Camouflaged Corvette C7 Appears in Gran Turismo 5

Two very curious reported discoveries in GTPlanet’s Forums are attracting quite a bit of attention today.

The most significant comes from GTPlanet user jstickboy13, who reports having seen a camouflaged Corvette C7 appear during one of the game’s “screen saver” sessions, which displays race replays or Photomode locations during period of player inactivity.

GTPlanet user edwinpr also saw the car, and was able to verify jstickboy13’s claims with the following video.

UPDATE: GTPlanet user Furinkazen has also confirmed the car’s existence and recorded another video.

Close observers will note the car’s license plate appears to display the word “POLYPHONY” in the blue stripe along the top. Those following development of the new Corvette will recognize it from many recent spy shots which have been published in the automotive media.

The inclusion of a camouflaged car is, of course, not unprecedented for the Gran Turismo series; GT5 Prologue introduced a camouflaged version of the Nissan GT-R, which was later updated in the game after the car was officially unveiled.

The second curious sighting comes from GTPlanet user Ferraridude308, who reports having spotted a striped Lamborghini Aventador in Gran Turismo 5’s online Photo Stream website. However, since this blog post was originally composed, the suspicious stripes have since been proven to be shadows cast on the car.

As always, stay tuned in to our forums as our community continues to analyse, discuss, and verify these claims.

UPDATE: GTPlanet user priesty_lfc has now captured new photos of the Corvette C7:

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Comments (286)

  1. tefriderme

    this prints color its pretty like with Redbull stuffs.
    like a heli, u know?

    maybe can be the new prize if S. Vettel win F1 this year.

  2. airwalkrulz13

    it will probablycome out when they reveal the car at the detroit auto show this year which is only like three weeks away

  3. jergto

    wow surprised they added this and not another japanese car!

    good surprise PD!!! Now give us an SRT Viper!!!!! And a new Mustang, FFS!!!!!

    Yours truly,

    1 of over 1 million disappointed in GT5.

  4. gtconstar

    Sneak Peek????

    Perhaps there is a flag in the code which reveals the car and which was part of the update. Can someone disconnect from the internet and advance their system clock past the 13th of January to find out please? If that doesn’t work, then I would guess that a subsequent update would be required to reveal the car.

  5. pporshahidy

    I’m going to note a possibility of receiving this car through the random ticket system because of the possibility that this car is in the games code.. from the recent update… so spend those tickets it just might come up

    1. Xamado7V

      IF that was a possibility, the ONLY ticket you could possibly rely on would be a Lvl1000 ticket – seeing as how we don’t know the level of the car.

      And frankly I don’t think there’s enough patience in the world to let anyone sit through something like that – ESPECIALLY since it’s probably impossible to get the car.

  6. Xamado7V

    FYI – If you press Circle when you’re at the main menu, it prompts you to start the slideshow. So you don’t have to wait for it. : )

  7. swynder

    I saw some images of the concept model, it has a really futuristic design, well, i´ve been trying to catch this car for about 2 hours and still nothing, has anyone else seen it in a european version, maybe the UK one?

  8. ZedMan1996

    As many of you are thinking that this Vette C6 is going to have a Zebra skin. Well you are now safe. The Zebra skin is just a camouflage to hide even the smallest details. So now on you guys will not bother thinking of Zebra skin prototype cars after reading this.

  9. Hemi71

    Id love to see blue and white racing strips on second gen. Viper which never was included but they did on GT2 to GT3, anyway, hope they’d add more cars that is NOT Honda, Nissan. :p

  10. Zuel

    I find it very puzzling whi PD didn’t shair this info about the CAMO VETT. I wounder what other cars were added, We’ll find out on the next update. The Vett never showed it’s face until this last update.

  11. Blood*Specter

    I’d love to see the Dodge Ram with the Viper V10. Don’t recal what year it came out. But that is one radical truck.
    Right down to the forced air induction “scoop”. 500 HP/525 ft/lbs tourque Zero to 60 in 5 seconds.
    Standing QTR in 12.5 @ 118 MPH. I remembered that. That and 6 MPG city 13 Hwy.

    And lets hear it for the Motor Trend Car of the Year………….The TESLA Model S……….. :/

    1. premier00000

      The Dodge RAM SRT10 is awesome, but it sucks they advertised it as having the viper motor, unfortunately it only had viper heads.

  12. TurboProp

    I hope in the next installment GT6 we get Premium Camo Car Covers for all of our cars to go along with our horns…Premium Air Fresheners would be a nice touch too!!! I’m so excited!!!

    1. ZedMan1996

      Seriously. Just no. No no no no no. And no. With a bit of no sprinkled on top. And maybe on a plate of no. With no sauce. And a no drink to finish it off.

  13. vicgtr

    It would also be nice if they could put the chrome line and stealth cars up for dlc purchase, I understand people paid extra and all that stuff so don’t bother with the negative blasting, we would also pay to have them. I like to collect all the good and rare cars, and I’d love to add them to my collection.

    1. ROFFATI

      It´s understandable, but i would be a little pissed off.
      `Cos i bought the Signature-Edition and those cars(stealth models) are only for owners of it.
      Just Go And buy the Signatur-Edition and call those cars your own, like i did.

      I also would like to have the Special Camaro from that Shaving-Gel company, but i was to late.
      But you have still the chance to buy the Signatur-Edition, even cheaper then i did the day it came out for sale.

    2. Pit Crew

      The downside to having the “Edge Camaro SS” is that PD “bricked it after 2.0 update last year, so it cant be shared or used online. Other then that it’s a great car.

    3. Pit Crew

      You cant use it Online, or Share it but you can drive it in arcade, gt life mode. You gotta ask PD why its bricked from community use. If you pull it out online in a lobby youll freeze room as I recall.

    4. Pit Crew

      ^^ Hmmm well pd must have fixed the issue because last time and every time I saw 1 in an online lobby it froze us out. If its usable now, I stand corrected.

  14. Xamado7V

    Ok – while this is a good indication that we COULD get this car in-game; why would they sneak in a ‘camoflauged’ version?

    I AM asking btw, I don’t understand why they would. : )

  15. Hemi71

    Its nice to see more cars add to its library. But I’d rather to see Pike Peak dirt and paved (tarmac) added to GT5… xD

  16. lllDiZZLEllll

    the zebra pattern is how they test cars that arent in production so it camoflages the lines of the car… look at the zL1 camaro before it came out it was the same white and black zebra trybal graphics…

  17. BFBullpup

    I hope the zebra paint job isn’t stock. :-\ I’m a Corvette fan and I am looking forward to the C7’s inclusion in GT5.

    1. SkierPS3

      Look up photos of the real camoflauged C7. That zebra stuff is there as well. If that’s how it’s stock in real life, that’s how it’s gonna be in GT5.

    2. Boxout

      For now only the cammo C7 was exposed, there wasn’t any ‘stock’ one around
      Maybe when the final form of the C7 get revealed they’ll include it on GT5.

  18. JoRdY105

    That actually made me laugh, that is about the coolest thing I’ve seen on GT5
    How great does that camouflage look, and also to know there’s more cars coming!
    Just hope they get the exhaust tone right not just engine sounds!!

  19. Hentis

    Hell why not go for the whole hog here.
    How about the coca cola “Holidays are coming” Christmas Truck for GT5 or is that a bit over the top?

  20. southernstig

    How about this: the American Muscle Holiday Pack. The ’13 Shelby GT500, ’12 or ’13 Boss 302, ’12 Camaro ZL1, ’13 Corvette 427 60th Anniversary Convertible, ’12 Charger SRT8 and the SRT Viper GTS.

    1. nascarfn

      we also need a holiday truck pack including
      – any proper Chevy trucks from 1970-2012 dualy’s too
      -any proper dodge trucks from 1980-2012 dualy’s also
      – any proper ford trucks from 1986-2012 dualy’s as well
      – Nissan 2012 pickup -Toyota 2012 pickup if you want

    2. Meatwad67

      For crying out loud will you people stop bitching about there not being enough American Cars in GT5! If you want American Cars, play Need for Speed! In the mean time, all I want for Christmas is the Mercedes C63 and new SLS Black!

    3. QuikSlvr223

      @Meatwad67: The Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG is in there, but if you want the base model, there’s the power limiter and ballast. As for the SLS Black, get a new SLS, paint it yellow, add all the body kits, and try to get the performance figures right.

    4. Pit Crew

      @Meatwad Get over yourself. People can ask for what they want. GT5 wasnt designed specifically for you…and No I aint playin NFS to use american cars, im gonna keep asking for U.S. models Euro models custom models for GT5, whenever I please.

      Take a gander in the Mercedes showroom and youll see the C63 AMG Benz.

    5. HKSBro92

      @metwad so you would rather have a different version of a car that’s already in the game than some brand new american muscles? Just wow

    6. Meatwad67

      @ PitCrew. I never said nor intended to say that it was designed for me nor do I say you don’t have a right to your opinion as am I. All I’m saying is that the calls for American cars in the game is getting to be a bit much. To clear up something else, When I said I wanted the C63 I meant the C63 Black. Finally to answer HKSBro92, other than the ’13 Boss 302 and Shelby, yeah!

  21. Hentis

    I’m level 40. Chevy dealership say 17 cars available for my level and I have 17 in the dealership. The Chevvy could have been put in there back in a previous update. And has been timed activated. So far haven’t seen it on my version (UK) but this could be timed released for the NAIAS in January 2013 when GM’s launch is supposed to be, apparently :)

    1. XPOWER180

      Can you write a numbered list of the 17 you have available as i’m at level 40 and my garage says 17 but only has 16 available, like everyone elses here.

    2. Hentis

      My mistake (long day and was a tad pre occupied) but yeah it does state 17 available for my level but only 16 as actually there :)?sorry. It’s been a long day here!

  22. Hawker4

    You can’t rely on the whole Chevy dealer says 17 cars and there’s only 16…PD dealership says 6 and there are 8 total available for purchase.

    1. XPOWER180

      That might be because you are not at level 40 A-Spec yet and can’t purchase the X2010/11 so although the PD garage has 8 that will be why only 6 are available to you. All 8 are available in mine as it will be for anyone else who has reached L40.

    2. Hawker4

      Woopsy! So True…Just realized that…been stuck at 39 for quite some time now, on cusp of being 40. Scratch my earlier statement.

  23. SZRT Ice

    A step in the right direction PD. Manufacturer approved car models BEFORE they’re released. Do this more often and you’re golden. Now about the tracks issue. I sure do hope “the amount of (tracks) will be such that will make a hat fall off my head.” Looking forward to it.

  24. TheeFrogmanlego

    GT6 no doubt will have TONS of dlc .. Sony is testing the waters with micro transactions * cough cough* last Bach of cars .. And uncharted has micro transactions for everything in the game * even stuff you can unlock* hopefully it docent go that far but imagine getting 500 Premiums PLUS 3-6 new cars a month… ;P

  25. stupidstormy36

    Hmm, with the last update being over 100 MB, I thought there was something else there. This’ll be cool if this car can be driven in the game soon!

  26. tpark103

    Doesn’t PD try try to make exact and true to life detailed models of each manufactures vehicle, with that said, it’s possible that they could pull the covers off this Vette whenever Chevy is ready to make the official debuts.

    1. KiroKai

      To be honest that’s the detail I care mostly about, because it shows PD think about real license plates, imagine they would introduce a license plate editor to GT6 (or GT5 Spec III… speculations FTW) where you can choose from real countries and than choose custom characters…

  27. Pit Crew

    Jordan interviews Kaz and lo and behold, things start happening in GT5, right in tune with Anniversary and Holiday season. Im impressed…but cautious.

  28. BWX

    And we won’t be able to shift it properly with a stick because the transmission simulation is wacked. Won’t be able to shift if wheels are spinning to fast.. I wish PD would fix problems like that after all these years.

    1. Quakebass

      I don’t think that we’ll be getting much of that at this point… So all I really want for this game is event packs. The seasonals just aren’t cutting it for me. And at least SLIGHTLY improved AI algorithms, and same physics online as offline.


    Look at post #163 and down. People are recreating the stripes already. And i don’t know if you don’t know this but not all shadows on GT5 are blocky

  30. TheGTGuy

    If there Shadows on the Lambo then why are they perfect and not jagged at the edges? And there to well aligned to be shadows.


    @ topolino

    Are you really wanting to be that ignorant?
    Have you ever seen a car with everything covered driving around where you live? If not well i used to live in Michigan about 20 minutes from Detroit and i had seen this many times. Pretty cool actually. I always tried to guess which car they are. I had seen the 2003 viper & 2005 Mustang before.
    I am sure the zebra print isn’t the final result. But the covering looks just like what I had seen in Michigan for years.

    But come on bro. Why can’t you be satisfied? They don’t have to bring it in at all. Be happy.

    Pretty sure the C7 will be coming soon considering it says in the dealership 17 cars but there are only 16 cars at the moment.

    As for the rumored chrome line avantador. No it is shadows creating the stripes on the car at SSRX. And these stripes have been recreated on other cars and probably more as we speak.

  32. jedisteampunk

    I wouldn’t say that the Corvette C7 is camouflaged exactly, its more like a disguise that is a common practice used by manufactures to put on development vehicles (just like the Nissan with the black mask). They are used to obviously disguise the shape of the vehicle underneath from prying eyes. I’m sorry if I have missed that if anybody else has already made this comment.

    1. seanchump

      Camouflage is the correct term in this case since it applies to an object and not a person. The definition of camouflage is a set of methods of concealment that allows otherwise visible objects to remain unnoticed by blending with their environment or by resembling something else. A disguise conceals or changes a person’s physical appearance. Camouflage is a type of disguise for people, animals and objects.

  33. VSTMcLaren

    I’m sorry but does nobody see “jan 13” on the license plate….what probably means 13 January or January 2013

  34. infamousphil

    Right on!!! Another Corvette up for a Viper butt kickin! But thinking twice about the ‘C7′ nomenclature as Mr. Reeves Callaway used it in the 90s. I’d rather PD get around to TCing or RMing the SRT10 like they did the ZR-1 AND ZO6. Think it would more appropriate?

    1. QuikSlvr223

      Am I the only one that noticed how PD, instead of doing small things in a 2.9.1, then 2.9.2, etc., saves all of those small things for an update with a new tenths (or, rarely, a new ones) digit? I can’t remember an update for GT5 with 3 numerical digits.

  35. Tvensky

    I like when developer puts some hints and hidden stuff for users to discover… :)

    For now the only reason I dont play GT5 as much as in the release time is because of tracks… lack of tracks is the biggest issue… If ps update GT5 with about 30 new tracks or sell them in DLC… I could play GT5 for 3 more years with no need for GT6…

    Cars are already amazing in this game.. but lack of tracks makes GT5 life cycle for me way too short…..

    and thanks for fixing online, it seems I dont get online lobby freeze anymore and online itself is more stable… thank you!

  36. AngelPlayStar

    Ok , The Corvette and Lamborghini look interesting … but I hope in a Big Update … maybe Spec 3.0 …

    … and with this following circuits, I think we don’t need GT6 anymore till PS4 in the beginning of 2015.

    Driving Park (20r60r)
    Apricot Hill
    Citta di Aria
    Costa di Amalfi
    Grand Canyon
    Hong Kong
    Ice Arena
    Infineon Raceway
    Driving Park (Kashiwa)
    Las Vegas
    Midfield Raceway
    Twin Ring Motegi ( GOT IT )
    New York
    George V Paris
    Opera Paris (Tarmac)
    Seattle Circuit
    Seoul Circuit
    Swiss Alps South
    Tahiti Maze
    Valencia Circuit
    El Capitan
    Cathedral Rocks (Dirt)
    Cathedral Rocks (Dirt Mini)
    Cathedral Rocks (Dirt Short)

    It should be the best christmas gift for me…

    I really enjoy the last update 2.09, I also notice a better driving physics and it’s great !! … With no Help, The driving experience is the best Ever on GT5!! … but after 2 years I need to go to the NEXT LEVEL !!!

    GOOOO PD!!!!!!!! DO IT !!!!

    1. forzaturismo

      GT needs the Mercedes SLS AMG BLACK SERIES and Mercedes C63 Coupé AMG BLACK SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. jgancherjr

      @everyone.. I think everytime a car or track pops up in the news you all should stop turning these news feeds and comments section into yet another f’n GT5 wish list…. :tdown:

    3. AngelPlayStar

      @jgancherjr Everytime ? I did this kind comment ones … remembering the track list appeared 1 year ago, that is out of my Big wish list ..

      Unfortunately GT5 is getting old .. we all need an improvement, good to see some new cars, I really enjoy driving from the last update, multiplayer is now more stable … but we all need Tracks to play in the next 2 or 3 years.

      we don’t need GT6 with more tracks…

      sorry for my bad english.

    4. HarVee

      The choices you chose are nice, but honestly, what’s the point of adding more tracks to GT5 when there are no events that take place on them?

    5. AngelPlayStar

      @HarVee No events??! I organize and join professional multiplayer events every week… and we almost get bored to drive on the same tracks! … we are all waiting Project Cars to do something new.

    6. SZRT Ice

      I too agree with the lack of tracks issue. And I for one love these “wish list” threads. Because it shows the diversity amongst GT players on the front page. Many do not take the time to go into the forums to find info, so this tends to be the best (albeit, least productive) place to get people talking about what would make GT better.

      Mind you, not everyone who comes on this site posts. Many just like to read what others have to say. So for every one post, there are likely around 1,000+ views. But for the forums, It’s more like a 1:10 ratio.

      As for my 2 cents.
      Tracks (Mainly fantasy tracks with dynamic landscapes. A waterfall for instance, or an oceanside drive with a dynamic sunset, a 2-lane road through corn fields with crop dusting planes doing fly by’s, etc.), dynamic seasons (leaves on track during the fall, snow, etc.), no invisible barriers (or at least set them back 10 – 15 yards),

      Customization (let kids be kids and adults be adult (GT is meant for everyone to enjoy. Would be great for racing teams and online racing leagues, or simply to express your own style and individuality. Content concerns? Make a private lobby or host it, be selective on who you allow & pipe it. We can also save replays and take photos so if you really must, a report feature is not hard to implicate. Even TDU2 has one).

      Further rim, tire, bodykit, & race mods, waterpooling on select rally and street tracks (puddles, splash effect, hydroplaning), destructable barriers, dynamic crashes (your tire should be capable of rolling off the car if impacted “correctly”, certain accidents with damage on should be considered “race enders” and dirty driving penalizations should be severe (disqualifications) which would also be great for skill improvement/racing leagues.

      More race types. Point to point racing (street and rally), D1 (we already drift weekly online and it’s in the GTTV section}, Drag (I know people and teams that only drag and nothing else, yet we have no official drag tracks, system, etc., touge/kaido, street/highway. Terrain changes and grip variations (gravel for instance or DiRT styled real world rally courses). and ofcourse a GT free roam would be a dream.

      This is more of a GT7/PS4 wishlist, obviously this is not possible via update and it would be too much for GT6 or would push it back a decade. But any of these things implemented into GT would be a tremendous improvement in MY OPINION.

    7. SZRT Ice

      Oh, and…

      Apricot Hill
      Citta di Aria
      Costa di Amalfi
      Grand Canyon
      Hong Kong
      Ice Arena
      Las Vegas
      Midfield Raceway
      New York
      George V Paris
      Opera Paris (Tarmac)
      Seattle Circuit
      Seoul Circuit
      Swiss Alps South
      Tahiti Maze
      El Capitan
      Cathedral Rocks (Dirt)


  37. 05XR8

    I’ve mentioned before how GT5 had cars in the photos of the endurance races that are now in DLC. The Prologue Corvette in Nurburgring 4hours, the TC LANCER in Tsukuba 9 hours.

    1. SCER

      The TC Lancer and the Lancer from GT Prologue are completely different cars; the TC Lancer is a more WRC styled car with single projector headlights and a WRC style wing as well as off road tyres, the GT Prologue Lancer was a street modified Lancer, with a subtle lip kit and a typical aftermarket style wing, as well as low profile tyres and a GT front window banner.

      The Corvette doesn’t feature in any DLC as far as I can recall.

      It’s a shame that PD don’t add those cars though, if it’s because they weren’t based on a real car they wouldn’t have released the TC DLC pack.

  38. Drevenger

    Usualy when things hit the News section of the board its serious matter,
    Looking forward for the C7 and freaking Honda NSX.

    What ‘up with the C7 un revealed colors, it look like a zebra paint underneath.

  39. OmarBaez53

    And so, the vicious circle of Updates affect everyone’s thinking about PD.

    The last time i checked the comments section people were complaining about PD’s fault of imagination and creativity.

    Now i’ve readed how they are the best racing game makers in the earth after this appeared.

    1. SCER

      @Boxout Amen to that.

      I hope that there are decent power modifications for it, I can see myself using it as a test car for top speed tuning

    2. Quakebass

      It’s like they’ve forgotten that they all want new events, online and offline physics replicating each other, and improved algorithms…

      Well, everyone except BWX…

  40. eugene2023

    Guys please could anybody check avendator’s paints in dealership may be PD added those stripe there? And another thing is th check the numbers of availabe cars in all manufacturers and count availabe there. As other people noticed in Chevy store 17 cars count as availabe but there only 16 of them (as we suppose camo C7 is missing).

  41. carfanatic45

    I was literaly just watching a youtube video of this, as soon as I saw it was an actual GT5 video, my cursor clicked the GTPlanet tab faster than any thing else!!

    1. SkierPS3

      That would be awesome, but I doubt it. If we ever get that feature (and that’s a big if), they wouldn’t release two years later for a game they aren’t keen on heavily supporting. As they said with DLC, they don’t want to use all the best of their new stuff now, they want to save some for GT6.

  42. Rushton1996


    Sometimes I think PD is behind in gaming but it is times like these where PD and Kaz do things where other developers wont even think about and that makes up for nearly everything. These moments make me so happy and proud to be a GT fan. Thank You SOOO much Kaz and PD!!

    1. HarVee

      I wouldn’t say everything.. Releasing a half-assed game and putting hidden content in it that isn’t even usable hardly makes up for anything.

    2. MuoNiuLa

      What else I don’t get is how PD is doing something no developer won’t think of doing? Adding cars into a game is not a new concept and putting in hidden content and keeping it a secret is ridiculous and annoying. PD is too silent as it is.

    1. SCER

      Daniel’s right. It’s all well and good that two hundred and fourty cars or thereabouts are immaculate, but you can’t pretend that the eight hundred standard cars aren’t there.

      That said, two hundred immaculate cars and eight hundred standard cars is still better than any Forza offering, in my opinion. Sure, Forza cars are better than standard cars, but they never look real and breath taking like some of the Gran Turismo premium cars do.

    2. TokoTurismo

      I’m not pretending theres no standard cars in GT5. I just meant that they don’t count, but I get what you mean. :)

    3. Amac500

      I agree, I never count standard when talking about the cars in the game. When comparing to Forza I have to include them, then point out how many if those cars are crap and that I’d much rather have Forza’s car list :P. The premium cars in GT5 and the psychics are still just so much better though :)

    4. SCER

      I think I get what you’re saying TokoTurismo.

      I think that Gran Turismo 5 is the only genuine driving simulator on PS3 or X-box. Forza is like a cross between Gran Turismo and Need For Speed in my eyes.

    5. Quakebass

      @SCER: Yes, and Forza is putting the proper fun factors that NFS used to have. Forza’s doing just about everything right, just the physics are slightly behind. I have a feeling that T10 will catch up, and soon, though.

  43. aronh17

    I bet Kazunori is sitting there looking at this page with the biggest smile on his face. Very sneaky placement, obviously this was done on purpose. Bet Kazunori is driving it in the game and in real life to test it.

  44. Lotus380

    Just noticed, the Chevrolet dealer says there are 17 available cars from the dealer selection screen. There are only 16 cars inside the dealer.

    1. Amac500

      Like the others said, not driven yet. But this Corvette is suppose to be much improved. Instead of a plasticy body, one of the popular rumors is that Chevy is making the body out of a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass, which will be interesting. The fiberglass will make the carbon harder to break and can also use it to influence air flow. That’s a big improvement. There is also talk of it being mid-engined, 50/50 if that will happen. Paddle shifts are suppose to be tere. Trust me, they found some stuff and it’s much improved over all. That stuff is strictly what I’ve heard and found in media. My uncle works at General Motors and he told me about some stuff they found, it has alot of improvements. A lot of people forget that the Corvette is competing on the level with the likes of Ferrari with the 458 and other supercars, but have far less funding and are much more under-resourced for it, which is impressive. Because Chevy is just an average car company, not a big performance car maker like Ferrari and Porsche and such, but they keep up. They found alot of stuff the others found out about a long time ago, this car will be impressive.

    2. TokoTurismo

      Carbon fiber and fiberglass? On this Vette C7? Really? Now I like this one better than the new Viper. :) This car is very special.

    3. Amac500

      I know the plan at least was carbonfiber mixed with fiber glass. There was an article in either Road & Track or Car & Driver in like January and I know that carbon fiber has been on their lost anyways. The only way it doesn’t is if costs are to much, there is a world wide shortage if carbon fiber. If that doesn’t make the C7, which will be ready for the 2014 car year, watch for the LT4 for the 2015 car year. The LT4 is suppose to be like how there was the SS Camero and then the more expensive high performance ZL1 Camero. They are going to do that with the Corvette C7 and the Corvette LT4, which for example will have about 550-ish hp compare to the normal C7 which should have 480-500 hp.

  45. TokoTurismo

    NOW THIS I DIDN’T SEE COMING. I’m so extremely happy that PD gotten the Vette C7 into GT5, just like Turn 10 gotten the new Viper. But THIS, I gotta see. Will this car be a cover car for GT6? +100 to PD and the guys who found out about this car. :) I CAN’T WAIT! Please bring the final update, being Spec 3.0. :D

  46. V10viperSRT

    How about the new SRT Viper? The Vette is a way off, but the Viper is already here. They have pre-production models for anyone to drive. PD should take a spin in one and put it in the game!

    1. TheGTGuy

      Kaz did say in his interview with Jordan that there taking on more staff, perhaps there’s more people working on GT5 aswell as GT6.

  47. bigbear

    Very good stuff guys. I recall someone posting something about the Chevrolet dealer listing 17 cars available for purchase, but there are only 16 cars shown in the dealership. Maybe the new Vette is number 17? Here’s hoping we can drive it soon.

  48. GranTurismo916

    On the licence plate it says Jan • Manufacturer • 13. Maybe we’ll be getting it on January 2013? Far-fetched but wanted to be included in this investigation.

  49. biftizmo

    Yes…gt5 is future proof.. We saw I snip…but the power of 4 x ps3′s..and the mega tv’s ..I will be old by then …we’re gonna get so many tracks and stuff in this game….love it!

    1. perrolocomcquee

      Thats a matter of tate. But the look of the Viper is much meaner than the Vette.
      GT5 or GT6 needs the new 2013 SRT!
      But also some classics like the RT/10, GTS ACR, GT2

  50. infamousphil

    Right on!!! Another Corvette up for a Viper butt kickin! But thinking twice about the ‘C7’ nomenclature as Mr. Reeves Callaway used it in the 90s.

  51. notStig

    I am kind of surprised to see the Vette this soon in GT. It’s nice to see some surpring stuff in the game though I am still waiting for the SRT Viper :( I envy those of you that can drive it in Forza…
    I wonder if this would be a free DLC car. I don’t know if many people would pay for a car they couldn’t even see (it doesn’t seem to have cockpit either). I have seen some renderings predicting how the car would look like and I’ve noticed that the car appears to have rounded tail lights in the game as opposed to the Camaro style rectangular ones on the renderings. That’s interesting…

  52. CorvetteConquer

    Let’s beef up the American car list:

    1. C7 Vette

    2. ’13 Shelby GT500

    3. Mustang Boss 302

    4. Camaro ZL1

    5. Dodge Charger SRT8

    6. Cadillac CTS-V

    1. Quakebass

      Actually, it’s the 2013 concept. The production model is supposed to be released in 2015, so you’re correct on that much.

  53. yzfmike

    I just checked the Chevy dealership and I am registering 17 cars available but only count 16. Def a Vette hidden in the dealership. Do I have to talk to the toolman to get it out?

  54. mercgoat

    As stated explains the missing Chevy Car in the dealer. Thought it might be the Edge camaro glitching it…guess its still possible.

    Maybe the Aventador is new maybe. Maybe its a new chrome line and they will release packs with new chrome lines and new stealths with or without the old ones so everybody wins that preordered etc. Pure speculation but fun to dream.

  55. NewCadillac

    Oh yeah! The C7 is going to be great, and especially since PD has been making car sounds better. A 6.2L V8 with DFI and variable valve timing should take upgrades nicely.

    1. Amac500

      Good point, that would be a revolutionary way of doing it, don’t think anybody has put the mascot car in tge game to build up for it, very cool. Where are they showing it, the Detroit Auto Show?

  56. Amac500

    Love hiding little foreshadows, hope they do that in the future. Clearly got something on the horizon. Don’t want to set my expectations too high but I hope Spec 3.0 is coming! The Aventador doesn’t really interest me, personally didn’t enjoy mine to much from the DLC pack, but tge Corvette really interests me, can wait for a new Corvette. I bet you we get the 50th Anniversary edition Corvette :)

  57. liampage123

    I hope they don’t transfer the sounds from the Gallardo to the new Aventador. Hopefully they can record the V12 sound

  58. HuskyGT

    PD is playing with us. I love it! That brings interest into the game. The C7 is pretty much confirmed now if it’s appearing in the game. As for that striped Aventador; that has really managed to spark my interest. I wonder what it could mean?

  59. GT911

    That’s good news, the new corvette will be presented in January next year. Would be a great surprise to see one day a new Porsche on this way or at least a premium Ruf model

    1. HuskyGT

      I agree with that. It’s nice that they add some American cars now. We’ve had a few new European cars and a bunch of Japanese one.

      I also hope that the new Viper comes to the Gran Turismo franchise, if not in GT5, until GT6.

    2. hobanator24

      Yea. Did you know, this is the first ‘New’ American car in GT5 dlc? I don’t count the Challenger TC, since it’s just a regulat Challenger SRT8 w/ racing modifications.

  60. C-ZETA

    Think they’re trying to one-up T10 here. They covered the basis for the new SRT Viper, so why not have PD do the rival to it, the new Corvette?

    1. hobanator24

      Agreed. I like the SST & kinda the SSR but I would love some older Chevy/GMC trucks. I keep seeing the GMC Topkick in the background but cant drive it!

  61. hobanator24

    I knew there was a new Chevy coming to GT5. if you look at the Chevy dealer, it says 17 cars available (@ lvl 40) while there are only 16 cars total. I know someone pointed this out on an earlier news story but I forget who. Credit goes to whoever that was

  62. King Something

    Well, at least it isn’t another Skyline, Civic or Miata.

    Now watch as PD introduces a few Skylines, Civics and Miatas in the next car pack DLC along with either the Corvette or the Aventador, but not both — one of those two will be in the next DLC and the other will be in the following DLC, along with some more Skylines, Civics and Miatas.

    1. larsh

      I just realized today that I haven’t had any Civic in my garage. Couldn’t run the latest seasonal event after I did some shopping.

      10 minutes later I sold it again, Civics suck.

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