sparks.. they look good.. just hope we get them when we bottom out on the road in a super lowered sports car!!

  72. GMW

    All these opinions on damage and just watch almost everyone switch it off after a few laps of playing with Damage on. :-))) If they make it too real you would wreck you car at only 30 mph. Radiator busted = race over.

    1. magicayrton

      Exactly, but that would make people apreciate driving realistic cars and therefore would adjust their driving style.. in order to keep the car from grinding to a halt.. just like in real life!

    2. Shokz

      That sounds like fun :/ The more realistic the damage, the better – you shouldn’t be crashing at all anyway.

    1. Wolgibkay07

      We are talking about new feature being confermed for GT5.
      It is the feature of hooking sluts during pitstops so you will refuel faster. I think it’s a usefull feature that might save some seconds in an 24h race for example when you are several laps behind the leader.
      This works like this. When you are low on fuel you come to the pit stop and refuel. In 24h race the pitstops last for a minute or so, isn’t. So these sluts will come and will start having sex with you. You will be able to select one of a lot of varietes of positions (which you will unlock while progressing the game). Each time you go somewhere diferent sluts apear. For example: in abu-dhabi f1 track you will get black sluts (still in progression the position of them in the cockpit), in japan on suzuka for example some hot asian sluts, on some rally stages going through vilages, some rural slut = more cheaper.
      When you complete some major race event you get e-mails of the list of sluts that you could hook up. Of course there a traning zone for these sluts before the race to raise their porficiency during the real race, cos nobody knows what could happen (maybe some periods might become and you will lose seconds because the lackof her or him (there will be also feature for animals. Dogs, cats and cows.). You would be able to upgrade your slut, so she/he/it will be more beautifull and charge less for the pit.
      The thing is that all of this will be happening in the cockpit view, and not all cars have cockpit view, so we also zoom feature for all others views. You will get the nitro boost and instant refuelling if you cum on your slut. Also there will be a meter showing pleasure of the slut. Meaning that there will be less probability of slut leaving you. PD is still working on the female racers and female sluts, but I think everything is going to be alright.
      As you will progress through the game some cars might bring you several sluts at a time and the maximum of 8. You can enter also in the different modes like orgy, anal, blowjob, bukkake, camel toe, creampie, cumshots, double penetration, fetish, fisting, handjob, hardcore, interacial, rough sex, shemale, squirt, under 18, toys, vintage, webcam, etc…
      You can select them from the age of 3 to 90 (some of the animals live less than that). In online mode as a spectator you will be able to work as a slut and help some of the racers for an amount of mone of course.
      There will be big amount of the variety counting on more than 300 million sluts: fat, skiny, small, big tits, blonde, brunette and with a very big variety of pussies. Kazunori Yamauchi says that they implemented too much detail into sluts for the generation of PS3 explaining why there are only cockpits for 200 cars. Kazunori garanteed that if you put any pornstar in real life and as a photo from GT5 (18 megapixel) you will hardly find any difference. They invited one of the most famous pornstars on the planet such as Shyla Stylez, Lisa Ann, Audrey Bitoni, Jenna Jameson, Eva Angelina and a lot more. All of the pornstars are licenced product. But they don’t have much more time. In less than 3 month the game needs to be finished. They started the planning of gt5 back in 2005, but started the game from sluts, so in 2007 they only started to do everything apart from sluts.
      “The people that will buy limited edition and signature editions will have a special XXX surprise inside it” said Kazunori Yamauchi.
      Already a lot of people started pre-ordering the game 3 month before the realise from and E-bay and I think that I know why. I didn’t waste time too and already pre-ordered it from my special contacts, so I will get the game 5 days before the realise. I will make videos on youtube featuring everything (also available live couverage) inclugins sluts. All of this will happen during the Halloween, don’t forget it and be ready.
      Thanks for reading :D

    2. Micdog

      Any word on if the sluts are premium or standard?
      Also if I hit a slut, will it get cosmetic damage of interior damage?

    3. @Tokyo

      Nah, i think hes just in desperate need of a hobby (apart from furious masturbation). Or a girlfriend.

    4. BoBo

      “you would be able to upgrade your slut” ?? 1. your either be spending your whole life fantasising about slut or your trying to be funny but showing ur a dirty ******

      2.”hardcore, interacial, rough sex, shemale, squirt” this is almost classic. ?? i mean wtf does this has to do with pit stop? or are you desperate to associate it with porn.

      3.What i learnt more from the lecture is that your a porn addict whos having problem with life or is a virgin.

  73. Gejost

    Damage looks allright, but to be fair, GTAIV has a better damage model than this. In fact, GTAIV has a very very good damage model. Oh well, better than no damage at all.

    1. Wolgibkay07

      Yea. I think it’s way more interesting to drive cars in gta 4 than it is in gran turismo. And one reason for this is for taking sluts for a ride and then…. well you know what then.
      I would like it to become a new feature implemented in GT6 and maybe even as a DLC for GT5 ! I think that this is the only thing why I am still waiting for this game.

    2. organdonor

      But to be fair, GTA uses fictional cars and they look like sh*t compared to GT5, and when you get into pileups the framerate drops so low it looks like your watching a slideshow

    3. Gejost

      That would be great Wolgibkay07!

      I was talking about the damage model organdonor, not the graphics or framerate. I understand that cars in GT5 have a lot more polygones, but still, if PD tells us it’s gonna be really realistic, and nascar cars will be able to smash into little pieces – some the size of a bolt, then that is what i’m expecting.

    4. organdonor

      Then when the final game comes out and it still looks like this you can complain all you want. The point of me mentioning the photorealistic car models and 60fps is becuase that does effect the ammount of power the ps3 uses, therefore effects how much damage can be applied. If the car models looked alot worse than they do now and it ran at 30fps and less than 16 cars on track, I’m sure the damage would look alot more extreme for the racecars. Either way, I’m happy with the way it is because its real time and not pre-scripted damage. The mechanical damage (which hasn’t been shown) is more important to me than extreme demolishing damage.

  74. brettjr25

    that music almost made the video unbearable until I turned my speakers off. Don’t try to be artistic…

    Anyway for what it’s worth the damage is nice and good enough in my opinion. The videos of people just ramming stuff to show off the damage isn’t really a realistic showing of how damage occurs. most people dont really just drive head on into a wall or ride rails for a long time. During actual play I’m pretty sure it will be more impressive to see slight scratches on the side of your car when understeer into a rail and hop off real quick or see your bumper bent after someone tailgating you forgets to break into a turn.

    1. RobGroove

      the music is to swap the audio as i didn’t want my video to break any rules as there was music playing in the background and i couldn’t drop the sound as im using a new camera and cannot edit MOV files with my current video editor. As for riding walls and ramming barriers, at the beta event you dont really have much time so i was aiming to bash up the car as much as possible as fast as possible to see the extent of the damage.
      read my blog man ;)

  75. LolCatz

    Why is there still wall riding? I”m impress of the damage, the way those sparks show up are awesome but it seems it barely slows tha car down.

  76. Killinator

    I really hope theres more to come, I mean what are the windows and headlights(I know there fake on NASCAR, but the other vids are the same) made of see-through Kevlar.
    I appreciate the huge feats that GT5 is pulling off with 60fps, 16 cars, day/night, etc… but when you say its gonna be realistic and the likes weve never seen before then thats what I expect, weve all seen better than this, be it GTR, Grid or GTAIV.
    I still hope theres more to come, but as it stands this is one aspect of the genre that GT5 won’t be number 1 on.

    1. RobGroove

      Im pretty sure they have an arsenal of new features and extra content just waiting to unload on us.

  77. BLuNT318

    nevermind, it’s the barricades made out of plastice that go flying everywhere, lol…. Aren’t they like concrete in real life? LoL

  78. Mr Latte

    Seems okay.Not blown away with this at all and I expect a lot greater to be shown at GDC.

    @ TD, I hope you end up enjoying the damage as I can see you being a pretty popular target online.

    1. TokyoDrift

      Mr Latte, good luck finding TokyoDrift racing online. You may well find one, but it won’t be me. Like I’d really use my PSN handle in these forums…

    2. Jurgën

      I doubt he even owns a PS3. He just gets a kick out of deliberately posting comments to wind people up. Which is fine if you don’t mind making a complete tit out of yourself in the process.

    3. Mr Latte

      What a surprise TD, really I wonder why you wouldnt use your name online, you being such a nice likable chap n all.

      You do know i will miss you online, sob sob.

    4. TokyoDrift

      A bit rich coming from you Mr L, given that you don’t use exactly the same name here as you do for your PSN name.

      ‘sup Jurgën, getting all wound up?! lol Of course I own a PS3 – why would I lie about something as trivial as that? I just don’t go spreading usernames around the internet that are in some way linked to bank/card details.

    5. TokyoEmoCry

      Yes your PSN can have your creditcard linked to it, doesnt mean people that know your PSN automatically have access to your funds. Keep your identity a secret because you would deff be a target online. Too bad there isnt a Kleenex or black eyeliner sponsored NASCAR for you to drive, you and Devender would make quite the team.

    6. magicayrton

      LOL, that TD guy has lost it BIG time!! I trolled/scanned and stalked all his posts.. LOL.. if you want to die laughing then I suggest you do the same!

    7. tyl0r_r

      I use my PSN name in the forums and in the comments section because I have nothing to hide and treat people like humans. What exactly are you hiding from, TD? Everybody else, you can find me on psn as tyl0r_r if you want to play something. Incoming rant from TD as to why using my PSN here is stupid. Or, he’ll just ignore me and respond to the easier posts like he always does.

    8. tyl0r_r

      Oh yea – I’m sure there’s some credit info linked to my psn account somewhere in the past. First one to charge me for something wins a Coke. Ready, set, go.

    9. Cripes!

      This isn’t going to turn into another “It’s all an evil mastermind arguing with himself trying to make me look like a nut” kinda threads is it?….. lol, haven’t had one of those this week.

    10. Mr Latte

      Tokey D, the only one getting wound up here is you. I actually didnt know you got banned, however you had more than enough warnings and chances to change your attitude.

      So on that bombshell I’ll say goodnight!

  79. BLuNT318

    At the end, when he hits the wall, I think the hood flies off, but it’s like a fractin of a second til the screen blacks out, but if you look you will see it.

    1. jacoja06

      No bonnet flying open anywhere. What you actually see in the final second is the plastic trackside barriers flying into the air. Look at previous R246 damage videos to view more on the movable barriers.

      The final version of the game will have a more refined damage system. I’d expect to see flying hoods, come November.

  80. JMSpeed

    This is acceptable I suppose. The flapping doors was annoying and hopefully this is a sign that it is fixed.

    Otherwise, the car hit a barrier at 180mph with only a busted up bumper and front quarter panel. Dale Earnhardt hit a barrier at 180mph and died. The impact is still far too lenient. I just wish they would implement a more serious damage model for higher demanding sim-racers. In most cases during a race of that caliber, there will never be a wreck that large. But it’s nice to know that if it does occur, the drivers involved cant simply rejoin, unless it’s from the pits as if it were a backup car. This would give incentive for people to drive more fair and create a more realistic racing experience.

    Of course, I’m one of the few with high hopes.

    1. Spaghettimonster

      yeah, i would definitely like to see select online races with damage turned on. would be so cool to finally see fairplay.

    2. Vulcao


      “Otherwise, the car hit a barrier at 180mph with only a busted up bumper and front quarter panel. Dale Earnhardt hit a barrier at 180mph and died.”

      Yes, this should be the real damage people want: you crash your car, it disintegrates and then you die sitted on your couch. Kaz said the cars will never die in a race, but he didn’t say anything about the driver.

      Don’t worry JMSpeed, I’m just joking ;) However, I think your expectations are way too high. Just remember the damage system that we have been seeing at game shows and compare to this. As Strikey182 said, they’re not showing us performance damage, so the wheels and the chassis remain perfect. Also consider that the GT series has never had a damage system (anyway, we love it, don’t we?).

      I think we should be pretty happy instead of “I-want-more”.

    3. BoBo

      1.If people died in a race in gt5 it wouldnt be 3+ would it?
      2.contracts between sponsors mean that licensed cars cant breakdown in races even if in a veyron at 400kmh and hit a wall head on (let alone drivers dying)

  81. Dom

    I never asked for damage and to be honest, it will be underwhelming if this video is an indicator of the final version. The car should be crushed when you have a front impact with 180mph.

    1. Chad D.

      how many racing games actually do that? to be honest, not to many, hell, not even any of EA nascar games did that (at least not very well, lol)

  82. Azzer10

    That’s really impressive video the damage is much improved & the sparks look awesome!!
    But WTF happens at start of the race? lol

  83. organdonor

    Good job PD. The damage may not be extreme, but atleast its pretty accurate – you cant forget GT5 is running 60 fps, 1080p, with 16 cars on track (double the ammount of that other game), with the best looking car models ever seen to date, as well as day/night cycles and possible weather…you can only do so much while keeping a steady 60fps and photorealistic graphics. I’m pretty satisfied for this being PD’s first time at damage, and we don’t even know what damage setting this is (obviously mechanical damage is turned off here), and this could be an older build. (Sparks trail behind and bounce off the road @1:31)

  84. FDM73

    Looks like all the damage in this demo is limited to the bumper and bonnet. The wheels and the structure of the car are unaffected, hopefully in the full version of GT5 we will see damage to that to.

    1. Strikey182

      I think thats tied into the mechanical damage, which we havent seen yet. Anymore damage and it would be affecting how the car drives, so i assume in the final version it we will much more deformation.

  85. TokyoDrift

    Hey Mr Latte, if you are still stalking my comments, here is another one you are not going to like! Haha!

    In itself that damage looks OK, nothing special, but WAY off what was touted before. I just hope it was on “unrealistic”, because between Forza 3, DiRT, Project Gotham, and even older ToCA games, we’ve seen it all before, and better.

    1. TokyoEmoCry

      Lol at you naming Forza3 as seen before and “better”. Take a closer look, Forza has pre-scripted canned damage. GT5 actually has real time damage. One is far better than the other, even if it isn’t overdone.

    2. Strikey182

      Yeah Tokyo, you tell Tokyo! :D
      Forza has the “YHTWI250ANYCLLASPBHYWIFIY effect” which just looks stupid. GT5’s should surpass Forza’s damage by far!

    3. TokyoDrift

      More use of my name. The flattery around here is incredible!

      Funny how you focused on Forza 3 Emo. I simply mentioned in a list of other games that you decided to ignore. I guess that just goes to show the real fanboy is around here.

    4. Jurgën

      I wouldn’t call it flattery, as most people here seem to dislike you intensely. To the point where you are now banned from the forums.

    5. TokyoEmoCry

      The reason I focused on Forza and not the other games is because I’ve played Forza and not the other games. Why would I comment on damage on games I have not played?

    6. JayKayEm

      I think that saying “most people dislike TD intensly” is a bit harsh.

      Its a forum, people express opinions. Thats how forums work. I disregaurd comments that I dont agree with and respect other peoples decsions. If you dont have opinion from all extremes, then you can’t make a valued conclusion or assesment.

      Sometimes you need people to kick you into reality. I own all GT titles and consider myself a hardcore GT fan….. but sometimes that tricks me into thinking that the next GT will be without fault.

      I remember that EA Medal of Honor was the best – I bought them all since conception. I tricked myself that the lates Airborne was batter over Call of Duty. It wasn’t, and the MOH franchise is in ruins. It can all happen again, and I am wiser this time.

      So, to summarise, every, post what you like. It makes for healthy discussion.

  86. Peewee737

    Looks nice for a crash at 20mph. But with these speeds, sorry, it looks ridiculous.
    Not a fan of all the constant sparks. But with a bit of luck and some clean racing, we won’t see any of this. Thank god.
    PD please don’t make damage your priority.

    1. Agree

      Thank god someone here has the same opinions as me! Everyone out there just wants cockpits and damage and all that crap.

      Damage should never be a priority. :)

    1. Bernd

      Yes, but I remember a headline in Feb/Mar or so, telling about “debris the size of a bolt”. Couldn’t spot any here, maybe I should watch again

    2. P37Mac

      Flying bolts was a joke on a japanese forum or something along those lines. real time deformation seems alot more pronounced on the rear of the car. This damage model will really come into its own in the hands of a capable gamer… low speed nudges under braking and slight contact on a packed corner should get picked up rather nicely. Heavy impact lacks but I understand that implementing heavy damage would loose manufacturers and possibly affect the performance of the game. So all in all 1,200 cars, good low contact damage engine and great graphics and frame rate… I’m happy.

    1. ferhound

      HAHA!!!11!1!one imagine flaping doors on a gullwing like de DMC! standard car GT4 model… sorry to burst your bubble.

  87. Cohetedor

    Looking nice, wish we could see someone flip their car in game, has that part of the physics not been turned on in the demo?

    1. Pavon

      What you saw there was not a bumpber, it was a plastic barrier that you would normally find at your local race track to keep you on track, seems as if it was added along the wall for a more dramatic crash effect!

    2. Big Ron

      Check out the smart alecks here. What are you calling them? Stock cars?…hahaha. How many different sorts of stock cars are out there?

      I always call them NASCAR or NASCARs, because everybody know, what is meant and everybody uses this assosiation name to identify the series.

      What do you say? “Hey, look at the stock cars running in ovals owned by the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing”?…..oh man, go reading books and play alls for someone else .

    3. smthrlr

      So, by your own logic, Big Ron, when you say “NASCARs” what you are actually saying is “National Association for Stock Car Auto Racings”.

      I say “NASCAR Cars”, which is correct.

    4. Big Ron

      I know, that NASCAR is the assotiation and NASCAR cars the logical meaning. But in NASCAR is the word car included, so it sounds easier to speak and understand, because it could mean “National assotiation stock cars”. But everybody its own version.

  88. Luke

    Freat to finally see something new.

    Did the damage also affect performance of the car in this demo ?

    1. Luke

      Well it`s not the final version, so mechanical damage is probably deactivated, like many many other features they don`t want us to see right now.

    2. Tom

      Well they’ve already said that “performance” damage will be included in the game. Its just that nobody knows how good it will be yet. I want to see if they can make some tires fly.
      Still the game will be amazing all around even if the damage model sucks.

    1. caasimun

      i found a glitch…..when he looks behind jst efore he hits the wall nothing happens to the front…but when he doesn’t look, the damage is incredible…***GLITCH SPOILER****

    2. Wolgibkay07

      WTF ?!?
      It doesn’t make any sense. There is the same damage at 183 mph 1:48 , as at 20 mph 2:08 ?!?
      WTF !
      Any help explaining me this ? ( I know it’s not exactly the same damage, but it doesn’t make much difference ). You really need to see 180 mph Nascar crashes.
      But still well done, big improvement PD ( Still far away from PC sims like GTR evo and others. Where are wheels flying off the car and fire. I would imagine to see that after an 183 mph crash ).
      Sorry for my English if I made any mistakes and if you want to reply, just reply to Sapphire-Wolf. Thanks :D


      Wolgibkay07 are you kidding me ? How old are you?
      and how many years you are playing racing games ?
      OMG you are so funny , the comment with GTR Evo is just stupid hahaha
      1.The damage in GTR Evo is not a real damage , you can hit 2 times a wall with 100mph but you will get the same damage
      in GT5 we get real damage ! (the reason why on some videos are not a big damage is because in GT5 you can choose between 3 damage options (watch the WRC video and you will see a big difference, + look a little bit down there you will find a link from me)
      and GTR Evo is not a SIM , it is a arcade game with a touch of Sim , iRacing,LFS,netkar Pro…are real PC Sims …
      your comment was awesome OMG

    4. Wolgibkay07

      OK, if not GTR evo it will be GTR 2. It has up to 62 cars on ONE track racing and it’s classified as a real sim (with Rfactor, LFS and I racing). What nectar pro are you talking about? Is it a good sim, cos I never heard of it. And i’m 15 and playing at least 12 racing games starting from Test Dvive and NFS and some “Sims” (if you could call them sims at all) borowed from my cousin.
      But you need to admit that after hitting a wall at 183 mph the hood needs to come off at least.
      And really while me playing GTR 2 a week ago I crashed a car straight into a barrier at 100 mph and it was totaled. Caught fire and 3 wheels flew off my car (that was a 24h online race and I lost control of the car while drinking Fanta and eating Big Mac from McDonalds and I lost my first and all places. That was at Spa Francochamps last tirn of the track (180 degree one)).
      Bah ! Who cares about that.
      The important think that we can’t do a tiny thing to change Gran Turismo, cos it’s just not in our hands, so f..k it and let’s wait for tha Novembar realise data :D

      P.S Still better than Forza. ROFLMAO :D

    5. Big Ron

      your glitch is not a glitch. Every time he hits the wall, the car deforms, no matter if he looks back or not.

      Smetimes it seems to happen nothing, but it is just the damage model, which is not sensitive enough.


      I know what you mean but there is a big difference between GT5 and GTR ,If you want that your car will be destroyed after a crash with 180mph then you have to set the settings to “damage 3”
      I think PD will make a damage update for players like you XD
      The damage i games like NFS,FM3,rFactor,GTR,GTR2,GTR Evo,GTL …is not real damage
      You can hit a corner from the right or left side with 150mph and you will get the same damage ….

      and in GT5 will be mechanical damage (look a little bit down there is a link…)

    7. Damage

      I remember one of the interviews that just said that all cars will keep going even though it has crashed a million times.

      Something about car developers policy or something.

    8. GT5_LAST_GAME

      Whoa! who gives a F about Nascar, PD wasted too much time on this crap, i’d rather have all premium cars than ‘Nascars’

    9. hossdeluxe

      ya the standard cars have no inside view, like WTF? but if i get it now and they patch it later or something. It would be cool if PD keep working on it and had DLC for the standard cars to have premium quality, but it would be Free DLC. all other DLC would be a price. But also add different tracks cars and such. THAT would be sick! This is not the final code of the game i can pretty much guarantee that PD is going to work on it until they ship it. so they could sqitch over to adding DLC post release date! good idea?

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