GT5 E3 Trailer Song Title Announced

August 10th, 2010 by Jordan

Remember the contest held to title the Daiki Kasho song used in Gran Turismo 5‘s E3 2010 trailer? The winner was finally announced last week after Kazunori Yamauchi made his selection from 5,444 entries: “5OUL ON D!SPLAY”.

While sharing the announcement on their website, Polyphony Digital also released some interesting statistics about the contest. For example, although the it was open to the world, an overwhelming number of entries came from the United States (1077) – more than double those received from second-place UK (452). “Soul on Display” was actually one of the most popular suggestions (89 entries), but “One Reason” was the most popular with 274 submissions.

MajanoX of Argentina (now a GTPlanet user!), however, was clever enough to create a title that caught Yamauchi’s eye that was also unique. As his reward, his name will be immortalized in GT5‘s credits. Congratulations!

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  1. As regular members or visitors to GTPlanet, I think we all have a responsibility to make this site a better place for everyone else, whether in the forums or top news. Not aiming at anyone specifically, but for non-constructive, negative and rude comments, we as members should be smart enough to detect and stomp them out before it goes out of control. If you see obvious trolling, then don’t feed the flame and tell others to ignore the post as well. It’s getting out of control to see 300 comments and half of them are just full of bitterness and sarcasm. So thank you Mr Latte and others for taking the initiative in trying to keep this place civilized. orz

  2. @corrado
    What shut me up? The fact that I don’t post here 24/7 and don’t check for new posts every second? F***ing no life.

    And what? Just because some guy who I’ve never heard of died, the world is supposed to stop and we’re all supposed to mourn for the week? News flash, people die, and we deal with it. Stop riding Jordan’s balls and tell him to step it the f*** up. This is unacceptable from the the so called “best GT source on the web.”

    • Mr Latte

      Above is not even worth replying too so guys dont feed it…

  3. GTLegend

    LOL deeper inside… many ideas about that comment… :P

  4. iSmokeAssCrack

    I should have won with “Goin’ deeper inside”..

  5. We know this post was made by neither Mr Latte or TokyoDrift, so to the lowlife out there…piss off and stop cluttering the page with attempts to get people going.

    • This was supposed to be a reply to the above post…shoot

    • Mr Latte

      I suspect it could be a Forza Fanboy, you could say I know of a few.

  6. Mr Latte

    Your right about the fact that im always stalking your posts and im sorry. I have been doing this to not only TD, but to others as well.(both on this site and on others) I’ve been doing this just to make others on this site think of me as a cool guy and because of TD, im popular on this site. Thanks you TD, and all the lowlifes on this site.

    • GT’ireland

      cant we all just get along and judge the game when iu releases?..

    • Why bother and give message to someone you don’t like. Especially when theres no sign of him giving you a message after your last three posts?

    • I get the impression someone else is now posting as Mr Latte, as that is a completely out of character. Probably one of the same ones posting as TD, and obviously just trying to start another round of arguments and insults. Ignore it guys, it’s getting a bit old now.

  7. Mr Latte

    The best way to thank Jordan is like some do and go premium guys. I think he deserves it and you have to look at how many times GT Planet has news first reported about things as well.

  8. nuno cardoso

    i tryed
    but that title is way better than mine
    congrat man ..! :)

  9. ahhhhg just comparing mine i totally think i shoulda won… mine was Time’s all that Remains…… and my reason..

    The music’s lyrics and rhythm shows that the singer is under stress and on a time budget. He tells of all the problems in the past and that it was all a waste of time. He says “Why don’t you just save your breath?” and many other lines that suggest that either he isn’t listening no more or just wants a way out. In the end, it’s all about time and whether if it’s the end–or just the beginning, time will only be lost.


    • @WaiDai lolwut? It’s a title for a song…theres no side-story with it just a title. Nice try though xD. Argh I can’t wait for a title to one of these news post’s saying “GT5 demo on PSN next week”. I never tried the old demo/trial, and I only started getting into prolouge (and for that matter, GT as a whole) about 6 months ago, even though I had it since 2008. I played it and thought “WHy can’t I use nitro! Why is there no damage! bargh fuck it im goin back to NFS.” Then I read a review on IGN about how after going to professinal physics…they’res no goin back. So I tried them…tried to look for each subtle difference in the dirve of each car…WOW!!! I can’t get enough of it now. But, I only found GT5P this good…tried other GT’s, only difference was how fast you were goin, that’s all the difference wasbetween cars (atleast for me), although I use a controller so maybez that’s it. Okay that’s enough from me :D

  10. So instead of giving us actual GT5 news, you tell us the title of a song. WOW! Nice one, Jordan! You sure do know how to cater to the fans.


    How about you do your f***ing job and give us real GT5 news, not some crap music list.

    • I hope you’re just a kid. I sometimes can’t believe how uneducated a person can be. If you want to criticize, do it construtively. Oh, and please don’t forget to be educated.

      Btw, have you read the comment above from Jordan?

    • @CG, that is the most distasteful comment I’ve seen recently. If you don’t like GTPlanet, there’s plenty of other GT sites you can go on and leave little trolly comments.

      Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out!!

    • I hate it when people do’nt read all the forum posts, cause if you did you wouldn’t have posted this. If you did…..then you’re a rude pig.

      By the way it’s GT news on a GT site!!!!

      I also commented this was yesterdays news, but I now know why, so I apologize for this. Keep up the good work Jordan!!

    • GT’ireland

      jordan has recently had a family member pass away and you have the brass neck to send a comment like that? If it was up to me id ban you from the site.i think an apologie is in order, dont you?

    • Corrado

      That shut him up

    • magic ayrton

      That cg bloke is a weirdo… Thankyou Jordan for this wonderful site.. the only one worth looking at!!

    • Vulcao @ i realy do hope he is a jounge girl verry verry jounge

  11. Hi guys!, thanks all of you for the positive reaction and nice comments!.

    The other side, telling the title is stupid with numbers and symbols… Hey!, I just came with the idea of making the name unique and guess what?… It worked!. :)

    Come on guys, its just a title…

    Take care all of you and see you in the game!.

    Greetings from Argentina!

    • Strikey182

      Congratulations! :) Fair play to you on the symbols and numbers thing, it worked :)

  12. I want to see night racing.

  13. Spaghettimonster

    wide awake. pure song, pure game. simple. original.

  14. GT_FelipeJardim1986

    I say they should use Panama by VH again.

    • +1

      Great band, great track. Good choice GT_Felipe!

  15. Didnt like the song but the name made up for it.

  16. So is there anyway we can hear this song before the game comes out? Who is the original artist?

    • The original artist is Daiki Kasho. Quite a few of his tracks have been used already in GT4, and there is one that sounds very similar to 5OUL ON D!SPLAY, but can’t remember for the life of me what it’s called.

    • Spaghettimonster

      see song is all over youtube. try “gt5 ost e3 2010″ or something similar.

  17. GT’ireland

    @ mr latte ↲Thanks for the reply..not far away now guys

  18. DrTrouserPlank

    “although the it was open to the world, an overwhelming number of entries came from the United States (1077) – more than double those received from second-place UK (452).”

    There’s a real shock seeing as the Uk has about 1/7th the population of America. Per head that means the Uk submitted far more entries than the States.

  19. Chad D.

    eh, oh well, i kinda liked my title (but then everyone would prefer their own) “Forget to Say” not quite as intricate as alot of others, but still, i liked that part of the song, nonetheless, congrats on winning MajanoX

    • Spaghettimonster

      also nice, but no game or play connection.

  20. I’m disappointed….

    It’s unoriginal/banal/worn to take the last words of refrain as name of the song. For this there was need to make a contest, “Soul on display” was incumbent on surface.

    I thought that Yamauchi is more clever for this.

    Waiting for F3RR/\R!5 in the game %)

  21. AGNT009

    He won because he spelled it like a message board title? Whatever. Heres my email entry:”Start at the End”
    Alludes to the line in the lyrics “Maybe the end’s the start that we need”. For GT4 we had to start at the end of the line. We will Start at the End again for GT5?

    Soul on Display, seriously? Why did you even bother putting it to a contest then.

    • Spaghettimonster

      probably just a publicity stunt. honestly. that title is a no-brainer. at first i thought that that is its genius. well, at first… :D

  22. FlareKR

    And I was hoping the “The Castle Gates Have Opened” would’ve won (mine) but I guess the main theme (“Moon Over Castle”) has been long forgotten. Still a good song. And congrats on the name.

    • Chad D.

      but htats not really related to the song in any way, thats the problem

  23. ¿Hola que tal MajanoX? :)

    Congratulations! I love Argentina, I love tango! I live in a neighbor country. I must visit Buenos Aires and Bariloche someday :)

    Felicitaciones! Hasta!

    • Nice Vulcao!!!, Come here soon!… The people is nice and is a beatiful country to visit.

      Saludos y gracias por el comentario.

      Hasta pronto!.

  24. Yay it worked! BTW this is the 1o1st comment! Ahhh see what I did there? ;D

  25. Why the hell are all my comments not appearing!? I bet this one doesn’t either…damn PS3 browser..oh & TD don’t you have better stuff to do at work than troll about on comment sections? Just sayin’..anyway, I was gunna think of a name for this but I thought, meh, they’ll be hundreds of thousands. 5,000!? IS THAT ALL!? Argh…I woulda said…hmm…smoke of illusion…or something stupid like that XD

  26. Mark B.

    I still think mine is better -_-

    Well done mate :)

    • Spaghettimonster

      which is? mine is “wide awake”. originally posted “alight”.

  27. BLADErunner80

    TD maybe somebody is leaving a few posts under your name, but there obviously not out of character with posts that you have written otherwise they would have stood out as mean spirited moaning and unnecessary complaining.

    But they dont, so not sure what the problem is other than somebody’s getting there annoying post in before you.

    And if a news item has no interest for you, dont, click on it and dont, take time out to post on it, that way people might not feel like mocking you.

    Im sure you wont pay any attention to this, as you seem to be adamant of your superiority, but try some modesty for a little while see how that goes for you.

  28. wakkaoaka

    aww so close with Soul Turismo D:

    Congrats Majano!

  29. ferhound

    Im waiting for March 2011!!!

  30. GT’ireland

    is there a release date for europe know yet? Anyone know?

    • Mr Latte

      It states November at the bottom of the SE information on the official website.

    • Spaghettimonster

      ive heard at least three. november 2nd, 15th and 24th. :)

  31. tyl0r_r

    … and if HERE were tied to your forum account, you’d still be banned for twenty something more days. so that’d be pretty sweet, maybe you are on to something after all ;).

    • tyl0r_r

      Sincere apologies for incorrectly posting here rather than as a reply above. Disregard.

  32. TokyoDrift


    Firstly, sorry to hear of your recent loss :o(

    Regarding this whole situation regarding comments being made in my name, I was wondering how easy it would be for you to make it so that if you were logged in and made a comment, it did so against your GTP name and wrote it in blue or something? That way, regardless of why or whatever, people could not make comments in other peoples name quite so easily.

    • tyl0r_r

      and that’d be a lot of work for them to do to fix a problem that’s only affecting you. and it would involve logging in every time someone wanted to leave a little comment on the blog. and it would likely mean extending the AUP to cover the comments section, what with it tied to your forum account. and that would mean having mods spend a LOT of time checking these comments, they tried that for a week or two and it obviously didn’t work. and for a guy who thinks he’s such a genius you really didn’t put much thought into your suggestion.

    • ElieTheBear

      just change your name at each comment you post !

    • Don’t change your username.

      It’s nice to know who I’m replying to. My username is the same since my first comment, and I always reply to the same users, I don’t know why lol. If they changed their usernames everytime they post, I’d never know that I’m replying to the same users and that the same users are replying to me as well.

  33. Steph290

    So, ultimately we have come to the conclusion that although “Soul on Display” is a good choice for a song title, the use of numbers and the exclamation mark in the place of letters is quite retarded now and should have just died with “SURV1V3″. I still say the reason they choose it was to avoid crediting more than one person.

  34. Ner0_sol09

    I have to agree with mr latte i have seen alotta ppl get into arguments with this guy over him being such a troll.. And i agree he needs to be banned

  35. Mr Latte

    Jordan ref this whole “impersonation situation”

    Id like for you or a MOD to check my posts to those made in TokyoDrifts name. I am the one he is incriminating so Id like to have that cleared up. Usually I post from 2 seperate locations being home/work but within the same region. If needed use the contact email I use to contact me over it.

    Can I also ask the person(s) behind it to stop and not have it spoil every news page and this Im sure others will agree has went on long enough.

    As for TD you have to ask yourself why its “you” this has been happening to. I dont think you can stand and say your innocent and just been randomly selected. This would of started from actual posts you yourself created annoying others and now for somone to mimic that attitude.

    Also people like yourself that have been quite argumentive in the past do not get banned from GTP for no reason and I believe the Moderators were aware of your actions in having several arguments/disruptions with many of the members and certainly not just me.

    What saddens me is that you still have the spitefullness in you to assume I am the one behind it. So I guess you have worse enemies than me.

    • I’m almost sacred to get involved here but here goes…

      The way I read TD’s last post was that he was just stating that it wasn’t him that wrote the earlier post(s). He wasn’t accusing anyone specifically of being the impersonator, just that you had a dig at him because of a post he didn’t make.

      Maybe he is a prolific troll but it would seem you’ve got the wrong end of the stick here. I bet he’s loving it too since he didn’t even have to try for this one!

    • Looking back over the various post made by TokyoDrift (or not as the case seems to be) there seems to be some differentiation in writing style and grammar used. Looks to me like several people have been posting in his name. Just my thoughts :)

    • TokyoDrift

      Basically, that’s the bottom of it – I didn’t write a lot of the recent posts here and elsewhere. Nor was my last post accusing Mr Latte of making such posts, but he’s been holding a grudge against me ever since he got himself into a hole in the forums.

      As for why this is happening Mr Latte, sorry but I’m not responsible for the childish actions of others, so I really care not one bit, certainly not in light of the recent news from Jordon. Nor should you care either, but you seem to have this unhealthy obsession with following my posts, then go crying and get all PC when you get stuff thrown back at you.

    • Mr Latte

      TD simple, I think youll find I was asking for the matter to come to an end and if you or others thought I was behind such then I offered quite clearly that I had no problems with checks being done to prove the point.

      Mind you I dont recall you pin pointing anyone else but me with your “pissing on the fire” comment on that previous post. So no Im not obsessed with your posts but merely noticing my name being mentioned when others arnt. Clearly you made reference to me and only me even though others also have commented on posts made in your name.

      At the end of the day you got yourself in this mess by your own actions with repeated rows with various people.
      So well done…

  36. man, i would have know i would have picked it so my name would have gone on

  37. That’s a pretty stupid name, not the actual name “Soul on Display”, but picking an idiotic “spelling” with a number and an exclamation point.. It’s just retarded. Maybe it would have been “cool” 10 years ago, but now it’s just old and tired.

    • Steph290


    • Spaghettimonster

      sorry guys, i have to defend the spelling. its about the fifth installment and it being great. thats at least something.

    • Spaghettimonster, it’s old, tired, and retarded.

  38. tvensky

    ok why you dont just call it “1234567890” a hell of alot of numbers :)) everybody happy :)

  39. peacemon

    Congratulations for winning.

    But honestly, that’s a silly name.

  40. Successful troll is a successful troll. :)

  41. AGT5Player

    Congrats to Mr. MajanoX!

  42. brettjr25

    LOL So this guy “facebooked” up the most popular title and won it huh? Well congrats or should I say C0ngr@t5

    • Spaghettimonster

      yeah, i feel for gt5 too. this title is standard. period.

  43. TokyoDrift

    As flattered as I am that people are making posts in my name, allow me to point out a few things:

    1. Regardless of my posting manner, I always use good grammar and punctuation. For example, I always use capital letters to start new sentences.
    2. I never use txt speak, such as “2” to represent “to”, or “u” to represent “you”.

    Only uneducated idiots would write in such a pathetic manner.

    On top of that, the database records will show a different e-mail address to what I use in the required field, and the IP address will be a totally different range.

    This comment here will have a different IP because I’m in a clients office, but my e-mail address used is consistent.

    Sorry to piss on your fire Mr Latte.

    • brettjr25

      Well we’re required to put in emails so GTPlanet should do something.

    • No_Me_Matez

      wow man, you are amazingly stupid. stop acting like such a smart ass cuz you’re not.. you dont use 2 in replacement for ‘to’? and you start sentences in capital letters? yeah, might want to check you’re first comment posted here complaining about this is old news.

    • Mr Latte

      Listen, if you think that I am in anyway connected to impersonating you. Then by all means have it checked to my email address and IP.

      Lets see if your man enough to apologise when you the IP address confirmed.

      I wouldnt however be flattered that people are for their own various reasons doing this as likely they have had enough of your attitude from past antics to be honest.

      On the flip side whos to say your not faking the whole thing anyways. Maybe its just time you moved on….

    • You really have got to stop letting this get to you. I just got done reading some really good posts, most of which are congradulations to the winner….Then comes your constant negativity. Nobody is flattering you. You would think that, after announcing constantly how smart you are, that you would understand that. Being outspoken hasn’t had much success for you…try some humility.

    • ChunKie

      Can’t we all just ignore TD’s comments and move on? We keep feeding this guy with our replies and giving him the attention he wants. It would be great if there was a spam button to hide the posts. Then we can just get rid of all the off topic, trolling, plus non-constructive criticism posts, and those who want to read those posts can open up manually for fun.

    • GT’ireland

      surely everyone is entitled to their own oppinion and no matter how negative the comments are you let it get to you.were all here to listen to different views.lets just calm the jets and act like adults…even though we are all on GT5 forum.Tiocfaidh ar la.

    • @GT’ireland

      Incorrect. When his opinions are demeaning towards others is when it’s a problem. Very few times has he actual given an opinion about the game, but rather towards comments and that individual. You can only “turn the other cheek” for so long.

    • It is a forum about GT5 not about how random fellas which i dont care about write posts.

    • ferhound

      Im a brick.

    • Ferrari

      Quit trying to be cool on the internet kiddo.

      Go get yourself a beer and girlfriend and relax and stop making these stupid shit on here.

      This is a GT5 blog not myspace

  44. Mine was “0N3 R3450N”…
    lot of numbers ha? it has 3,4,5 in a line and I thought it would be interesting…. anyway…
    I like the winners and I’ll stay to watch the credits to find the mension…

  45. Wow you guys are lame. “my song title was way better” Just be happy that he won. Pussies..

    • Spaghettimonster

      i hereby claim the rights of those who think in favor of the game and the player, not the makers, to speak out their opinion freely.

  46. someone did post R3A50N
    that is kinda cool

  47. WOW, how cool is that! Well done Majanox!

  48. “Suffocate”? “Suffocation”? How cheery.

  49. TeraMaster

    There was a lot of One Reason titles submited, but I submit the One above the winner with numbers and letters and it’s apart of the others T___T

  50. terminator363

    Note: The title named “gran turismo” (in the picture above) now thats a fail title, as for mine was “One Reason”……

  51. TeraMaster

    I submited the ONE R3AS0N title that is under the winner title!!!!! OMG!! Kazunori prefears my title with numbers!! =D

    • Hoodie1878

      More like a private number plate I reckon. Funny if we can have personalised plates in the game.

  52. That’s a nice one!
    congrats! =)

  53. yay, i sent this in ^_-

  54. Steph290

    Two things –
    1. I wonder is “D!SPLAY” was accidental and what he really wanted to type was “D1SPLAY”(as in SURV1V3), but had his finger on the Shift key
    2. You can’t help but think that the rea5on they choose it was to avoid crediting the names of the hundreds of people who submitted “One Reason”, lol.
    Anyway, we now have a title.

    • Team_MoFF-No2

      Well I think it’s obvious, PD has a new and well! advanced graphic GT5 PS3 Game coming out, so Soul in display just tricks His Marketing Thought’s, Uhhhh we have made a Soulful Graphical Experience With GT5, and therefore he choose That Title, It’s got nothing to do, with a musical thought at all, as we normal would do, but again the Creation of a title for this kind of soundtrack should, maybe!! have something to do with the fact of this being a Race game, and mind blowing visuals.. Well thought MajanoX :O) and Congrats, you did it M8!! (I’m not being TD sarcastic)

    • Steph290

      Oh yeah, almost 4got. Congrats, Majanox!

  55. I’m surprised there is no “Never Gonna Give You Up” on the wall.

    • markEmarc


    • rick rolled KY? He will make you a model of an Afgan suicide car and send you a DLC code to download it.

  56. Mr Latte

    As I posted in the forums “Congratulations!” again to the winner and welcome to GT Planet.

    Must be nice having yourself named and featured on the front page. Well done MajanoX!

  57. dearlybeloved

    Congratulations to the brother for his success. The title that I had in mind was “Heart and Soul” simply because I feel that this game comes from the heart and soul of KY.

    At least the winners title looks catchy!

  58. markEmarc

    song title shud av been WHY THE LONG WAIT

  59. DemonBlade

    My entry was way better……Seize the moment!
    Oh well : /

    • Spaghettimonster

      i like that title for the song, but its not very particurlar for the game.

    • The title is almost as gay as “isnake 2.0″.

  60. S3 Racer

    i can read that. I thought it should be english

  61. Very well done! I’d like to think GT Planet would get a mention in the credits somewhere. “Thanks to”… Etc etc

  62. Black Chamber

    To be honest, I think it’s kind of silly that they selected a song title that was submitted 89 times. It should have been one they liked that was completely original on it’s own – i.e. nobody else submitted it and it was unique.

    That’s like judging a dog show where all 100 dogs are the same breed, color, size and age – but you have to pick a winner lol!

    • Drummer 85

      where can i find the song and is it original by the guy?

  63. Some sickos had the idea of suffocating ?!?
    Anyway – congrats MajanoX, you made it !

  64. gt3luke

    Congrats Majonix,
    And Mr.Yamauchi now go back to work. You still have to Finish GT5.

    • Team_MoFF-No2

      Agree.. Much to do, more to add, finalize the faults, make new damage, reinvent GT5 Rally part to RALLY! go to the toilet! and remember to flap those doors Thi-hi or just get it on Kaz.. Title: Ridiculous (there isn’t any soul in the title for Craps sake)

  65. terminator363

    aha! I was right, this news did come late! :P (I mentioned this news, it in the news before this)

  66. Hello :D

    Aw. Dam. Lol
    I reckon it should be called “Soul on Display” not “5OUL ON D!SPLAY”

    • Strikey182

      Yeah same, the numbers and stuff make it look a bit retarded. I know the 5 is there because of GT5 but mehh

    • me too.

  67. TokyoDrift

    but congrats have officially gave me a good reason to look at the credits.

    • Don’t you feel your deliberate negative comments are just getting boring. Gotta be a pretty low person if your seeking personal enjoyment like that. Pretty cool man, can’t wait for your next comment, it’s always exciting.

  68. TokyoDrift

    this was highly unnecesary 2 post. this announcement had been made about a week ago and this type of post is already a thread in the forums. do u have any news about the new track editor?

    • NutterBiscuit

      LMAO the ONLY thing that comes out of your mouth is complaints, I would hate to be your parent you emo self loathing creep!

    • Strikey182

      Yeahh you complain when there is news on GT5 then complain on a little off topic thing.
      Im sure if Jordan had news about the track editor, he would share it. Now shut up and stop whinging, just be grateful that there is a website the spoon feeds you all the little bits of information from around the web.

    • Jurgën

      Yet you still clicked on it didn’t you TD, so you could leave your little whinge about how you thought this post was pointless. Go back to the dark corner of whatever bridge you live under and troll somewhere else you waste of organs and flesh.

    • I must agree with TD. This is old news.
      I guess Jordan spreads info/news so he can ad a new post every (few) day(s). That’s a good thing to do for vids or photo’s, but this should have come earlier.

    • And look at the reactions he gets…
      I’d have to say getting fired up is more “emo self loathing” then actually posting it. And for this I congratulate him, hell, most of his points have valid logic behind them.

      Oh, and congrats MajoniX, good work :)

    • NutterBiscuit

      Lol Im not worked up at all whatsoever I actually laugh when I see TD’s posts, its like a dark cloud that you can see from a mile away. P.S. I think Jordan posts news and spreads it out to keep people somewhat occupied during this news drout. Also keep in mind not everyone uses the GT5 forums so this is new news to alot of people.

    • Mr Latte

      @ TD
      Here we go again….
      Its our regular moaning, attention seeker. Are you such a saddo in now being banned who instead of being embarressed, needs to constantly post here on the news section for attention!
      Now I tell you whats unnecesary, thats you being here or your ego, lol but hey you give some of us laughter…

      @ NutterBiscuit
      I agree with your comment.
      Its not the first time news has appeared on the site a few days behind some members being aware of it. Indeed Jordan may spread out the news at times but I guess he has a life outside “GT Planet” as well.

      Of course if TD was running this site such things wouldnt happen.

    • No-one really gets ‘fired up’ by TDs comments, we’re just bored by his bad attitude and that rather than politely commenting on other members opinions, he forces his down their throat and throws childish insults at them for having an opinion that he doesn’t agree with. That’s what is unnecessary!! As for logic, that’s one word you just can’t associate with TokyoDrift, unless preceded by the word ‘flawed’

    • TokyoDrifts in the trach can

    • Is that all you do is complain? I don’t see you submitting anything news worthy to post and neither is PD or Sony so until you become administraitor, stop telling Jordon how to do his job. Your complaints aren’t making the news come any faster.

    • LoneWanderer


      I love how everyday I come onto this site and hear you complain. I can’t wait to see how negative your next comment is!

    • Sorry for the delay. I’ve suffered the loss of a close family member and posting here hasn’t been a priority over the past few days. If you follow news in the forum the blog won’t be useful to you.

    • Sorry to hear of your loss Jordan, best wishes to you and your family. I for one appreciate the work you put into GTPlanet, and feeding us any morsels of GT related news through what seems to be a bit of a dry spell.

    • tyl0r_r

      As huge a dick as TokyoDrift can be he types a lot more proficiently than this. No need to troll, people, let’s just respond to his troll-dom as usual.

      Unless that’s really really him, in which case I have given too much credit.

      I hope things are alright, Jordan. I am sorry for your loss. We appreciate what you do here.

    • Please, GTFO this website.

    • Maybe because some people dont know about it, and wanted to know, thats what the website is for. if youve seen it dont comment about it being unnecessary

    • FlareKR

      Major pile-up on troll highway *SKCREEECH*BOOM*! Yep I think TokyoDrift just suffered from our “GTP-Troll-Highway-Defense-System.”

  69. samuelesm

    @G-Ram in the full article, it says 5OUL ON D!SPLAY won because it made sense for the Gran Turismo story. The title style is like the prologue song Daiki Kasho made. But the larger reason is because as I said, the Gran Turismo story fits it well. This is Gran Turismo 5 and they put their souls in the game which is seen on a display (TV).

  70. I would’ve called it “Stairway to Reason”. Original aye?


  71. FrancisBenjamin

    unfair… it was ALL CAPS.

  72. Awesome choice for the name! It’s clearly the 5 that won it for that one.

    also I noticed “R3AS0N” in there but 3 and 0 have nothing to do with this game. If someone had submitted REA5ON with a 5 I’m sure that would have been a definite contender.

    I’m satisfied with the choice as it makes me think that if this song were named from the beginning it would have been this title.

  73. And what about “The Standard Song?”

  74. CamAndtom

    “Cobra Goat” was way better than that :-/

  75. Karmann

    AWW poo! Mine was “Worth the Wait”.

  76. seizure_


  77. ferhound

    Yay Im from Argentina too!!! Congrats MajanoX!!!!!!

  78. Rob Groove

    SO! lucky. congrats MajanoX

    • oscartron

      I guess that should’ve been my reply too haha :p Congrats mate :)


      Congrats! I should’ve been more POPPED

    • FlareKR

      Nice job there MajanoX. The song is now called “Fiveoul on Dexclamationpointsplay” lol.

  79. oscartron

    aw poo


      OK back to the Game.. i’d rather have all premium cars than ‘Nascars’ I just wish that PD didnt waste their on that crap :$


      TIME* my baad :)

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