Gran Turismo 5 Playable in UK Shopping Mall Tour

October 25th, 2009 by Jordan


Gran Turismo 5 is about to make its public debut in UK shopping malls as it joins Sony’s ongoing “PlayStation House Tour“. As you can see in the description, the “touring games extravaganza” will give you “the chance to test out all the best titles and newest releases […] including […] GT5″. Sure enough, when GTPlanet forum user Kyaw checked out the “House” in the Birmingham Bullring, the staff on-hand confirmed a demo of the racing title will be there “soon”. Before you get too excited, keep in mind this version of the game will almost certainly be similar (if not identical) to what was playable in France last month. (Though the latest demo running at the Tokyo Motor Show including the Toyota FT-86 would certainly make for a pleasant surprise.)

Regardless, with so many GT fans in the UK, this will be a great opportunity for many of you to see what the gaming press has been enjoying for some time now. The “House Tour” will be in Birmingham until November 1st, before moving to Manchester and beyond.

*UPDATE*: Sony has now removed the game from the list of playable titles at this event – see here for more information.

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  1. Seven25

    I went there today, they don’t have the GT5 demo, the guy seemed to be surprised that I was asking about it. They said they might get in a few days but its not there now. I think they will update the site to not mention the GT5 demo. Disappointing.

  2. yes yes, i live five mins away from the bullring so i’ll deffinatley be checkin this outt.

  3. @ Corey

    yeh you are correct.
    well OCT is coming to an end so its only NOV, DEC, JAN and FEB we have to wait.
    that’s not much considering we have been waiting 5 years. Only another 4 months to go. LOL

    P.S i cant wait to watch the real-time damage trailer.. it’s going to be awesome

  4. S3 Racer

    I don’t think either that’s a 09 release. I didn’t say what tameen sayed in order to not jinx it. LOL . Now tameen jinxed it! lol

    Now with heavy promotion like this, they could really throw us the demo out.
    It would be a bit exagerated to get in eurostar just to get to wait 2 hours to play 1 or 2 laps of gt
    I just ordered supercar challenge. now thats supposed to keep me waiting….

    a december release would really be Shocking. good shocking, but still “pull your pants off” shocking

  5. tameem I will hath shit bricks. But it’s not going to happen. They already let everyone down by the March date and by God they’re going to milk it

  6. i have a feeling sony has kept us waiting soooooooo long for this game and i think they will shock us all and release it in december i cant think of any other reason why they are still printing gt5 release date as dec 2009.


  7. TOLL-Scibba-HRT1

    GranTursmo 5 demo should be in all playstation3 account to download it is not fair for the other country to not play it…………………

  8. My question is WHY?, the game is not meant to be out untill march in japan at the earliest, surely theyd have demos out in febuary, maybe we might of had the wool pulled over our eyes and possibly get an 09 release?

  9. Brum?!!!!!? WOW !!! AWESOME, im only in wednesbury myself so im definitely gonna be there!!!!

  10. I’m tempted to go to the London one but will see, if its the same demo I’ve seen a few times then I’m not over fussed unless the damage is improved. Regarding release date which was mentioned earlier, web sites I’ve seen that list a date still say December this year. I can’t believe these retailers are so out of touch with what is going on. Do they get dates from PD or Sony or do they have to get the info themselves?

  11. Unknown Master

    Just my luck, I live in Birmingham, not far from Bullring
    I’m definatly checking that out

  12. gtkiller

    That’s nice, hopefully we can get some proper impression from our fellow Gtplanet members.
    I really hope they put the demo on the PSN.

  13. Jantsu92

    In Helsinki at Digiexpo

  14. Why no USA road show? I really think they miss marketing the game better in the US.

  15. I would seriously consider jumping on a plane, I’m really that hyped by now.

    Unfortunately I’m all tied up in November :-/

  16. Woah, i didnt think i would be featured in the NEWS!

    I was planning on going to Bullring again today for GOW demo and Heavy Rain but cant get in touch with my friend.

    Also the staff there said they might have GT5 in the week so i will probably return there on Thursday.

  17. aleksandar SRB

    Tokyo again and maybe xanavi nismo gt-r R-34 or R-35… I would like to see McLaren F1 LM or some Le mans prototype(gt-one)…

  18. Sam__NY

    Well at least the demo finally came to a country that speaks english. But lets see some talented drivers this time. The people at the TAS couldn’t driver for crap, so for all you UK’ers, the brake is on the left, and press select to change the view. thankQ

  19. I second DaveTheStalker

  20. stephen

    what other games are there then? if there aint nothing else, ill just try GT5!

  21. Playable,Tokyo track again?

  22. lee moldon


    The bluewater one is right near me………Hold on……..10th OCTOBER!!!…….. that was 2 weeks ago……….Bye. ??????

  23. J99roberts

    Well, i went to the House in the south east. For some reason GT5 wasn’t playable the day i was there, so i was gutted. However, I was given a Playstation Goody Bag (and a free Blu ray film) and in it was a brochure for the games coming soon on PS3 and PSP. GT5 was in this brochure which is new for this tour, and for some reason Sony are still printing the GT5 release date as December 2009, and even offered free 1000 points on your next pre order of the games on show and GT5 was listed there. Why are they still printing this when we know it’s not coming this year?

  24. I’m there!

  25. Its better living on Oxford street. :)

  26. stephen

    Well how big the Bull Ring centre is, i might get lost in their again…its bloody huge! Its good living only 9 miles away from birmingham city centre!

  27. Rob-Thomas

    they must come to germany^^

  28. Over here they’re called shopping centres…

  29. Wahh I cant go because I cannot get to Birmingham easily because of various reasons so I am going to miss out but if they brought it to my home town i’d be there but that’s not happening.

    Oh well I suppose I will just have to be happy with going to the first event of pokemon that was done in my local town a month or so ago

  30. oppylocky

    So cool! I have been wanting to go birmingham for some time and this is the perfect opportunity to not only get some shopping done but to play the game. Seeing as Birmingham is only an hours train journey. thanks for the update gtplanet.

    Peace out!

  31. nutbear96

    WWWWHHHHHHOOOOO!!! I used to go past Westfield every week when it was under construction to see my Grandparents and then I never went past it because of the crowds and then I went past it the other week coming back and now I have a good excuse to go there. I might go with my GF and see a film (do they have a cinema at Westfield?) and then try out this demo. But i can’t go on the 5th (the first day its at Westfield) because I’m seeing Barbarians VS The All Blacks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And if The All Blacks don’t win and I will shit my balls out of my mouth and I will be humiliated at school (best rugby school of 2008 which isn’t private). And you guessed it I live in London so…. :(

    But they’re going to win so BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!

  32. oneword

    Jantsu92@ Do you know where?

  33. Hey, what about the South-West, Sony? Bristol, perhaps? :P

  34. the staff on-hand confirmed a demo of the racing title will be there “soon”

    does this mean thres going to be a demo released worldwide soon? downloadable from uk psn?

  35. GOTY 2010

    but will it top Uncharted 2 at metacritic?

    i think so

    the game will sell 8m copies in europe alone. GT5 is the biggest game of 2010 alongside FF13 which will only sell on PS3 in europe and Japan

  36. chinese chicken solid

    The point of these demos is not to sell the game, it’s a showoff of the “immersive” peripheral setup. That doesn’t quite come across in a digital download.

  37. The Masfer

    @JohnC Ireland isn’t in the uk so to answer your question NO!!!

    Maybe northen Ireland but I doubt it

  38. Jantsu92

    It’s also playable in Finland next weekend.

  39. stephen

    BIRMINGHAM!…wow….im only in walsall..i might go down tuesday and have a go before i head to coventry! thanks jordan for this news!

  40. DaveTheStalker

    They need to put that demo in the PSN Stores.

  41. How about Ireland?

  42. Bank Alexander


  43. I would so love to see this come to the U.S.!!!

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