This Weekend’s Forzathon Features a Classic Twist

Forza Horizon 3 101 September 2, 2017 by

The first Forzathon event for September is now live and hosts a selection of vintage challenges. Players will be able to scoop a new drop of XP, credits and a Horizon Edition 1969 Camaro Super Sport. This weekend’s events are about chilling out with Playground Games giving it the title “Bonus Stage”.

To earn every reward, you’ll have to meet conditions across three races and also perform a host of speed skills. The exact challenge specifications are listed below:

  • Everyday I’m Muscling – Win a street race in any ‘Chevy Camaro’ to win the 1969 Camaro Super Sport HE.
  • Freeplay – Complete a race to receive 35,000 CR
  • Enter Player Two – Complete a Co-Op Race in a Rods and Customs car to receive 55,000 CR and 55,000 XP
  • Speed Run – Perform 20 Speed Skills in a Classic Rally car to receive 120,000 CR

One terribly poor pun aside, this is a decent Forzathon for those looking to add a new Horizon Edition to their collection. Picking up some credits and XP along the way wouldn’t hurt either, especially with how easy the challenges are. The only one here which will require effort is organising a Co-Op race to complete. Grab a friend this weekend and hit the outback to clear Enter Player Two.

Between September 1–3, there is 55,000 XP, 210,000 CR and the ’69 Camaro HE up for grabs. Don’t miss out on these easy rewards and hit up the GTPlanet FH3 forum if you need a partner for the Co-Op race or general tips and tricks for this weekend’s events.

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