Yamauchi Hints at “Rewind” Feature in GT5


Yamauchi’s latest interview with AutoWeek magazine has quite a few surprises, with Yamauchi going so far as to confirm GT5’s development cost and a controversial new feature. Keep reading for a quick summary of everything you need to know…

– The decision of when Gran Turismo 5 will be released in North America and Europe is entirely up to Sony.

– Because GT5 has been built new, from the ground up, it has taken them considerably longer previous sequels. Therefore, no-one at Polyphony Digital is surprised at how long it has taken to develop, and to quote Yamauchi, “that’s the amount of time it takes to get it right”.

– There are three factors which determine what cars are included: the cars that Yamauchi wants to be in it, the cars that players want, and the cars the manufacturers want. Manufacturers have offered to pay to have their vehicles included, but Polyphony Digital has never accepted any money. Instead, they work together with the other companies which usually develops “into a relationship where we collaborate to raise the level of the game”.

– When asked about the number of tracks, Yamauchi reiterates the mysterious “20 different environments” and “around 70 different layouts”, which we have been hearing for quite some time now. When pushed, Yamauchi refused to comment further.

– On damage: “It is not very hard, though it was not in previous Gran Turismos”.

– When asked about features that could make the game more accessible to new players, Yamauchi dropped an unexpected bombshell: “you can reverse your game”. Assuming we can take this translation literally, Yamauchi must be referring to a “rewind” feature that has recently become popular in other racing series like DiRT, Need for Speed, and Forza. As you may expect, the rewind functionality allows you to “back-up” in time and resume play before you messed up a particular corner. This can come in particularly handy when learning a tough segment of a track, though it is controversial because some players believe having such an option makes it too easy to correct your mistakes.

– The entire NASCAR roster of tracks, teams, and drivers will not be in the game. However, you will be able to take the different NASCAR cars to “a number of tracks not found on the NASCAR calendar”.

– Yamauchi has played Forza Motorsport 3, and offered his impressions: “It’s very similar in a lot of aspects to Gran Turismo. Some base components of the game are very different from Gran Turismo. It’s a little bit different from what a simulator is. You can feel it when you drive it.”

Gran Turismo 6 will be coming, but it won’t take nearly as long to develop. In Yamauchi’s words: “GT5 represents a whole new operating system. GT6 is just new apps that run on the GT5 system.”

– There “probably” will be additional content available to download in GT5, though nothing specific has been planned at this time.

It has cost $60 million to produce Gran Turismo 5. However, it’s a wise investment in a franchise which has earned billions, and as Yamauchi notes, there are other games which cost more.

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Comments (139)

  1. Smoke&Slide

    A more useful feature than rewind, is to start your engine in the tuning process.So you know if it’s running rich/lean or for misfiring, knocking engines.Also if an engine is dieing or the t-belt timing is wrong etc.Only if these things are in though, although that could be complicated for some peeps.Hey maybe a mechanic is there to give you advice.

  2. breezy

    my favorite racing sim of all time its the reason why i baught a 600 $ ps3 anyway rewind feature ?? if they add dat theyll loose some cred. on the whole “its a real driving simulator” and plz PLZZ dont do the driver license thing like in the previous gran turismo there IMPOSSIBLE overall hope they fix the online bcuz in prologue its glitchy and not user friendly

  3. noname

    If there’s a rewind feature in this game, then good.. the more features, the better.. Doesn’t mean that we have to use them. But ok, I have a question for those of you who say that you want to drive with all assists off.. whats realistic about that? I mean, race cars, ferraris, lamborghinis, corvettes etc.. they use traction control and assists to help them out.

    So if you want to play the “Real Driving Simulator”, you need traction control and assists on :)

  4. OneEyedPimp20

    Turn10 had PD scared by now. Gran Turismo 5 should be for everyone, oh I don’t know… Rated E for Everyone? If Kaz wants the newbies to have a rewind feature in GT5, then let him. Since when console racing games ever have real racing simulation physics? None. They are just racing games. Sheesh…

    I like using the rewind feature in Forza 3, but in Race Driver Grid and in Colin McRae Rally: DiRT 2, they both come limited. When in Gran Turismo 5, it isn’t really a big deal. Gran Turismo is not a true sim racing game, only GTR2 from SimBin is a true sim racing game. GTR2 does offer a dynamic day/night cycle, Race 07 does not. You guys need to play GTR2 if you want a real experience. As for me, I have plans for my own true sim racing game for the latest Playstation console. I won’t tell you what would it look like, so it will likely to have leaked images when I’m on the inside.

  5. Anton

    “20 environments, 70 layouts” means the game will have 20 tracks with 3-4 different configuration each on average. This is very dissappointing.

    Expect to have most of the GT5 tracks as separate downloadable purchases.

  6. smthrlr

    Paul Mc–you are right on, my friend.

    As much as the worst GT fanboys (and I know they are a small group–I am not pigeon-holing all GT fans) seem to believe, the old GT fanbase, which is admittedly quite large, will not be into gaming forever and even the seemingly all-powerful franchise that is the Gran Turismo Series needs to workshop ways to find new players. And I hate to say it, folks, but that sometimes means looking what the competition is doing and possibly adopting some of the features that cannot be patented. Granted, T10 may have gone overboard a little in this regard, but nevertheless, as confident and altruistic as KY seems to be, he is a CEO of a company, and that company’s goal, at its most basic, is to make money. Any good CEO–and I’m sure that KY is very, very good–will tell you that as much as you need to listen to your established fan base and not piss them off by removing features etc, you have to brainstorm ideas that will bring new people to the franchise.

    Think about it: the GT series can be a little scary to get into as it’s so well known that there are legions of players who have been around since the original and that can be overwhelming. Like, “why bother even trying this game, especially online when there are these guys who know how to tune a Miata so that my Nismo GT-R won’t have a chance?” This may be an exaggeration, but maybe not as far off as you think.

    Anyways, the rewind feature isn’t all that bad, (I am an avid FM3 fan and I have found that it’s not too difficult to ignore it), just adds a level of accessibility which isn’t always such a bad thing.

    Quick question for GT fans: Do you ever find it at least slightly annoying how KY is so adept at skirting issues? I mean, every interview he gives that’s supposed to reveal groundbreaking features is always so vague and full of “maybes” “could bes” and “there is the possibility fors”. Look, again I want to assure anyone whose going to read this post that I am by no means a full backer of T10s tactics, but at least they told fans something concrete and tangible. And don’t give me the “we like all this speculation. It makes for good conversation” argument because there was plenty of speculative discussion surrounding the impending release of FM3 even though T10 tends to be a group of pretty big talkers.

    Thanks for tuning in, folks.

  7. Ben

    I really hope that this doesnt have a rewind feature. Its not a simulator if you can rewind. Nobody cant rewind in real life. That would be terrible, you would get lazy because you know that if you stuff up you can simply rewind

  8. Dom

    – On damage: “It is not very hard”
    I don’t see the sense of damage, when it’s not hard (realistic). I never anticipated a great damage model though.

    – “You can reverse your game”
    Didn’t Kaz always say that they don’t look what the competion is doing? This is NOT GT like, but I am ok with this. Not that I will use this feature.

    – The entire NASCAR roster of tracks, teams, and drivers will not be in the game.
    What a waste of money and time! This is VERY bad news for me. I think oval racing will still be strange with the expected aero-configuration. Driving behind a car in Prologue is not very realistic, and Nascar is a cruical sport in that aspect.

  9. tek9[r]

    GT used to bring in new fans though massive car counts and the ” It feels like my ride in real life!” factor. Motorsport fans like myself were tricked into thinking the replays were live. The hearts of youth are still drawn to these things, gimicy features are not the way to go

  10. Chrysus

    I agree the concept of having a rewind feature in GT doesn’t fit in with the experience but it is OPTIONAL.
    If you want it, it’s there. If you don’t, don’t use it. There is Forza gamers that refuse to use it and there be an option to disable all players from using it over a network game

  11. Stipe

    Not like rewind option. It is nice for arcade racers like GRID and similar but for sim like GT tryinig to be it is big NO.
    I know that this types of console sims must also be appealed for masses but I will do that differently. Rewind for me sound somehow ‘woos’, and I’m not a hardcore (sim) gamer but GT was always something special for me. Specialy liked license tests and challenges (from GT4) that helped and to sharpen my driving skills which come handy in many others race (sim) games.

    And in the end; I always and still have big hopes for every GT title but somehow I have fear that this one may dissapoint me, but from deep of my heart I hope that I’m wrong.

    NO for REWIND

  12. Mustangmiha

    Wait, wait, wait:

    1) Cars we want can be in GT5???

    2) Rewind?? Like in GRID? Is he serious…

    3) GT6…?????

  13. Bryan

    “peter Says:

    November 5th, 2009 at 4:33 pm
    You’re all a bunch of slack jawed faggots! This feature will make you a sexual Tyrannosaurus. Just like me!”

    Get this feature to ze CHOPPAAAHHH!!!! DO IITTT DOO ITT NOWWWW!!!!!


    I love it when people quote Predator.

  14. Me.Switch

    Hi everybody,

    To me a rewind-feature is useless but not a step backwards and its not killing the sim-character. I just won’t use it, but its ok to implement it, espacially for beginners.

    What really bothers me is the lack of information we still have.
    I dont like it that there are so much rumors about GT5 like trackeditor yes/no/ ; vinyl-editor yes/no ; weather yes/no ; damage in what kind of way? all cars/some cars ; race-series whole wrc? whole nascar? some more? driving license? qualyfing? race-types? and so on…

    The things i know as a fact: Outstanding graphics, very good physics, alot of cars, a lot of tracks, a release in 2010 and that i will buy it no mather what it will cost.

    I am not bored or angry about it, but i want more facts and some ingame footage.

    (and sorry for language-mistakes^^)

  15. Methroix

    OK, one more post on the Rewind feature. :)
    First off, I think it’s a great addition to help reel in the younger and more inexperienced crowd, who aren’t familiar with simulation games. So, kudos for that.
    As a Forza3 player myself I’m a bit concerned that the feature may be abused to get those perfect laptimes on the online highscores, even by the most avid simracers. Simply because you can do it.
    So what I would like to see is some sort of reward system for not using this feature. At the very least it should show up on the highscore list, but hopefully, in career mode, you should be rewarded with a small bonus for not using Rewind in a race, say 10%.

  16. ICANT55

    ^^ And after thinking about it that feature would work out great with the whole you tube upload deal,that why you can make some badass videos ….Ok PD im starting to see the Light!

  17. ICANT55

    WOW the comments are getting outta hand ,Look people let s just wait until we get the game in our hands!!! And as for sales i dont care how many they sell as long as i can get one on the first day !

  18. Paul Mc

    Haha man some people on here need to go lie down and seriously take a chill pill.

    The rewind feature is there solely to aid in newcomers to the series. In my view it is CRITICAL that GT expand and attract the new generation of gamers who havent played GT before. If we were to follow the logic of the newbie haters, we would have no driving aids and only manual transmission. In all fairness who wants that? Sure you may get ultra realism but your alienating a huge audience of people who just want to drive their favourite cars around some tracks for the enjoyment of it. Theyre not interested in shaving .010 of a second of their lap times.

    I hope KY delays the game again just to piss you all off, cos a lot of you on here deserve it

  19. Razor

    James T> Check numbers FIRST. PD sold more than 10 million copies of GT4 (not counting Prologue) alone. Easy.

    So even if they get 15$ per game, they’ll get 150.000.000$ definitely. And probably even more because GT5 is first GT game for PS3 and not second one as was GT4 (after GT3).

  20. snicker3s

    The article says ‘you can reverse your game and record your laps and share them…’

    Couldnt it be you can reverse your game, not to drive a messed up corner again, but to view (or even record) a fantastic corner again :).

    An ‘in race’ replay instead of ‘after race’ replay we got now. You can reverse al you want in race, but not re-race, just re-view.

    Knowing Gt this makes more sense to me, and would be way cool.

  21. KiwiNoodleBowl

    Seems to me the people who are crying over the Rewind feature are weak-willed individuals who simply cannot help themselves but use the feature should it be included in the game. If someone doesnt want to cheapen the experience, play like the thing is not there. Thats what I am going to do … include it, I dont care. Like pickup trucks in GT4, just cause they are there doesnt mean I will ever put any use into them. I dont see the problem.

  22. gtfanboiiiiiii

    if they do include this ‘rewind’ feature i think it ill be cool if your only allowed to use it once in the whole game and get rewarded 1000000 cp if you use it…….mmm (rephrase that) if you dont use it. now seriuosly, if it is included i think it would be beacuse yamauchi~san really reeeeeeaaaally thought about it and thinks that gt5 needs to evolve to that level…and knows that there are more ppl that want << than those that dont….if not lets count them: i dont.

    ok thats one, next.

  23. jedaye

    If heaps of people think that a rewind feature wil ruin GT, then doesn’t the driving line also ruin the experience because if you stick to it the chances over over turning a corner are reduced?

  24. Scoob

    The rewind feature i believe will be a good addition. I have no doubt it will invalidate laptimes and cant be used on line , which is great. I will try not to use it in races as i like to feel im on the edge and a mistake will mean the end of my race and chances. But look at it from the perspective of you can got to any track any turn you are finding challenging and keep going over and over till you have it nailed. I will treat it as a function which will allow me to break tracks up , and there for improve my lap times.
    Also. Kaz you sly devil. Your getting closer and closer to telling us everything. I cant wait

  25. FlareKR

    @ Khlad
    Lol, flying car.
    Chitty Bang Bang, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Chitty Bang Bang, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Oh, you, pretty, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, let us cheat.
    Cause, we’re, now in 1st place, cause we cut the hell out of Route 240
    Look, I, see Yamauchi-san’s house
    Hi Hi, Yamayamauchi. Thanks for the cheating feat.!

  26. FlareKR

    I hope the replays ACTUALLY get the rewind feature. Putting a in-game rewind feature will ruin it’s sim status. It’s better for games where it’s all jump in fun like GRID and DiRT 2. Not GT5.
    GT6? We haven’t finished 5, and we’re talking about 6?! Finish and perfect 5, and then talk about 6.

  27. yanfloist

    I’m sure GT5 will sell more than Forza 3 and I know that the 60 million spent will be all gained back. GT5 is not a game just for kids, adults will also be drawn to it. The rewind feature is nice to have, it will make us learn the corners a lot faster and better. You don’t need to use it if you choose not to. This feature is not going to down-grade GT5, if you use it correctly it will only make you a better driver in the game. I agree that PD may have been developing this feature long before the other racing games had them.

  28. Judas

    Moving along…

    About marques giving “kickbacks” for the use of their cars in the game, I think that is an element which went a little too far in Forza. Sure, promotion of new cars is evident in Gran Turismo, too, but I do feel more of a bond to the past 150 years of automotive history in it, not just the biggest maker’s vintage 2010 and 2011 models. That, to me, is a huge selling point, as I get to experience cars which I cannot simply rent at the nearest rental agency.

  29. oppylocky

    Personally I think that having the rewind feature is better than not having it. If GT5 didn’t have it then i can predict the backlash. What about all those people who don’t have the time to learn a track or go through a race for example an endurance race so those people it would be perfect. But, my whole point is that let KY/PD have the ‘rewind’ feature because if it doesn’t then people are going to say ‘why didn’t it have the rewind feature?’

    Also another reason why the game should have this feature i feel is to practice a corner or a set of corners using different settings for e.g. different camber settings and seeing how the car reacts.

    All in all I am up for it.

  30. Stevo

    I don’t think the statement “you can reverse your game” is totally solid, given all the problems created in the past with translations etc. I doubt they will add a feature like this, its not very GT-sims don’t go backwards. I don’t really care either way thats just how i see it.

  31. nasanu

    A rewind feature? Why not just make it so the CPU takes over if you are going to crash, or even if you are just going to lose. That would take all the pressure and frustration out. We could play GT with no fear of failure surly making GT the perfect game.

  32. 8@No$

    Ok, I can see that the rewind feature is taking skidmark-dimensions !
    About the sales, as of June 2008, GT4 has shipped 10,180,000 copies worldwide.
    Asuming that they get 20$/game (In Europe, which has the most sales-5,850,000 for GT4, PS3 games cost about 89$~104$ – 60~70 euros) and that GT5 is selling as much as his predecessor they will easily make 200,000,000$ out of it… Do you think that managers are stupid enough to allow the development of a game that won’t make it’s development costs? Well I don’t, cause they aren’t.

  33. DearSX

    A rewind feature is great for Arcade mode. I really need it to learn somethings I feel. I may wrong. I think I do prefer it not be put in the regular game.

  34. Rick

    The gold has been dug out of the forza grave. next comes the surprise of more customization. THAT will make me irritate my parents to get the game

  35. Sam__ NY


    PD probably started developing the rewind feature long before we new forza 3, dirt 2, or grid had it. PD started working on GT5 in late 2004.

  36. Legion

    “thats like saying fake tits are just as good as real. feel a few and come back to me.”

    Normally I would totally agree with this, but I got thinking: To some people, a woman is a woman, no matter her bodywork.

    Kind of analogous to a lot of people on here who when they first get a car in GT5, the first thing they will do is customise it.

    Anyway, enough of that off-topicness. Rewind. Wow. That’s nice. If it’s there, I’m not going to use it. Problem solved. I fail to see what any whining is about if it is the case. Dont like. Dont use. Simple solution.

    Unless were going to start hearing about if they hadn’t programmed in ‘rewind’, they would have had room for skidmarks, dynamic weather, drivers picking there noses, scratch n’ sniff, timed trials against AI Stig etc, etc.

  37. ICANT55

    I only see two good reasons for the rewind feature(1) for people new to the game and (2)For “Real Race Car Drivers” that Actually have to study a track before ever racing on it or trying to get better by figuring out the best race line etc… other that i dont see the use of it … but thats just my opinion…

  38. RazzlDazzle

    Considering he says “customize and tune”, I am liking that first part. Customize is something completely different than tune. Customizing is visual, tuning is internal and performance. I like visual customization. :D

  39. Me

    The translation was “you can reverse your game.” To me, this in no way implies a Dirt like ‘rewind’ feature, which I don’t see PD doing in their simulator. I think the player will be able to revert Gran Turismo mode to any previous point you where at, whenever you want. For example, if you sold a car you really miss, or sold something specific you needed to complete a race, you can go back to when you had that car to complete those races, etc.

    We’ll have to wait and see though…

  40. Khlad

    Hmmm, rewind? i hated forza 3 cos rewind, but now GT5 ?
    but still im a big fan to hate GT5, i dont like rewind, man wtf? “REAL SIMULATOR”
    So what there is some noobs? will there also be a feature that can make ur car fly, and u can turn it on or off if u dont like it??? well okay, but it still is a bad thing ?

  41. ClownCar

    Every comment above this one is dumb…you’re all babbling morons. Its their game, they will make it as they please. The Turn10 hate speech is dumb…without compitition nothing moves forward. If you pulled your heads out of your asses you’d see that Forza is pretty damn good for as quick as it was finished. GT5 is just getting lots of polish and that’s fine…we’ll see how it is when it’s done, everything else about how great and awesome it is ends up being nothing more than shitty speculation. Bunch of babbling idiots.

  42. ssupr@96

    I would like the NASCAR Truck vehicles added to the mix. Not all, just a few to try out. Or the Banks Racing diesel autocross pickup. Something different and domestic. I liked the Renault minivan with a mid engine in GT2. Instead of adding stuff most don’t want, like replay, continue being a leader vs. a follower of other games that have created something that works for their product. Weather or realtime gameplay based on the clock in the game already would be good. Or to give the realism of F1 cars like your head shaking and having tear aways on the helmet visor when in 1st person view. I think these are things that GT5 could incorporate and set a console standard that not many could touch. If the PS3 has all this power and is the #1 console sold in america, then PD should take this opportunity to show it. Truly 2 cents

  43. NJ

    Rewind future … god damn… Kaz said he don’t care about other games .. but every useless feature they have is implemneted ..


    Anyone else besides me think the world is gonna end now that Kaz (assuming the translation is correct) has officially considered rewind? I’m sure the people that didn’t want it are now gonna be blowing up everyone.

  45. aleksandar SRB

    I won”t use “rewind” or other driving aids(TC,ABS….) I like to fell car handling that is challenge for me!!!!

  46. Chico Malo

    It would be Ok to reverse the game from the last pit stop. Or saving on a pit stop in long races. A “rewind” feature would be kinda stupid.

  47. kerrak

    Because there are some sales analists in this thread, i feel enticed to some simple analysis too.

    Cost of a game (fictional numbers, but plausible)
    1-developement (very variable)
    2-publishing 10 $/EUR per game
    3-marketing (very variable)
    4-Distribution 5 $/EUR per game
    5-Retail 8 $/EUR per game

    Marketing is a complex equation, but in order to simplify let’s just suppose that to push one sale i would cost 3 $/EUR per game. Keep in mind that there are many sales that will be completed with 0 marketing effort.

    So, we’ve got 26 $/EUR of cost per game development aside.
    In order to cover 60 million $ cost, they need to sell 1,76 million copies at a 60$ prize.

    Can somebody really be so naive to think that one of the 4/5 flagships of the playstation brand won’t be able to just recover development costs???? Really????

    GTA4 was something like 100 milion $ (marketing and all), Halo 3 was 120 i think, Killzone 2 40 m$ etc…

  48. Luke

    Yesterday i started Forza, i though i could keep me busy for a month. Didn`t even keep me busy for an hour. As soon as i started the race and noticed the rewind feature AND the pilot and car point system i lost nearly all interest in it. Why the hell are all developers so fixed on this point system ? What points can a car possibly gain during racing ? If i want to earn points I`ll play some stupid Wii game like Mario.
    It`s funny how i thought of the exact same thing yesterday about Forza like Kaz said in this interview. Forza sure is a great game, don`t missunderstand me. It just feels different than a simulator, and it`s not working for me that way.

  49. James T

    Yrue, I hope so too.
    I think 99% of all GT fans outthere witha PS3 will buy it.
    But they need to show the other guys (casual racers) that this is s good product…hence the reqind feature!

    forza did it well buy talking about 1 button driving…GT are looking for more customers and that is teh best way.

    im way past waiting tho. i dont actually want it to come out before March cos im spending alot of time onf Forza 3. then i can concentrate on GT5 and finally my PS3 will get used and abused!

  50. W89rnr

    @James T

    I’m sure PD are losing money in some respect due to the lack of open publicity and resulting loss of interest while not occupying the forefront of consumer’s minds, hopefully we will see that change within the coming months as PD reveal more about the game and start their advertising campaign

  51. chrisrar

    not like gt cant manage those kind of figures in sales. also theyll make sony money with every ps3 that flys of the shelves with the release of this game

  52. James T

    im not saying thats its impossible!
    but lets say they make teh $60 mark….that would be terrible.
    Ti justyfy 5 years work they would need to atleast doeuble that which would be 8million copies.

    Dont get me wrong, not flaming the ame or anything, just saying that PD are taking too long and are definatly losing out on money!

  53. W89rnr

    @James T

    An overhead of $15/unit would take a total sale of 4 million copies to reach the $60 million investment and 0 out, I don’t know why you think Gran Turismo is incapable of such numbers, care to explain some of your reasoning?

  54. Jorge

    Summary of comments (have read your comments, here is a summary):

    – For casual racers (not eager to go GT mode or NOT a racing fanatic): rewind is okay for ARCADE mode. So they get practice, learn the tracks, etc. Probably also good for GT mode only in PRACTICE please. Then GT5 can attract a newbies into the franchise.

    – For sim racers (99.99% of time in GT mode & GT fans): rewind NO WAY. Only acceptable for PRACTICE or ARCADE, but please no rewind feature in race for GT MODE. It spoils the experience. It destroy the nature of TRUE racing simulation.

    – If “Rewind your Race” in GT MODE is present… then: Penalize the use of it. Less cash, prizes and bonus. But the majority agrees: GT MODE with “rewind race” can spoil the TRUE racing simulation of the franchise.

    – Now, Yamauchi said “reverse your game”… he did NOT say “reverse your race”. What-if you race, sustain car damage, and then you have to repair the car, meaning the game saves you car-damage-status. Meaning, you have to pay for painting, repair windows, etc… then you can decide to “reverse your game”. Will this be the feature?

  55. W89rnr

    Guys, u seem to be taking subtle hints from kaz waayyy too seriously, if he thinks these features will improve the game, he will implement them to create a better experience for the end user, if not, then they will be omitted. Kazunori won’t be selling a subpar product to his fanbase, and there should be absolutely no problem reclaiming the $60 million investment into the game, knowing it will most definitely go multiplatinum

  56. GT911


    I don´t know if you alreadey saw this: http://news.vgchartz.com/news.php?id=5759&mp=1, is the same interview plus other questions, in one of the questions Yamauchi metion that each car has 400 thousend polygons, i am pretty sure that he said some time ago that each car only contains 200 thousend polygons at least i heard that for GT5 Prologue, could be this a traduction error or is an improvement…

    I don´t like the rewind think… because with that will be more easy to drive and lose the feeling of a simulator… but whatever i won´t use that feature.

    So 60 million dolars to create Gran Turismo 5, i think with the GT5P the recover the complete investment if we consider that 3.21 million were sold times $40 we get $128,400,000 so they had already been recovered the money and have money to develop GT6 jejeje

  57. Hernan

    Its going to be fun to watch many GT fanboys now saying that the rewind feature is good after they trashed it because is in Forza 3.
    About 20 locations only, pretty lame for a game that has 5 years in making, the cut a lot of locations from GT4. Also why having 950 cars which is huge when you only have 20 locations, thats a problem of priorities, i would happily change 300 cars for 10 more locations.

  58. James T

    are u thick?
    do you think they make $50 per game sold?
    they prob make like $15!

    and im not a fanboy, im well looking forward to this game and future quality racing games no matter what concole its on!

  59. Watevaman

    It’s just like Forza 3 or Dirt 2, I simply won’t use it. As long as it hasn’t detracted from any of the other features being put in, I don’t mind.

  60. S3 Racer

    P.S. GT5 will NEVER make over $60 mill so they’ve lost out already!


    27 mil. ps3 units sold, so in order to achieve equity they….

    I would u let do the math but you don’t seem very clever so :

    27Mil = 100 %

    Persuming that they do not sell any ps3 anymore they need 3.7037% of the people who already own a ps3 to buy it in order to get a 0. and come on … Like 10 mil Gt sold on 4 GTs that’s 2 mill/GT.

    Stupid fanboy

  61. Bryan

    “James T Says:

    November 5th, 2009 at 8:37 am
    ur all idiots1
    its well good in forza 3! and its also an OPTION, you dont have to use it! gees

    P.S. GT5 will NEVER make over $60 mill so they’ve lost out already!”

    They will make that amount back in less than six months, do you even know how much the past games have made the comany???

    Do some research before you make such moronic and ignorant comments.

  62. Simon

    Good thing is that you can only make a perfect youtube video with rewind function.Using rewind a lot you will never be a fast racer.So,when meeting online,MOVE.

  63. Razor

    This is what arcade-noobs wanted, this is what they will get (and ruin all fun-part of real simulator for us, normal sim-racers). You asked for it, you’ll get it. Arcade-noobs sux.

  64. Viktor Navorsky

    What´s the matter with the rewind feature? Thats pretty cool… i mean… how many times we wanted to finish a race so hard, just for the money or get in other competitions… thats the simple way to do that. You be able to choose if you want to race correctly or just mess aroud and have some fun…thats the point of games…HAVE FUN!

  65. Dan_

    No problem with rewind IF:
    – Only Avaliable in arcade mode, or in the practice mode that was available by paying 5 cr in GT4…( Man, i will never forget any turn of nordschleife track, thanks to that..)

    About the “noobs getting closer to your times..” thing, i really agree that GT is not a game for everyone, because it’s already popular, have a big legion of fans worldwide and a game system(GT Series) that is traditional, so, the GT players are really expecting a final product that is faithful to the series concepts! You can’t play GT well if you don’t know how to brake, to take the right angle of a turn or the difference between a MR car and a AWD car, and of course, to learn all these stuff you need to race many laps against the same track….

    That’s what i figure out from these rewind, it’s good to introduce the series to the first trip players, but it’s not necessary, it’s just a good amount of time that PD spent, they could work to put more tracks on the game, like Fiorano, Brands Hatch and the full F1 calendar tracks.

  66. Sam__NY

    If PD wants to keep the title “The Real Driving Simulator”, then the rewind mode has to go. Or at least only have it for beginner races only. (like in Grid)

  67. James T

    ur all idiots1
    its well good in forza 3! and its also an OPTION, you dont have to use it! gees

    P.S. GT5 will NEVER make over $60 mill so they’ve lost out already!

  68. meatbag_

    “because noobs will have a chance to achieve the same result as you, hardcore players, did and they will keep rewinding till they get it.”

    thats like saying fake tits are just as good as real. feel a few and come back to me.

  69. 8@No$

    OK, all of you who complain about the rewind feature, admit it: you only complain because noobs will have a chance to achieve the same result as you, hardcore players, did and they will keep rewinding till they get it. You are just selfish, ok? If you want to prove your value and feel experienced you can turn it off, and I am sure that in major events or qualifying and of course license tests and time trials, there will be no rewind feature or there will be restrictions in the events, like there are with tires and physics. I also like the case where if you don’t use rewind you get more money/prizes, it will add to the experience.
    Well again, there is a chance that rewind does not have anything to do with racing and it is just there for the game story so you can reverse your save games, if you like, if you made a mistake, or if you do not have money to fix your car (there will be damage remember? :-) ), and you cannot race.
    All in all, any new feature that does not ruin the physics is welcome for me, even though I could live without it because it will probably make GT easier. That I don’t like but I don’t care, I am not in a position to criticise Kaz for his strategy neither is anyone of you here, so stop complaining.

    P.S. Look at the diplomacy and professionalism of the KY’s statement compared to the 15-year old kiddish statements of the turn10 guy. I believe that you can see the difference between the two games just by seeing the difference between the two statements. The king and the wannabe haha.

  70. 8@No$

    OK, all of you who complain about the rewind feature, admit it: you only complain because noobs will have a chance to achieve the same result as you, hardcore players, did and they will keep rewinding till they get it. You are just selfish, ok? If you want to prove your value and feel experienced you can turn it off, and I am sure that in major events or qualifying and of course license tests and time trials, there will be no rewind feature or there will be restrictions in the events, like there are with tires and physics. I also like the case where if you don’t use rewind you get more money/prizes, it will add to the experience.
    Well again, there is a chance that rewind does not have anything to do with racing and it is just there for the game story so you can reverse your save games, if you like, if you made a mistake, or if you do not have money to fix your car (there will be damage remember? :-) ), and you cannot race.
    All in all, any new feature that does not ruin the physics is welcome for me, even though I could live without it because it will probably make GT easier. That I don’t like but I don’t care, I am not in a position to criticise Kaz for his strategy neither is anyone of you here, so stop complaining.

    P.S. Look at the diplomacy and professionalism of the KY compared to the 15-year old kiddish statements of the turn10 guy. I believe that you can see the difference between the two games just by seeing the difference between the two statements. The king and the wannabe haha.

  71. David

    Quite interesting that they refused bribes from manufacturers to put cars in the game, although thats noble it would be nice if some cars get in because they were paid to be in rather than KY having the say and not wanting them in (if you get what im saying).

    I dont think other devs are so noble because im sure the likes of NFS are more than ready to ‘sell thier soul’ to whoever wants to advertise in their game, be that in car or banner form. When you are as established as GT I guess you have to right to run things the way you want it!

    Rewind im not too bothered about, $60 million to dev is quite reasonable I was expecting it to be much higher, must be that they do everything with so few staff (only about 150-200).

  72. gt03

    wooo! sounds like gt6 will be coming this generation!! thats probably when weather and day/night cycles come..
    now just bring on march :)

  73. Big Ron

    If anyone of you is happy about the visual tuning feature in GT5, don´t be too happy. Because GT4 had a tuning feature, too. You could take a spoiler and change the wheels. That´s it and I thinl, that is all we get in GT5. If you think on NFS-tuning, I would bet, you will never get it.

    But it is more important to get a good physical tuning feature to make your car faster.

  74. WonkyFonk

    Although I wouldnt want to use rewind for races, it could be very useful for learning a difficult section of corners. For example, if you mess up a section at the ring you have to wait some 7-9 minutes to try it again! At least with rewind the pick up and play aspect will become easier

  75. Luke

    I can`t really believe that rewind is for actual gameplay. How could he allow such a feature in GT ? I really hope the Replay feature gets a rewind function. I always miss the best part in the replay and have to watch all 10+ laps again. THAT is frustrating, not messing up a single corner.

  76. jjaisli

    @Whatbrown: Remember, this is an interview, not a police interrogation. And (unfortunately for us) Kaz really doesn’t have to answer any question he doesn’t want to. Obviously, for whatever reason, he won’t specifically mention the number of tracks. If the interviewer is going to pressure him and insist on this, there’s nothing stopping Kaz from simply saying, “Thank you”, getting up and walking away.

  77. Pinoy Stig

    I honestly don’t like the idea of a rewind feature. Past GTs never had that. And that was part of the experience and overall difficulty in the games. If you mess up on a corner, or spin out, or crash, that’s YOUR fault. So you try again and learn from your error. Not ‘ohhh no big, I’ll just rewind here and try again… I’m still in first after all!’.

    If there is to be a rewind feature, at least put it in Arcade Mode or something. Not GT (Sim) Mode. Keep it real!

  78. Spiny

    Yay for rewind! When you just want to kick back & have fun it’s a great feature, when you’re full-on don;t use it! I’m sure they will do something to stop abuse.

  79. S3 Racer

    @NBH: COD is not a sim. Take Arma2 or Operation Flashpoint, and one shot and you are down.
    That’s what differenciates sim’s from other games. COD is from EA so like NFS That says all

    Gt is a “sim” or as close as it gets and putting rewind in it, messes up the philosophy of the game. Stay to your principles Kaz, don’t get pressurized by the others.
    and the thing with the cousins there you retry corner after corner, that’s not helping . try’d it in drift. When I mastered the first corner through perfection I became bullish at the others. So do lap after lap an you will improve like you should, an that in all domains.

    And the people saying : stop complaining and wait for the game. Then why are they on this site? It’s about commentary, (shitty or not)

    As it stands Kaz can and will do what he wants. But if they marketsearch a bit, they read this site on regular basis to see what the community thinks about their inteviews and news.

    If including it. Don’t make it obvious, and don’t give more credits to those who don’t use it but penalize those who do.

    Like in grid : the more you use it ,the less you get.

    My opinion is clear: It’s an arcarde featurette and it should stay there. nothing lost in sims (not the sims!)

  80. NBH

    Nothing wrong with a rewind feature, you can’t lose sight of the fact this is a game, in call of duty when you get shot then that’s it you should be dead but you come back to life and carry on. It’s great for learning and as it’s very unlikely that online time trials will allow it. Maybe PD needs to adjust the credits and cars won. For example if you win a race with all driving aids on and use rewind 3 times you get less money and a slightly worse car than if you won with no driving aids and no rewinds. That way it’s there for people to use to learn but the incentive is there to try and not use it if you want the best cars and most money.

  81. RedBaron

    I would let rewind feature go only in arcade part of the game and it should be denied for all races in GT mode, online races can’t use it anyway.

  82. Mario

    i hope rewind isnt included, because part of the skill in being a good racing driver is being consistent lap after lap. Forza 3 only has it because they need as many gimmicks as they can get in their games to market them so it appeals to everyone, and that is why i have no respect for Microsoft and Turn 10, or whoever runs their marketing.

  83. John

    If it took your cousin half an hour to get through one turn with rewind, think how long it would have taken him if he had to put a whole lap between each try? In fact what are the chances he would have kept playing at all ever he is that bad to start with?

  84. Confi-User-3

    and hopefully an option to turn it off if it wouldn’t be so as listed
    if not… I think I’m gonna use the rewind button very often -.- can’t resist in most cases, lol.
    it won’t ruin the game if you can turn it off like damage, even if it would be in it won’t ruin it, but if you can turn it off it would be great ^^

    sorry for my double post.

  85. Confi-User-3

    Don’t want a rewind in License Tests, Qualifyings, Races and online Time Trials.
    If you can use a rewind option in free practice I’m fine with it.
    But I don’t realy believe this until I see it in GT5 ^^

  86. Zmann42087

    Say what you want.. you guys who are defending the rewind feature or making inane comments like “if you don’t like it, don’t use it.”

    I, for one, am a purist when it comes to Gran Turismo. And to see a franchise as holy and revered as GT tarnished by such a factitious feature would be a real shame.

  87. peter

    “It’s a little bit different from what a simulator is. You can feel it when you drive it.”
    WOW..that is a kick to the balls for Turn 10!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!
    Rewind feature is fine, if you don’t want to use it then don’t, if you don’t want it in the game then just cry to your mama!!!!
    This game is going to be SUPER massive in content.

  88. riph

    i think better the rewind function only exists in REPLAY mode..no in game like dirt2 or grid2 etc…seroiusly it spoils the mood when we in the game even we dun use it we always think about it…its like cheating to me..

  89. Waynz

    @Jordon. “You can reverse your game” … That sounds like game progress as in undo the previous cup you just won, unlike a flashback found on DiRT etc.

    Maybe we should wait until the game is released, anything said prior is just assumptions since Kaz is very tight lipped on details.

  90. Joeybruz

    If you guys don’t want the feature then turn it off. There has been an option to turn it on and off in previous games that have the feature so I can’t see why GT wont have the option to turn it off.

  91. tameem


    What other features will GT5 have?

    There will be 400,000 polygons per car, 100 times more than were present on GT4. GT4 had 4,000 polygons per car. (((((((((((You can customize and tune the cars, too.)))))))))))))


  92. Bank Alexander

    “Manufacturers have offered to pay to have their vehicles included, but Polyphony Digital has never accepted any money”

    Wow, Kaz is the man! What a pimp =D
    Gamer gentleman.

  93. IronM@sk

    @Jordan: Incidently, in DiRT 2 if you use the flashback feature in Time Trial mode it invalidates your lap time as far as the leaderboards go and, of course, it isn’t available in multiplayer for obvious reasons. If they must include this feature then they definitely will go down that road.

  94. BluBayouRcn18

    Kazunori Yamauchi should make the rest of the NASCAR series as downloadable content id pay another $60 for it

  95. hardvibes

    Kaz is finally challenging Greenawalt with that statement, I love it XD
    I’m sure he was refeering to the “flying carpet” effect in fm3

  96. The Jenius

    Its funny to see the master say its and you clowns still cry. Just don’t use it, wtf is wrong with you people? If it takes your cousin 30 min to get through a turn then hell, he needs it and should continue to use it. Because whats going to happen is he is going to get frustrated and stop playing, I’d rather he not and learn the section he’s having trouble with until it gets right and he can compete. He is not going to learn from his mistakes because when he gets to another turn that gives him trouble he’ll forget about the 1st one and he would have to go all he way around. This way he can take his time and learn piece by piece.

  97. Matt

    Best comment I’ve read in a long time from maxpontiac: ”It’s almost as if he (Kazunori) is playing poker at a casino. He understands the world of sim-racing games, and how competitive it has become.

    In a table that consists of three of kinds and pairs, Kaz sits with a royal flush, just waiting for the right time to lay his cards down.”

    Great way to look at it.

    I just hope he isnt calling our collective bluff.

  98. Pingwhen

    im sorry. but honestly you little girls need to grow up. WOW A FEATURE YOU DONT WANT. wow no one cares you dont want it. i dont know why all of you girls hate it so much. have you ever used it? yea its kinda nice when your using cars you are not 100% comfortable with. growwwwwwwwww uuuuupppp complaining about rewind is about as cool as want reverse lights and skid marks…

  99. Zmann42087

    This is the “real driving simulator” not “oh, I fucked up.. let me rewind it.” Gran Turismo 5 most definitely could do without a reverse feature. I really hope that it doesn’t make it into the final product.

  100. AERO_HDT

    Rewind feature sucks. I have FM3 and last night it took my cousin HALF AN HOUR to go through ONE TURN!

    “nope, that’s not right…. hmmmm….nope… that’s not either…. now lesseee here…. one more time…. nup! buggered it up again….”

    If this is featured, Kazunori will lose “The Real Driving Simulator” moniker and be made to look like a joke.

  101. Jamaicangmah

    I hope they only allow it in arcade mode. I really don’t want that in GT because it’s killed the experience for me in GRID and that was limited Rewind. Forza 3’s unlimited really cheapens i the experience for me. So please don’t mess up my GT5

  102. evl gsr

    Rewind feature has its pros and cons, what if the feature is there for the players to be able to recover from a “totaled car” which could also hint to having body panel damage as well as mechanical damage.

  103. Whatbrown

    How hard would it be for somebody to pin Kaz down on the track issue:

    ”How many tracks are in GT5?”
    ”20 locations.”
    ”That’s great, how many tracks are there?”
    ”70 variations.”
    ”Wonderful! How many tracks are there?

    I don’t know if most journalists are too scared to pressure Kaz or if they are content with his lawyer- like way of answering questions.

  104. maxpontiac

    The interview was nothing more then a subtle drop of hints of what’s to come in 2010.

    I absolutely love it.

    He doesn’t release to much information, but he states just enough to get the imagination going.

    It’s almost as if he is playing poker at a casino. He understands the world of sim-racing games, and how competitive it has become.

    In a table that consists of three of kinds and pairs, Kaz sits with a royal flush, just waiting for the right time to lay his cards down.

  105. TiddyS2k

    I said I wouldn’t use rewind in FM3 because it was noob, I was wrong I have used it loads and its just a quick and easy way of stopping you having to totally restart in really long races when you get punted by the AI or have a big one. I like the addition of the feature and it is done well in FM3, You can’t use it online, hotlap (invalidates lap) only in career in which it is oh so helpful.

  106. yuukun

    I also hated the rewind feature in games like Grid. As soon as I use the rewind, it feels unreal and you know it’s only a game after all. I like to merge myself into the sim in full concentration and drive how it should in a real race track, no “red button” safety rewind like a video tape [<<].

  107. Brian

    I personally, hope for the option to use the rewind button as something else, because I will never use it- even if I have a horrible crash that makes me repair/restart the race. IMO- other people can use it, I will not- simple as that.

    I play the game as if I’m actually there, because I will never actually be a racer- so for me, all assists off, cockpit views, manual on all cars that support it, and no rewind for me- even if it means having to master a section of Nurbrugring with a certain car- oh well- I can always turn around, and attempt to master it again, or go through the whole lap. That to me, is the true spirit of Gran Turismo.

  108. John

    I don’t see the big deal about the rewind feature, aslong as it can’t be exploited to gain ranks online, what does it matter?

    If you don’t like it, don’t use it.

    all of us have gone through the previous GT games without it, and will likely try not to use it in GT5, but for those new to the game, i’m sure it’ll be a handy addition.

  109. Jordan

    @CarBastard: Yeah, remember – you could put wings on cars in Gran Turismo 4, so I wouldn’t read too much into his comments on that.

    @W89rnr: So long as the rewind feature isn’t always available (for example, when setting hot laps for the online leaderboards), I think it will be a great addition to the game. As I mentioned in the article, I would use it to quickly practice different lines through a particular turn or section of track.

  110. GTP_RainMan

    60 mill… man…

    I loved how he sarcastically trashed Forza..
    unlike the turn 10 dev who showed Fanboism and lack of maturity when he called PD old school and not looking forward.

  111. W89rnr

    Very exciting, thoughts on rewind feature? Could be good for beginners, but glad kaz said fm3 wasn’t quite ‘right’ as a simator, meaning he wants to get it right even with the inclusion of such features

  112. CarBastard

    The interview is a mine of gold, it hints to many things like “You will be able to CUSTOMIZE and tune your cars”. However, It’s Polyphony Digital, It’s Yamauchi…anything can happen.

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