GT5 Nürburgring GP Demo Introduces “Tire Grip” Penalties

May 13th, 2010 by Jordan

Peter Lyon, a MotorTrend editor who will be joining teammate Kazunori Yamauchi for this weekend’s 24 Hours Nurburgring race, was first to try out the latest demo including the Nurburgring GP circuit and described it as “simply stunning”. His most notable observation, though, was that of a new penalty system:

“New features of the game include a tyre grip penalty which temporarily reduces grip if you go off the track and onto the grass or into the gravel. It takes around three to four corners to retain full grip again. Drivers will also feel like they are in the hot seat when they crash into a guard rail and sparks fly.”

This is excellent news, as the new system sounds much like what happens in real life when tires lose grip after picking up dirt and debris off-track. Several new screenshots have also been released, which I have included below. As always, I’ll post the full 8 or 18-megapixel images in a new post when they are all available.

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  1. Dirty tires has been discussed in several threads on the forum, here is one…

    It is there in gt5p no doubt, but you need 4 wheels off.

  2. Seems to be a fair bit of confusion with this loss of grip in prologue… i’ve played prologue to death and personally i never noticed a reduction in grip level after going off the track. Saying that though i dont spend too much time spearing off into gravel traps either.

    I guess its plausible though as i’m fairly certain prologue simulates cold tires on the first lap of a race. I pretty much always use the old-shape tuned lotus, (as its by far the most fun and rewarding car to drive) and it definately feels a bit ‘understeery’ and slides around a bit more on the opening lap of a race. Not sure if this is noticable in any of the other cars.

  3. Hyper_Dan

    Forgot to add that the pics look great.. but man I’m tired of pics and videos… It’s time to release the damn game already. ;)

  4. Hyper_Dan

    HAHAHAHA!!! all you people saying its not in GT5P.. are you for real? Go drive it.. trust me this is nothing new…

  5. Hello, i read about the release date, GT5 ought to be released on November 1. 2010.
    I hope that we get official details in near future.

  6. GT5P has no grip loss! Always play on Pro mode and nothing is. The graphics are great and the sound is okay, but grip loss, i couldn´t perceive something.

  7. ner0_sol


  8. ferrarifan962

    Sucks that he lied :( so… any news on when this game will come out? If there is a demo though that would be pretty cool. However, enough with the constant demos just please PD and I think I can speak for everyone when I say RELEASE THE GAME.

  9. JDigital

    You do lose grip when doing a full off in GT5:P. Anyone that thinks otherwise really should go try for themselves (ahem: Jordan), making yourself look kinda noob… or so pro that you never go off track?

  10. Looks like a spot of rain could be coming in the top right of one of the pics!

  11. HLRJigsaw

    Good news!! Great Pics!!! NLxAROSA: If you are not driving at the limit then what is the point!!

  12. Can u download the demo ? or when ?

  13. NLxAROSA

    What VIPERGTSR01 said. It’s been confirmed by many of the fastest players right here on GTP, just check some of the older topics in the GT5P subforum. It’s easy to verify as well: go to a Suzuka Expert online event and go to a sand trap before the esses, preferably with a high-powered car. Then try to take the esses and/or Dunlop as usual. IF you’re driving at the limit, you’ll notice the limit is a lot closer than usual. It’s also present in GT PSP.



  15. does anyone know what cassium_18 said about the gt5 demo?

  16. No offence Jordan, but it’s kind of embarrassing having a story like that on the main page when Prologue has had the same feature since release.


    @Steady dave, No thats not what we are talking about

    It IS in GT5P, in professional physics online races atleast, once you re-enter the track you need to take it easy on the throttle and the next couple corners as you have reduced grip, it wears off pretty fast. I usually pin the throttle down in a attempt to spin the tyres up and get the simulated dirt/sand off but I don’t think it has any effect on how long it takes to get full grip back.

  18. Steady_Dave_2JZ

    @ Tek9

    I hope they won’t release it due to the fact the real thing is coming out shortly.

    If no GT5 in 2010 then yes I would love this demo!

  19. Tek9[R]

    Ya’ll stop hateing, the sooner we let it go, tha better. Kaz, stop all this anst and release the dang demo (I got $25 on it!). Off track>loss ‘o grip>wtf! I want marbles building up “off line” I at least hope there will be visable grass or dust while the penalty is in effect. I’m just angry that they(sony,PD, the carmakers) have not tried to make money off of this software, I will give you money for the demo sony, free money, you don’t do any work, we all probably would….

  20. Mr_Hansen

    @ Steady_Dave_2JZ
    Thats not what there talking about (not this many people would not figure that out..).
    Just try taking a mid range car and make a standstill start (use a car you can easily launch without much wheelspin). Now take the same car to the exact same point on the track, exept this time just drive the car for a few meters (all 4 tires) on the grass – before making the start. When launcing from 0 kph on the tarmac, you will now notice that the car spin it’s wheels a lot more easily than before.
    I have always belived this was true, but since a guy like Jordan says it isn’t real I’m not really as sure anymore…

  21. i agree with steady dave, it was not on GT5p, that loss of grip when going off track only lasts like half a second and is simply due to the tyres having a sudden increase of grip, with the acc. pedal right down!
    plus, if they already implemented it, why did they feel the need to also add the speed limit cap penalty?!

  22. Steady_Dave_2JZ

    It’s not in GT5P

    What your talking about is the fact that when you are on grass or gravel or whatever, the accelerator is pressed hard down howeevr your speed in limited due to surface you are driving on.

    As soon as you hit the tarmac your still got the throttle hard down so your wheels spin up as your in a low gear.

    Jordan’s right this feature was not in GT5P

    Plus the guy who said it (Peter Lyon) is Kaz’s team mate in the race this weekend, so i’m sure he would have been told about it, and therefore is telling us about it. Makes sense no?

  23. NLxAROSA

    @Jordan, Sam_NY: You’re both wrong, it is in GT5 Prologue (and GT PSP) and it has been discussed to death back in 2008….just browse the GT5P subforum right here…

  24. TokyoDrift

    Yep, it’s just the same excuse as when people get caught file sharing… “Sorry sir, somebody must have been using my WiFi connection”. Uhuh…

    I believe you Ceasium, thousands wouldn’t.

  25. Racer28

    GT5P has it? I have never been off the track so I wouldnt know :P

  26. fabiotesta82

    good feature!!!the king is back

  27. arda tirmas

    I’ve felt that grip penalty in prologue, too.

  28. razgriz

    hey everyone.

    so i´m REALLY german. i tried the demo yesterday…and, damn, its awesome!

    it looks great and drives great. the “less grip after grass”-thing is done very well. it feels realistic (and i drive races in a real racecar). and the complete-version of nur is great. but there is an time-limit, so you cant drive a complete lap.

    interesting: “real” race drivers are the best drivers in the demo…much better then most people^^

  29. Not sure if the penalty mode will work out that realistic, but it sounds reasonable. Still no sign of weather effects. Just saw the F1 2010 weather system trailer and I hope GT5 will have something similar after all the waiting time…

  30. Lol I cant believe some people still dont believe that theres a grip penalty in GT5P. Only in professional mode, and obviously more noticeable with higher hp cars and you have to get all 4 wheels dirty as someone mentioned. Its there for 5-10 seconds, trust me.

  31. Bank Alexander

    OMG yessss.


    Reduction of grip after going off is not new, it was/is in GT5P (just one or two tyres off didn’t count). If you didn’t didn’t notice it go back and try it. :)

  33. OneTwoThree

    I thought GTPSP always had this effect.

  34. LOL– “my little brother” excuse!!??? You’ve got to be kidding me!! NO one buys that excuse, just using that excuse is the same as saying “I lied”.. Wow, cannot believe he is still posting- IP range ban for incredibly lame “my little brother” excuse!

  35. Awesome I like how the news is trickeling in. Nice ZR1 cant wait to drive it around the ring and try to match real life times with it.

  36. Lol, obsessive :P

  37. Yes!!!!! The end of the Loooooooong wait is near!!
    I can almost hear the sounds of the amazing new cars that we dont even know are in the game!!!!

  38. Mr. Premium

    Yeeeeaaaah, a realistic loss of grip due to dirty tires is a nice touch, but I hope it doesn’t become an arbitrary penalty that happens unrealistically. It shouldn’t take 3 or 4 corners to burn that shit off, especially if you do a big burnout as soon as you return to pavement!

    I hope it’s more dynamic, more fluid, MORE REALISTIC as someone else mentioned; differentiate between different kinds of surface material, and only affect the contacting wheels.

    I remember an early Formula 1 game for the Sega Dreamcast that had a sort of grip loss. Though that game was hard to control anyway, so it was hard to tell; the tires would visually change colour and pattern as you drove; it looked sweet. Hopefully GT5 will pull something like that off!

  39. sdp1974666

    Yeah, it feels like you lose grip after going off-track when you don’t take your foot out of the effing throttle…idiots -

  40. ismellbacon611

    sorry for the language jordan

  41. ismellbacon611

    caasimun you saucy bitch!!!!!! i was literally 5 minutes away from buying a 13 hour plane flight to germany!!!!! you are soooooo lucky you confessed or i would have found out what non german country you are hiding in and just plain reconstructed your ass with the front grill of my truck!

  42. Sam__NY

    @Ben Comana- No it wasn’t. I’m sure it would have been mentioned before, but as far as I’m concerned, it wasn’t.

  43. Ben Comana

    Im almost shocked to think that a GT site believes that tyre grip penalty is new!?!? like people have mentioned it was in GT5P. Have you guys not played it??

    • Of course, Ben, I’ve played it for hundreds of hours (always in Professional mode). I’ve never noticed any lack of grip after going off track.

  44. It would be so sick if they released it on PSN. I mean if KAZ is releasing this demo for public play, it has to be GOOD.

  45. There will be a full pit crew, GT4 already had em anyway

    And the grip loss in GT5:P, due to dirty tyres, was faked and canned, and didn’t last that long

  46. MihaiF355

    hey guys…if anyone payed any attention in professional mode in GTP you already have the tire grip penalty! go and try it! you will see there is almost no grip when you run off and after a few corners it’s back to normal….this is nothing new it’s already in Prologue when you are racing in Professional difficulty

  47. dasboost

    GT5P does that now. Granted you can still cut corners but go off the track and you’ll notice loss of grip as you try to take turns. Perfect track to try this out is Suzuka.

  48. Does someone knows something about Pit Stops in the game, i have never seen somethings mentioned in the news developing. ?!

  49. I think GT5 turns carefully to a good racing game with nearly perfect physics. Perhaps this last things they have to modify for the game are Pit Stops and Tire abrasion or crashs with objects on the street and the guard lines. I hope so and particularly for the PIT STOPS. :)

  50. Watevaman

    Zev, if the credibility of this site relies on the community, then it lost it a long time ago.

  51. zevehcj

    @Lawrence West
    He lied about being on location awaiting his chance to play the demo and describing in detail the things he was seeing on screen. Many of us were amazed and you know the rest. I hope he never returns because I don’t want to see pest like him ruin the credibility of this great site.

  52. LOL everyone is getting so mad.

    You people need to calm down.

  53. Lawrence West

    I apologise for my ignorance regarding this “cassium” fellow due to my delayed daily check on gtplanet. What had he promised, or is it simply not worth bringing up again? – Lawrence West

  54. Forenza

    Ugh thays annoying

  55. zevehcj

    Please ban this guy. This type of behavior is unacceptable. I’m furious because he used such a pathetic excuse. GET OUT OF HERE YOU PEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. zevehcj

    “sorry for the comments, my younger brother has some issues with A.D.D and he happens to lie whenever given a chance. I left my computer on and he just came writing all this nonsense comments. please forgive me and my brother we are sorry for causing any inconvienence”

    Many people use that same excuse all over the internet.

  57. ye bs man you have no friends here anymore bye bye

  58. caasimun_18

    i actually have no clue wats even going on…i basically just came in and all i find is great news with wierd comments next to it…and all under my profile name…SORRY EVERYONE, EXTREMELY SORRY

  59. Pffffffff bs you messed up man

  60. Umm so wait so is the tire grip penalties false? I just got on here and I’m reading the comments about something being a lie? So I’m kind of confused.

  61. caasimun_18

    hi, very sorry for the comments, my younger brother has some issues with A.D.D and he happens to lie whenever given a chance. I left my computer on and he just came writing all this nonsense comments. please forgive me and my brother we are sorry for causing any inconvienence.

    Thank you

  62. Wow now that is annoying!
    Why lie?!

  63. zevehcj

    I called up my dad for the awesome news and now I have to call him again to say it was a lie.

  64. TheDurmmingKING

    thanks Jordan, we don’t want to get all the people on this site excited when it turns out to be false, we all know what happens then..

  65. Dman it what a tool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess he just had his 15 replies of fame…

  66. zevehcj

    It was all a lie then!! Why do people do that!!

  67. @ caasimun_18

    If what you say is true, then just WOW! :O
    I can’t wait, even more than i couldn’t wait before, lol.

  68. I have just removed all comments by “caasimun_18″ on this news item, as they were being posted from a residential IP address on an entirely different continent – far away from Germany or the Nurburgring. If you’d like to clear this up, caasimun_18, please contact me privately.

  69. zevehcj

    What you just described made me jump and sheer!!!!!!!

  70. TheDurmmingKING

    cassiums comment were just removed, conclusion: HE WAS LIEING, oh well :)

  71. caasimun we need some more info/pics/videos please! :D

  72. TheDurmmingKING

    I find everything you are saying VERY hard to believe, but that’s just because we’ve seen nothing close to what you are saying so far, I appologize if you are indeed telling the truth, but if you aren’t…..stop or EVERYONE will be on you. But PLEASE, make a video ;)

  73. TokyoDrift

    Yep, talk is easy, we need video evidence! ;o)

  74. caasimun_18 the things you say are so awesome that it makes me want to see pictures to believe you.So please grab your camera and start shooting away(better yet take some video).I’m sure it’ll get you crazy coolness bonus around here

  75. DrummerManiac

    wow , caasimun_18 , thanks alot for the info , try to record something and upload to youtube if possible .

  76. Forenza


  77. icant55

    @ mickle pickle : i did notice that but i didnt mention it in the last post,But it does look a lil de formed! @ least its showing the the suspenion working! Once again nice job PD!

  78. freshseth83

    what’s great is that this probably confirms the FULL Nurburgring course. The GP circuit included with the Nordschlief. Awesomeness. The top cars can do the whole course in 8:20.000 and even less. The LFA race car does the full course in around 8:35.000, actually it’s a bit heavier than the GT3 class cars such as the GT3 RS and R8 LMS. But awesome news nonetheless.

  79. Prologue already has the “less grip when coming back on track” feature. Trust me, I know. ;)

  80. Mickle Pickle

    you can drive a Lexus at a merc dealership ?? lol :P

    by the way… anyone notice on the pics, the tires of the maclaren!!! Tire deformation due to the side of the road! ;)

  81. Maxitsu

    I hope the tyre grip penalty is a bit realistic…not losing randomly grip if you go off or always get this 4-corners-grip-loss if you touch the grass whit one or two tyres for a split second.
    i hope theres a diffrence between, gravel, grass, dusty tarmac…

  82. GlobeKIDD

    and do you have a youtube page that we can find your vidoes at (when theyre uploaded)?

  83. GlobeKIDD

    ahh, that’s more like it. Haha. The blog said something like 10 mins for the actual drivers. (as i imagined it’s be faster in the game as you’re not worried about actually crashing and dying)

  84. GlobeKIDD

    is it a modified racing version? I can’t imagine a stock ISF racnig around the full VLN track that quickly.

  85. Forenza

    Go go

  86. GlobeKIDD

    I Love You

  87. they had this in the academy (non?)demo, and it wasn’t just for grass/gravel, it included lower grip on off surfaces like the painted stripes on the outside of the bend onto the back straight.

  88. JayKayEm

    News overdose! Wow!

    Tyre feature well thought of, realistic, it rewards tidy driving and nails the short-cutters.

    GT5 enthusiasm restored ;-)

  89. Mickle Pickle

    I hope this trend of real Daily news of GT5 until E3 stays! Thank you for slowing waking us up.

  90. GlobeKIDD

    Hope you brought a camera, we need some footage!

  91. magburner


    Yeah, that lack of grip thing is nothing new, it has been discussed here in depth years ago!

  92. tyl0r_r

    still driving laps in the crappy looking rfactor ‘ring while i wait. this makes the wait both very difficult and assuredly worth it.

  93. viejaloca

    Sparks? 12 mile Nur? I just jizzed…jk.

  94. ismellbacon611

    hahaha sparks and limited grip… nice features!!!

  95. 3-4 corners sound a bit long to retain the full grip again. But i will make my final impression when i play is myself. It is definitely better than being limited to 100 km/h for 5 seconds.

    Damn, everyone who plays it just tells us it`s stunning, amazing, incredible, … . I really hope this game blows us away. I`m pretty confident it will.

  96. Didn’t GT5 Prologue simulate something to this effect, It probably didn’t take 4 corners to regain full grip, but you definitely lost some grip when you came back on track. Anyway, great news, keep it coming.

  97. It just gets better!!!

  98. Awesome news, finally track cutters will get penalties!! =]

  99. aleksandarSRB

    Great news, finally we will need some time to clean tires when go off track… it’s real!!

  100. DemonBlade

    I would sell a kidney to get my hands on that demo!

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