“Celebrity” Laps From the GT5 Demo

December 21st, 2009 by Jordan

lucas_ordonez-with-yamauchiBefore the Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial Demo was released to the public, it was open to a few members of the press and special VIPs involved with the GT series. While their hot laps and replays were taken offline when the leader boards were reset, they live on thanks to more videos via TaxiGamer. Below you’ll find clips of Kazunori Yamauchi and the first GT Academy winner, Lucas Ordonez. Six-time WRC champion Sebastian Loeb was also spotted in the rankings, though I can’t find any video footage of his lap at the moment. If you have it, please share the link below!

Kazunori Yamauchi – Normal Car – 1’50.080

Lucas Ordonez – Tuned Car – 1’37.499

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  1. USA and Japan best??? lol, I don’t know rest of countries but spain any in top 100 is in the 1:35 with the tuned

  2. pegaz2507

    This is all BULLSHIT! We want to see a new trailer, new cars, new damage models, PD should know this! This demo is starting to get boring, we want a feature list in GT5, information about the game, cmon PD cmon! WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR 5 YEARS!

  3. the US competetion is stiff,ive seen all countries and japan and usa has the best times.im in 112th place with a 137.682 and 150.354 and i’m using a six axis controller.it’s possible to do a 135. and 147. which are the fastest times.

  4. GTDriver

    Wow! very nice. Man, those graphics are sweeeet!!
    I assume the saved replays have upgraded graphics compared to ingame graphics?

  5. Rod, I agree with you that is a matter of luck….

  6. Not hard to get such times with a $1,000 steering wheel:) BTW getting a low lap time is luck. It only becomes skill when you can pull that low time every lap!

  7. Bank Alexander

    Haha, yay Loeb is playing!
    But he’s already a WRC pro ;)

  8. brettjr25

    Oh snap! That’s Kazunori, PSN!! I’m adding him!

  9. Interesting. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is perpetually curious to see how real racing drivers do in a sim. Anybody seen the Best Motoring where Gan-San plays GT4 and drives straight off the track?

    Whats not interesting: a bunch of attention deprived kids posting their mediocre lap times in article comments. If we wanted to know we would look at the leader boards, so cut it out.


    K-Yamauchi and Lucas Ordonez’s times are still on the leaderboards.

    Would love to see Sebastian Loebs lap.

  11. newbielives

    Would love to see the times of Loeb

  12. Hellenic_Force

    God I can’t drive with the sixaxis… I did 1.39 tuned and 1.52 normal… I wish I had a Logitech G25! Santa can’t you hear me???

  13. Check out the GT webside, you can see top 250 in normal and tuned car all over the world. I think the hottest lap with both cars together is someone from Japan. He got 3’23.464 total, the no. 1 from Germany 3’23.616.

  14. tkd4ever


    Press X while the replay is playing.

  15. Their lap times may not seem all that fast, but I doubt they spent as much time on it as a lot of us. If they do, who knows how fast they can really be. Just look at people improving their times as time passes by. Kaz and Lucas can probably shave their times as well.

  16. Wade Leaphart

    Got it down to a 1’49 with the PS3 controller. Can’t wait to hook up the Logitech G27 wheel and turn some laps.

    For those of you who are not eligible for GT Academy, check out http://www.facebook.com/fuelingdreams. Maybe you have what it takes to be The Longshot?!

  17. senna71

    How do you get to see in car in your replay. I have not seen it in any of my replays!

  18. @stradivis

    agreed. in 9 days time it will 2010 and then hopefully PD will start giving us real information about GT5

    cant wait to watch the damage video

  19. Hello… nice lap for Lucas but i do better :).. 1.37.2XX in Italy and i’m 52°

  20. GTP_Hun

    Neither of those videos refer to the laps recorded on all leaderboards. I was very interested in KY’s video because I have noticed that in the “leaderboard lap” (1.49,453, and the video above shows us a 1.50,080) KY cuts, with all 4 wheels off the track, the last corner before entering the “normal circuit”. Shame, shame, mr. Kaz, a very bad example for all online gamers and all the world to see.

  21. Like setwave already mentioned, the replays of Kazunori Yamauchi and Lucas Ordonez are not taken offline, you can download them or just watch them in the demo.

  22. Stradivis

    Kaz has a very smooth line around the track. Seems that he follows the “consistence mentality”, very important for races, where you have to save tires and engine.
    Lucas has a more agressive style it seems.

    Well gentlemen, almost 2010. Full game in the horizon. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait)

  23. setwave

    Their lap times and replays are not off-line they are still there on the leader boards and can be loaded up as ghosts to race against on the academy trials.

  24. Prepaid Vergleich

    Yeah nice times… Competition here in germany is a bit too strong. I´m still not in top 100 not even in top 500

  25. Lindsay

    I’d like to see Loeb’s times if it’s at all possible, I hope someone has it.

  26. My best lap time for the tuned car is 1’36.877. number 23 on the scandinavian list. Some guy in Germany got 1’35.6 !

  27. I drive 137.0 with a Momo Force (200 degree) which is not working all that well with the demo. But then, other guys do the same time with the controller, which is crazy if you ask me.

  28. ravellron

    i’ve done a 1.49.427 and im 41 in italy…
    i’ve done a 1.37.372 and i’m 50 in italy..
    general i’m 43 in italy…

    italy have to strong opponents like spain, german, france..

  29. Berlino Bear

    @ riph. Nice one. Have you told your Mum yet?

  30. gtkiller

    Very smooth driving from Yamauchi-san.

  31. IronM@sk

    Heh. Technically good, just not all that quick :P
    I managed a 1’49.4 in the normal car and even that wasn’t good enough for the top 20 in Australia.

  32. DaveTheStalker

    Yay Lucas!

  33. FIRST! :)

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