70 Gran Turismo 5 Screenshots: Top Gear Track, Nurburgring, NASCAR, & More

June 17th, 2010 by Jordan

One of the largest and most impressive collection of GT5 screenshots we’ve seen yet.

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  1. Razgriz 101

    I would love of they put old Le Mans like the the Lola’s, the Ford escort rs 2000, Lancia Lc2 that type of cars would be SO SO COOL!!!

  2. I hope those 2D trees aren’t so noticeable during gameplay or replays. Downright embarassing

  3. danielwhite74

    S Licence (Graduation Test).
    Track: Top Gear Test Track.
    Car: Suzuki Liana.
    Time to beat: 1:46.


  4. Frederique Rijsdijk

    Nice screenshots. But far from real time racing reality I suppose.

    • danielwhite74

      Polyphony aren’t Turn 10. These are all in-game screenshots.

  5. Woggster

    OMFG!! i wanna have sexy time with that Camaro!! it looks sooooo HOT!!

  6. HAHAHA if you look very closely on pic 62 you can see that there is no smoke trough the window:P

  7. Just went to download one of these shots to use as my new background. Pulled up the full size and noticed a large BP slogan on the livery of the car. PD should remove all BP logos from GT5! (it’s not like they don’t have the time already)

  8. anyone worried that of the 200 premium cars most of them are nascars? or do they only count as 1 car in different colours? also a shame the WRC cars aren’t in tarmac trim when racing on the road courses.

    Still the PS3 is almost brought! lol

  9. viejalocca

    This is BEAUTIFUL! :-D

  10. Maciej_908

    By the way does anyone know if GT5 is going to have Peugeot RCZ in the game? They have been sponsoring Peugeot in Le Mans so i hope they are going to have more Peugeot’s in the game…

  11. Maciej_908

    i want the Gallardo in green just like the one in top gear that stig took out for a lap… I also have a minichamps 1:43 replica of that 552HP beast with little stig with his arms folded… :D cant wait to try it out on top gear test track :D!!!!


    • RE515TANT

      0:25 Holy hell that’s a lot of tire smoke. :P

      0:47 The AI waited for a line of cars to pass before getting back on the racing line. Very cool.

      Nice find. It seems there’s always some new detail to spot in each of these videos. :)

  13. danielwhite74

    Forza? Bwuhahaha!

  14. Maciej_908

    game will be awesome, although it still feels like the game is going to come out soon, and i’m thinking to myself what i’m going to do in the game but actually the game comes out in 5 months :( i cant wait!!! Still if thats how good GT5 is going to be i dont mind the wait… This game will probably keep me occupied for over 2 years and keep me off any shooters in the future… :D

  15. ssupr@96

    Will we be able to play our own music from the hard drive while playing, and has anyone seen a interior pic of the classic cars? Just curious…

    • danielwhite74

      There were classic cars in Prolouge, such as the 1960 Art Morrison Corvette, and they all had interiors.

  16. Nascar demo please all nascar fans deserve something we havnt got any nascar sence june 11 2008 so demo

  17. You’ve missed one thing out… sounds? I hope i really hope that Kaz has finally realised how bad are/were they produced in all of the GT’s genre…

    • starfox550

      The tyre sounds were the worst for me.

    • UCLA’09

      I never had a problem with the sound. I always thought they replicated the sound pretty well. I think a lot of people think the sound is bad, but they’ve never even sat in the car. Kaz has.
      For example, a lot of people thought that the ferrari f430 sounds bad in GT5P, but the truth is. That’s how it sounds: whiny on the inside, but throaty from the outside.

  18. MihaiF355

    apart from the classic muscle, there is more redneck trash in those pics than you can shake a stick at lol…still it’s GT5!!!

  19. Forenza

    I am just blown away. And I agree with Maciej_908, the Impreza pic, like omg lol.

    • danielwhite74

      It was me that made the comment regarding the Impreza pic, not Maciej_908. xP

  20. This is becoming more than I ever expected!!!

  21. danielwhite74

    Just look at that picture of the Impreza’s tail lights reddening the cloud of dust behind it! I’m aware this is a cliché, but I think I just jizzed myself. xP

  22. Maciej_908

    yep definatively $20 i would say is cheap for all those cars… ohh btw prologue owners will be able to transfer cars to GT5. Who is going to transfer them right away when they’re going to get the game, or wait until you get them in the game?

    • Also gt psp. Which is good since i have 256 cars. I am gonna sell all of the ones that aren’t super or race cars to get money

    • Not sure about the transfer-thing. For me, it was always fun to buy a used car, then grade it up step by step to earn money for a better ride. I have over 80 cars in GT5p and a full account, of course that’s seductive. Well – maybe :-)


  24. motortrend

    I would pay 20 bucks for a demo of those cars and tracks only

  25. Small details I noticed that reinforce my belief that all cars will have interior views: If you look at the last pictures, the one with the Challenger coming down that hill with all the other muscle cars behind it, you can see that the interior is modeled, you can actually see the stitching on the seats and from what I understand that is a Standard car. Fingers crossed !

  26. With this, I can’t even begin to imagine what GT7 will look like… It will SO be worth five more months of waiting, and who knows what they’ll do with that time! In the meantime, say goodbye to Forza forever.

    PS: The only thing I’d complain about is the solid-black shadows. It looks a little odd in those rally stages, when the shadows are REALLY stretched out… Just IMO.

  27. The game will be amazing i don’t think we have anything to worry about anymore.

    For all us prologue owners PD realy should give us a newer build demo maybe not E3 demo but atleast green hell!

  28. Maciej_908

    that ford fusion nascar looks very sexy cannot wait to take it out on top gear test track… and indy obv
    I’m gonna make a lap board like they do in Top Gear so we can actually see whether top gear team is biased towards perticular cars or not… and which one will be on the top of the lapboard :D

  29. Crooooooow

    I wasn’t excited in the beginning with all of the racing cars, the new Mercedes Benz over and over again, the new Toyota concept, and the one Tokyo track being used in many screenshots lately a lot. But they finally brought the classics, and that made me excited.

  30. iucidium

    Jesus wept

  31. Big news from red bull ‘Red Bull Racing will be playing an important part in the next edition of Sony’s PlayStation series Gran Turismo which is released this November.

    For months the F1 team has been working with Polyphony, the company behind the game after Red Bull was asked to become part of the latest chapter: GT5 – The Real Driving Simulator.

    In this version, gamers will get the chance drive the Nordschleife, try out the Top Gear test track and unlock a special car which… well, let’s just say Adrian Newey is involved as is Sebastian Vettel and they both met the game’s designer Kazunori Yamauchi in Milton Keynes earlier this year. The Factory and the Red Bull-owned Hangar-7 restaurant in Salzburg have also been recreated and feature within the game.’

    So what has adrian been making do you reckon. A GTbyRedBull or maybe a new formula PD car. What about the hangar – 7 restaurant. Clues to photo mode locations.

  32. tvensky

    its insaine… cant wait.. this will be the only game I play, until GT6!

  33. Lucio P.

    138 days left… =)

  34. amazing pics,

    just a thought, is there a way jordan of putting a next pic button on the full screen views, so we can open up a full page of one pic, then press next to get the next full page pic

  35. Lucio P.

    Tuscany track is aweesoome!!

  36. ExclusivesMostly

    November = total AWESOMENESS :)

  37. Please for the love of God release a new demo for us.

    • Codename6

      A building that didn’t get skinned correctly. It’s just a game. Still looks great regardless.

  38. Mark B.

    Fantastic! Notice that the NASCAR cars were updated with the new spoiler rather than the wing? They did hear us :D

    Also, the NASCAR overload is merely because of E3 I’d say. It should be more European/Japanese come GDC.

  39. GT5g4m3r

    When they said in a previous post that there will only be 9 NASCAR’s, from the screen shots, there are already at least ten pictured there. This begs the question, if they were wrong about this, then are they wrong about the 800 “standard” cars not having detailed interiors? It will be interesting to find out.

  40. hardvibes


  41. Sufferes

    Looking at that long shot of the ‘Ring (the rightmost-column, I am saddened by the cars parked outside that building :(

    Otherwise they all look amazing!

    • Yeah, I noticed that too. That’s probably because those cars are waaay in the distance and you’re going to fly bu them at 200mph anyways.

  42. The picture of the Mclaren is beautiful. The clouds look awsome.

  43. Love the pics!!!! I think Kaz and the team deserve a round of applause. ;)

  44. AssMounterBoy22

    Looks DEEP! Thanks!

  45. Drogahnus

    Ok, changing pants, BRB. Beautiful graphics!

  46. I love it. Now, where is that November..?

  47. GTracerRens

    I want this game!! November the 2nd is too far from now haha. This is looking so awesome! The Top Gear Testtrack with the huge flightbase!!! Can’t wait and I think I’m going to buy the special edition.

  48. Nice shots, to much Nascar imho, not enough Nismo, Top Secret, HKS, Amuse, etc etc.

    But these are shots presented at a US show, so the Nascar overload makes sence.

  49. Awesome game,but why ONLY 8 CARS IN RACE??GT5P=16.

    • gtone339

      Its confirmed that GT5 will have 16 car races. :p

  50. Organ-Donor


  51. This will be the greatest game ever made. Nuff said.

  52. gtone339

    *Blown away* :)

  53. Jimothy

    These screenshots disappoint me a little. The cars look amazing. But the environments look like they cam out of a game 12 years old. Rome certainly looks like it was built in less than a day. The rally stages look disappointingly plain too. At least the lighting seems to hide it all pretty well.

  54. Am i seeing a Lexus LFA in the picture with the 7 cars on the long straight ? The white one far ahead of the Gallardo.

    • Sorry to say but that white car up ahead is the Ferrari 458 Italia. I do hope the LFA is in the game, that car sounds soooo good.

    • Was there ever a japanese sports car not included in the latest GT title ? :)

  55. el_diablo

    Gran Turismo’s biggest negative in the past has always been poor sound design and going by some footage I have seen this has reamined unchanged. GT also felt abit cold and sterile too, lacking atmosphere so im hoping this is improved.

  56. KilzoneStrife

    Clearly the cell is a beast! I honestly cant understand how Kaz has done this with 512mb ram! Its insane.and beautiful

  57. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQzHQ8TJibM

    watch this. Looks like racing in the dark will e impossible from the cockpit.

  58. caasimun

    aparently i have a feeling every car that appeared on top gear will be in gt5…if that happens…yay!

  59. The problem is that they said GT5 has pretty much filled an entire blu ray disc. Unless they come up with a way to reduce file sizes then how can they add content to make GT6? If they add a track they have to remove a current one, same with cars etc etc.

    I don’t think that GT5 to 6 will be the sort of jump we saw from GT3 to 4.

    • Multiple disc packs. If they run out they can do what PC games do and give you 2 or 3 discs when you buy it making it three times as good

    • Flunkus

      They could do an install thing similar to Forza, maybe?

    • They have said the ps3 can deal with triple and quad layer blu-ray discs in the future via firmware update.

      Besides, I think GT5 is so complete, I doubt there will be GT6 for a long time, possibly PS4.

      I do expect GT5 DLC tho.

  60. el_diablo

    Enough with the redneck NASCAR crap that no one outside the USA gives a damn about . . . show us the european supercars!

  61. STUNNING! Just Stunning!

    Thank you very much PD and Kaz!

    • Don’t forget the crew ! I read, they worked up to 2 and a half years on some tracks – incredible !!

  62. Mr. Premium

    Well, thanks for showing off all the cars I couldn’t care less about! What about all the sweet old european cars, and the classic GT selection of Jap performance cars? How about 80’s rally and touring cars? Older supercars? Hot hatches?

    It’ll be interesting to see what they add :p

    • Remember, E3 is in the US so the audience is mainly from the US and they probably prefer US cars. We’ll see some more european cars for sure at the GC in germany.

  63. mickle pickle

    Simply WOW, mind boggling! So pretty! We are going to go crazy with Photomode!

  64. Mouth watering!

    I cannot wait to race online in these sexy cars with you fellow GT fans!

  65. I’m beginning to think that black, smoky background is like a featured place for photomode or something.

    • I hope so! It’s beautiful, and more vibrant than Forza 3’s sexy white background. Still, the car selection screen in Forza looks better than what we’ve seen from GT5.

    • Hoepker

      @Rasmus your kidding right?

  66. Forgetful

    lol, nice car selection… what is this? Gran Turismullet?

    • Flunkus


      Hopefully they also have some tourers from other, smaller countries. (Australian) (:

      Please Kaz, don’t have a 2003 Holden Commodore just because that’s when you first modelled it, you did that in GTPSP and I was oh so dissapointed!

  67. Maxiboy

    So aaahhhhh who else is keen to take a NASCAR round the nordschleife?

  68. Thibault

    I don’t get how the ps3 can put out this beautiful graphics, if you look at some other games, and you compare it with there pc counterparts, the pc always looks alot nicer. But I have to say, I’ve never seen a racing game on the pc that looks this good, or has the same graphic quality. It just amazes me of the power of the PS3!

    • I’m with you here. For the most part, credits to Kaz and his team because not every racing game on the ps3 will probably never match it in terms of graphics and detail. So it’s not just the Ps3 but PD’s talent as well!

    • kaz said that gt5 has pushed the ps3 further than any other game. However he did not say he push it to the limit. I’ll say nothing more

  69. I think it`s quite funny that KY finally admitted they spent to much time modeling ^^ I modeled a car myself a few weeks ago and i can understand the love for every little detail.

  70. djcorrosive

    You can honestly stop and see, Why and HOW this game has taken so long in the production line, The level of detail in a lot of things, not just the landscapes but the pit lanes (animiations) etc it’s all truely amazing how far technology has come along.

    Just wait for the ps4 and GT6 now that will be something else that will be 100x better then what we can see and have now.

    • Flunkus

      Kaz has said himself, in some other review (can’t remember which one) that GT6 will be a PS3 deal, and will take not nearly as much time. Just so they can work on a game without focusing on the engine, sort of like GT4 to GT3… and we all remember how much better GT4 was! Even not playing GT5, with the amount of time it takes to create the engine not necessary, imagine what they can do with the gameplay of GT6!

    • I’m totally fine with GT6 being on the ps3, especially if the improvements are similar from the GT3 to GT4 release. From GT3 to GT4, we had waaay more cars and tracks. Imagine that with GT5 to GT6. It would be overwhelming.

      Then to think GT7 will even top it..wow, wow, wow, wow. I honestly feel like I’m in the future in racing games with GT5.

  71. hellseek

    Love the city pics.

  72. Uhhh, both WRC screenshots are soooo sexy

  73. Urielxx

    O m G!

    Amazing just Amazing

  74. George Washington

    Utterly gorgeous, but NASCAR in Rome is wrong on so many levels…

  75. Hmm… Looks a lot to me like my thread on the forums =p

  76. Simon H

    I’ve said it before and I’l say it again, if there’s no Suziki Leihana or Chevrolet Lacetti there’s no point in the Top Gear test track! I want to be the star in the reasonably priced car!

    • yeah i especially want the liana to beat all the f1 drivers. only problem i foresee. they only get one flying lap.

    • twinspark24

      And I want Stig music !D

    • Language tapes ftw!

  77. Malti27

    Wooww!! 1st :P

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