GT5′s NASCAR Cars Get “Smashed Into Little Pieces”

April 30th, 2010 by Jordan

In an interview with Japanese show “Love Cars!”, Yamauchi hinted at updates to GT5‘s damage modeling:

“In GT5, NASCAR cars will able to smash into little pieces – some the size of a bolt.”

This sounds like a significant progression from what we’ve seen on the WRC cars so far, and it actually isn’t the first time he has mentioned a more violent damage model. He also states he will be able to reveal the release date of the game “soon” (presumably at E3 in June). The problem is that this interview is on video, so we can’t rely on bungled Google translations to see if there’s any other tidbits that we might be missing. You can see the full unedited clip right here, so if you speak Japanese, please check it out and let me know if you hear anything else of interest.

Thanks to Denur for the tip, and Famine for the clarified translation above!

UPDATE: Although we are still waiting for a trusted source to confirm the complete contents of this interview, some have cast doubt regarding the reliability of Yamauchi’s quote above. Until we have confirmation otherwise, it’s best to assume this was never actually said.

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  1. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH bolts & nuts …

    now, can we have a release date please before WE go nuts?

  2. Ner0_sol03

    Is there another link I cAn watch this video ??? Or is it already on YouTube?

  3. @J.P.- Totally agree. PD would be dumb to show every detail that long before they release the finished game, so other developers can copy it. I bet, GT5 will be jawdropping in every aspect. It’s coming – soon !!!

  4. None of this is true.

  5. JayKayEm

    Does Sony have an English speaking PR department or are we struggling to de-code some japanese? Sony PR = Joke.

  6. Big Ron

    “though,there is a possibility that I failed to hear”

    There is no fact in the video, so you cannot hear it ;)

  7. Please tell me when(what time of this video) he referred about NASCAR (and its damage)
    I heard whole of it, but couldn’t find.
    though,there is a possibility that I failed to hear….

  8. JesseDeya

    So Japanese speakers have confirmed this is in fact not a correct translation. Shame.

    Jordan, might I suggest you quickly update the article before this becomes yet another joke against GT5?

  9. tvensky

    lol, GT5 will get worse for alot of people, some will read, “ohh, smashed into little pieces” and when you see it it will be like a WRC joke damage :) hope not!

  10. Big Ron

    I am wondering, where this news or information come from, while some Japanese user here can not find any sentence about Nascar or damage model in the video?

    I think, this news is just a false translation like some translations ago and end up in an untrue rumor

  11. @CeeJay, you’re such a dick!!! The reason we haven’t seen these features is because if they gave away all of the features of the game already, there’d be no suprises when it gets released!! There’s so many dense people posting on here…

  12. DomoChan

    Lol, somebody got self owned…. took one REAL japanese to stuff a mouth

  13. @Dom
    I am Japanese,
    but I couldn’t confirm,couldn’t find

    When he referred about NASCAR??

  14. ElieTheBear


  15. Geo_212


    I saw that race, too, it was quite incredible when that guy slingshot past the guy in first place to win! Also, my uncle hates #48 (the Lowe’s guy), so I hope he’s in the game so I can “accidentally” smash him into the wall. Haha

  16. meh, more words….

  17. GT5 is the greatest racing game EVER… in words and theory. Every video of GT5 we’ve seen has NONE of the features that people are talking about (real damage, weather, day/night). Why in the world should I believe this stuff after all of these years? Show it, dang it! >_< ugh. E3 cannot come soon enough!

  18. quote

    My other friend who knows japanese talking with me to translate it..He translate abit and he continues

    -well so far their discussing how they are translating the physics of the real cars to the game this time

    -well to be more precise their talking about traction & body roll
    their —now saying how the ps3 is the only console that can run the physics and even a good PC would struggle

    -now about efficent streamning of the physics data using the consoles cels and also how it would work over the internet

    -going into more detail their explaining that with the improving broadband they are able to allow more & more players to race each other.

    -They say that their have been problems with wall bouncing & spinning other drivers out in prologue and this will be addressed for sure by the time of release

  19. Pedro Couto e Santos

    This has become utterly ridiculous. Seriously… are we hanging on to every little bit of mis-translated information while we endlessly wait for a game that should have come out years ago?

    Either Yamauchi has OCD and simply cannot let go of the game until it’s perfect, which… let’s face it, it will never be, because perfection is unattainable or Sony is being inconceivably greedy in waiting for the absolute best time to release this and sell an a**-load of consoles.

    Either way, we’re being treated like Pavlov’s dog, fer chrissakes.

  20. blackjack

    Awww, thanks for the positive feedback people, through this “extended” waiting period, any chance to have a laugh is most appreciated IMO. Knowing that there’s like minded fans out there with a sense of humor makes the waiting less banal.

  21. Can a japanese speaking person confirm the information? Some claim it’s nothing more than a silly joke…

  22. Scrandon

    I’ll believe it when I see it

  23. Bobert – don’t u like ma name?

    Hopefully, yellow flags, formations laps, and manual pitting is in order. Much like iRacing :D


    LOL I was starting to get worried about how nascar’s damage was gonna turn out!

  25. That’s real damage people, and now I’d like to see it in my own home please..

  26. idlestation

    I think its great news to see there will be fair amount of damage in Nascar. It wouldn’t be fun otherwise. Visual damage is great and all, but I really want to hear more about performance damage. I think if the cars performance drops dramatically because of bad driving, it’ll help keep online a bit more clean..

    Release date will be probably christmas 2011.. I don’t think they will be able to release it this year. Expect more trailers at E3 if anything.
    With such a late release on ps3, I think the next iteration of Gran Turismo is sure to be on PS4.

  27. Damirgt

    This will be the year of Gt 5 finally!

  28. Codename6

    So when does this game come out?…2012?

  29. CanAm1968

    @pasigiri – I don’t know if the post was that good…but I did chuckle.

    The best part of this new “tidbit of information” is there seems to be ALOT of GT5 development and information the world is being kept from. This is a good thing I think because when we finally get the game….its going to exceed all but the highest of expectations.

    As for the game release date being announced soon, I have a pessimistic outlook and think it wont be released until 2011. Why am I so pessimistic? How many years have we been drug behind the bus already? If it doesnt happen at E3, dont say I didn’t warn ya.

  30. WonkyFonk

    They can say whatever they want. It’s all fiction. This game is whatever you want it to be. Its the most perfectly complete game ever created. I have the GT 5 moto gp addon. Its great. And the damage model is awesome. My version has Porsche in it aswell.

  31. pasigiri

    blackjack gets post of the year.

  32. Omg, I hope that soon they will make the official announcement that the game is coming soon, sooner rather than later, because I just can’t hold out much longer! Soon we will know for sure that the game is definitely coming soon. Brace yourselves.

  33. GTracerRens

    I hope for a very big surprise when the release is there. A surprise: GT5 with all damage and interior views included….

  34. Big Ron

    Me, too.

  35. S3 Racer

    bolts going airborn …


  36. “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

  37. TEK9[R]

    I’m glad GT will finally do justice for the motor sport I grew up on. It has already got me in to F1, and le mans, WRC,, this new feature will eventually make it to all of the cars. I can’t wait.

  38. Magic_Ayrton

    I must admit, I’m not the biggest fan of Nascar, but this damage modelling is turning out to be what we have all come to expect of PD so I CAN believe it will be near perfection.. I played Nascar 3 on PC and really enjoyed it… I’m sure it will be a blast..

  39. DaveTheStalker

    Don’t be afraid to run in a cluster of 40 cars at 200 MPH with only inches seperating you. You can do it!

    There are mire “overtakings” for the lead in some single Cup races than there are in an entire F1 season.

    NASCAR is all about the fans, can’t say that about too many road course series.

  40. fabiotesta82

    the king is back

  41. Bobert – don’t u like ma name?

    I kinda wish it can be more than 16 cars around Daytona… maybe 24… like an optional lower resolution to accommodate the added cars. It’ll be a wreck fest!

  42. DrTrouserPlank

    Hopefully the destruction derby NASCAR arenas will keep the terrible drivers out of the circuit lobbys.

    As someone else mentioned. Allowing the cars to be smashed up is the only way to make NASCAR even remotely tolerable. It won’t much difference to me though, and it’s a bit annoying that they are spending all this time on content specifically designed to woo the American audience when it could have been spend on something worthwhile; something that I might actually play as I certainly won’t even touch the NASCARs in this game.

  43. Z06onGT5

    Great news!!! And is there anyone on here that is looking forward to a online battle or 2 player battle of a GT-R vs. Jeff Gordon or a ZR-1 vs. Dale Jr….Dang…just imagine the setup…circuit De La Sarthe Long Straight street race EPIC POSSIBILITIES!!!!!!!!

  44. My native tongue is Japanese,
    but I couldn’t find KY saying about NASCAR…
    *m*s ?????

  45. “In GT5, NASCAR cars will able to smash into little pieces – some the size of a bolt.”

    This is not true.
    It’s a joke in Japanese forum site.

    Sorry about my bad English… I’m Japanese.

  46. well i hope this means a fantastic damage model for them.

  47. DaveTheStalker


    I am in agreement with your thinking. I will be thrilled if Sony does do that. There has been just enough info and plenty of “hush hush” for them to pull it off too.

  48. context

    Time to go backwards

  49. Mr. Premium


    I absolutely cannot stand the idea of one group of cars getting the extra detail, while all the good stuff gets ignored. On the other hand, intense crashes and hugely realistic damage is feasibly the only way to make NASCAR at least somewhat interesting. For as long as turning left endlessly in a sea of yawn-worthy stock cars can be, that is.

  50. I am Japanese!
    I’ll check this video now

  51. I hope this will be executed as well as it sounds! It is possible that if bits include axles and the physics allow rollover we should be getting close to real damage. If this sort of detail will be on ‘premium’ racing cars all that remains to make it near perfect would be crumple zones on the tips of the chassis as well as bodywork as todays super safe racers display little more than that in most race contact. Should be one amazing game!

  52. Gran Turismo Vet

    I`ll believe when I see it…

  53. UCLA’09

    I do hope all the crashes for racecars will have bolts flying. Have you guys been watching this year’s Super GT? Youtube it. The races are good, and the crashes are awesome.

    I was watching Nascar this past weekend, and it was the first time I’ve been excited about it. Did you know that people can “push” each other in nascar, to go faster? The person who is drafting is going faster, so he pushes the guy in front of him so they can both go fast!!
    But the coolest part about the race was that after the last turn, the guy in second place did a slingshot move, and won the race. It was amazing.

  54. DaveTheStalker

    Flying bolts in 3D piercing winddshields at 190 mph, oh my! I may need a large 3D tv, I’ll take mine in 60+ inch plasma thank you very much!

  55. ExclusivesMostly

    The release date for this is gonna shock everyone: it will be like the ps3 slim’s release.
    Thats’s how I think Sony will approach it.

  56. Those 2 words, “little pieces”, just made my day.

  57. Rotard12a

    Looks like the detail they’re putting into NASCAR is pretty serious. I get all warm and fuzzy inside thinking about import-hating southern-state Americans being forced to buy a Miata to win early GT5 races so they can progress to NASCAR races later on!

    I hope some of the other racing series’ in the game get the same (or even close to) the level of damage Kaz is describing.

  58. racingchamp30

    I am very positive we will get a solid release date of the game at this years E3 in june which would be the first announcement of a release date for the north american region. Only release date we ever heard of from yamauchi san was march of this year for japan but i am very confident we will all see a solid release date announced at this years E3.

  59. Mickle Pickle

    So who here has smelled his wind to tell us when this is going to be??…
    Because i most definitely dont speak that language, i am having hard time already with assumptions and hints.


    PS: This is where 3D comes in handy…. imagine seeing your car go total crash with every bits of it flying EVERYWHERE!!! Destruction Derby HD 3D ! yah Man! “Soon” we will not have to imagine, just put on your shades!

  60. TGS 2010, thats the ticket.

  61. Beethoven

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Blackjack. I nearly crapped my pants laughing. Morse code farting a cryptic release date… oh lord *cries*

  62. ismellbacon611

    i would love to see el’capitan it was my all time favorite…
    and the track from gt3 was called the complex string also one of my favorites

  63. but still

    HELL Yes. Real News. Real Progress

    +1 PD

  64. ismellbacon611

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG THIS IS ALL I WANTED TO HEAR!!!!!!!!!!other than the release date……. but still this is awesome ………… hopefully the most realistic damage in any racing game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Squishydk

    @caasimun_18 right above your left shift i assume theres a button you forgot to click :)

  66. caasimun_18


  67. caasimun_18

    HAHAHA…”do u want video of flying bolt” thats jokes…for a second there i thought u were talking about hussein bolt…anyway…this is good news…i do really want to see bolts flying sky high..btw rumors are that pd went to criteon to ask for damage tips ;D i dont think thats true but if it is…meh!! thts extra fun 4r me!!

  68. Well this is quite good info because i could see NASCAR in GT5 bumping off walls like nothing happened.

  69. Forenza

    LOL @ blackjack

  70. Squishydk

    “In GT5, NASCAR cars will able to smash into little pieces – some the size of a bolt.”

    Its kind of vague. Could just mean the pieces falling off are quite small. Until I see it I’m not even gonna start thinking about how it will look this time…

  71. blackjack

    coming “soon” KY announces cryptic release date by passing wind in morse code…

  72. Aristedis


  73. wonder if they’ll make a last minute change and take the rear wing off of the cars and put the spoilers back on?

  74. I remember the first video with damage showed, the Subaru Impreza had dislodged and creased parts, scratches and lot of dirt (ok, it isn’t damage, but counts), since them they never showed something similar. Was that just a video or something in they are working on?

  75. d3br34k5

    Do want video of flying bolt.

  76. hopefully a conformation of release date.

  77. maxpontiac

    Impressive. Most impressive.

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