Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.04 Fixes Many Issues, Available Now

February 7th, 2012 by Jordan

The latest version of Gran Turismo 5, version 2.04, is now available. Weighing in at 79MB in size, the update focuses on fixing a wide range of software issues and bugs. Here’s the complete list of changes as announced by Polyphony Digital:

  • Improved the performance of online races to provide a better racing experience. However, please note that using voice chat with 12 or more players can reduce screen refresh intervals.
  • Reduced wobbling of the screen when using the Chase view (The Chase view is when the car is viewed from the rear during races and replays, selected by using the SELECT button).
  • Electric cars (opponent cars and your cars in B-Spec) will now pit-in automatically to recharge the battery.
  • Reduced the amount of steering pull when using force feedback steering wheel controllers in banks on courses such as the Special Stage Route X Oval.
  • When driving formula cars using the Logitech steering wheel controllers, the initial force feedback amount has been lessened and adjusted to make it easier to drive in a straight line.
  • Fixed an issue where speedometer, race position and best lap time info are sometimes not displayed on the 2nd player side in 2P Battle Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where exhaust sound is heard even after switching from a combustion engine car to an electric car within the same online race.
  • Fixed an issue where if the game is started without signing in online and then saved, the cars and courses included in the Racing Car Pack and Course Pack would become unusable.
  • Fixed an issue where electric cars would not recharge in the pit and become immobile.
  • Fixed an issue where when the oil of the Toyota Prius was changed in GT Auto, the motor ceased to function correctly.
  • Improved the force feedback of the Guillemot Thrustmaster T500 RS, where the 10 level force feedback adjustment (especially when using the X2010 and X2011) was not working effectively. Also improved a condition where it was difficult to drive in the intended path.

UPDATE: Polyphony Digital has already acknowledged a known issues with 2.04. Thanks to all of you who sent this in!

A problem has been found in the 2.04 update released on February 7, where players sometimes do not receive experience and rewards after an online race in the open lobby or the lounge. We are currently investigating the issue and are working to correct the problem. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your understanding.

Thanks to Robert for the quick tip!

GT5 Photomode image by StrayShadow.

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  1. hairystig

    I wonder if PD will give us all a new car or something by way of compensation when they sort this out…

    Probably just wishful thinking on my part.

  2. BHalpen

    Just to be completely clear by Audi R8 I mean the race car versions and not the street cars. One other very minor thing which I find funny. Anyone notice in arcade when the CURSOR is placed on a track with weather and time. It is written like this “weather change/change time”. But where the cursor is NOT displaying the pop up message it is written as “change weather/change time”, which to me looks a lot better on the eyes!

  3. BHalpen

    I finally just registered… Let me start by saying I did not buy a PS3 until GT5 came out. There are 2 things I would like to see added or fixed. It’s nice we have simplified interiors of standard vehicles, but try racing in the rain! That view is unusable until we have windshields wipers. I think this is a bigger request than rims for standard cars! Plus has nobody noticed that comparing the same cockpit of the Audi R8 ’01 (blurry out of focus) to the Audi R8 ’05 (sharp and in focus) isn’t the same???

  4. TokoTurismo

    I’ll laugh if the next the update gets jumped on because didn’t get what they wanted. Seriously, those who are complaining and calling this update stupid, pipe down. You think all these updates for GT5 is easy to do? I don’t make games but I know for sure it’s hard as heck. If not, go do something that isn’t gaming thaaaanksssss…

    • Tvensky

      It is hard, cuz PD dont have 1 000 000 people to test it..

      we test it, we find bug, they fix it, sometimes screw something up, we test again, we find bug, they fix it, screw something else up a little bit, we test, we dont like, PD fix it… lol :D endless cycle….

    • TokoTurismo

      ^ Hahaha, you’re very right Tvensky. :)

    • tube chaser

      You nailed it Tvensky – biggest beta-test in console history. Gotta mean that the code for GT6 will be faultless. In the mean time, back to work fellas!

  5. ferhound

    They should double check they fix everything before releasing the update…

  6. Taunto_Svt

    Tired of people complaining about every small thing on the game. Be happy that pd is fixing properties of the game and not doing anything at all. I’m glad when I see these updates, shows that they still pay much attention to the game and care about some of us gt veterans that have been playing since gt1

    • tube chaser

      You should read the Skyrim bug forums – phew!

  7. Congrat PD.. Please stop updating GT5 while you’re making the game worse and worse, and try working on a much much better GT6… Nothing helps on this half-finished GT5 now :(

    Oh, I almost forget, you can still earn a lot of money with DLC’s for GT5.. so forget what I said and keep workin’, maybe a few Smart or a few GT-R vehicles would be nice in the next DLC.. Can’t wait for it

  8. Blood*Specter

    Ian away from my console now, but I don’t expect this
    update to stand. I think PD kicks a fix right away.
    No grip? Gotta fix that ASAP PD/Kaz

  9. classicpark

    1.Why is there no update made ​​to the online rooms to get stable again with less than 12 players it is still a mess
    2. there is nothing done to the life timing delay
    3.The tire wear makes no sense soft 4a5 laps is this normal??
    4.less feedback for steering wheels why is that done for young kids?
    Previously, I like to play GT5 but now the fun is off

    • Tvensky

      you can mess tyres up in 2 minutes in real life, you know that dont you.. :)

      everything else if its true, I agree!

  10. Guess pd not fixed online racing bug properly then.
    In the bin it goes then

  11. HeXoSKEL3t0n

    It’d be nice if they could add more search options for when we want to search for a decent online lobby, like:

    -PP specifications
    -HP and weight specifications
    -Ability to select multiple stuff (eg we can choose to search for trial mountain and deep forest lobbies at the same time instead of searching track by track)
    -Any other options that i haven’t pointed out here

    or perhaps an option to join a PSN friend’s game lobby or invite a fellow PSN friend to your lobby instead of using room numbers, it’s a bit troublesome.

    • SEIDO463

      The option to join a friend’s lobby has always been there. Just go to coffee cup of the friend you want to join and if the yellow circle icon is there, it means the room is active. You can join right there.
      You can also join any friends lounge even when no one is in it!

      Hope that helps :)

    • HeXoSKEL3t0n

      No what I meant was that we could have the option to invite or join a friend at a public online lobby, instead of using tediously long room numbers. Just like in COD where you could just join or invite a friend to an public lobby directly from the XMB friends menu

    • HeXoSKEL3t0n

      SEIDO463: I was talking abt public lobbies not private lounges. Hope you get what I mean :)

      But adding an invite friends option for lounges too would be nice, instead of having to type out a message by yourself asking your friend to join your lounge

    • BrosifDuder

      @HeXo – The yellow circle icon appears next to a person’s coffee cup when they are in an online session. An online session can be either a private lounge or a public lobby. Let’s say I was in a public lobby (an online room with a long number), if you went to my profile in GT5 and selected the yellow icon next to my coffee cup a screen would pop up with the information of the room I was currently in. You would then have the option of joining that room if you so desired.

      As for joining the same online session as a friend from the XMB bar, no that isn’t possible, nor is inviting a friend to your current online session a la COD.

    • HeXoSKEL3t0n

      @brosifduder oh so that means you can join your friend’s public lobby session from there? cool i’ll try it later thanks :D

    • BrosifDuder

      Yes, that is correct. I can’t remember the last time I joined a public lobby by typing in the room number and I race in multiple weekly online series that use public lobbies. I simple use the method previously described.

    • Tvensky

      its nice you sort it out!

      But, PD do need to create more specifications to find better room, and longer descripcion for the room is very needed, sometimes its immposible to describe the purpose of the room.. and thats not difficult to make. since its just a text in a box.

    • SEIDO463

      Hexo, That’s what I said in the first reply :) haha

    • HeXoSKEL3t0n

      Lol sorry seido… I thought you were just mentioning about the private lounge :s

      And yeah I agree tvensky, they need to let us add longer descriptions for the lobby , especially good if hosts want to state some rules and info about their lobby. These would make it much easier to find a decent lobby

  12. MOV Games

    um, i didnt mean to put that comment there. god im useless! why did the reply not work?

  13. MOV Games

    K, i didnt know there was an update log, im new to the site(and forums for that matter)

  14. AngelPlayStar

    What happen to GT5 driving physic? After 2.04,  I have no grip, no tires sound, worse physic. 2.03 physic was just perfect.

    • Agreed, last night online racing experience was not improved at all. It was very much degraded.

  15. numanair

    “Fixed an issue where when the oil of the Toyota Prius was changed in GT Auto, the motor ceased to function correctly.”
    Does anyone else find this oddly amusing?

    • PlainBlandMan

      It makes less sense to fix an electric engine by charging it with LIQUID.

    • Lekkeri

      PlainBlandMan: Prius has a normal engine as well, it is a hybrid.

    • HeXoSKEL3t0n

      PlainBlandMan the prius is a HYBRID, means that it has a perfectly normal PETROL ENGINE with which you can change OIL and an electric engine working together to form a hybrid.

      Anyways even with 2 engines this car still sucks though so oh well :p

    • quavers

      Yes I don’t have one so I didn’t know laughed for 10 minutes when I saw this.

  16. I really wish they would allow 2player to race on created courses again. I don’t understand why they would take that away.

  17. calahan

    where’s update enabling A.I for split screen?

  18. bprred6


    GT5 Prologue had this feature and it made Arcade races so much more fun. We really need this feature in GT5. Seriously PD.

  19. tpark103

    You know what people complain about everything. I say all unhappy people get an education in software, higher a team, develope a relationship with manufacturers, then put together a product that will satisfy a bunch of whiney little boys. Soon as its done we can start complaining about every little thing we don’t like about your game. Get to work.

    • And that officially goes in the books has the 100,000,000,000,000,000th time some variation of that very remark has been posted on this site.

      Sadly it also marks the 100,000,000,000,000,000th time posting it had absolutely no effect.

    • Forza Mclaren

      AMEN to that, and can we also have the ability to create custom championships in Arcade mode coz because I find Arcade mode is more fun than GT mode

    • hairystig


    • granddriver

      You’re absolutely right, we should be happy with the mistakes done to this game. We should be thrilled that they keep give us UNTESTED updates.

      I love this game but it does have problems. A lot of people complain about stupid stuff but there are reasonable complaints. How would PD know what’s wrong unless some one tells them.

      I love GT and hope they get online problems(Black screens, no tire sound, inconsistent lap times, connection issues, not being able to run full rooms) fixed soon.

      Thanks PD for constantly working on the game. It truly is awesome.

    • FueledbyStriker

      Yeah I see where you coming from, but when the 2.04 update froze my game on the startup gt5 logo, or at home screen and on the gt life screen I can’t even play the game. No matter how many times I restart the game or ps3.

  20. Quakebass

    So can you now roll your car over online? I’m not by my PS3 right now, so I can’t check… It quotes “Improved the performance of online races to provide a better racing experience” – I would like to know what exactly WAS changed either way.

    I’ll be one happy driver if you can.

  21. What the hell happened to GTP Forums? I get this error now:

    503 Service Unavailable
    No server is available to handle this request

    Huh? No server? GTP Forums Server is gone?

  22. SEIDO463

    Thanks again PD for the update, glad to see the support of the game.

    It’s a shame the chase camera was changed back. I really liked the more dynamic effect. Can there be an option in-game for this please? either an on/off setting or a custom setting including position of the camera and so on? that would be great.


  23. A_Higher_Place

    Coming out of the pits in Cockpit view the rear view and side view mirrors are now blurry and glitchy.

  24. A_Higher_Place

    I’m sick of the linear racing by the AI. In arcade if I set up my own endurance race I can tell before the race begins which car is going to come in what position. Whats the point in racing if there’s no variability? I’ve tried adding more laps to force more pit stops but its still the same thing.


  25. Yes, it is true I just tried it and he was floating.

  26. Raced last night online with clio cup cars, 11 of us in the room with headsets. Lag was worse than ever!
    It seemed that the people with REALLY FAST internet connections seemed to have the worse lag!

    Sorry but I feel this update has not fixed anything for us online racers :(

    • I forgot to add that after the first race all players did not receive experience and rewards after it :(

  27. TokoTurismo

    Soon or later, Kaz and PD may need to skip GT5 if this keeps happing to some people, but I really don’t want that to happen because GT6 is in the works. This must be really difficult for them to solve. :( But don’t worry Kaz and PD, you’re doing a fantastic job of updating your game for everyone, even yourselves. :) Don’t lose hope. *Thumbs up if you agree*

  28. AngelPlayStar

    Did you notice that driving in gt5 after this update is worse than ever, no tire sound , no grip .. Something is wrong.

  29. leeson65

    Man for everything they fix, another bug is found. Seems like some things (online) may need to be rebuilt from the ground up.

    • TokoTurismo

      It looks like it’ll need too after all. :( So much issues coming back over and over from each update…

    • A_Higher_Place

      Amazing that they don’t test these before releasing them to us. Never final projects anymores, all games are just Demos.

    • Live_Fr0m_NY

      Welcome to the world of online gaming “higher place”…

  30. Anyone notice that you can go faster on the test track when cornering around the bend..? That shouldn’t be right

  31. ok im using a logitech g27 and have noticed that cars with standard transmission dont have any neutral, not happy with this update, would be ok if the transmission upgrades didnt make the cars sound like crap . its a little change but it has ruined the game for me :(. please gt5 give me back neutral on standars transmission.

    • ps3finest

      How does changing the transmission change the sound of the car? I’m confused now.

    • Sime1810

      That doesn’t sound good. How does the clutch work then? Does it not go into neutral when you push the clutch in?

  32. moon_knight24

    Only Bug I saw was in GTAuto, during the oil change, the Dude that’s always there does it now without a creeper. Im almost positive there was a creeper before.

    • this is meant to be placed here…
      Yes, it is true I just tried it and he was floating…smh

  33. uneaq27

    can we get the Hyundai genesis coupe?? i know there’s a 4cylinders., 6cylinders, and a turbo version so is a race Mod. so…??? the 4 door m3, the ’11 bmw 1 M, ’89 M3
    with its nice n sexy wide fenders, race Mod n street version!!! the 2009 ford focus
    rs 300whp!!! and wtcc btcc Dtm and fia gt
    champ, race Mod Aston Martin, datsun 510, 1st gen rx7 1983-85, the cadillac cts coupe ’12, srt8 charger, a race Mod ford mustang, and Ferraris, 360 modena race Mod. those are godmother of racing, i mean why don’t we get the race Mod of those cars??? amg sl 65 black series Benz!!! wth??? I’ll keep posting about these til i get them!! or about you hire me as an adviser??? ill be glad to give you guys my input for free. hire me!!

    • BubbleBelly542

      Ya that’s what we need. More Japanese cars!


    • ps3finest

      Im sorry, I can not understand your post. There are to many punctuation marks, numbers, misspellings, and way to much complaining.

  34. GTPmrpotsworth

    This update sucks !!! its got more holes in the game than 2.03 NO MONEY FOR RACES !!!???!!!

    • TokoTurismo

      Didn’t you read @Eric W’s comment? Guess you didn’t…

      @Eric W

      I just saw this message posted by PD:

      Regarding an Issue Found in Online Races

      Feb 07, 2012

      A problem has been found in the 2.04 update released on February 7, where players sometimes do not receive experience and rewards after an online race in the open lobby or the lounge.

      We are currently investigating the issue and are working to correct the problem. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your understanding.

  35. BubbleBelly542

    I was about to complain. But then I realized though I didn’t have any bugs affecting me, other people did. So now they can enjoy the game as much as I!

    :) thanks PD

    • BIOHAZARD9519

      Same here :)

      Wanted to experience the Prius malfunction though :P
      Lol buying bad oil.

  36. I just saw this message posted by PD:

    Regarding an Issue Found in Online Races

    Feb 07, 2012

    A problem has been found in the 2.04 update released on February 7, where players sometimes do not receive experience and rewards after an online race in the open lobby or the lounge.

    We are currently investigating the issue and are working to correct the problem. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your understanding.

  37. brettcee

    Title should read “Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.04 Fixes Many Issues, Causes Many More”

  38. Ben Rogue

    No fix for the “Full” view of the track map for Nurburgring, still messed up!

  39. “…one minor bug relating to drift trial replays that will be corrected.”

    erm, was this fixed?

  40. ferhound

    Ok, but I only care about the cammera issue.

  41. bxgungrave81

    Haven’t try the new update but any update for the ffb wheels r welcome … Cause I notice having trouble wit the faster cars

    • maybe this update comes bit late or is just coincidence
      as my DFGT burned it motor and some of the circuit board already,

      on top of that my personal best drift score at suzuka east was ruined..

      DNF – electrical failure

  42. Cobra527

    Why cant I use Ferrari F1 online WHILE idiots can use their Red Bulls X1 during online races or Veyrons.

    • That’s the same with the PDI Kart…
      I also think it sucks that you can use the Formula GT, but not the Ferrari F2007 or Ferrari F10 -.-

      You have to join the special servers to use it :\

    • WangansGodHand

      You can’t use Ferrari F1 cars with other cars, period. On or offline. I think it was one of the agreements between Ferrari and PD.

  43. i have a flat

    They also fixed the issue where you couldn’t sell the DLC you can purchase the DLC cars if you just want there paint chip and get rid of them after.THANK YOU PD !!!!!!!

  44. Lol, chasecam :)
    Who the hell uses that?
    Realistic First person-view ftw!

    • GRAFX21

      for people who can drive either view and enjoy looking at there beautiful “ass” car.

    • It’s easy to drive with the Chasecam, on my PS One I always used to drive like that, but I personally think the Chasecam shouldn’t be used in GT5 ;)
      Racing, drifting,… I do everything in First Person :)

    • Cobra527

      +1 love first person view. All other views r for ppl who dont have their licenses.

    • ² Cobra :)
      That’s why I love it how a lot of Standard Cars have been modified with a First Person View :D

    • bxgungrave81

      I know I haven’t used it since gt1

    • TokoTurismo

      Oh no camparing both chase cam and first person view??? YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING. D:

      Note: I like seeing my cars you bullies, I sometimes use first person view but ughhh rather see my cars…

    • BladeRunner4000

      It’s a matter of taste of course. The cockpit view does give you different timing when taking a curve, and that alone makes it “more realistic”. not to mention its the closest thing to real life driving.

    • TokoTurismo

      Hey, thanks BladeRunner4000. :) Now I feel much better.

    • GRAFX21

      Llike I said. I can drive in either view. Yes, I like seeing my car when I drive. And yes I can drive in 1st-person. Get me folks. I love ass view.

    • montecarlo87

      Considering that the cockpit view is still extremely limited compared to real life. On a real car you have full view of everything around you. And in the case of those of us with poor vision can hardly see out of a tiny screen of say the Peugeot 908. Cockpit view is great with most cars but for some the chase is still preferable.

    • Groovysomethin

      I find chase cam very helpful for drifting as cockpit view doesn’t turn with the road. When you’re really drifting you turn your head, sometimes you look out the side windows. In chase cam at least you can see more road, and the whole car.

    • TokoTurismo

      Thank you @Groovysomethin.

  45. “Fixed an issue where when the oil of the Toyota Prius was changed in GT Auto, the motor ceased to function correctly.”

    Wait, people actually use the Prius?!

    • Maybe the new Prius TC from the latest Car Package :p
      I have the Prius, but never use it…

    • BubbleBelly542

      Prius TC is in the first pack not the latest.

  46. SAVoxleitner

    Finally, we can actually recharge the batteries for electric cars! Maybe now I can get some use out of that GT by Citroen Concept.

    • Omg… I’ve been playing this game since the release, and never realised the Citroen GT Concept was an electric car :|
      I always use the Citroen GT Race Car, never tried the Concept xD

    • SAVoxleitner

      It’s actually a good car. But…I will have to see how it does in endurance races.

  47. alexlam24

    THEY FIXED THE CHASE CAM!!! Hallelujah!!!

    • alexlam24

      Sorry for the double post. My phone said it failed to post so I hit it twice.

  48. alexlam24

    THEY FIXED THE CHASE CAM!!! Hallelujah!!! PRAISE THE LORD(Yamauchi San).

  49. BrazilianGTFan

    “When driving formula cars using the Logitech steering wheel controllers, the initial force feedback amount has been lessened and adjusted to make it easier to drive in a straight line.”

    Uff.. I tough it was a problem with my G27.. the wheel keep turning left and right, left and right too much when in a straight line, specially at higher speeds.

    • Dragonwhisky

      I found the way to keep cars from doing the left/right bounce on straights to be as still as possible. In the case of the x2010 the tiniest input to the wheel would start the bounce. Found out while running the car at Indy that remaining still with a relaxed grip settled it right down and it would run smooth all the way. This took a lot of “work” out of driving the car. I still think it is the hardest car to drive to full potential, but this at least provided a little “downtime” to how intense that car is to drive.

  50. GT HP Nut

    The XJR-9 Paint is now renamed as ‘XJR-9 Purple’.

  51. DaftMav

    Some of the bugs with the electric cars sound hilarious. They should have done a electric car endurance race as seasonal event. Who is the most economical driver and made the largest distance? :)

  52. dmz_bean

    They fixed the biggest issue I’ve been having… The ridiculous wobble on the chase cam. It gave me motion sickness hahahaha. It’s certainly a lot better now.

    • TokoTurismo

      *Sniff* I actually liked the wobble chase cam. :( Was it a bug or something? Kaz and PD? Will there be an option to either switch to Normal and Wobble chase cams for players? :)

    • Tweetman_277

      I liked the new way that it stayed rigid in relation to the car. It would rotate more with it as you went over kerbs and stuff!!! That was good…
      But by the wobble do they actually mean that or the odd little ‘Jumps’ it would sometimes do if you changed direction? THEY were awful!!!

    • alexlam24

      Can you now drift without getting dizzy?

    • I agree with toko, i liked it… hopefully they will give us the option for ‘dynamic chase cam’ or something… or make it another camera choice that cycles with the select button

    • Jon64½


    • Jon64½

      That’s okay I used to call them “curves” when I was a little kid.

  53. Gturbo5

    no special D:

  54. MOV Games

    God, im terrible at comparing stuff.

  55. MOV Games

    got no idea why people are complaining about a free update, its like complaining about your own free will. Anyway, im not sure if this was fixed in 2.03 (i spotted it in 2.02) . I was playing a split screen race against my little brother, when i noticed that if player 1 selected any of the car pack 2 cars or gt86, you would have no speed bar etc on the screen (except in the 2011 mini). player 2 does, its just player 1.

    • uMadson?

      That issue is solved, as said by the update log. :)

  56. Thank you team PD, for your continued efforts to patch this excellent sim.
    I enjoy your game as a passionate hobby, and will remain a loyal customer to your evolving product.
    I look forward to Major A-Spec expansion, and more online racing updates (penalties, regulations, etc)
    Bless Japan! Long live Kaz & GT.
    Lovers gonna love.

    • ” Major A-Spec expansion”

      …. Yup, thst should have happened in Spec II or at least in DLC. I’d PAY FOR a big off-line A-Spec expansion! Not lame, boring, stale, unimaginative, short, repetitive, easy Seasonals! I’m talking off-line A-Spec career mode and XP limit being raised from 40 to 80, or ditching XP and going back to licence rests qualification and cr. being the only barrier for advanced race entry.

      Why has Kaz/PD given up on A-Spec? Why do we get B-Spec seasonals without A-Spec? Every lame race sim has online multiplayer, that doesn’t make GT5 special. A-Spec and a good long and challenging career mode does. That’s what made previous GT games so good. Don’t Kaz/PD get that?

      Finally GT has great physics and gfx, way better than any GT- but now there’s nothing to do! I finished A-Spec in first month except long endurance. It’s a damn shame, and frustrating as hell for real loyal GT fans. Why Kaz/PD don’t fix or expand on A-Spec is beyond me, but I wish they would before I die of old age. This is a general comment not necessarily about this particular update..

    • TokoTurismo

      @BMX Maybe they’re still working on it. Hell, it’ll even come with the “GT Classic Track Pack” for all we know…

  57. Please note they also fixed the front/rear torque split on 4WD torque sensing center differentials to increments of 5%. It used to be 1%.

    • exsqueeze me? it was always 5% (check them after doing %1, it rounds up or down by 5)

  58. uneaq27

    you guys remember “animatrix”? well, 1 thing for sure is that no matter what the updates are for, its never gonna be a 100% perfect. in 1 of the episodes it explained showed it n gt5 updates proved it. anyway they’re doing the best they can for its “US”!!! we should appreciate it and thank them and stop whining. as for the next dlc, lets just hope we don’t get to pay for one more electric car or another skyline or another car that we’ll never use. lets hope we get something worth our money. no more concepts either. they should either sell them cars by themselves or make a list so that we can choose which one we want them to bring to the game. cuz i think its ridiculous n after all its OUR MONEY!!

  59. ElGreco

    If you hate it , why you pay it ????

    and if you like better the “Forza” just start and play only the “Forza”

    I am and i will always be big fan of the REAL DRIVING SIMULATOR !!!!!!

    All the updates are welcome and necesary ! ! !

  60. I hope they fixed the free run laps because for the race the game will place you in a random spot regardless of the setting (fastest/slowest first). Also, weather is broken now, will not rain on tracks like Suzuka (50% start, 5 change in value) even after 13 laps.

  61. SpookyVenom1

    To all you complaining about no DLC. Sure DLC is nice, but making sure the game works properly is a higher priority. Besides, we got DLC 2 months in a row (December & January), when they clearly said they would do DLC every 2 months.

  62. With this update you are no longer able to race DLC tracks online if you haven’t purchased the track. So if you like racing on Route X online you’ll need to buy it like the rest of us.

  63. A_Higher_Place

    Anyone try the updated online racing yet? ^^ please let me know what you’ve noticed :)

  64. No DLC this time :(

    • LOL I mean ‘oh no D: ‘ get a grip buddy.

    • That is because they actually put some time into developing the DLC. *cough*Turn 10*cough* LoL just trolling.

  65. iamjajo

    The Red Bulls still shake too much when using a G27. I’ll just leave them in the garge where they’ve been since the game was released

    • soften front and rear antiroll, make downforce on front less, get rid of that nasty default toe setting (make them, -.10 / +.10 example), soften the front spring a tad, lessen the cambers, put some racing hards, and enjoy the new and improved X1.

  66. Thats weird I just bought 3 DLCs the other night. I think you’re on the wrong website.

  67. ChromeBallz

    It’s been over a year and there still haven’t been any significant improvements, or even DLC…

    One wonders.

    • Serjury

      Orly? I must have been dreaming when I bought all that GT5 DLC.

    • Guess you started playing yesterday? There needs to be a noob test before joining this website lol.

    • MyFavoriteGame

      What game are you playing?

    • I only have to say…NOOB!! LOL

  68. Tvensky

    Bug fixes are always welcome and needed!

    anyway Im missing something new, just hope to see more options and features that fans are requesting more often.

    Thanks anyway!

  69. classicpark

    This update to my idea is completely worthless and proves once again that Gran Turismo does not respond to its users.
    So again a big disappointment

    • Update is wortless? It fixes many problems, as updates should do. Haters gonna hate, I guess…

    • No Sorrow 13

      +1 to Uppmas…


      *facepalm* …… kids again expecting new x2012s

    • TokoTurismo

      Oh brother, again with the “disappointment” word again. Why is there so much bad attitude in here today I mean, seriously? Then why update it if you think it’s “worthless” then…

    • How about we all update, and you disconnect your PS3 from the internet and don’t update, ever again? Sounds good to me so I won’t see you online.

    • stay classy, park.

  70. GReeK_W1ZaRd

    “Fixed a problem when, if LMP restrictions are on in Online Mode, the Jaguar XJR-9 ’88 is not available for players”.
    I was hoping to see that since I payed for it.

  71. lilmann73

    Have they fixed the “Wheels cannot be changed on standard cars” message in GTauto?

    • hairystig

      Yeah, about 6 months ago with spec2.0 update, although wheels still can’t be changed on some standard racing cars.

    • BanditRa101801

      hairystig, he was talking about the message in white text in GT Auto that states Standard cars cannot change wheels.

    • hairystig

      Ah vital stuff then



  73. Turbo-Kai

    they should rename it from update to bugdate

    • Rallywagon

      Glad to see them starting g to fix the online physics and room issues. Maybe they will realize how jacked their tuning is and start fixing that soon too.

  74. SuBMWaru

    I wonder if these differences willbe notable with my driving force. I guess we will find out. Thanks for the post.

  75. Normalaatsra

    “Fixed an issue where when the oil of the Toyota Prius was changed in GT Auto, the motor ceased to function correctly.”

    Lol, dysfunctional oil is available in GT5?

    • wrapture

      Ikr next thing you know your brakes lock up on your x2011 on route x…

  76. one change that hasnt been noted is the new ‘GT5 copyright 2012′ in the top left corner of the first menu screen :) not really massive, but sexy all the same :P

  77. OneManRiot

    Glad they fixed the issues around the FF wheels. At least now I can drive the X2011 without my arms being shaken loose at the shoulders…

  78. TokoTurismo

    Lovely picture, I like it. :) And thank you PD for this awesome update. ;) To bad the new chase cam is gone though. :( But I’m not complaining period, because it’s a lot of work to do updates so I’m all cool. Thumbs up Kazunori and PD.

  79. Zamado75

    My thoughts exactly.
    Another update that fixes (mostly) irrelevant rubbish.

    PD try fixing the ludicrous crashing everytime you try to anything online.
    Not focusing on a Bloody Prius!

    • TokoTurismo

      WHOA! What attitude you have, hope your not grumpy for waking up to early for this update. >:)

    • it does state “Improved the performance of online races to provide a better racing experience.” have you tried online racing since the update?

      if not then stop whining as it may well be fixed.

  80. good they fixed 2 player races, i rely on the spedo alot. i was hoping they would add a new feture though.

  81. NewCadillac

    I’m still waiting for the Cadillac CTS-V’s, and I will take the 2013 ATS too. Also, they need to put the SSC Ultimate Areo in the game too because the veron needs some competition. Where are the new British and German touring cars at too?

    • deadcat777

      American junk.

    • JTSnooks

      Now that’s DLC worth paying real money for!

    • TokoTurismo

      ^ Would you pay 5 dollars for it?

    • Hopefully they spend time on cars that appeal to more people and are better on more levels.

  82. DA6righthand

    Awesome picture by the way. I really like that shot.

    On a side note, some of those issues they fixed I didn’t even know were issues.

  83. Rotorist

    Very good patch!

    • CJSpencer77

      So many people are complining about no DLC, whereas the truth is the last thing we needed was more content that just made the functionality worse again, its good to see a patch fixing some issues that needed fixing. Hopefully they will stay on top of problems that arise instead of just adding more to the pile from now on


    they fixed the gt-r r35 black edition gearbox

    • im on the g27 wheel and they have got rid of the neutral on the standard gearbox, i dont like that

  85. FatalWhiteKnigh

    They’ve Screwed up Online Racing! you don’t recieve cash or XP anymore……

  86. OldF@rt

    Interesting the number of changes involving electric/hybrid cars. Sign of the times!

  87. bigburt82

    You can also remove DLC cars from your garage now :-)

    • Ben Rogue

      Really? Yus!

    • TokoTurismo

      Alright, this one’s a good one. Hey tika, we can sell our DLC cars now. Your wish came true. :D

  88. marktyper

    HOPEFULLY the next DLC would have some interesting cars for racing not cars for display. :)

  89. 1 thing that bugs me is chase cams wind noise now!!.Chase cam had some of the best engine notes,especially with semi racing mufflers,now its mainly wind

    • fureddo

      Perception of sound varies from one to another. PD has to chose between speed impression and engine rendering. As per our own driving experience, which matters most? I donorefer the sound of a strong engine. If you drive a convertible at high speed, the wind can be pretty noisy, so PD stance is very “realistic”. But one thing for sure, when youget in a F430, the sound of the engine roars and the speed impresses so much that your brain wouldn’t pay attention to any other sound.
      As for me, I’d raher have PD programmed ear blowing sound engines for sports and race cars and mid tone sounds for K and average sedan. Because in reality, when I sit in a M3, my brain focuses on the roughtness of the engine, not the surrounding sounds, though I may hear them if I paid attention. On the other end, when I drive my Nissan Note (stop laughing), I focus more on my music or the scooter that overtakes me by the left.

    • i agree with the bits i understand.A datsun 120y is much worse than a note

  90. fureddo

    If anyone is in 3D programming, could you tell me how different it is to fix sound compared to graphics? My point is PD fixed (for free!!!) so many game glitches, cranked up the engine sounds, but still, the shadows and climate effects are pixelated and/or flickering. Can’t PD do something to reprogram anti-aliasing? For instance Route X is so gorgeous but the shadows flicker around the antennas whereas the shadows in the tunnel are razor blade sharp.
    Probably easier said than done, but after all MSAA are just few lines to add in the program right?
    The PS3 seems to have enough mineral to break our jaws for many years to come, quite surprising PD couldn’t optimize such raw power…

    • BlindZenDriver

      Much easier said than done.

      I’m pretty sure PD would like the issues you mention to not be there but that they are results of some hard optimization choices so we have to live with them or suffer something else.

    • TokoTurismo

      ^ I agree

    • hairystig

      Yep it pains me to say it but I think we’re stuck with blocky shadows, they’ve been there since day one and its always the first bad thing anyone notices when playing the game, PD Haven’t corrected it in the year and a half or so that the game has been out now so we can really only assume they can’t or won’t

  91. DA6righthand

    Better, closer, warmer…

    Much better update PD. Still some things with online racing that need tweaked but I won’t complain. Thanks for the good work all y’all do!

  92. redreevos

    I hope the “improved performance for online races,” allows us to go back to racing with full rooms again. I have missed that!

    • it clearly states that you shouldn’t have 12 or more with voice chat. I assume it is fixed without voice however. Although it says nothing about USB peripherals, which was the main issue

    • redreevos

      All the racing series that I race in always have voice chat off. Hearing other drivers in a race has never made any sense to me. Plus it is crazy distracting when other racers have conversations with people in their own household etc.. during a race.

    • i know that, same for me in the WSGTC, but the point my reply was making is, that may well have now been fixed. read the first point and it says that, other than voice enabled rooms, there should be no screen-refresh issues which, in themselves would cause time differences. so it may well have been fixed.

  93. 180bandit



    • Zamado75

      My thoughts exactly.
      Are update that resolves irrelevant problems.

    • TokoTurismo

      Yaaaawn GO TO SLEEP!

    • ‘update that fixes irrelevant problems’ Is online racing not something you use then?


      All these fixes are welcome, once you’ve played CoD you realize how annoying it can be when things don’t get fixed.

  94. eightlives

    It also completely screwed up the speed tests so that now all of the cars are slower. Thanks for fixing a bunch of stuff, and then screwing up something else. Typical.

    • Ben Rogue

      Yeah, PD tents to do that with every update now.. Very frustrating!

  95. The strength of the force feedback on my G25 for the FGT is greatly reduced.Power steering on and FF on 5 @daytona road course felt like a honda road car,and i really struggled with the strength even at FF 1 PS on.

  96. Did the fix the speed test problem where the car times for multiple users times were merged?

  97. PS3LUV3R

    Nice! Good fixes :)

  98. fureddo

    First one today?

  99. junkhead86


  100. MAidioPT


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