“Vision Gran Turismo” Recognized for its Contributions at the Japan Car Awards Ceremony

January 31st, 2016 by Michael Leary


On January 23rd Gran Turismo was presented with the Golden Marker Special Award at this year’s Japan Car Design Awards ceremony being held at The Gallery Too in the Minato district of Tokyo, Japan.

Announced in 2013, “Vision Gran Turismo” is a special collaborative project aligning Polyphony Digital and Gran Turismo with leading automotive manufacturers, design houses, and other leading global brands for unique in-game content. The content, offered as free downloadable content and then “gifted” to players, allows designers to express creative freedom without concern.

March 6th, 2015, courtesy of diobel.

The first project car released was the extreme-proportioned 585 horsepower, V8 bi-turbocharged Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision GT. The project of course continued moving forward and produced some notable highlights as a result. One of which being Mazda’s 787B-inspired LM55 being front and center on the Goodwood Festival of Speed sculpture alongside none other than its ancestor, the Le Mans-wining 787B.

Another notable highlight is Bugatti’s stunning Vision GT car that was revealed in full at last year’s Frankfurt Auto Show. Bugatti’s project car is notable as it has been rumored to inspire the Chiron, the 1500 horsepower W16-powered successor to the Veyron which is set to be revealed to the world at the Geneva Motor Show this March.

From left to right: Yasushi Nakamuta, Ikuo Maeda from Mazda Design HQ, “Gran Turismo” Producer Kazunori Yamauchi and Car Designer Hideo Kodama.

Taking note of these particular highlights and it should come as no surprise that the “Vision Gran Turismo” program has inspired the automotive industry, as outlined on the official Gran Turismo website celebrating the award:

“According to the judges, Gran Turismo was recognized for working effectively with the world’s most reputed brands since 2013 and “being an instrument to teach how to drive a car for those who are below the legal driving age” and “for educating about cars in general.” They also noted how the popular driving game provided opportunities to car designers around the world to express their wildest imaginations, while broadening the vision of the market.”

2015-2016 Japan Car Design Awards

The Award Winners

– Golden Marker Award for Production Cars: Mazda CX-3
– Golden Marker Award for Concept Cars: Yamaha Sports Ride Concept
– Golden Clay Award: Mazda RX-Vision
– Golden Marker Special Award: Gran Turismo

The Judges

Head Judge: Kyoichi Yamaguchi (Motor Journalist)
Judges: Hideo Kodama (Car Designer), Tsutomu Aoto (Car Designer), Kiyokazu Maki (Coachbuilder), Noriyoshi Kurihara (Car Designer), Masatsugu Arimoto (Design Journalist), Toshiaki Sato (Product Designer), Hayato Furusho (Freelancer Writer), Hironobu Matsunaga (Car Styling Chief Editor).

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  1. Feb. 1, 11:08pm

    Good for Kaz, I bet he’s pretty happy with this. Congratulations!

    • Feb. 1, 11:36pm

      Well, look at him lol

  2. Feb. 1, 10:27pm
    VeilSide FD3s

    I want GT sport!!! OMG i can’t wait !

  3. Feb. 1, 2:48pm

    It’s great that Kaz gets uch good recognition as his accomplishments pushes everyone forward and makes driving games a more serious genre that automakers really have to spend some time thinking about their impact overall on their brands.

    Well let’ hope GT goes back to being a car encyclopaedia once again, I remember spending the time when I wasn’t driving going over the information on cars that was included in the game, would love it if GT went back to including these “stories” in a better more inclusive place. Every car they’ve ever had they should somehow find a way to bring back if only for the history of it all. I want a game that is still different from everyone else. I have Forza for my always up to date autos and dropping the old one for the new one ethos, that’s fine. I would like my GT to keep it’s we got every car even things people never heard of. I can enjoy all my franchises since I buy all consoles so I miss nothing.

  4. Feb. 1, 1:46pm

    …Good for them to receive an award. Job well done – more exposure the better I say.

    However, I couldn’t help but notice something that might be a typo – “The Gallery Too” in the Minato, Tokyo? Was that suppose to be The Gallery Two?

  5. Feb. 1, 7:07am

    Good for them, but I have to wonder, what was the last video game award they received?

  6. Feb. 1, 2:12am

    Everyday i get ask by my PS4 when i’m gonna feed it a gt game and it just leaves me speechless how do i respond to that? But back on topic GOOD FOR THEM.

  7. Feb. 1, 1:05am

    That’s great! Congratulations Kaz and PD! Another home run for GT! :D

  8. Feb. 1, 12:03am

    Congratulations Kaz for another award!! :D

  9. Jan. 31, 11:47pm

    That’s cool. Now how about they recognize those TWELVE Vision GT logos (Audi, Daihatsu, Ford, GM Design, Honda, Hyundai, Italdesign Giugiaro, Jordan, Lamborghini, Nike, Tesla Motors, Zagato) that have been collecting dust in the game 3+ years now… with absolutely nothing to show for them? -_-

    • Feb. 1, 12:25am

      You mean +2.15 years, right? And Tesla has bigger things to worry about. Which reminds me, how do you know PD were given every final design of every designer you remembered off the top of your head? I assume you memorized the names of those TWELVE Vision GT logos. I’m probably right.

  10. Jan. 31, 11:47pm
    VeilSide FD3s

    I would Like GT to make a vision GT class in racing mode so that you can see them race all together that would be awesome idk… They could call it futuristic Racers mode

    • Feb. 1, 12:00am

      Most of the VGTs are allready either racecars or race counterparts, so it’s not necesary, but good idea tho :D

  11. Jan. 31, 10:56pm

    How about finishing the Vision GT cars in GT6? We haven’t had an update since the Course Maker came out and we’ve had nothing else that’s new there. I don’t mind waiting for GT Sport, but how about giving us something else to chew on until then?

  12. Jan. 31, 8:50pm

    I love Gran Turismo, but the Vision GT project is flawed. You have cars that dont have interiors, I surely dont use them at all for this reason, as I am sure many if you dont nither. Cheers for a update that adds interiors though (highly unlikely)

    • Jan. 31, 9:10pm

      The technical side of the project as recognized, not the graphical “vision”.

    • Jan. 31, 9:11pm

      “is” not “as”. autocorrect… :? lol

    • Jan. 31, 9:21pm

      About the no interiors: Being concept cara similar to clay models(yes, I know some VGT are real), would it have been better to pock a car and let the AI drive it? This way, we can look at the cars in motion and take photos and set them up at different locations.

      It would be something if we could choose multiple VGT cars to race together as a demonstration. If it is that frustrating for some, this would be a good option if a player does not want to drive but, admire those cars.

    • Feb. 1, 12:19am

      @05XR8 I’d be in for that. I love to watch replays and demo’s when the movement of the car in focus is naturally moving; usually, race cars move too statically and it all looks synthetic. If we are given the opportunity to pick and choose which cars are demoed, I wouldn’t need to watch Bruce Lee videos.

    • Feb. 1, 8:25am

      To be honest – I never use the interior view. Of course, they are nice to have, but visibility of the road is much better in the main view. The cockpit uses too much space, which is why a lot of information is lost.

  13. Jan. 31, 8:09pm

    Hideo Kodama?, I though it was Hideo Kojima for a second.

  14. Jan. 31, 8:08pm
    GT5 Level 41

    “being an instrument to teach how to drive a car for those who are below the legal driving age”.

    Not to shabby at teaching older drivers either.

    • Jan. 31, 8:10pm
      GT5 Level 41

      *too. Grrrr autocorrect

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