Gran Turismo 5 at Tokyo Motor Show 2009

October 21st, 2009 by Jordan Greer


After the Tokyo Game Show, many in our forums speculated that we’d see Gran Turismo 5‘s next appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show, and it turned out they were correct! Unfortunately, though, the only thing new is the Toyota FT-86, which is now playable in the demo alongside the Mercedes SLS-AMG and Ferrari 458 Italia. The show is just getting started, so the only impressions we have so far are via Japanese sites Gigazine and Inside-Games. One interesting thing to note: Sony will gift you 100 free cars in Gran Turismo PSP if you bring your copy of the game to the booth. Keep reading for more pictures and the first gameplay footage of the Toyota FT-86.

Thanks to everyone who sent in these clips!

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  1. Oct. 28, 4:09am

    I honestly find it funny how all the GT fanboys cry about Forza’s “marketing” when PD and Sony put crap like GT > Real life.

  2. Oct. 24, 5:18pm

    Yamauchi also went over the modes in the GT5, and it’s looking similar to what GT fans have come to expect from the series. As in previous games, the game will be split into Arcade and GT mode. In Arcade mode, you’ll have a couple of different options–single-player race and split-screen two-player race. GT mode is where the majority of the players will spend their time. Players will have a world map to navigate around, their own garage to house their car collection, and dealerships and tuning shops to buy cars and parts. They’ll also have championship race events and the ubiquitous license tests. The tuning shop will be more than just internal parts–there will also be external bits like bumpers, sidesteps, rear wings, and more.

  3. Oct. 24, 1:00pm

    a true simulation AI wouldn’t slam into me at full speed from behind or obliviously cut me off at the apex of a corner when i try to pass would it?

  4. Oct. 24, 4:09am

    finally….a proper animated pit crew. That is gonna be so cool!!

  5. Oct. 23, 9:57pm

    its okay so far everyone complains about the AI on gt5 but its simulation AI forza can seem like your in a bumper cars/dodgems battle with AI driven cars constantly tryingto turn you around in the early part of the game still a good game for car nuts like me though

  6. Oct. 23, 9:11pm

    @ cuarache
    i heard forza 3 is too arcadish is that true?

  7. Oct. 23, 9:10pm

    i wonder when they will show us the trailer with real time damage in it
    i know they have already made the video cuz they showed it to the people that went for PD tour.

    JUST RELEASE THE TRAILER ALREADY iam running outa patience :(

  8. Oct. 23, 9:09pm

    wtf? nooooooooooo!!! wheres the nissan gtr???

  9. Oct. 23, 8:49pm

    bought forza yesterday oh how i wish this was gt5 but its not a bad game at all and rather than be insulting and say this will tide me over until gt5 i will say i will be playing them both at the same time

  10. Oct. 23, 1:36pm
    Sam__ NY

    Gran (US version), is not working. Hopefully this means an update is happening. I didn’t check the UK or JP version yet.

  11. Oct. 23, 12:25pm

    whats with everyone complaining about skidmarks?? Before it used to be damage! Now they have put damage in, and probably delayed the release to get the damage right, everyone is complaining about something else!! Who cares about skidmarks??

  12. Oct. 23, 9:56am

    Please Can we see new tracks polyphony
    Please can you make a helmet collectors edition of gt
    Thanks Polyphony

  13. Oct. 23, 8:32am


    it’s not a mini morris, it’s a rover mini 1.3i MPI. which already was in GT4 and GT:PSP. It’s a reward in GT4 and buyable in GT:PSP.

    i’m 100% certain because i bought one in GT:PSP which matches the real thing in my garage :D

  14. Oct. 23, 6:10am
    Berlino Bear

    Think of the number of threads in the GT5 Forum when its released without Skidmarks. The system will implode.

  15. Oct. 23, 3:31am

    ffs, stop bringing up the old ‘I want skidmarks’ debate, it’s been done to death and I’m sick of hearing about it!!!

  16. Oct. 22, 1:43pm


  17. Oct. 22, 1:22pm

    I dont expect gt5 on march 2010 KY is not sure that they release the game in japan Q2 2010 will be a realistic worldwide release

  18. Oct. 22, 12:42pm

    getting tired of every single new vid of GT5 being some slob driving. c’mon no one at a CAR SHOW can drive? the guy in the vids has no idea what a brake pedal is, he just floors the gas and tries to take a corner. same goes with forza 3 vids, any vid i see is of some guy blindly skidding off and on the track on the easiest difficulty, and finishes 20 seconds ahead of the first AI car.

  19. Oct. 22, 11:55am

    Anyone think PD are going to spoil Forza3 release with some juicy info???

    Yeah ok, only kidding, of course they’re not…


  20. Oct. 22, 11:21am

    Wait, that old Mini Morris was not in GT4… Possibly new cars (and tracks) to download for GT PSP??

  21. Oct. 22, 11:13am

    Agreed for Gtplanet, awesome, it makes GT5 alive and breathing waiting to get up at just the right moment… Patience, my friends.. the time is coming.. Putting a countdown timer is a good idea i think. Are you guys still talking ’bout skidmarks?? GT>Real, expect perfection, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!!

  22. Oct. 22, 9:30am

    YES YES YES tokyio track agian its a demo show

  23. Oct. 22, 8:49am

    There´s something that worries me.
    In GT5 Prologue we have 76 cars (including tuned versions) and 25 were new in GT series.
    In GTPSP we have 850 cars and approximately 10 are new.
    What’s more, if you look at GTPSP carlist, few cars are from 2005-2009 (period between GT4 and GTPSP).
    So, if all cars from GTPSP come to GT5 (which will have 950 cars, and I suppose that they will include the 25 new cars from GT5p) and KY said that 170 new models will come to GT5, I think that something is wrong, isn’t it?
    Greetings from Spain, GT Fans!

  24. Oct. 22, 6:42am

    Tokyo track again…….

  25. Oct. 22, 6:39am

    Imo the cockpit view is especially for hardcore racer. Like meeeee ! It is one of the last remaining things that takes the experience to a more realistic feeling. In GT4 i only used the bumper view, so i always had the feeling i did drive a car.
    But with the cockpit view i know really have the feeling of driving a Audi R8, or a GTR, not just any random car.

    And have you forgotten that we already have a demo ? ;) A pretty big demo. GT5P might not be up to date anymore, but it`s enough, considering it`s demo, they even featured the GTR in the game, which i saw today and wet my pants, what a coincident ;)

  26. Oct. 22, 6:04am
    S3 Racer

    real news on german, french, uk tv. (not fox news lol). Never a game achieved that . apart from the socity-shocking games(GTA ,RE5,…) that were criticised

  27. Oct. 22, 6:02am
    S3 Racer

    tameen :
    TRUE! They kind of waste a lot of time in promotional work for an unfiinished product.
    And GT don’t need that much of promotion. it’s a self selling product. But with the done promotion so far they really started a hype. How many times I saw little commentary of GT5 during News (Ifa,…)

    GT planet : Put a countdown timer on the site?

  28. Oct. 22, 5:36am

    @ S3 Racer
    i personally think they should just concentrate on finishing up gt5 instead of wasting more time making demos. i just want to have the feeling of opening up gt5 case and playing it for the first time and blown out of my seat.

  29. Oct. 22, 5:10am
    S3 Racer

    @ Tvensky & tameem. Same here

    Thanks to Gt planet for doing such a great job.

    They would really please us with a demo of the game,… that would be huge. But there would be too much people complaining about this or that or skidmarks , even if it’s still under developpement. So I think we will never see a demo before release :(

    I hope this is not the last time we see Gt5 for this year. There are plenty of car show coming up. Hoping they will be present at the Essen Motor Show (biggest euro tuning show).
    At least like that i could give gt5 demo a try.

    Cockpit view: I would say that for hardcore racing (tight ,hard) it’s not ideal. But for fun racing it’s pretty cool. But only on big screen, else you don’t see anything. I play on a 40″ and it’s still too cropped.

    And with 950+ cars i think that’s huge, we tend to forget that. You will probably never drive all of them. And for me it’s ok. All myreal cars are in the game, so for me it’s perfect :P

  30. Oct. 22, 5:01am

    hi. 160 days :)

  31. Oct. 22, 4:38am

    I only drive in cockpit view. I think it is a must have in driving simulators since Project Gotham Racing 3.

  32. Oct. 22, 4:38am

    @ Tvensky

    hahahaha same same.. i check this site everyday and jordan is doing a great job i was counting the days left till the release and its about

    129 days
    i have started my countdown LOL. the wait is almost over are you guys ready for it :)

  33. Oct. 22, 3:53am

    I love… its so great.. I’m going in here every day.. and here almost always is something new about GT.. great! :)

  34. Oct. 22, 3:41am

    What about to Lexus LFA ? :) I have to get it!

  35. Oct. 22, 3:05am

    Isn’t the Logitech steering wheel looking cool? Very classy. Can’t wait.

  36. Oct. 22, 2:27am

    thats because the car is going sideways/drifting so the car won’t respond to exact steering movements..until he gets out of the powerslide like just before the video finishes

  37. Oct. 22, 1:51am

    I don’t know,
    second video looks so weird..
    for example, at 0:03… the guy is turning the wheel, and the screen like .. stays for a while on a certain position, and then changes… it’s like the wheel isn’t connected to the car anymore…

  38. Oct. 22, 1:38am

    @Bank, I know. I want to know which ones are new. If there is 850ish cars in GT PSP, and even less in GT4, then there is 100 unknown models they’re going to release

    And this skidmark shit is retarded. This blog post isn’t even about features. Yeah it’s not the real skidmark simulator, it’s also not the car damage simulator, or the real time weather simulator, or the whatthefuckever simulator you want to come up with. It adds to the game, much like damage and tire smoke.

  39. Oct. 22, 1:37am

    a litele bit short videos better then nothing. that FT-86 looks it woud be fun 2 drift with =)

  40. Oct. 22, 1:11am

    Do they prescreen the drivers on the videos for ones who don’t understand what brakes are?

  41. Oct. 22, 12:45am
    jay gatsby

    I don’t want the real skidmark simulator: skidmark hero 5

    I want Gran Turismo 5…

  42. Oct. 22, 12:18am

    I’ve been pondering whether I should buy a G27 wheel or save the money and get a DFGT. Every GT5 video I’ve seen though, Kaz and the simulators are using the DFGT and never the G25 even once. Might not be an official wheel, but I was hoping to see it in a video somewhere. I know the DFGT is the official wheel of gran turismo and all, but I wonder if a successor to the DFGT will come out at the time of GT5 release. Those are the things holding me back :(

    The folks testing out the setups in the video are beyond worthless, like they’re doing the twist instead of driving.

  43. Oct. 21, 11:40pm
    Bank Alexander

    But damn why can’t we find a video of the bloody cockpit. The cockpit looks frickin’ insane from photo that PD gave us.

    JDigital is correct lol

    @ Corey
    They’re talking about the 100 cars offered for that GTPSP thing.

  44. Oct. 21, 10:54pm
    Sam__ NY

    PD is slowly revealing what’s in store for us with these screen shots and videos we’re constantly getting.

  45. Oct. 21, 10:02pm

    It seems like it´s the last time we see GT5 this year…

  46. Oct. 21, 8:38pm

    Do that many people seriously use cockpit view? I find it annoying and I can hardly see anything.

    However, I would like to see some follow up of these 100 cars and which are ‘NEW.’

    Saying there is no NEW cars is retarded, if there’s 850 cars in GT PSP and even less in GT4, and you get 100 more, there’s obviously new cars ?

  47. Oct. 21, 8:10pm

    WHY? WHY? WHY?

    Is it a rule that anyone that attends a game show and gets in a driving simulator must absolutely know nothing about how to drive?

    Jesus F’n Christ. We’d be better off with a monkey. At least he’d be curious what the other pedal does…

  48. Oct. 21, 7:57pm

    I would love to know which 100 cars it is…

  49. Oct. 21, 7:29pm

    It annoys me that you see the car fly into the side of the track there and not slow down much. Bad driving should be punished more, the lack of damage never bothered me, it was always the wall bouncing.

  50. Oct. 21, 7:26pm

    Lol GT5 > Real, is Kaz trying to make a statement here. :P

  51. Oct. 21, 7:14pm

    @ ScottyB

    If you wanted to know what the stuff says at the big banner says (next to ur GT>REAL) it’s “This is beyond your experience in reality.” I’m still learning japanese, so it may be slightly off what it actually says, can anyone confirm if my translation is correct?

  52. Oct. 21, 7:07pm

    that was so smooth.. not the driving but the sense of speed.

    PD should at least give us a demo.

  53. Oct. 21, 6:34pm

    Simply cant wait for this game. DEF not fair about the 100 cars if you bring GTPSP to them!!!! the booth really is a site to see too :) i love it

  54. Oct. 21, 6:16pm

    The only thing I can read on that booth is:
    GT > REAL

  55. Oct. 21, 6:10pm

    Seriously what makes skidmarks so trascendental? They are useless in my opinion, when do you stop your race to check your skidmarks? “Oh look at those skidmarks i just layed! Oh F*** I missed the brakepoint for looking at them!” Useless…

    I wonder if someone from GTP lives at Tokyo so he can check out the booth for us and hopefully try things that aren’t being done in those videos (Cockpit view, more crashes, “skidmarks” if you wish, a clue about climate changes…Something!)

  56. Oct. 21, 6:00pm

    I love the way the guy in the second clip doesn’t even brake going into the last corner… flat on the throttle and into the wall!!! Class, lol lol lol

  57. Oct. 21, 5:25pm

    We need some FT-86 cockpit videos STAT! Looking great as always and I am counting down the seconds to the NA release.

  58. Oct. 21, 5:06pm

    gladly donate my skidmark’ed undies to you…

  59. Oct. 21, 5:03pm

    skidmarks this skidmarks that….you pooftas are killing me. if you want skidmarks so bad just turn around and look in your underwear…wow! skidmarks!

  60. Oct. 21, 4:58pm

    I havent seen the cockpit yet…what the hell people just press SELECT

  61. Oct. 21, 4:43pm

    One thing I find weird is that all the japanese players don’t bother to go into cockpit view, it seems like they’re scared to touch any setthings whatsoever :O

    Can’t wait to have news infos coming out of TMS!

  62. Oct. 21, 4:33pm

    Wow you guys are really sick with you skidmarks!! GT has more then that

  63. Oct. 21, 4:24pm


    Thats not GT5. Thats old, it was done for some rendering engine a while back.

  64. Oct. 21, 4:20pm

    Watch this video! Koenigsegg CCX in GT5!!

    • Oct. 21, 4:25pm

      @Daniel, I see that you’ve copied and pasted that message to several different posts in the comments here – please stop. I first discovered that video in January, and it is not footage from Gran Turismo 5. See my post for the full story.

  65. Oct. 21, 4:18pm

    Man, the rear sliding out gives me that gut feeling of “oh crap” im sure u guys know what I mean, the snap correction/traction is great too. That ruins your day for sure.

  66. Oct. 21, 4:13pm

    lots of nice screenshots and cars coming out, but it would be nice to get some 100% confirmed tracks/locations and features soon. getting slightly impatient just seeing the tokyo circuit!

  67. Oct. 21, 4:12pm

    The 100 new cars ARE NOT new cars! See the pics

  68. Oct. 21, 4:11pm

    @Sam__ NY
    This is not the music in the gameplay. It’s the music of the GTpsp trailer on the top left monitor.

  69. Oct. 21, 4:08pm

    I think it’s cool.
    I don’t live in Tokyo, but we can ask people about these 100 cars which i think are going to be totally new ones. Also I am so dissapoinnted because we’ll discover all 930 cars (in GT5 950).

  70. Oct. 21, 4:07pm
    Mickle Pickle

    Skidmark or no, i dont care, i will still buy GT5.
    If Kaz include them in the game, great
    if not, no feelings of mine will be hurt, you can be sure of that,
    because i dont expect this feature to be the most important part of the game enjoyment…

    … by the time you see skid mark (if you play with the “helicopter” view), you KNOW you are WAY PAST the overbreaking point LOL ….

  71. Oct. 21, 4:07pm
    Sam__ NY

    There was GT PSP music in that GT5 demo.

  72. Oct. 21, 4:05pm

    loving the pits

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