Corvette C7 Prototype in Gran Turismo 5 as Free DLC Today, New Video & Screenshots Released

November 28th, 2012 by Jordan

Chevrolet and Polyphony Digital formally announced their special collaboration on the next-generation C7 model corvette today at the Los Angeles International Auto Show.

First spotted in Gran Turismo 5 by GTPlanet community members earlier this month, the heavily camouflaged prototype will be drivable in the game “today” by downloading the car as free DLC from the PlayStation Store.

According to the press release, Polyphony Digital paid careful attention to every detail in the creases and wrinkles in the soft camouflage, used to disguise the prototype while its driving characteristics are currently being tuned and refined ahead of the vehicle’s official debut in January.

“Until now, only the most skilled drivers on the Corvette team have been authorized to push the test prototypes to the limits on some of the most challenging track surfaces in the world,” said Chris Perry, vice president of Chevrolet Global Marketing. “Through this unique collaboration with Gran Turismo, Chevrolet is able, for the first time, to give performance car enthusiasts access to such an exclusive driving experience.”

“Gran Turismo has had many firsts and we’re excited to partner with Chevrolet for yet another – bringing the first-ever Chevrolet prototype vehicle into a racing game,” said Kazunori Yamauchi. “As car enthusiasts, we’re thrilled to give fans this extraordinary level of access to the seventh generation Corvette that otherwise would not be possible.”

Chevrolet will formally reveal the 2014 Corvette prototype on Sunday, January 13, 2013. More information on the announcement will be available at

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  1. So far, 170 people (Aust?) have the DLC.

  2. SavageEvil

    Two years later and people still griping, perhaps you should have stopped playing a year ago or something. You aren’t the perfect definition of insane but you are bloody close to it.

    Interesting that PD released this freebie, close to christmas I wonder what we will get for a christmas present this year? Perhaps PD can notch some stuff with Ford, BMW, AUDI and others for the hook up with soon to be released cars. Would love the new M3 GT and Ford Mustang ’13 and Camaro LT1. Hey it’s cool if we don’t get it, I have got my money’s worth out of this game and I’m close to 90% and I haven’t touched A Spec Extreme in almost a year. Spend all my time buying cars, hoarding money and tuning anything and everything to run on comfort tires.

    Honestly I thought PD was done with this game, but I guess not.

    • another_jakhole

      I feel the same about everything you mentioned.

      I have the “best” feeling that since we didn’t actually get anything for the two year anniversary of GT5, that we’re going to be getting something amazing for the 15th Year Anniversary of the Series. Think about it. Why release an update or something else and saying, “Hey, here’s a gift for the two years that GT5’s been out,” instead of mentioning the 15 years that GT’s been around for. That was a complex sentence for me to articulate so excuse me if it’s confusing.

      The release of this car doesn’t necessarily mean that PD will support GT5 like they have been all this time. It’s a sign of it, but it isn’t definite, you know?

  3. HuskyGT

    HAHA! I just tried the new Vette around the Nurburgring! I love it when PD comes up with these unexpected surprises.

  4. Quakebass

    I’m surprised auto manufacturers haven’t thought about unveiling cars through video games before… I mean… Is there even a downside? And now people will get to test the car virtually, so they won’t have any worry of the car being damaged, and potentially more sales on the car if it’s good. And it could lead to better and more realistic competition, so the manufacturers will push the developers to make the games as realistic as possible, and have the brands fight severely with each other to make the best car. Win-win for consumers.

    • eran0004

      This is Gran Turismo :) Not their first collaboration with the auto industry and hopefully not the last! I love it that they do this kind of projects!

    • another_jakhole

      Have you forgotten the GT by Citroen? Or the reveal and unlocking of the R35, literally as it was unveiled in real life? There are some others too. Check out PD’s official site.

    • Quakebass

      Well… I meant more often, and with more common models (excluding the GT-R).

  5. Excellent work PD!

  6. 1337cheata

    would be good if i wasnt getting error messages trying to purchase the damned thing on the store…

  7. I love the humour of offereing the car with cover – a nice touch.

    • XPOWER180

      It’s got nothing to do with humour! If you take the time to read the article it explains that only a few Chevrolet test drivers have been allowed to drive the car and push it to it’s limits so in a collaboration with PD they are sharing the driving experiance ahead of it’s official release.

    • MeanElf

      I don’t think you’re understanding what I said. I realise that the wraps are ther for a reason and due to that they offer a car still wrapped…hence the humour.

      Chiil dude…

    • another_jakhole

      Seriously. Explain what you’re on about. Not messing about, some of us are slow to comprehend the “obvious”.

    • MeanElf

      I thought it funny, as in amusing that the car is offered and driveable whilst still under it’s wrap; at least I’m assuming so like in the promo vid.

      Now I may be wrong, as like so many, I cannot download it from the store just yet – but that appealed to my sense of humour, driving a car around with a cover on it – just seemed like a good, fun idea.

      No big deal really…and now the joke is spoiled.

    • I didn’t get the joke either. But manufacturers do it all the time. And it’s not like a ‘wrapped’ car hasn’t been in GT5 before. Nissan GTR Black mask.

      These cars usually get driven to and from places on public roads. Or as part of the development anyway. It’s under a wrap so other manufacturers don’t copy the styling until it’s released. There’s usually slight differences in styling between concepts and development cars. Adding a car into a game during development is a good move. Raises the cars profile and therefore create more sales. Also if GT5 is as realistic as it said to be. It could also help development.

      Jaguar XK mk2 went to Goodwood FoS a few years ago wearing a wrap. This year they took the F-type and Mercedes took a C63 Estate. I think it was a C63. And I also hope that it was a sort of wrap to hide certain things. It was done up with Zebra stripes. Not nice.

    • MeanElf

      Well I do have a somewhat unusual sense of humour, so don’t take it personally.

    • MeanElf

      Bom, I’m not sure that the Black Mask is the same kind of thing – as I’ve seen other cars driving around on the roads with the same style ‘mask’ on the bonnet.

  8. sad day . here i im waithing for the new viper to came to gt5 and yet i get this camouflage prototype junk..

    and before you guys flame me … i HATE the corvette viper all the way ..

    • sayba2th

      if you dont wanna get flamed then keep ur mits of the keyboard

    • hobanator24

      You honestly don’t deserve to live if you can’t appreciate Americas oldest & greatest sports car.

    • Quakebass

      I’m a little confused… I gathered that you hate the Corvette… But do you hate the Viper? “here i im waithing for the new viper” and “i HATE the corvette VIPER all the way” don’t line up…

    • another_jakhole

      He’s inept at PRACTICING grammar while trying to incite bashing from others. Leave the troll be.

    • hobanator24

      I agree. Although, one of these days, the troll will go alittle to far, and will end up getting someone so pissed off that they will take time out of thier day to hunt down & kill said troll.

    • TomBrady

      I agree with him though. I’m happy to get the C7 but I’d much rather have the new Viper. It sucks that Flopza has it but not GT. No biggie though. Viper > Corvette

    • MuoNiuLa

      Flopza. Can’t get any more childish and unoriginal than that.

  9. RandomCarGuy17

    I knew that PD was going to give their fans something this month, this is one of the best gifts ever for GT5. The C7 handles amazingly compared to the C6.

  10. Wait, what? Is this for real?!!?? I’ll go check right now! And if it is, does it mean that we will be able to buy the production model some time soon?

    • hobanator24

      Hopefully, but when that is unveiled & released, it’ll probably cost $0.99. Not that I’m complaining

    • HuskyGT

      I have like 3 bucks in my wallet now that I’ve checked, so I think that’s enough to buy anything that PD might trow at us in the near future. I just tried the car and it feels ok.

  11. The c7 handles really good compared to the c6 model way less wheel spin

    • TomBrady

      Derp, maybe because it only has 441hp instead of 500? Derp

  12. GT5FREAK500

    “Sorry this product cannot be purchased at this time” WTF!!

  13. ironman44321

    People keep talking about a Spec 3 but do we even know if it’s coming? I’d love to see it but I just don’t know.

    • TomBrady

      I hope we get Spec 3. It may just end up being small, not as big as Spec 2

  14. DavidtheGT20

    Yay! Vette C7 for FREE!!! Hopefully the revealed C7 will be free too….

  15. Sweet 10/10.

  16. Cote Dazur

    A DLC is always good news, a free DLC even better news, a free DLC of a brand new Corvette model, we must be getting close to Christmas! What a pleasent surprise :)

  17. BongRipz

    I was hoping todays seasonal would be for the C7 :(

    • another_jakhole

      It’s such a shame about that that even words can’t describe how wrong that is. If we get an event on the next go around, that would be awesome actually. By far, it’ll give people enough time to get the hang of the car.

  18. Dekropttiv

    Pleasantly surprised by its handling

  19. Fix the lacking a-spec and the ridiculously stupid and bad ai. Fix the shifting simulation. Then I’ll care about gt again. Right now GT5 (and all of GT) is completely DEAD. Kaz did a great job of killing it..

    • another_jakhole

      We just don’t care about your comments any longer. Go away.

    • sayba2th

      BWX, your mum girlfriend and sister called me again last night, they are well, ur mum still goes alright for an old girl

    • Quakebass

      He is kinda right, but I don’t think this will be fixed in GT5. Maybe an extended A-Spec, but not much else. So if these issues won’t allow him to enjoy a game he once loved, I think he has right to complain. I can still find enjoyment in the game, so I don’t need to complain as much. But as soon as I run out of things to do, everything BWX has said is what I will be saying, for in my eyes, these are the most pressing issues in GT5. I’m excited for this new car, too, but there’s a lot to be fixed in the game aside from that. It’s one car, this is is many, MANY other issues.

    • sayba2th

      Quake, theres a difference between having a gripe and S@&ting on the game

    • another_jakhole

      Thanks a lot, sayba2th. I mean, the man is CONSTANTLY (even consistently) being like this.

    • Quakebass

      Well, he’s fed up with some issues that could have been fixed. Some couldn’t have, but an extended A-Spec is DEFINITELY something that could’ve been and still can be done, but isn’t. So I think he has a right to post these complaints if he can’t be satisfied with the game and the developers won’t seem to do much about it. BUT, as I’ve said, I don’t think anything other than an extended A-Spec can or will be fixed, or is WORTH being fixed in GT5 before GT6. I’d just say save it all for GT6. So I partially agree with his point, but also disagree with some of it.

  20. VspecZR1GT2RS89

    Nice :D. I’m gonna try the new C7 today on the ‘Ring. Need to see how this monster handles the green hell ;). Thanks PD and GM!

    • another_jakhole

      Thanks to Obama/Obummer (whichever you prefer) for that. lmao

  21. researchALLwars

    “…we’re thrilled to give fans this extraordinary level of access to the seventh generation Corvette that otherwise would not be possible.” -K.Yamauchi

    … like when an rFactor modder creates one with more accurate physics and sounds in, maybe, a week? At home? Certainly a possibility.

    To Polyphony Digital / Sony: Keep this man on a non-stop Autoshow/Tradeshow/Only-Car-In-Class Nurburgring Race tour for the duration. He is much more suited to things of that nature. The fans of this franchise are calling for a Racing simulator. More cars are nice, but what are we to do with them? Take photos? What would this game be like if the career progression had some Life to it? What if you hired a proportionate ratio of A.I. Programmers to Car Modelers- in 2010 it was a 2/29 ratio (5 of which are ‘car modeling directors’). Come on now. It doesn’t have to be 1/1, but 2/29 is killing us. Some sort of actual Tire model, detailed force-feedback settings, and telemetry wouldn’t hurt either. You really can make GT a top-level sim AND playable for the masses at the same time. Two-way communication with your patrons, meaningful study of your competition, and a full and rapid maturation of your decision-making processes is the only way that you stand a chance of long term prosperity. We all hope to see you succeed.


    • another_jakhole

      ugh. **** me, you guys are out of hand.

    • researchALLwars

      out of hand like 15 comments in 5 minutes from one person?

    • 2 years of the same complaining comments. We get it. We’re sick of it. Yes, the game is flawed, no need to bring it up every chance you get.

    • RandomCarGuy17

      I agree with Jakhole & nismo34. If you’re going to complain about the game, then go play something else if you’re not happy with it.

    • Quakebass

      Because we very well know that these fixes are possible, we just aren’t sure if PD will listen, and we’re trying to make absolutely CERTAIN that they get our message so we don’t end up with these issues in another game and have to suffer for another 3-5 years, depending on how long it takes GT7 to be developed.

    • another_jakhole

      Oh you sure got me there researchallwars. Make a thread and make constructive criticisms about your feelings, ideas and ways to fix the problems.

    • another_jakhole

      And I gotta wait a few more days to try the C7 proto out. You on the other hand are acting like one of the *bad word I shouldn’t say* that doesn’t know what to do with himself. Take my previous post that I made two minutes ago to heart, instead of holding a grudge and continuing to act like a child.

  22. best drift car on the game IMO lolol

    • another_jakhole

      I’m so glad to hear that. I like using the other ‘Vettes for drifting, plus they sound good.

  23. Now if we could only get Cheverolet’s Corvette DP ;)

  24. Brilliant marketing Cheverolet and excellent work PD! I have a huge love affair with the Corvette so I will greatly enjoy the C7 and I hope it has a cool RM version when we get it in June!

  25. from russia: Americans are you happy now_? your Corvette CCC7 LoL ? now i need maybe new Bmw or Mercedes or …? nissan? LOL

  26. another_jakhole

    Did people notice the yellow Chevrolet suit? Prrrrrrretty sweet.

    • Amac500

      Wish they included that suit with the car or something, that would be cool. Maybe they will make a special event for it or something.

    • another_jakhole

      Oh it’s coming. I’m feeling we get it when the beast is fully unveiled.

  27. Supermelon

    Wow how exciting…

  28. tpark103

    Great job Chevy for doing the collaboration and Sony and PD for making it free. More manufactures should follow suit us I know the everybody that can’t drive this car wishes they could and we all are!!

  29. zman1350

    Well, I dont think its something I would be excited about……

  30. infamousphil

    SPOILER ALERT!!! Wash, oil change, chassis reinforcemen and tires (with new tire menu screen). That’s it! One more thing – I thought it would take much longer to CG a car at PD? Stock tune is VERY MUCH appreciated. This whip handles much better than I’d expect from Chevy and it sounds great too! Oh and I don’t dig scratched up whips either Dr. K. Great job.

    • BFBullpup

      What spoiler? I’m probably dense but the tyre menu doesn’t look any different than it usually does. However, I am also happy to see the ‘Vette having only chassis reinforcement and the only tuning being ballast, engine limiter, brake balance, and tyres. I’m looking forward to the January release and hopefully the actual C7 will be out for GT5 very shortly after.

      BTW for those who don’t know the C7 is now in the new car dealer for $100,000, Level 12.

  31. GranTurismo916

    When I saw the news pop up, I was like loadloadloadloadload!!!! xD

  32. UrieHusky

    I can’t download this DLC..

    My first attempt resulted in “No data found”
    Which brought a slight smile to my face since we all knew the data was already installed.

    But then in the game the C7 still isn’t there.
    So I went back to the store, it’s now saying the item is unavailable
    *pulls hair out*

    • UrieHusky

      Glad that I’m not the only one. I was thinking it may be a NZ store specific issue but clearly not if you have it in the EU

      I have to wonder if it’s just overloaded systems, I guess I’ll try again in a few hours

  33. Wait two months; And get a free virtual tarp.

    • Xamado7V

      Ok, lets play this differently….

      HarVee can you EXPLAIN your comment please(?) ; )

    • TokoTurismo

      Oh @HarVee. So far I haven’t complained once yet and it seems like this latest news is really keeping me happy. January is coming close, and who knows what’s gonna be in December. >:)

    • biftizmo

      I’m thinking downloadable livery too…roll on January ..

    • Free virtual tarp?…. We’ve wait months before and got a free virtual medal can as well, right?

    • another_jakhole

      HarVee, the man/woman who is half-everything.

    • @ Toko

      I guess we’ll just see if you can stay positive for another 5 weeks. >:)

      @ jakhole

      Coming from a ‘half-everything’ like yourself, that means a whole lot to me! /sarcasm

  34. BHalpen

    So, this is available on the USA and Canada PSN for free? Cause the store usually updates Tuesday, (like yesterday)… and I never saw any GT5 “New” DLC. Also yesterday even the Spa track was not available in the store…

  35. tube chaser

    Happy daze! This bodes well for Spec 3, and our prezzie from Santa Kaz. Never Stop Playing.

  36. venancio

    unfortunately, for us, brazilians, we do not have access to some DLCs….

    • TheKitten

      Get a US account :|

    • diegorborges

      Get an US account. Have mine since I got my PS3… A lot better!

    • PD really seems to screw over the Brazillians. For such a large racing demographic they don’t give them alot of the stuff like this Vette or GT Academy… they should really work on that. But Japan tends to get more then the rest of the planet anyways.

    • another_jakhole

      Amac500, you have a point. And I’m just saying, Brazil’s internet in general is about 50 years behind.

    • another_jakhole

      Sony/Polyphony Digital DID have that publicity stunt in Brazil a couple of years back. Look it up, it’s pretty cool.

  37. EaZy1967

    Thank you PD the car is awesome!

  38. cellss01

    One more thing…….445 hp standard. It sounds like, to steal a phrase from NFL Net’s Michael Irvin, A BEEEEEEAST!!!!!! lol

  39. ChevyFan1912


    We are having a ball

  40. BIOHAZARD9519

    Wow, GT5 needs more epic camera angles like in this video, hopefully it could be in GT6. The sunset scenes brought some tears to my eyes. GT5 nailed it on this video. Thanks for the car too!

    • Joachim Moe

      Totally agree! The shaking camera is SO much more realistic than the stedycam in GT5 that makes every single replay boring..! This video was AWESOME!

  41. silverstar189

    can you paint it? lol

  42. CorvetteConquer

    CorvertteConquer approves anything Corvette related!

  43. hairystig

    Here’s hoping the next seasonal TT to use this with no tuning allowed.

  44. GTPM118

    it sounds so MEAN!!! nice, this is a much better sound….”sexy”

  45. suzq044

    .. it looks like a viper.. again. xD

  46. e30 freek

    Is there a cockpit view in this

    • TokoTurismo

      The video above shows it does. Its a premium car of course.

    • e30 freek

      Im on the app so i couldn’t view the video for some reason it doesnt work on my mobile but I was just curious because the concept gtr or whatever which is premium doesn’t have cockpit view but thanks anyway i appreciate it

    • infamousphil

      Yup. The interior is camo’d too with instrumentation turned off? Interesting.

  47. “The camouflaged Corvette C7 Test Prototype is immediately available for download…” according to the message PD have sent out in GT5, NOT IN THE UK IT AINT


  48. This is like a 1 up on for a lol (btw I’m not a “fanboy” I own both games.) I will dafinately be getting this.

  49. goatman64

    can we get some interior shots?

  50. cellss01

    C7 Prototype Test at SS Route X:

    0-to-60 – 4.3 seconds

    0-to-100 – 9.35 seconds

    1/4 Mile – 12.6 seconds

    The Flying Mile – 30.5 seconds

    Top Speed – 197.0 mph

    Not too bad…….

    • Xamado7V

      Thank You for posting this up : )

      It’s a helpful indication to me since I aint got it yet.

  51. timapexward

    Anyone else notice a snow covered Nurburg ring in the video

    • timapexward

      Scratch that i think it was a snow covered sarth

    • Eric1512

      I am pretty sure it is the lighting.

    • timapexward

      about 24 seconds in , i have watched it about 30 rimes now , its snow im sure of it

    • GTbyPlaystation

      It’s the just the effect of altering the gain and contrast – if you look the textures of the ground look exactly like the green grass and gravel of Le Sarthe.

    • Xamado7V

      IMO It’s 1000% La Sarthe – and it’s not snow its just the lighting/effects. : )

    • Dowlin39

      I reckon it’s just that Partial Color effect like they have in game for photos. It’s definitely La Sarthe though.

    • timapexward

      Really , 1000% , 100 not good enough anymore.

      Now you mention it it looks like a partial colour filter , shame , sarth in the snow would have been fun

    • Xamado7V

      @timapexward – I used 1000% for emphasis. So drop it and don’t be such a Pratt.

      It’s not my fault YOUR not good enough. XP

  52. e2blade

    Just downloaded, cant find in the dealership :/

  53. ChevyFan1912

    got a room up!!! its called Corvette C7 testing and we are on Circuit de la Sarthe.

    So far (on stock tires)

    0-60 4.5
    0-100 8.5
    top speed 201mph
    6th is a cruiser. 65mph at 1300rpm

  54. BLJK Ice

    Id kill myself if i missed this


    Is it only today available?

  56. KiroKai

    If only they would work on the sound engine as detailed as they do on the graphics to replicate the real car.. still happy to see a new car added to Gran Turismo 5 after 2 years, just lost my hope about joyful sounds in this game, which takes away a lot of the excitement for me personally. I’m still curious how it looks in detail, how it sounds (it should be decent at least) and feels overall (will it deliver that special feel of driving a unique prototype car still in development?).

    • This car might not have the real sounds because it hasn’t been actually released. There might be some stuff they aren’t allowed to do etc.

  57. I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes up tommorow as a key gen file. We know its in the game as people have sen it already in the “demo” section.

  58. CleanUP-CharliE

    Central America.. still not UP.

  59. magawolaz

    Me want.

  60. ClaudeSpeed180

    It is not appering in the UK

  61. Rustonly

    It would be nice if the existing Corvettes RM versions didn’t push like a truck! We had an online race recently,and there was a common theme…piece of junk. I think the car is one of the coolest RM in the game,but overall driving should feel just as good as both of the Camaro race models! I hope GT5 can adress this problem soon!

  62. MadmuppGT

    Wonder if we’ll ever get that smokey back ground for a photo location and I would also think the wind tunnel would be cool too.

  63. Stephanos82

    Thank you PD! :) happy happy

  64. QuikSlvr223


  65. JeremiahTB

    I just saw that on Chevy’s Google+ page.

  66. TheGTGuy

    Awesome!!! I can’t wait, thanks PD.

  67. A car in a blanket … Yawwwwwnnn

    • Xamado7V

      People who post things just to cause arguments…….Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn

    • Xamado7V

      Jordan you can’t post stuff like this that suggests we can all download it today. :D You just cant!

      I turned my PS3 on literally as soon as I seen the title, lol.

    • TokoTurismo

      Agreed @Xamado7V. +10

    • Typical a FREE car as DLC and someone bitches that its in a blanket. What a retard!! What’s next bitching its not a Nissan GTR or because its free. FFS

    • Xamado7V

      I’m actually starting to think that this is really cool/interesting that were able to drive a car with ‘pre-release’ masking.

      I just find it to be a really quirky idea. : )

    • Xamado7V

      cool/interesting prospect*

    • Baaaaaa …. Go the sheep .
      And to the window licker who called me a retard , get a life little boy eh ?

    • TokoTurismo

      Baaaaaaa Ignored… Don’t feed the trolls others will say. :)

    • Xamado7V

      Only ‘retard’ would make a post like that though.


    • Xamado7V

      P.s that was aimed at TJC, not you Toko : )

    • TokoTurismo

      No worries @Xamado7V. I already knew it was directed at @TJC_69. :)

    • another_jakhole

      Hentis wins. Unanimous decision, it was. WOOT WOOT!

  68. karelpipa

    New Viper is nicer, but what the heck :)

  69. Xamado7V

    It’s not showing up yet! :O

  70. DarkShadow177

    Now only one more DLC. The new Hennessey Venom GT2.

  71. Nicktune

    Wow It’s heavy at 1500kg and not that much powerful….still really fun to drive.

  72. Callumfromleeds

    Won’t be in the UK store till tomorrow I suspect :'(

    • Oh well, it doesn’t matter anyway coz my PS3 Slim has just thrown an 80710D23 error code at me while i was trying to enter the store. Wonder what that is…

  73. Rblanshard

    Good stuff Jordan. Thanks again!

  74. patriotzero

    hear music instead of engine

  75. Woo hoO new Sh*t!!! Thank PD

  76. TokoTurismo

    YES! It’s great to see the Vette C7 in GT5, looks so much better in it. Now I gotta try this out. *v*

  77. DarkShadow177

    SCE Support better fix my account fast because the GT5 Paint Pack didn’t want to download and now I want to download the C7 Corvette. They have only begun working on my account 10mins ago. Lol it feels like 10 years. Can’t wait to test it out when I download it.

  78. It’s not in the UK store yet. :(

  79. cellss01


  80. RandomCarGuy17

    Just downloaded the car now. Can’t wait to try the new vette! :D

  81. Halcyon925

    Just downloaded it!!!

  82. Peelster1

    A free car that is also awesome? Yes please!

  83. Halcyon925

    I will get this car as soon as it is on the PSN Store

  84. patriotzero


  85. Nice. I can’t wait to see this when fully releases without the camo on it. this is good news

  86. patriotzero

    Jordan I love you but Where’s video? let’s hear some engine sound of this chevy, i think its sounds like vacuum again

  87. Eric1512

    I just rushed to the PlayStation store thinking he meant it was there now. Lol, I guess it will be downloadable tomorrow?

    • Spirithockey61

      Its up, i just started gt5, then quit and went back into the playstation store, searched “C7″ and its the only thing that comes up.

  88. Spirithockey61

    Is it in the store yet for anyone? I still don’t see it :(

  89. Callumfromleeds

    So PD and Chevy have a ‘partnership’ does this mean we could possibly be getting exclusives of other models?


      If I recall, I believe it just means that presently like the new Dodge Viper was only available in Forza 4 (and Forza Horizon), the Corvette C7 will be only available in GT5. I suspect both are timed exclusives though.


      Correction, SRT Viper (Dammit Dodge).

    • Quakebass

      What, you mean like Nissan?

      *Troll Face*

  90. ChevyFan1912

    How about the new F12berlinetta?

  91. blackrms13

    good marketing strategy!

  92. patriotzero

    I prefer new Ferrari Berlinetta!

  93. Snake55wildcat

    didnt expect this, wow! :O

  94. King Something

    Very nice!

  95. PaMu1337

    The title says video, where is the video?

  96. Kevzido

    Here, have all of my feels

  97. GTP_ADE

    Cool, now how about the new Lotus Exige S

  98. Silverknight22

    I hate the “covered” look of the car. Could have just made it matt black, not really worth releasing this car.

    • Quakebass

      Well it hasn’t really been officially unveiled to the public yet – I’d say this is probably the best preview for a car ever…

      I mean… You can actually DRIVE it…

  99. Callumfromleeds

    :O…… *violent cough* Sorry forgot to breath

  100. Nicktune


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