“British Lightweights” GT5 Seasonal Event, Online Car Dealership Updated

June 22nd, 2011 by Jordan

The latest new Seasonal Event is now available in Gran Turismo 5, featuring British cars under 550PP and weighing less than 1,200kg. Races consist of the following:

  • Tsukuba (8 laps / 366,300 Cr.)
  • Cote D’Azur (5 laps / 399,000 Cr.)
  • London (5 laps / 381,300 Cr.)
  • Nurburgring Nordschleife (1 lap / 439,500 Cr.)
  • Mt. Aso (5 laps / 392,400 Cr.)

The game’s “Online Car Dealership” has also been updated with a new batch of cars, once again all with 0 miles and at clearance prices. For more details and discussion, head over to our GT5 Seasonal Events forum. Thanks to GTP_Rcrcool9 for the early tip!

GT5 Photomode images by TVR&Ferrari_Fan.

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  1. Ps3rapist

    More prize cars for seasonal events would be legit

  2. I love the way they put the BMW mini on the news page to throw you, worked for me, i bought then realised it was german!

  3. Top Gear Test Track? No? It just seems appropriate……

  4. Sins1er

    Anyone who didn’t see it before (polyphony) PLEASE GIVE US MORE CHALLENGES LIKE THE “EXPERT CHALLENGE”. these weekly races are fluff. At best.

  5. Sins1er

    Anyone who didn’t see it before (polyphony) PLEASE GIVE US MORE CHALLENGES LIKE THE “EXPERT CHALLENGE”. these weekly races are fluff. At best. Or lower the PP. Or the tyre regulation. I lapped every car on the first race.

  6. Sins1er

    Anyone who didn’t see it before (polyphony) PLEASE GIVE US MORE CHALLENGES LIKE THE “EXPERT CHALLENGE”. these weekly races are fluff. At best. Or lower the PP. Or the tyre regulation. I lapped every car on the first race. What did I get? A helmet.

  7. Sins1er

    Anyone who didn’t see it before (polyphony) PLEASE GIVE US MORE CHALLENGES LIKE THE “EXPERT CHALLENGE”. these weekly races are fluff. At best. Or lower the PP. Or the tyre regulation. I lapped every car on the first race. What did I get? A helmet. Wow. A helmet for an avatar that I’ll NEVER SEE.

    • GTP_Rcrcool9 says…

      False statement. You can see your helmet in a Go-Kart :)

    • Yup, and you see it in any open cockpit racer, pretty much any car in b-spec or replays, and on your avatar pic on the main home screen. Great for matching a drivers “look” with cars when taking pics in races as well.

  8. Sins1er

    Anyone who didn’t see it before (polyphony) PLEASE GIVE US MORE CHALLENGES LIKE THE “EXPERT CHALLENGE”. these weekly races are fluff. At best. Or lower the PP. Or the tyre regulation. I lapped every car on the first race. What did I get? A helmet. Wow. A helmet for an avatar that I’ll NEVER SEE. So please, bring the hurt with something hard. Everyone on this forum is an expert, give us something sink our teeth into!

    • Double post Pete

      Funny, I see my “avatar” all the time. You need your eyes checked.

  9. honchie

    You can’t run the classic Mini because it’s not British, anyone else have a good laugh at that?

    • indeed, but it’s not users fault it’s just LAME by PD and those Bavarian fatasses. They wonna put a german flag in that historical british brand so F them big times!

  10. richiem2282

    I really enjoyed these events, had great fun in the new time trials too, my favorite so far… Keep it up PD!

  11. Rayline

    Sorry , this off topic, but I’m level 32 . no spec racing and still no chrome paint chips?! What do I have to do????

    • Rayline

      I mean all my racing is Aspec. I haven’t done Bspec at all

    • GTP_Rcrcool9 says…

      The seasonal events are A Spec racing only. And you can try and get chrome paints by making a thread in the Marketplace. Or try and get an amount of care to where it is a multiple of 30 (ie. 30, 60, 90, 120, etc.). Once it shows the paint item, if it isnt a chrome paint, exit and re enter, but dont hit the ok button until it shows the chrome paint.

    • GTP_Rcrcool9 says…

      cars* stupid iphone keyboard…

    • Rayline

      Hmmm cool thanks! I knew seasonal are Aspec only….. I appreciate the advice on chromes. Cheers!

  12. bravo111

    So let me get this straight then whether mini for example if a British car….if the Russian manufacturer Lada, bought Ferrari, would that make the Ferrari a Russian car or an Italian car still?

    Its about heritage and design

  13. Is the money/XP still x3?

    • uMadson?

      The answer is also shown on the article itself: see the prize money worth over 400k?

    • I suppose that’s a way to tell, but still, it doesn’t say in the article.

  14. PD, you need to make the AI use the same tires as you. End of story. or force you to use same tires as AI. either option.

  15. Eightball_Jim

    Has anybody tried this event with an Jaguar E-Type Coupe ’61? If so what was your set up? i cant seem to control it and be competitive!

    • You should be able to win, at least Cote d’Azur with a stock Jag, rebuilt engine and frame, with racing tires. Those AI drivers can’t handle the comfort tires.

  16. terminator363

    Awesome event! Glad the Nurburgring is in this one (BTW the Mini is German)

    • BTW, the original Minis where British. We had one when I was a kid.

    • terminator363

      I know, but the one in the pic isn’t.

  17. The comfort tires give the AI drivers such fits on Cote d’Azur you can use any Elise or VX220 stock making just a tire adjustment to racing soft and win easily, in the front by lap 3.

    • I actually got 3rd with the MGs, probably if I tried more then the one time I did, could have won. Stock. Rebuilt engines and frames, racing soft. That’s it.

  18. LR-MR-COLE

    these are good events

  19. Lord Nicon

    Whats with all of the complaining about difficulty? While I think PD could make some “faster”/harder races for the seasonals, I think some people could also challenge themselves. Stop using fully tuned cars at the very top of the allowed pp limit and you’ll end up challenging yourself.

    • sad-piglet

      I agree with the basic idea, but I think that it also just annoys some people that you have to do it as well. It’s not like real life race teams build cars to meet race rules, win a few races, then decide on their own to go knocking off 200hp, adding crappy tires, etc, just to “challenge themselves”. I think the point is that the AI should reflect the rules posted rather than make us write our own rules every time.

  20. I used my TVR 350c I think it’s called. Had it for a super long time and it’s not modded much and I won all them no prob. There is also new time trials and drift out

  21. Vinnie R.

    I actually just got a tune for the Fireblade and it handles awesome. But keeping it below 550pp’s while still keeping pace with the lead car can be a bit of a task but not impossible. It’s just way more effortless in the Lotus. Mine only made like 140hp but it was still quick enough to take 1st place on the Mount.

  22. gast1976

    Mgf on nurb !!!!! Cool

  23. Vinnie R.

    I’ve been using the Lotus 111R tuned to 550pp’s. Eats everything else up without an issue.

  24. HighPlainaDrftr

    Finally, a reason (with decent payout too) for that Fireblade I purchased for some reason (this!). Fun so far, still some learning to do though.

    • antodena

      @highplainadrftr yesterday i’ve purchased too the fireblade to do the races but i was disappointed… the car leaved original with no strings attached was a total fail… i think that its too much underpowered, due to the fact that on the first race (don’t remember the name) that is a short track, the car doesn’t even reach the 3rd gear… and the first and the second are useless for the lack of acceleration and the incredible oversteer that the car suffer… you was able to win the races? what are the setup of your fireblade?

    • ‘Blade around the ‘Ring rocked, and @antodena, you need to get it sorted just by messing around with the settings to see what works helps.

    • Won the second race with a stock 7 Blade. Just rebuilt the engine and frame, put racing soft on it and reduced the engine power to get it to 550pp. No issue at all, fun race!

    • HighPlainaDrftr

      @antodena- The first thing to get for it is a full racing transmission, the original is crap. It should accelerate MUCH better! Then just do a little tweaking with other parts. I can only get 2nd in London but I think that’s just sloppy driving. BTW, I had to add @100-110kgs to get it in due to some HP increasing mods.

  25. You know what guys, Seasonal Events are doing great so far and there should be a `90`s LEGEND TUNERS soon ! Which should basically consists of RX7, SUPRA, and SKYLINE! AGREE!!???? :D

  26. it`s good that he included Nurburgring! my all time favorite!

  27. Don`t get surprised if Tsukuba will be often at the Seasonal Events because it is a Japanese track. Long story short, Kazanouri is a Japanese and that track rocks!

  28. don’t forget that there are new seasonal time trial and drift events.

  29. TakumiFuji01

    Yes! Now let’s bring out my Lotus Elise 111R which is my Touge Monster!

  30. yomamma

    Just finished all these races in a completely stock Lotus Elise 111R. Mt Aso was pretty fun but the Ring wins hands down.

  31. Robot Shlomo

    Very cool!

  32. sinister_300zx

    my esprit turbo HC ’87 is just tearing up these tracks (had to put a spolier on it tho)

  33. banner77amc

    Honestly the mini is a German designed and built car with a peugeot engine. The exterior is reminiscent of the English mini… Do like the even though… Domination in a Jensen methinks?

  34. Hmm, I wonder if we’ll get another expert challenged? Those were actually pretty fun.

  35. Hahaha, but Mini’s not a British car! LOL!

  36. Relevant

    My overweight Speed 12 is doing just fine :)

  37. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE WANNA DLC’S FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LoneWanderer

      Dude, don’t get your panties in a bunch.

    • I think it’s his new troll bit since the whole “I sold my PS3″ thing finnally blew up in his face. Now probably we’ll get constant spam about DLC we were (never) “promised”, but haven’t recieved.

  38. rebla47

    Is the new Mini a britsh car?…

  39. armydude

    i just murdered this event with my Elise 111R ’04. fun event specially because it had Nurburgring in it, which is always fun. now with the 24 hours of Nurburgring now in july, i think PD should make a seasonal event honoring that race, with LMP cars. and not just 1 lap at Nurburgring either, put like 5 laps on it, and also put Circuit de la Sarthe with 5 laps too, just for the hell of it. put the prize money at $1.5m or something and it should be an even more fun event.

  40. “British Lightweights” sounds like PD is saying we can’t hold our drink. We’ll show them.

  41. You guys should change the picture associated with this news item since Mini is considered German by PD.

  42. OCD -> “Online Car Dealership”

    • uMadson?

      It also gives me OCD – “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”.

    • GTP_Rcrcool9

      Hahaha! UMadson you just made my day!

    • sad-piglet

      NAME THAT SONG>>>> You down with OCD? Yah, you know me…..lol

  43. What are the OCD cars?

    • Mostly Rally cars and JGTC race cars.

    • Sorry but it is not JGTC now, it is SuperGT championship with 2 categories inside Super GT500 and GT300. The history is inside the game. They change the name. (of course we all know that it is the same as SuperGT with the old name)

    • dening80

      Not sure why that needed to be corrected. Aren’t the cars in the OCD actually all old pre 2004 and technically JGTC cars anyway?

    • Versatile

      yes, mostly cars from 2000-2003 (the JGTC cars anyway)

  44. Great on my moms birthday. Sorry mom I’ll be busy making easy money.

  45. pasigiri

    Winning a paint chip??? Well I hope I get some RARE paint chips like chrome (I haven’t gotten a chrome chip yet). I also still think it’s silly that once you earn a paint chip and use it, it’s gone.

    • calvins48

      Clone your paint chips then. That’s what a lot of GT5 players do. You never lose items or cars that way.

    • pasigiri

      I didn’t know you can do that. Searching the forums for that right now. BIG thanx!!!

    • Yes you can, you need 2 PSN accounts so you can send stuff between them, remember to backup BEFORE send and load after.

  46. Ryou_Ishtar

    Are we still on x3 points? If not I think I’ll pass on this one.

    • If the money is that high I’m gonna guess yes we are still on 3x xp also

  47. Brandon

    Loving the fact that PD is offering up easy money for all of us. Grinding has taken it’s toll on the fan base I think. I do find it humorous that some people don’t like the increased prizes. These are probably some of the same people that were duping their brains out before the updates.

  48. shigllgetcha

    I approve :D

  49. Brad Kinder

    It’s nice that they keep updating the game in a way that will give experienced players a reason to keep playing… But, what’s next… 1,000,000 cr for 5 laps of single player? Come on, where are the multiplayer seasonal events, PD?

  50. MadduckUK

    Griffith time :D

  51. Indeed, the number of rally cars in the OCD could be a hint for a soon release of Pikes Peak (since the race is coming up) and the many JCGT cars may foreshadow the next seasonal, dear lord..

  52. gast1976

    The real money simulator :-)

  53. HKS racer

    GT5 The Real Tsukuba Simulator…

    • LittleNemoNES

      I lol’ed

    • AlphaAndius


    • R1600Turbo

      Tsukuba never gets old.

    • Sad but true… PD has some kind of “sick love” with this track… ¬¬

    • Tsukuba is my favorite track. I love it in all the seasonal events. More so with that Expert one we had a week or so ago.


    • If Tsukuba is your favourite track this doesn’t mean they have to include it in every single seasonal event dammit! It gets boring after a while, like everything else if you overuse it.

    • Wrath505

      Indeed, I wouldn’t mind a nurb more often In place of a Tsukuba

    • Tsukuba is a classic. If u ever saw it or drove it you’d agree. I had the privilege of sitting In the passenger seat of a track prepped evo around this circuit. It’s amazing and simple.(pure). Great track.

    • Tsukuba is a Japanese staple. Simple and pure road course. I’ve had the pleasure of being on it in 2002.

    • And I had the pleasure of driving it for 4 hrs in GT 5 for the roadster enduro. Except for that it wasnt a pleasure at all. And it wasnt neither in any of the several Seasonals that used it since. More like Japanese Mickey Mouse track torture.

    • HKS racer

      Nobody want to deny the relevance of Tsukuba but even the Ring, La Sarthe, Monza, Laguna Seca, Suzuka, Daytona, Indianapolis, Monaco etc etc are classic tracks, so there’s no need to use Tsukuba in every seasonal.

    • Sins1er

      Agreed that it’s a rad bit over kill… But sitting in front of a tv trying not to fall asleep because yet kickingthe crap outta the damn race is boring no matter what track it is. But I spose I see yer point.

    • LoneWanderer

      I have no will or reason to do the 4 hour or 9 hour endurance races at Tsukuba if it’s being used this much.

  54. barry spock

    OCD update: is it possible we are being made ready for rally DLC??? Pike’s Peak anyone???

    • I doubt it. I feel like they would have a rally seasonal event for that

    • anonymous

      Saying that you doubt it does not contribute to discussion at all.

    • sad-piglet

      Saying anything anonymous doesn’t want to hear pretty much gets the same response…

    • Yah people, get it strait. Making a relevant comment responding to the OP is in not contributing to the conversation, but comments criticizing the response, but in no way adding anything to the discussion itself, are in fact contributing to the discussion.

  55. Jordan, imho the image is not appropriate.

    Mini is considered German in GT5 (for the BMW ownership). D:

    • Antony Henley

      The mini brand is considerd English no matter if it is owned by a German company. It’s a nice little mix of tracks. About time we see Cote D Azur, hopefully we will see this as many times as Tsukuba. Winning paintchips oh dear I like most people have over 1000 of them. Oh well

    • The MINI brand is historically English, but in GT5 is considered German.

      For example, you can not race in this event with a Mini.

    • HKS racer

      Woah that’s DUMB. It’s like if PD’s considering Lamborghini German because of Audi. Mini IS English and it will ever be no matter what. Dumb move booth by Bmw and Pd.

    • SgtWhitten

      The Italian job… need I say more?

    • Like Dodge is owned by Fiat but it’s still and American company

    • Flavio Briatore

      The original Mini was designed by a Greek man, so all of you numpties saying it is English can think again.

  56. Time to break out the Aston ;)


    Timetrial at the ring, finally

  58. Any info on the leaderboards?

  59. Normalaatsra

    McLaren F1 Stealth is going to own this. Lol

    • DG_Silva

      Is it really under 550PP?

    • shigllgetcha

      you could just use the power restrictor if it isnt

    • Stealthy McLaren is way overkill. If you’re just grinding that’s one thing but you’d need to drop the power, weigh it down or throw some shitty tires on it to level the playing field.

      You’d be better off tweaking a Lotus elise to the right level and racing from there. When you dumb down these monster cars like the stealths or chromelines they lose so much that they become muddy and ultimately just suck. Not sure if any of you agree but that’s been my experience. Supercars and GT cars belong in the pen with their kind. Just keepin’ it real.

    • Aces & Eights

      I agree with Volz. Im using a Lotus Esprit just with a lightly tuned suspension. Its enjoyable.

    • GTP_Rcrcool9 says…

      If you bought the Stage 3 Engine kit, then you wont be able to use it. Already tried and it wouldn’t go down to 550 :(

    • Esprit is a cool choice too but the seem to be a bit rare these days.

    • LoneWanderer


  60. PS3LUV3R

    So can I get 2nd the first time, get a paint, THEN get first, and still get a gear?

    • GTP_Rcrcool9 says

      Yes you can. You can get any one of the 3 infinite times. :D

    • pasigiri

      So you have to come in third one time, second another, and first finally to get all the prizes?

    • GTP_Rcrcool9

      You can get any of the 3 places 1 race, then get a different one, and so on forever. It still has the infinite prize thing up like the civic racing does with the racing gear.

    • Sins1er

      Ok look…. Paint chips? Racing suits!?? Really? Gimme a break… These challenges are not CHALLANGING… at all… Give me something I can REALLY sink my teeth into. And how bout a prize with winning? What fun is a race where u can lap EVERY car in8 laps? These are designe to make u buy cars that you didn’t buy in the game cuz they aregarbagr to begin with.
      Cmon polyphony, give us something worthy of our collective racing game talent!!

    • LoneWanderer


      The prize is also credits, you retard.

    • I’m guessing he can’t see the credits. He seems to be blind. Never sees his avatar either…lol

  61. GTP_Rcrcool9

    1st – Racing Gear
    2nd – Random Paint
    3rd – Random horn
    You cannot win all 3 for getting 1st.

    • That’s kind of dumb

    • Finnstar72

      Kind of??? VERY

    • Sins1er

      Paint? Horns? (which u won’t or can’t use) clothing? (for an avatar you’ll never see). Are they just making stuff up to get over timeat PD? garbage. All of it.

    • Sins1er

      Paint? Horns? (which u won’t or can’t use) clothing? (for an avatar you’ll never see). Are they just making stuff up to get over timeat PD? garbage.

    • Sins1er

      Paint? Horns? (which u won’t or can’t use) clothing? (for an avatar you’ll never see). Are they just making stuff up to get overtime at PD?

    • Sins1er

      Paint? Horns? (which u won’t or can’t use) clothing? (for an avatar you’ll never see). Garbage.

  62. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COTE DE AZUR!!! LONDON!!!! FINALLY!!! I’LL DO THEM TOMORROW!!!!

  63. They really need to give us more warning with the OCD updates, as if I hadn’t sunk 2.5 million a couple of hours ago on a Formula Gran Turismo, then I would have lost my chance at it. Maybe give us a 24 hour “last call” post before updating it, so people can scramble to scrounge up enough money to buy the cars they want.

    • I’m sure your voice will be heard! Nevermind. You’re crazy man.

    • Butters

      Just kidding, that’s a good idea and it would be great if they took it into consideration.

    • Butters

      Not fair. Someone forged that. I didn’t say just kidding. That’s it. I’m getting the bull whip.

    • Butters

      Who is using my account name to be a douche to people? Someone is ruining my good name by making dumb remarks!

    • crcrn11

      You’re such an idiot Skier, it happens every thursday…. think you must be the last person in the world to notice.

    • RouseHouse

      It appears you are the idiot, crcrn11. Today is Thursday and there was no change…

    • Butters


  64. GT_Johan

    Every freaking time when I see something new on the front pages I think DLC???

    Anyway time to some money!

  65. King Something

    Like last week’s Honda Civic event, your reward for first place is clothes (in addition to money and XP, of course)

    Unlike the Civic race, you get a paint chip for finishing second. Note that you do not get the paint for a first place finish. And I believe that a horn is your prize for a third place finish.

    • Cmon, let’s be honest, these events are WAY too easy, (the expert challenge actually took some time and effort). And unrewarding. The 550pp limit is WAY too high for this race. I LITERALLY lapped every car in eight laps of tsukuba. That should say something right there.

  66. miguels24

    These seasonal events are really cool!

    • GTP_Rcrcool9 says

      Do Mt. Aso in the Catherham Seven. Very fun to do!

    • how soon until they run out of ideas for seasonal though..?

    • dautolover


      i’ve usually defended supposed “negative” comments. but yours has no defense. it’s like you want gt5 and pd to die.

    • Versatile

      The formula gt is still the same color (silver/black) Unless you wanted the color to change…

    • GeoMac100

      “British lightweights”??? You can’t even use a classic mini cos it’s in as a BMW for some reason!!! Pathetic! lol

    • kamakazi love japland

      Tsukuba is worthless and boring.-_-

    • kamakazi love japland

      Tsukuba is worthless and boring.-_- our cars are also boring. No? Que pasa esse

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