Video: SuperGT on GT5’s Nurburgring

Our friend mimaximax continues pumping out videos from his copy of the GT5 demo! His third update includes a batch of clips featuring the Lexus Weds Sport IS350 on the Nurburgring Nordschleife, and it’s looking as good as ever. Enjoy!

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  1. Mr. GT

    Great vids! thanks for sharing!
    The use of music in these vids leaves a lot to be desired. Please stop doing this! If you must put in sounds add in something more relevant like sounds from pitlane or a race or sumfink? use your brains, guys! thanks!

  2. aelange

    jBat17, if it’s solely because it’s a demo then by all means, i hope we do see 16 full race cars on a track like nurburgring or le sarthe, but i long for the day to see 30+ car grids in a console game…… i wonder how far off we are.

  3. JustCause

    Seriously theres no pleasing some people. I mean look at those 2D cardboard trees………. Oh wait they are 3D sorry my mistake. Wow only 8 cars on a track that would take uyp a lot of memory on the PS3 shame on PD for not putting 16 cars on there and having lots of lag because the PS3 cant handle it. Shame on them. Oh no the game is ruined because there is no reverse lights or skid marks. MAn I dont want the game now.

    Get over it will you FFS.

  4. ZoOm

    Am i just really high or does it say “## Complaints” instead of “## Comments”. If he made it say complaints thats funny since thats what most of these people do.


    Looks great. I want to see more!!

    I don’t get why fanboys spew their crap. Forza is a great franchise, just as GT is a great franchise. Do we really need to read antiForza fanboy BS in every update we get about GT? Like really?????

  6. Adam

    hahah wtf is up with this red neck, trailer park trash country music? hahah it doesn’t even go at all with this game, how gay… what i don’t understand is why do ppl have to put music for these videos! I wanna hear the sound of the engines and fly-by’s damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. viejaloca

    That was beautiful, but i want to know some news about how developement is going not eyeballing a demo with no sound in the game. I don’t care about videos anymore, I just want the game to be released!

  8. jBat17

    @aelange flopza 3 only had 8 cars max. PD has confirmed that gt5 will have 16 cars. and this video is based on a demo. i don’t know what you are crying about.

  9. dearlybeloved

    @FerrariThug…you will be able to do just that with the implementation of custom soundtracks.

    Peace out.

  10. FerrariThug

    I actually would prefer this music over the actual thing so I wouldn’t see people fussing on how crappy the sound is WHEN THEY HAVEN’T EVEN PLAYED IT ON THEIR OWN DAMN TV…

  11. aelange

    oh joy! full races with 8 cars, how exciting! 24 hour races? 7 cars should be enough…. NOT!! i would gladly get rid of all the visual damage models if we can get a decent grid filled up on some of the bigger tracks. 8 cars on nurburgring is seriously sparse and only 1 or 2 cars out of that will be competitive… looks like i’ll be racing a lot more with the regular cars, this is a joke.

  12. maxpontiac

    If I also might add –

    I think the song that is being used on the first video is actually saying something —

    “I don’t mind while their talking”
    “You can hear what they say”
    “We got more then they’ll ever know anyway”

    That’s my theory anyway, and it makes alot of sense if this awesome individual is actually an employee of PD, or in the inner circle at Sony!!

  13. Ner0_sol03

    These two videos are awsome but I didn’t see and sparks from the cars bottoming out or any back fire….

  14. blademask

    Prologue didn’t have all 16 races all the time..

    and online isn’t 16 all the time either

    stop being morons.

  15. Dude27

    Prologue had 16 BUT didn’t have all the refinements and the enhanced effects, textures, features, etc…
    remember the PSP with only 4 cars on track because of hardware limitations? And Prologue without all the goodies of these new GT5 demos DID HAVE “hiccups” when handling 16 cars… I wouldn’t be surprise if Polyphony go back to 8 cars because of the PS3 limitations and GT5 ambition.

  16. snaketus

    Just release the freaking game already, if you need to fix and/or add something, just make a patch. Please :/.

  17. Big Ron

    the bloom effect simulates a real camera effect, when sun is reflecting on the cars an the camera lens cannot handle the brightness (look at Formula 1 Monaco races through the tunnel, camera is not able to look out of the tunnel…total overbrightened)

    the Lance is the human driver, all other cars are AI. You can see it on the high speed, the car goes and the risks it take, all other cars are going their line.

  18. caasimun_18

    @ TTownEP << yes the regression is real…ps3 cant handle all that…damage, envirnment thingiz and i g2g

  19. hank87

    How come WRC cars hande as good as GT cars on a race track? It does not seem very realistic to me but I might be wrong?

  20. dr.oc

    This game is never going to be out is it? sony are killing this game, a date should be set now but nothing has been stated. It’s coming to a point where this game will not sell well, people are going to settle for less and I’m sure of that. People just need a driving game, and they will look to the rival platform to get it. Why not release this amazing game, the only reason it got delayed was Move support.

  21. dearlybeloved

    @TokyoDrift…. hi, what i am trying to say is that this game looks unbelievably beautiful but it is just missing the final touch which in my opinion is skidmarks or rather I should rephrase that to say ‘dynamic skidmarks’ Skidmarks that appear like they should when I lay too much rubber on the track, when drifting, when getting torque oversteer, or i am spinning the car around because I got bumped, just so that the game has that finishing touch.

    At the end of the day as much as the game is realistic it still misses the vital link that shows the relation between tyre and track, plus when drifting seeing the parrallel tyremarks being created as i drift around whichever track is just a pleasure to watch and unfortunately, the majority of other racing games give me that but sadly GT5 does not.

    Peace out.

  22. Paulo

    Damn man, for that brief period from 1:05-1:15, it actually feels like you are watching a hand held recording from inside of a real car. The shaky movements actually add to the realism, and it would be great if GT adds a bit more shake to the in car view when racing.

  23. caasimun_18

    As much as i love GT could u tell this guy to stop…wt if he has it illegally then wat….making pd pissed will not give us a release date in june so tell this guy to stop…it pissing me off…and its spoiling the moment….!

  24. lado

    How it looks that will be the nearly final version, because all the requests on this game won´t be executed. Perhaps GT 6 will bring more realism into this game. With skidmarks, track sounds, stones on tracks or complex tuning system, intelligent KI.

  25. TokyoDrift

    @dearlybeloved, so what you are saying is, apart from the lack of skid marks, the rest of the game looks 100% realistic? Oh dear…

  26. Wouter

    It looks really good, but the on car shadows are unbelievable bad (look at the back of the blue car for example). And if it’s not bad shadows it are errors in the car model it self, which is a degree worse in my opinion (a had the same thing in a 3ds max car model of mine). But I pressume that the final game will look perfect. I really hope for a release date announcement soon.

  27. dearlybeloved

    So beautiful to look at even if its ‘old footage’ but the game will never be 100% real looking until they include skid marks. The interior detail is mindboggling, the metallic look to the cars as majestic, everything is just superb to look at but I have come to the realisation that after everything that has come and gone in the GT franchise, skid marks will never make the cut.

    Peace out.

  28. AndyC

    I think that as it’s a cam copy rather than ripped or recorded through a DVD recorder the sound would suffer – and we’d all have a go for that.
    Personally, I turned the ‘music’ down and went “vroooom vrooom, screeeeech” all the way through. Was much better than that music!
    Nice vid though.

  29. TokyoDrift

    I’m beginning to think that he doesn’t have a demo at all, and we are simply seeing videos shot off-screen from an old demo taken a while back. Otherwise, why bother masking the background audio with shitty music? :o/ Love the look of the Lexus though.

  30. DrTrouserPlank

    Great vids…… Absolutely perfect….. Now stop “leaking” this stuff PD, reading this page, and release the dam game.

  31. rsh

    Mmm, the AI still seems not to willing to overtake or to take a risk.
    It almost seems like nothing has changed. The IS350 has more bhp the the C4 and never puts it’s nose besides the C4. Not very realistic.

  32. Praggia

    Who is this minimaximinimaxi guy?

    Could he be the the fabled “secret agent man”

    I guess if he’s a PD employee that would make him “secret asian man” lol :)

  33. Jon

    Has anyone noticed rally cars have showing underneath suspension instead of just body and wheels? can they be rolled over so you can see underneath???? wouldnt that be cool :)

  34. JayCee

    it’s… it’s not a race on R246??? o_O *weeps* thank you thank you thank you!!!! :D Ahhhhh.. my fav track ever! Oh Nurburgring… I cannot wait to race on you!

  35. I love GT series

    I am worried about interior camera in all cars. We didn’t saw that camera in few cars in mimamaxi’s videos. For example in RX7 Asparaya Drink and in the Lexus in this video! I am seriously worried about ability of using interior camera in each car! What do you think about it?

  36. Soarer_driver

    The way the Weds Sport IS350 hits the apex at 0:47, and the reaction of how the dirver corrects is AMAZING!!!

    Watch that part a few times and how the physics + driver work together. Soooo good.

  37. kman79

    Is it me, or does the AI actually try to go around you now instead of through you? Has the AI actually been improved? Did the just take a bad line and the AI (Lancer) stick to the predetermined “right” line, or did the AI actually go around him instead of trying to bump through him?

  38. P37Mac

    Hey, try not to complain about the music too much! I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mind some more of these clips lol. Seriously though this footage we are getting is brilliant, just what we need to tide us over until PD shows us what they have been doing for the last 6 months(ish).

  39. Eric.

    Hm. I haven’t paid much attention to anything GT5 related because I have not planned to get it. This looks good, but the lighting looks like there’s a lot of bloom going on, unless its just the camera not being able to adjust correctly to the brightness of the screen.

  40. tyl0r_r

    my favorite track by a long shot ^^.

    can’t wait to lose days of my life to this, it looks insanely good…!

  41. Joshua

    I’m Feeling Really good about this game. The carrier mode and everything else. I think there going to back to the list style. Because that’s how it was in Prologue, And the best part was that they included more integration with garage access ( For Example in GT4 if you wanted to change your car, you always had to exit. Then, go to home.) In GT5P it’s really cool that this feature was included. However I would like to see a video of the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG. Now, that would be cool. Plus it doesn’t matter how long it takes, at least it’s coming out in 2010 for sure.

  42. iucidium

    Check his/her channel out. The WRC internal view of the Suzuki made my head fall off. The attention to detail was mind boggling!!!

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