Willow Springs Raceway Appears in Gran Turismo 5 Video

January 14th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

Careful observers will have noticed an unfamiliar circuit in the latest Gran Turismo 5 video trailer, released to commemorate the launch of the new 2014 Corvette Stingray in the game.

Thanks to users in our forums, it was quickly identified as Willow Springs International Raceway, a 2.5-mile road course located in California.

For reference, here’s a real on-board lap of the circuit filmed with a Corvette C6 Z06 last year:

The new circuit is shown off several times in the Corvette Stingray trailer below, as highlighted in the screenshot gallery.

It is important to note that, although the track is clearly rendered in GT5‘s environment, this does not imply or confirm the circuit will be coming to the game as downloadable content in the future.

Willow Springs has, of course, never been featured in any previous Gran Turismo title.

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  1. Jan. 27, 4:36pm
    Ferrari Enthusi

    How do you get the red corvette? I only found the grey one in the PS Store. Please help.

    • Jan. 29, 8:56pm

      There is only gray unless u buy the red one in the dealership

  2. Jan. 21, 5:50pm

    For the fist thirty seconds I thought the Z06 video was from some GT5 Demo Booth somewhere… Then noticed the HUD was all wrong and thought it was some sort of hack or s0mething. Then I realised there aren’t any hacks like that I’ve seen.
    THEN I realised it was real life.

  3. Jan. 21, 6:09am

    Nice!!! i love this track!!

  4. Jan. 18, 10:40am

    2013 might bring out some good stuff for GT5, lets hope so

  5. Jan. 16, 8:51pm
    Pit Crew

    Nice way to start the Year Kaz. This could get “Interesting”.

    • Jan. 18, 9:13am

      Please please, Kazunori, let it get interesting…
      Imagine the entire willow springs complex, including the go kart track, in a paid DLC for GT5
      (*i wish**I wish*) Thank you Kaz

    • Jan. 18, 9:19am

      Got money on my account,,, but no GT5 DLC for sell on PStore :/

  6. Jan. 15, 1:03pm
    Rich S

    One cant help but notice the helicopter on SSRX…..

    • Jan. 15, 6:54pm

      That is DLC to finally defeat the X1.

  7. Jan. 15, 11:19am

    hello I’m new in GT5, so far I have driven simulation on PC rFactor, GTR2, Race07, GTRevo semi simulation as SHIFT1 and 2 the only thing I do not like about GT5 is badly made copckit texture speedometer and RPM on all premium cars.
    Ok where the new Corvette :)

    • Jan. 15, 3:42pm

      It’s DLC, you can get it from the Playstation Store.

  8. Jan. 15, 9:42am

    I can’ t understand how kazunori’s mind work…….why this track? There are a lot of better track, why this anonymous track?

    • Jan. 16, 11:13am

      Well Willow Springs is a well respected test track. Used a lot State side.

  9. Jan. 15, 9:14am

    Both Sony and Microsoft have stated that they want to hold events before E3 in June. Does this mean more details of this track and more GT news in the Spring?

    • Jan. 15, 10:03am

      If Sony and/or Microsoft are holding their own press conferences before E3, it’ll likely be about next generation consoles.

    • Jan. 15, 11:21am

      That’s what I was referring to…next Gen consoles. I mentioned GT in hopes of it being a possible launch title. I believe IGN has more news on the prospective details.

  10. Jan. 15, 9:10am

    Too many whiners ! GT5 is still a great game. Grow up,move out of your parent’s house,and get a life! Enjoy the new car and (maybe) new track. Then enjoy your bus ride to school…

    • Jan. 15, 9:40am


    • Jan. 16, 3:25am


      I read all of the whacked out comments on these blogs and really start to lose faith in mankind. All too much negativity and overall laziness. (You know, the typical fat, lazy and sitting in front of their computers all day judging people who actually get up and TRY) Either way, 3 years strong on this one title alone, I’m impressed!!!

    • Jan. 16, 1:54pm


    • Jan. 17, 5:41pm

      Yes you are right everyone just needs to be happy, GT5 is probroly the only game to have the new corvette!!

    • Jan. 27, 4:39pm
      Ferrari Enthusi


  11. Jan. 15, 8:52am

    Why does this trck look like something that someone could make in the GT5 track generator? …

    • Jan. 15, 8:53am


    • Jan. 15, 9:15am

      Have you ever seen Willow Springs? It’s a pretty sparse area surrounding the track.

  12. Jan. 15, 8:50am

    Batmobile? No thanks.

  13. Jan. 15, 8:21am
    Rich S

    Isn’t this the track where Tom Cruise tested the Red Bull RB7?

  14. Jan. 15, 8:03am

    I dont know how people can complain about the cars, fair enough they could have done without a lot of the civic, 3000gt, silvia, skyline, etc. But at the end of the day not many people will have/drive these cars the whole time they play the game. I work a lot now so i dont get to spend my days playing GT so im happy to just drive cars that i will never get to drive or even see in real round tracks i could only dream of driving round. Good work PD and hope to hear of a GT6 in the future.

  15. Jan. 15, 2:00am

    The preview is awesome, lol at those who think PD is done with GT5.
    Music is great too, I know most use custom soundtracks but new stuff is always welcome.
    Willow Springs would be cool for sure. Theres no DLC track from America yet. So far Asia and Europe is represented, maybe Australia with Bathurst and Europe with Silverstone. That leaves us, logicality, with North Am. South Am. Middle East and fictional location. The odds are good but i’m a bit surprised no one noticed.

  16. Jan. 15, 12:47am


    • Jan. 15, 1:39am


    • Jan. 15, 1:57am


    • Jan. 15, 4:38am


    • Jan. 15, 4:42am
      GT HP Nut

      He’s just wishing us all a happy new year (a bit belated, but I believe he’s talking about the Lunar New Year).
      It’s a fault that he has used Chinese though, should’ve used English.
      (Or that’s actually a joke, now I’ve seen his username…)

    • Jan. 15, 1:41pm
      Escort mk1 yum


  17. Jan. 14, 10:03pm

    The newC7 is free..and it’s got enhanced performance driving characteristics – down to the shift schedule for the 7-speed manual transmission. News

  18. Jan. 14, 9:30pm

    I really think GT6 is close, with all these hints about this new track in the video and the ones PD was catched up scanning, the confirmation of a aproxiamated reveal date of the PS4 by a Sony executive… Can’t wait! XD

  19. Jan. 14, 9:19pm

    Has anyone compared pictures of a 2013 SRT Viper vs. 2014 Corvette?? VERY similar front nose. All the way down to the amber side marker. Someone got their ideas from the VIPER. I’d pick Viper over the Corvette ANYDAY! Hope the next DLC is a good one.

    • Jan. 14, 10:00pm


      Viper all the way.

      But the C7 Corvette is quite nice. Seeing them from the front angle, they do seem almost alike, but it’s just an optical illusion. Once you move, the differences are highly noticeable, and the proportions are completely different. Same thing with the C6 that used to look like the previous gen Viper from the front.

    • Jan. 14, 10:26pm

      One problem with your claim: The Corvette has looked this way since the Jalonik render that showed what it looked like under the camo (which as it turns out, was spot on), which was in November 2011. So it didn’t get anything from the Viper.

    • Jan. 14, 10:54pm

      It doesn’t work like that dude, Corvette couldn’t face copied Viper. This car has been in the works for a while, you can see the evolution through the prototype. Chevrolet has been working on this car since before the Viper was released, that’s just how this business works. Therefore Chevy could not have copies Viper and they wouldn’t have had a reason to in the first place. In fact had they known how the Viper looked they probably would have changed the Corvette’s styling to avoid this conversation all together. But again, that’s not how it works, because the Corvette C7 has been developed since before the Viper was released.

    • Jan. 15, 8:52am

      Viper and the corvette do look alike in a way!!!!

    • Jan. 16, 8:57pm
      Pit Crew

      Im saving Final Judgement for when the Prototype moniker is removed from it’s name.

  20. Jan. 14, 8:52pm

    As BRE mentioned earlier I too raced motorcycles at Willow Springs in the very early 1980s. Every North American famous racer you’ve probably ever heard of has tested at this track at one time or another over the years. It is about 45 minutes north of LA in the Mojave Desert and is a very fun track to drive if you like sweeping fast turns and elevation changes. I’ve always laughed at the fact that there are no Willows and there are no Springs but the track is awesome fun to drive. By the way, it is also included in the NFS Shift series. I’d love to have this famous unknown track (oxymoron, I know) in GT5 so I hope it becomes DLC.

    • Jan. 15, 1:42am


  21. Jan. 14, 8:18pm

    Is the prototype the freebi there on about…I don’t mind paying for new tracks cars and anything we get is great. But a freebie from the manufachure should be in order for all the coverage this new car is getting..this is first of many big deals well done PD..now for a GTA colaberation…gt5 is dead….GT5 as only just begun.

    • Jan. 14, 8:25pm

      And I tell you what I’m surprised how little this car costs….if I ditch the wife and sell the house this car is in my price range.

    • Jan. 14, 8:34pm

      What are you waiting for..haha joke

    • Jan. 14, 10:34pm

      Yes obviously ..I can’t loose her
      Yet as I have 2 broken ribs..lol ha ha. Ouch!

  22. Jan. 14, 8:08pm

    What current racing series races at Willow Springs anyways?

    • Jan. 14, 10:56pm

      SCCA sanctions road racing there but that’s obviously nothing major. It holds competition at a Tsukuba level I guess you could say.

    • Jan. 15, 1:36am

      it also seems that LOTS of auto testing goes on there- not often by manufacturers, but by journalists for auto magazines and websites/youtube channels.

      It’s a Cali thing. Can’t blame em. I’m an ohio boy, and always hold out hope for a little Mid-Ohio action. Drivers from around the world rave about Mid-Ohio being one of the most fun tracks to run on.

  23. Jan. 14, 8:05pm

    Remember the Acura NSX concept video? We didn’t get the car but we DID get the track featured, SSRX. So it is a possibility that this track could appear as dlc. Also, SSRX was featured at the end of the 2.0 intro. And we didn’t hear any news of Willow Springs being scanned for GT5 or GT6.

  24. Jan. 14, 8:01pm

    This game has more tracks than any other game.. more cars than any other game… yet content an issue.. pfft…
    not to mention we have received four new locations.. * around 12 new variations* !

    • Jan. 14, 8:09pm

      “More cars than any other game” isn’t saying much when half if them are really only five cars…Skyline, S2000, RX-7, MX-5, Civic, and Fairlady Z. Not to mention most are poorer quality Standard models.

    • Jan. 14, 8:09pm

      No it doesn’t.

    • Jan. 14, 10:04pm

      If you take out the repetitions, you’re left with around 400 cars. There is another game that has double than that.

    • Jan. 15, 3:39am

      There may be close to 100 models of Skyline but there are not 100 each of the other car models Jeremiah mentions. So I think GT5 has more than 400 cars…

    • Jan. 15, 7:49am

      No matter how you want to debate the cars it’s flat out not true that it has more tracks than any other game.

  25. Jan. 14, 7:37pm

    SEems like a boring track. In the middle of no where, and no trees or big objects to give you a sense of speed.

    • Jan. 14, 7:42pm

      There’s no tree in real one,too

  26. Jan. 14, 7:08pm

    Great to see this presentation, sadly i dont like the car at all, looks like the Ferrari F12Berlineta with the back of the Camaro SS 2010, i prefer C6 Z06 much better.

  27. Jan. 14, 7:04pm

    Willow Springs will be in gt6 not 5 its 2 years old with gt6 atleast 1-2 years away. Also this c7 vette will be last DLC car till GT6 sorry guys ohh and Corvette over Viper anyday. The new Viper does not inspire confidence when driving yeah its alot better but not great like it should have been the vette was built the way a a super car is built but this this a sports car that has improved very much so over an outgoing model that was an all around fast/fastest sports car. C6 zo6 has highest g force on skid pad over Viper ACR, LP700 I just think the Corvette is heading in the right direction and anyother direction would have been unacceptable, but yeah its still built in a shed in Bowling Green Kentuckey

    • Jan. 14, 8:38pm

      The corvette kind of looks like the viper in the front!

    • Jan. 14, 9:21pm

      And your sources are…?

    • Jan. 15, 12:03am

      Well, I would believe you if you had sources to prove that PD is done with GT5.

  28. Jan. 14, 6:28pm

    If it has all the layouts, best DLC so far, we’ll have to wait and see….

  29. Jan. 14, 6:19pm

    At least we know they aren’t done right?

  30. Jan. 14, 6:12pm

    Awesome. I really wish Polyphony would take a look at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama for a future game. It’s a great track.

    • Jan. 15, 7:30am

      Someone readed my mind lol They could take a look at Interlagos, Brazil as well. It currently hosts the WEC and the F1. :D

  31. Jan. 14, 5:56pm

    Screw this, all the cars that GT5 Players wanted were not given. GT5 Is no longer about catering for their players. if they did they wouldn’t give us a half ass game. Supra’s, AE86’s, Silvia’s, Koenigsegg’s an Mustangs, and many more. PD is no longer mean anything to me than a money hungry game developer. Which leaves me to support Turn10 and Forza. They haven’t been in this as long as PD, and yet their are teaching GT5 what to do.

    • Jan. 14, 6:32pm

      AE86’s are ugly.
      And if PD is a “money hungry game developer” than how come the Corvette is FREE.
      If you don’t like GT5 and PD, then leave.

    • Jan. 14, 6:33pm

      Bye then.

    • Jan. 14, 6:42pm

      Seriously. Why are you complain? Mind as well leave if you can’t get over yourself and appreciate PD’s hard supporting this game.

      And what a dumn thought to say PD are money hungry, they are not. Honestly some people can be so ungrateful…

    • Jan. 14, 7:17pm

      If PD was “money hungry”, why is there hardly any DLC? That is the best way to nickel & dime us to death…nickels and dimes I would gladly spend for badass cars every month. I wish PD was money hungry.

    • Jan. 14, 8:35pm

      If Polyphony Digital is “mone hungry”, then Turn 10 is robbing you everytime you buy their games, because the amount of money being spent on Dlcs in a lot more than the game itself. In the old days, the game we bought was finished, in sense there was no dlc, no update, nothing to upset the gaming time.

    • Jan. 14, 10:08pm

      I wish PD was “money hungry.” Imagine all the amazing cars, features and tracks we would have by now!

    • Jan. 14, 11:23pm

      Are you kidding me..? I came from Forza because I thought they were money hungry…

  32. Jan. 14, 5:22pm

    New Corvette but no Mustangs, No Chargers, No Ferarris, No Koenigsegg? Come ONNN

    • Jan. 14, 5:23pm

      *Viper as well

    • Jan. 14, 5:38pm

      I know but at least we got a 2014 car, right?

    • Jan. 14, 6:32pm

      So many complainers.
      Just be glad we got to get such a cool car before anyone else.

    • Jan. 14, 6:37pm

      Wait there’s new Mustang………AWESOME.:)

    • Jan. 14, 6:37pm

      They took out the no?

  33. Jan. 14, 4:36pm

    This is so much win, this track and Vette C7 Stingray! :D

    Thank you so much PD and GM for all this, you guys rock as a team working together. :)

  34. Jan. 14, 4:21pm

    Theres a shot of El Capitan in there aswell at 2:04!

    • Jan. 14, 5:09pm
      The Prodigy

      speaking of which that course is my fav orig course

    • Jan. 14, 5:20pm

      Nah, just Trial Mountain.

    • Jan. 14, 6:12pm

      Yeah, I think someone got a bit over excited. I’d go along with Trial Mountain.

      Personally I think the new Stingray looks great, even if it is a rip off of parts of other cars it looks to me like they put them together pretty darn tootin well! And if it does anywhere near 30mpg that seems pretty impressive for a car like this. Looks like an early morning for me tomorrow then!

  35. Jan. 14, 3:54pm

    Now I remember where I saw this circuit before…it was one of the first circuits for pCARS when it started back in October 2011.

    PD is doing its work guys and looking at the competition. Hell yeah, to me seeing this circuit is not only good to add more real life world tracks…but PD is aiming to compete head to head against itself (Forza counts?) and pCARS which is going to have lot of tracks and amazing visuals at least on PC.

  36. Jan. 14, 3:31pm

    It looks like a course maker track…

    • Jan. 14, 3:37pm

      BTW, I meant Willow Springs. Not the track in the C7 video.

    • Jan. 14, 3:47pm

      Could easy be corse maker too…

  37. Jan. 14, 3:29pm

    Interlagos, Imola, Swiss alps (from gt3) would be great tracks for me! Don’t get me wrong, I still love PD s attitude towards new content.

    • Jan. 14, 5:15pm

      I think this too!! Interlagos, Circuit of Americas, Bahrain, and more!!

    • Jan. 14, 5:42pm

      Really? You love PD’s attitude toward new content? There is hardly new content for this game other than the Seasonals. Kaz himself said there would be new DLC every month…doesn’t happen. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the new C7; but I’m sure that was just as much GM’s doing as PD’s. GT DLC is severely lacking in content. In this day and age consistent DLC is a must.

  38. Jan. 14, 3:22pm

    What the hell sorg, you were supposed to warn us of this :lol:

    • Jan. 14, 3:32pm

      I think he thought that it was obvious, because it was

    • Jan. 14, 4:03pm

      How can he, it isn’t in the game yet.

  39. Jan. 14, 3:20pm

    Somethin tells me Gran Turismo 6 will have a huge amount of tracks! What with Silverstone, this, and many others that PD have been spotted at.

    • Jan. 14, 3:28pm


  40. Jan. 14, 3:15pm

    Another Acura NSX concept.
    Might turn up in GT 6 might not.

  41. Jan. 14, 3:10pm

    Man you should see all the comments on youtube. These Forza dudes are hella jealous. Its so funny. But anyways I’m super excited! I’d rather have the SRT VIper but f*** it, this is good enough :)

    • Jan. 14, 6:16pm

      They have their Viper. GT5 has the Stingray. Unfortunately, thats how the real world works – its called running a business and trying to make a profit – ask any HMV employee tonight about that (am thinking tonight of the 4,000 employees who are at risk and hoping they get something positive).

  42. Jan. 14, 3:06pm

    Look at 1:56 … maybe there is a camera in the front on that helicopter!!!! … I hope in a new replay view from that!!!!

    • Jan. 14, 3:32pm


    • Jan. 14, 6:03pm

      There is also the camera man! :D :D

  43. Jan. 14, 3:04pm

    (Cartman voice) “Sweet”

    • Jan. 14, 7:19pm


  44. Jan. 14, 3:04pm

    Like everyone, I would really like more tracks, some of them already listed by other gtplayers.
    But, there is one circuit in particular I would love to see in future gt games.
    Interlagos – Jose Carlos Pace circuit.
    Here in Brasil there’s a lot of good circuits but this one is really a nice one.
    C’mim Kaz, surprise your brazilian fans.

    • Jan. 14, 3:29pm

      They have nothing but a Zonda from South America, they defined need a brazil circuit for one of the largest race fan bases in the world.

    • Jan. 14, 4:06pm

      That’s why I use the course maker. I have a 6 mile long doozie of a track. However, PD shoulda gave use more control in the course maker. With free hand control… it’s totally duable. But that’s what the series is most infamously famous.for… Leading the genre in concept developement yet still leaving much to be desired.

    • Jan. 14, 5:18pm

      Im from Brasil or Brazil too, and Interlagos really is a good circuit! Would be very good see it in GT5

  45. Jan. 14, 3:01pm


  46. Jan. 14, 2:59pm

    Man I love GT5, but I see what’s happened here. Forza gets the new Viper and GT5 gets the new Corvette. Oh well….

    • Jan. 14, 3:29pm

      Vette > Viper any day

    • Jan. 14, 4:18pm

      That’s why GT needs an RM/TC Viper… So we could settle it once and for all.

    • Jan. 14, 6:35pm

      RT/10 with RM.

  47. Jan. 14, 2:47pm

    I’m game! Looks like it could be a really fun track albeit the plain scenery.

  48. Jan. 14, 2:47pm

    Well no one expected this track so I believe and I am really confident in Lucas Ordoñez words: “GT6 is going to have tons of tracks that are going to make your hat fall off”. (or something similar can´t remember exactly his words)

    If they are mapping those real world tracks it is a good signal from a REAL simulation aspect. I want more real world tracks.

    • Jan. 14, 2:52pm

      More real world tracks ftw :D

    • Jan. 14, 5:37pm

      Maybe the 24Dubai. Who knows?

  49. Jan. 14, 2:35pm

    I can confirm that the track is Willow Springs (Like It says at the top)! I raced Motorcycles on it in the 80’s.
    It’s 2.5 miles long in the style of High Speed Ring. It’s a very fast track!! Both Nigel Mansel and Michael Andretti did 1:06’s on it.
    Also very hot at times!! Situated in the Mojave Desert if you race in July or August be prepared for 110-125deg (F) temperatures
    during midday!! And that is before you put on Leathers/Fire Suit,helmet ,gloves,ect. Minimal Armco Barriers so you can usually drive away from errors with minimal damage. I would really like to see it in GT5.

    • Jan. 14, 6:18pm

      Cool – thanks for the confirmation BRElms. Sounds pretty intense in real life!

  50. Jan. 14, 2:32pm

    they better put out the NSX after they debut the interior

    • Jan. 14, 2:57pm

      where in the world is that NSX Concept? I have to wonder if Kaz/PD put out that video from last feb and thought to themselves “check back in a YEAR for your chance to drive this beatiful car!”

      : /

    • Jan. 14, 10:21pm

      How can they put the NSX in the game when there is no hard data on the car yet? All we know is engine layout, drivetrain type and what it looks like. There is even rumor that the NSX has been pushed back to 2016 release. However power speculations have been upped to 500hp. Read that at nsxprime. It’s gonna be a challenge for PD to empliment this car because of the SHAWD system. Look at the cars in the game that feature torque vectoring. They aren’t done correctly as far as the driving physics. I should know I drive an ’05 Acura RL and the cars in GT5 that are suppose to have torque vectoring are all wrong. You can tell by watching the tires to see which ones get warm or not in a corner. So I guess it’s a good thing the NSX isn’t in GT5 until their physics engine can do this or at least something close to it.

  51. Jan. 14, 2:31pm

    Gotta say that this is one butt-ugly course. It looks like a wasteland. Designed by T.S. Eliot?

    • Jan. 14, 4:30pm

      Willow springs is the cruelest of tracks…

    • Jan. 14, 5:37pm

      That’s the point of the track. It’s suppose to be empty. That’s what makes it beautiful

  52. Jan. 14, 2:27pm

    I like the track now let’s see a race mod for the C7

  53. Jan. 14, 2:23pm

    And PD always does the best trailers! I’m a Viper lover, yet this gave me goosebumps.

  54. Jan. 14, 2:22pm

    This is one of the last tracks i’d expect them to add but I welcome it. It’s been so long since we’ve got a new track that I don’t think we have the right to complain. Just be happy we’re getting a new track.

    It’s a good track too. Maybe it’s not amazing like VIR, Macau, or Bathurst, but definitely better than other choices they could make. Plus the mountain scenery should look nice, mountains is something they do very well. Eiger K trail, the long one is the best looking track in GT5 in my opinion

  55. Jan. 14, 2:19pm

    Kind of a stale track if you ask me. But for some reason, I prefer having more new tracks than cars and this would surely be welcomed.

    But it’s not the first time we see a “new” track in a GT5 video that never makes it into the game.

  56. Jan. 14, 2:17pm
    Mister Drift

    Turns 2 and 8+9 look mighty driftable!!! Yum!

  57. Jan. 14, 2:08pm

    How does anyone know that that’s Willow Springs? What are the cues? Just curious. Looks like it could be Toscana.

    BTW that Corvette looks kind of silly. It’s got the back end of a Camaro. Also, isn’t that just a concept vehicle? Will it actually look like that in production?

    • Jan. 14, 2:14pm

      Maybe this link below will help know its Willow Springs. ;)


    • Jan. 14, 3:33pm

      Yes, that is the production Corvette. It was revealed yesterday, January 13th, at Detroit Motor Show.

    • Jan. 14, 6:38pm

      Toscana doesn’t have the rumble strips. :)

      Also, yes, this is how it will look in production.

  58. Jan. 14, 1:49pm

    Ok whats the track at 2:03?
    Its not Laguna Seca, Suzuka, Spa or Nurburgring any ideas?

    • Jan. 14, 1:54pm

      Read the title!

    • Jan. 14, 1:54pm

      Seems to me like the start/finish straight of Spa, but I can be wrong…

    • Jan. 14, 2:01pm

      @playnthru Watch the video at 2:03. I dont think thats Willo Springs… Have they go Astro Truf on the star Finish straight?

    • Jan. 14, 3:00pm

      It’s Spa. Just after the chicane leading onto the final straight.

  59. Jan. 14, 1:44pm

    If PD is going to put Willow Springs Raceway into GT5 or GT6, can they include Virginia International Raceway as well? :D

    • Jan. 14, 2:16pm

      I HOPE SO. VIR is my favorite track in the western hemispere. I’d also like infineon back, that’s a really underrated track

  60. Jan. 14, 1:38pm

    My question isn´t “when”, my question is “how much”?

    • Jan. 14, 1:41pm

      My questions are “when and how much”

  61. Jan. 14, 1:37pm

    buttonwillow please~~~~

  62. Jan. 14, 1:35pm

    Doesn’t look like a very interessting track.
    But hey it’s a new track, that’s alway good.

  63. Jan. 14, 1:12pm
    Madman Apex

    from the video its easy to see why it didnt take polyphony 16 years to get this track into gran turismo…

  64. Jan. 14, 1:11pm

    Do we get the helicopter at 1:55 as well?

  65. Jan. 14, 1:06pm

    Any new track is welcome. Would love to see Pikes Peak in the near future.

    • Jan. 14, 3:01pm

      theres been a few trailers with helicopters in before GT5 was released but ive never seen one in game. would be very cool if you had helicopters following you at times :)

  66. Jan. 14, 1:04pm

    watkins glen?

  67. Jan. 14, 1:00pm

    Psh i would rather have COTA..

    • Jan. 14, 2:17pm


    • Jan. 14, 2:41pm

      That would be nice as well and some more F1 tracks.

  68. Jan. 14, 12:52pm

    Ugly track… i’d prefer Outlon Parck :(

  69. Jan. 14, 12:47pm


  70. Jan. 14, 12:47pm

    Why all the hype? It’s ugly! The Viper is way better looking than this turd. Give us the new SRT because this is horrible. It looks like a cheap ferrari rip-off! Where’s the originality? What a let-down

    • Jan. 14, 12:48pm

      Your ugly is my beautiful. And I love the Viper too.

    • Jan. 14, 12:54pm

      Cool. It’s as if GM looked at the new Ferrari FF and said to themselves “Right, copy the front and sides and then put a camaro back end on it.”

    • Jan. 14, 1:14pm
      Madman Apex

      you COULDNT be more RIGHT…i just cant figure out which car has four pipes in the rear end in that same exact configuration

    • Jan. 14, 1:40pm

      Agreed AnPrisionBeag, i think this car looks cool, so as the viper.

  71. Jan. 14, 12:46pm

    New track, hopefully yes please!!

  72. Jan. 14, 12:46pm

    I would say that it does imply that it will be featured as DLC in the future. I mean, why else put it there in the first place? I also fondly remember that the last time we identified a new track (Route X) we got it as DLC shortly.

    • Jan. 14, 1:45pm

      We all hope you are correct.

  73. Jan. 14, 12:45pm

    Anyone who doesn’t know, Willow is a great track with many different configurations. It would be awesome if PD included it!

    • Jan. 14, 1:42pm

      Yup, a track with about 4 or 5 different configurations.

    • Jan. 14, 5:41pm

      Willow Springs in NFS SHIFT 1 was crazy! Awesome track!

  74. Jan. 14, 12:45pm

    I’ll say here what I said in the thread in the forum about this.

    Don’t forget that we’ve had locations in trailers that never turned up.

    How long exactly have we been waiting for El Capitan? or the mountain pass road featured in the Ferrari California video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature…vLVxcT0k#t=35s

    I’d love to be wrong and have this track turn up, all I’m saying is don’t hype yourself up too much guys.

  75. Jan. 14, 12:41pm

    If I had to guess, I would say that they probably did testing of the new Corvette at Willow Springs and as such, PD decided to render the course. It’s not a particularly memorable course for any reason other than local historical significance. It does look like a fun course to drive, but whether or not it happens is anyone’s guess. Personally, I think it’s just an homage by PD used for background filler.

    • Jan. 14, 12:48pm

      I doubt they would render a course just to use it for a release video…

    • Jan. 14, 12:58pm

      One would hope. I’d love any new course, honestly. I agree that it wouldn’t make sense for them to render it for a video and not use it. I don’t know… I guess we shall see. :)

  76. Jan. 14, 12:39pm

    If Willow Springs comes to GT5, I’ll have new places for taking photos, drifting and doing time attack. AWWWW YEAAAHH!!

  77. Jan. 14, 12:35pm

    Willow Springs????

    Ohh yeah!!!!

  78. Jan. 14, 12:33pm

    American Touge…yumyum……

  79. Jan. 14, 12:26pm

    Bring it!

  80. Jan. 14, 12:26pm

    The number of tracks in GT6 will make your hat fall off

    • Jan. 14, 12:45pm

      Isn’t that what they said about GT5? My hat is still on. I’m not saying you’re wrong…I really hope you are correct…but I always take what is expected of a new GT title with a grain of salt. That being said, a preview of an unreleased track is something to keep in mind.

  81. Jan. 14, 12:22pm

    I want it :)

  82. Jan. 14, 12:19pm

    GT6 will have many new track!

    • Jan. 14, 12:25pm

      we though that about GT5 too

    • Jan. 14, 12:26pm

      They made a new engine.

  83. Jan. 14, 12:18pm

    Lovely track, I always wanted to see more US tracks in GT5! :)

  84. Jan. 14, 12:06pm

    I’m not a fan of Willow Springs but I will definitely welcome it to GT5 if they decide to release it to us.

  85. Jan. 14, 12:05pm

    Would be nice if its done for GT5. If not well there’s this AND Bathurst to anticipate for GT6.

    • Jan. 14, 12:06pm

      … And silverstone !!!

  86. Jan. 14, 12:03pm

    the track might be the new addition for the next update although you need to pay for it…. or maybe the track could be added to GT6?

  87. Jan. 14, 12:01pm

    New American track, Fck Yes. come on PD your doing 2013 right so far. Keep going.

  88. Jan. 14, 12:00pm

    Hope we’ll see it – looks like a fun track ;)

    • Jan. 14, 12:16pm


    • Jan. 14, 12:30pm

      We are still happy PD cares about us when GT5 is 4 Years old :D

    • Jan. 14, 8:29pm

      4yrs? Uh it just had the 2yr anniversary in November ;-)

  89. Jan. 14, 11:58am


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