GT5′s Photomode, Online Features, NASCAR, & More Details Revealed

June 16th, 2010 by Jordan

EuroGamer has shared their detailed hands-on impressions with the latest E3 2010 GT5 demo, and it’s full of quite a few interesting and revealing tidbits of information. While I have covered the main points below, the full article contains more detail and is very well written, so head on over there for more.

  • Over 800 of the cars will be “standard”, the majority of which have been brought from previous GT titles. Despite the nomenclature, they still look great – all of the classic “muscle cars” we saw in the latest batch of screenshots are all “standard”. However, according to the article, standard cars “won’t have interiors”.
  • There are 200 “premium” cars which “take the final count past the 1000 mark”. In addition to highly detailed interiors, the undersides of the cars have also been modeled and will be visible when the car is flipping through the air thanks to the new physics engine.
  • There will be 9 NASCAR models available, and you will be able to race by NASCAR’s specific rules. The article describes the NASCAR crashes as “truly epic” yet still “artful in Yamacuhi’s universe”.
  • Each individual circuit can take as long as two and a half years to build.
  • The new Photo Travel mode – where you take a car to a picturesque location other than a race track – now allows you to virtually walk around the environment to help you get the best angle.
  • Online community features include a “BBS, personal logs, mail, and something called My Lounge”. You will be able to monitor your friend’s progress, set up private races with them, and spectate on live online races that are already underway from any camera angle, while focusing on any player’s car that you want.
  • The combination of 3D visuals and head-tracking with the PS Eye was described as “astonishing”.

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  1. Ner0_sol03

    I am honesly no happy with this at all unless pd s goug to updTe the othe 800 cArs to premium via free dlc or game updates this going to suck becUse I am 100% sure thAt all the cars I wanna drove are not prem

  2. mcknight8279109

    when you think about it, interior could mean inside of the car lol Bcuz if there wasn’t 800 cockpit views they probably would’ve said standard cars wont have cockpit views lol. Saying “interiors” would be a hell of alot easier than saying the cars wont have engines and undercarriage details when crashed or something lol but I do believe that all cars will have cockpit view

  3. also I think that premium cars will have a damage model where things fly off the car and the standard cars will not have things flying off of them, but BOTH types will have deformable panels for damage, etc…

    NOW, if u think about it, what will a car need if things are flying off it? You need the guts of the car modelled so there is something underneath the EXTERIOR panels, parts, etc.. What’s the opposite os EXTERIOR??? ..(drumroll)…. INTERIOR!! So it must be a translation issue we are seeing.. It sounds to me like the premium cars can just about disintegrate, so all the parts are modelled. The standard cars cant fly apart so only the exterior, when it comes to the damage_model, is modelled.. RIGHT?!??!?

  4. LoneWanderer

    wow some of you people can’t tell the difference between “interior” and “cockpit view”. remember GTPSP how every car had an interior model (although it was black)? well most of those are from GT4 so all cars are going to have a cockpit view of a sort.

    next time read the article

  5. so as I’m seeing, GT5 will only have 130 new cars as 800 are exactly the same from GT4 (that really pissed me off) and if they don’t have interiors well then it will be really frustrating, and 70 are from GT5P. If that’s true that’s a big fail since the game is taking so damn long. What are they working on then? Or are they working, really? Hope this isn’t kind of a GT4+ with better graphics, we want innovation.

  6. they could always work on the rest of the interiors and add them later as DLC.

  7. Read people! cockpit & interior its a different thing!

  8. Hi everyone, before everyone decides to not buy gt5 ( means more gt5 for me ) check out article at kotaku

    “Forget the delays. Gran Turismo 5 is worth waiting for. And it’s finally getting ready to peel out of the garage.

    At a behind closed doors meeting at the E3 gaming expo, Gran Turismo designer Kazunori Yamauchi showed off the game. GT5 has been in development for years now, first getting revealed at the 2006 E3 event. But, those years of toil are readily visible in the game.

    There are over one thousand cars, divided into two classes: Standard and Premium. The standard classes are GT favorites like the Lamborghini Countach or the Ford Mustang. The Premium cars are newer automobiles like the Ferrari Enzo or the Lamborghini Gallardo. Those Premium cars will be the only ones that will featured “panel separation” and deformation. The developers have created fully modeled interiors for the Premium cars, as well as doing detailed modeling for the car’s undercarriage and even the exhaust pipes! The Standard cars apparently won’t have the exact interior modeling. For example, an Enzo’s interior will look like the real deal, but your typical Mustang’s will look like exactly like Mustang’s.

    The level of detail, Yamauchi admits, might be “too much” and better suited for the next PlayStation. The developers even reproduced the graffiti from the Nurburgring tracks — something that is very much part of that track’s tradition. And the team has been trying to keep the in-game graffiti as up-to-date as possible before it ships. (No, it will not feature the profane graffiti!)

    This obsessiveness over detail, however, is exactly what players want from a new Gran Turismo. The attention to detail shows in new additions like smoke illumination, collision sparks and kicking up debris. The detail is also readily evident in the Travel Photo Mode that lets players travel to locales like Japan or Italy and snap pictures in pictoresque spots like the Kyoto Gion.

    But it isn’t only detail that the developers have been working on. The new “My Lounge” feature gathers your GT racing friends from your PSN friends list and creates a place where players can race, chat and watch others race. Each player gets his or her own personal lounge.

    All this detail can’t be cheap. And Yamauchi is reluctant to talk about the game’s final price tag. Previously, he mentioned that it cost US$60 million. “I was worried more people were more interested in its budget than Gran Turismo,” Yamauchi said, declining to reveal the game’s final budget.

    Gran Turismo 5 will be out this November.”

    • ‘an Enzo’s interior will look like the real deal, but your typical Mustang’s will look like exactly like Mustang’s.’

      Fail to see the difference unless it means the mustang wil look the same as gtp but premium cars are going to insane levels of detail

  9. Tarlach

    it would make sense interior meaning under the hood because the premium models are the only ones that can be damaged to show these parts.

  10. aelange

    I ‘dunno, guys. Even that cheap Daihatsu in GT5P had a cockpit view! When you see screens and replays of the cars, they have completely modeled cockpits, that’s all part of the 3D model itself, just put a camera inside and boom, cockpit view.
    I shouldn’t be worried, but watch, and PD will prove me wrong.

  11. Jordan, perhaps you should clarify the ambiguities between “interior” as the internal parts (undersides, mechanics, etc), and “interior” as the driver’s view in the post above.

    People are confused about all that, and I admit that when I first read it, I really thought that it meant the cockpit view. Only when I remembered what you’ve reported about the so called Premium models (damageable), I got your point.

    • Yeah, I don’t want to be caught making an incorrect assumption unless I’m 100% sure. I’m just going to let the info speak for itself for now.

  12. CanAm1968

    SERIOUSLY racers, I think everyone should wait and voice their opinions once we have clarification of what exactly “interior” means. I wil say that it does suck that all cars can’t be on the same level in regards to damage and “interiors” but I really dont think it will take away all that much of the game entertainment.

    I am so happy that we have night/day progression. I know weather hasnt been confirmed but I feel somewhat condident there will be a rain or wet track like there was in GT4. I sure do remember how much fun it was to hustle the Toyota 7 around it in the rain :)

    The only concern/gripe I really have is that I was hoping there were going to be more tracks. That hasnt been touched on much other than letting us know about some of the new tracks. How many new tracks will there be? How many will be transferring from the other GT series games. I think there are plenty of cars to keep from getting bored but are there enough tracks? We shall see….

  13. Maybe the no “interior” means that when driving in the cockpit view when you “look back” instead of seeing (for example) the back seats and rear window (and engine for example in the Ferrari F430)maybe you just see the road… as if you where driving using the bumper view.

    Only my opinion and hope that’s what they meant.

  14. AERO_HDT

    There is no such thing as a “cockpit” in a car. Whoever started using this term is deliberately confusing the issue. Cockpits are for planes, interiors are for cars. An engine does not constitute an “interior”. An engine sits in a bay, covered by the bonnet. The chassis is not part of the “interior”. It is the underbody of an automobile.

    But enough of the nomenclature. I find it a bit surprising that after 6 years, the best that PD can do is port GT4 over onto the PS3 in high definition. This leaves barely 200 cars which they’ve done specifically for GT5, 74 of which were no doubt already featured in Prologue. This means that their rate of work over the last 3 years has been 125 new cars, or 42 cars per year. 1 car a week for a staff of 70 people?

    One of the most amazing things about Prologue was the interior views. Seeing the inside of the cars was what really made it special. Without the interior views, it may as well just be GT4 at 1080P.

    • no disrespect, but now we can play with words forever.
      usualy in driving games (sim or arcade) ‘interior is usualy described as ‘cocpit’. same can be sead for ‘nose cam’, we all know that car dont have a nose. so i still stand by my thinking bout word ‘interior’ and at what is reffered to, but like i sead i may be wrong.
      so i think that all this fuss bout meanings and confusion is maybe because bad translation or journalists disinformations of pulling wrong conclusions from context or so.

    • The only time they mention “interior” is when speaking about damage modeling, so I’m not worried about that yet. @AERO– people are referring to the term “cockpit” to differentiate between the engine bay and mechanical stuff underneath the sheet metal in_the_graphic_model and the inside of the cabin where people sit, duh…

      Also, I have heard many people refer to the driver seat of a car as a “cockpit”– everyone knows what someone means by that.

  15. ElieTheBear
  16. i dont really care about the interior. im more concern about the weather system. despite most of the players (including me) prefer dry (in fact i only drove in wet in GTR2 and Race On like 3 times in the last 3 years), i would want to see the weather system in GT5…..


    Funny how PD take longer to make some tracks than the time it took to build the actual Nordschleife!

  18. Velocity Chris

    The article states that muscle cars do not have interiors and are standard models. But the E3 demo in the pics show the cars as selectable (right?). So why doesn’t someone at E3 play the demo, select a muscle car and see if they can get a cockpit view. Too easy? (sorry if repost – didn’t get a notice that my comment was received).

  19. Like many of you already stated, I think there is no need to panic – “interiors” must mean “internal components” and not the cockpit views. All the supposedly standard cars seen in the screenshots have clear windows, correct thickness/color steering wheel rims, incar rearview mirrors, modeled seats and padded roof pillars just like those new premium models.
    Moreover, many of the GT5p cars where from GT4 as is e60 M5 in this E3 demo and they all have incar views :)

    p.s. haven’t been keeping up with GT5 news for a few months, so don’t know if this has been confirmed, but saw working reverse lights in this video:

    • Yup, I saw reverse lights too… don’t think it was mentioned elsewhere

  20. If it says the muscle cars are standard, why doesn’t someone at E3 just drive a muscle car on the demo from the show floor and try to get cockpit view? Wouldn’t that solve this discussion?

  21. 97z28m6

    LOL i think jordan disabled comments in the Live Feed news article!

  22. Gran Turismo Vet

    How many years, 6? and they come up with this “only 200 cars will have interior” crap. You can`t just make 200 cars with cockpit view and leave the rest 800 without it, that`s just wrong!

  23. Eddie Hammond

    Accordint to this IGN article, standard cars will NOT have the interiors (cockpits) modeled:

    “There are two categories of vehicles in GT5 – Premium and Standard. The majority of the cars (more than 800) fall into the Standard category and are made up largely of the rides that have been included in all past GT games. But that doesn’t mean they’re simple copies. All are painstakingly modeled to take advantage of the PS3′s graphics shader. They also sport physics-based damage modeling, and they’ll show scratches, dust and dents collected during races. The Premium cars, of which there are more than 200, will have all those features plus fully rendered interiors and true damage modeling. That means panel separation and deformation – the ugly stuff.”

    I hope this is just some sort of translation error, because if this turns out to be true ill be extremely pissed. Considering they already had about 70 done for Prologue’s release, another 130 seems laughable given the timeframe they’ve been working with. I hope we are proven wrong but at this point its not looking good.

  24. what IGN said about standard cars:
    All are painstakingly modeled to take advantage of the PS3′s graphics shader. They also sport physics-based damage modeling, and they’ll show scratches, dust and dents collected during races.

    physics-based damage and modeling, with scratches and bla bla, but no cockpit view? doesn’t make any sense to me. I won’t worry about this. It is GT, come on.

  25. zepheadGT3

    Only 200 interiors? I’m honestly disapioninted… :,(

  26. icant55

    Im not a fan of nascar but that doesnt even sound right. ONLY 9 cars!’I thought there were 16 cars on the track @ a time? so your gonna be racing doubles of your own car … sounds fishy to me …

    • Anthony

      How is it suppose to sound? I am not looking into what he’s saying. He says 9 models, I would assume 9 models with sponsors decals, there is not a ton of difference car to car as its the COT. Also because people like Jr have two main sponsors so some events its the AMP Energy Drink Car, other times its the National Guard, the paint scheme changes.

  27. George Washington

    I hate to say it, but the “standard” and “premium” car BS might actually be a dealbreaker for me. It just reeks of half-ass. I didn’t wait this long for a half-ass game. Take your 3D and shove it, but just make all the cars with the same level of detail, please. I can see the deceptive advertising practices now. All the featured pics will be of the “premium cars” and then it will say “over 1,000 cars” but only 200 of them will actually be as advertised. Complete BS. When is Codemasters going to make GRID 2? CM is above this number-bloating BS and isn’t afraid of quality over quantity. I prefer that.

    • Do you know how annoying people like you are? Two hundred cars is far more than a game like GRID will ever have and EVERY SINGLE ONE of the one thousand cars will have more detail than any of the cars in a game like that, even moreso with the quality of the two hundred premium ones.

  28. I really doubt that ALL cars won’t have COCPIT view. That would be a epic FAIL, and series like GT (and specialy which is under the hat of Sony) that can’ alow themself specialy when competition is thoughter from year to year. And GT5 will be Sonys big player so have that in mind.
    INTERIOR can mean anything under the shell of the (car) body. So what I understand it, it will be 800 ‘standard’ cars like those in Prologue (posibly better but…) that would not have (deformation) damage but (likely) may have mechanical failures, tire wear and similar, and other 200 ‘premium’ cars will be that FULL modeled cars with INTERIORS that can be ‘destroyed’ and deformated during chrashes.
    To me is make sence to not to have full interiors on cars that can be deformed so why make few time detailed cars with parts that can’t bee seen. It is like to have, for example, character in Heavy Rain (just example, which is by the way amazing modeled)to have modeled bones, muscles, organs, etc. and u cant see that anyway because caracters in Heavy Rain dont get ‘cut’ and to have exposed internal of body.
    Thats from me.

    P.S. I may be wrong, of cours, but i really doubt, even it may sound too confident.

    • just to edit; ‘To me IT make sence to not to have full interiors on cars that CAN’T be deformed…’

  29. I think this from the IGN take on this is nice to hear:

    “…and the addition of high/low beam headlights brings a real race feel to night driving.”

    Both high beam and low beam, guys!

  30. Kilborn230

    IGNs article doesn’t sound to favourable

  31. I think it has been a LOT of development for not see a cockpit view in every car. I think every car will feature cockpit view…If not, Yamauchi, don´t think for a moment i will give you 60 bucks!!. If this is true, Yamauchi really desrves to die.

    • Yeah, i agree, paying 6 cents per car is a complete rip off if they don’t all have cockpit view!


    • ‘Yamauchi deserves to die’

      That’s not very nice, and a bit extremet!! If you don’t like it, don’t buy it!! Simple as that.

  32. Call me back when you actually see -

    a/ A car model that looks nothing short of perfect.

    b/ A car with blacked out windows.

    c/ A car that doesn’t actually have a cockpit.

  33. i dont understand gt5p had 70 cars with cockpit, and eaven the fiat 500 has cockpit ,i have seen that the audi r8 is a premuim car does that mean the car will have full damage its not a race car

  34. will there a cockpit view in the c 63 amg does anybody know if u do please reply thanks…..

  35. By rough calculations (going off previous information that one premium car takes six months to model), you’d need around eighty team members just doing cars for five years straight to get one thousand cars with premium details… I think at this point people should stop being so optimistic at a misinterpretation of “interior” has occured and to accept that it really is true that the other eight hundred cars really don’t have a cockpit view (hey, if it turns out they do, then it’s a nice surprise). I think two hundred cars with the detail they’ve described is good enough… It’s certinly more than good enough for nearly every other racer out there.

    • Sorry, that first one thousand should be just the extra eight hundred >.<

  36. Muhahaha

    The BMW M5 in one of the videos had a cockpit and is that a premium car because it was in GT4 too….



  38. Aero2000

    Please Jordan, can you dig deeper in this? I’m tired to hear about interiors and cockpit speculations…

    By the way you do a nice work with this site :D

  39. In the video it shows am internal cockpit view of an M5, as this car also appears in GTPSP where people are getting confused with porting of the 800 cars without ineterier views from may be completelly incorrect, it will be a very poor effort if not all cars have cockpit view although if the M5 from GTPSP Hhas been designed then i think all cars will be as we all want them.

  40. viejaloca

    THis is SO good to hear. I can now, without worry, wait until november.
    @ Erik, Low Beams and high beams are lights that are positioned differently in the car. Low beams have a wider beam, but don’t light the road like high beams do. High beams are brighter, but give you a narrower view.

    • Great, thanks!

    • uhhh, High beams are aimed HIGHER- low beams are aimed LOWER, so you dont blind oncoming traffic. My high beams are just as “wide’ as my low beams. They light up the sides of the road great.

      Rally cars have insanely bright lights that are way more powerful than any legal road car’s high beams. That vid showing the night stage with rally cars is pathetic as far as the headlights go. I’ve heard WRC drivers say that sometimes it is EASIER to drive at night because the headlights are so bright. I think it was LOEB that said that a few months ago when a reporter asked him about it.

      They need to fix that- it’s totally unrealistic in that demo night rally vid.

  41. “Each individual circuit can take as long as two and a half years to build.”

    Seriously, that’s simply not acceptable. The tracks are not that great after all. The cars are simply perfect in GT5, well at least the confirmed 200 premium cars will be, but the tracks are not that complicated. The rally track showcased was pretty simple, even the fence was not build as soft barrier. And what we have seen from LeMans, it’s not that impressive in term of realism (unnatural bumps, 391km/h…) and the track details are simply not that spectacular. I mean no problem, the track in real consists mainly of 4 straights in a 2D tree area…lol

    I have respect for PD and Kaz, but the development speed is a serious issue, especially when we consider the results of other racing games. A lot of racers like Dirt 2 have impressive open world tracks with more or similar details and physical aspects to consider. Maybe it’s an unfair comparisson, but 2,5 years for one track, come on! We see 3 damn NFS games in that time period. Not that I like NFS. But even the Nordschleife can’t take THAT long, as they have ‘only’ updated the GT4 version. And the city circuits like Rome are detailed, yes, but the track is short, after all.

    I work as IT-PM, dealing with complex customer wishes and tasks all within the very complex financial world here in Zurich. No doubt, we all would be unemployed if we’d have that sort of development speed.
    I think it’s no ones fault, but PD needs to upgrade it’s ressources for HD game developement. GT5 is the biggest franchise Sony has. It’s obvious that some things have to change for GT6 in terms of developement time.

    Anyway, am I wrong, or why are there only 8 cars on track in GT5? I really wonder if oval racing will be fun with only a handful of Nascar vehicles.

    • Just cut the crap, they built the game from scratch, and made it better than anything we’ve ever seen before. Of course it took time. And maybe you would lose your job if you took five years for completing a task, but if your job doesn’t involve developing state of the art racing games then we might as well compare the development time of GT5 to the time it took to build the Great Wall in China, or the pyramids in Egypt. And in that perspective five years is just a blink of the eye.

      There are 16 cars on track in Prologue, there will probably be at least 16 cars on track in GT5 as well.

    • Tek9[R]

      GT, A digital wonder of the world? I’m with that!

  42. Well, imo, there can’t be replays zooming in and out of cars, and their interior just showing “BLANK”. Or all the non-premium cars have dark tinted windows in order NOT to show interior/cockpit view…

    Moreover, although I am pessimistic in general, it would be really stupid having cars with modeled interiors in small cars appearing in GT5P and NOT having them in GT5. Or you think they would ‘remove’ interior and turn them to ‘standard’? Or the Citroen C4 would be considered a ‘premium’ car?

    Furthermore, it would be a lot stupider -mainly concerning damage- have a race that includes both standard and premium cars, and half of them being damaged, while others don’t. :/ Even if it means just cosmetic damage… you can’t play with a premium that gets its clutch damaged that can’t be damaged to a standard car.. then we’ll all play with standard instead of premium. And it would suck NOT to have mixed events with standard/premium cars (or whatever that means)..

    Since I am a modeler I know that it takes a lot of time to model interiors, but previously mentioned somewhere, some are modeled, some are scanned, so they SHOULD be able to handle it time-wise.

  43. Z06onGT5

    Hmm…there is still speculation…why? Anywayz I agree with Thor and Maxitsu…I think there is interiors jus not damage to the dashboard etc. I mean comeon look @ GTPSP they pulled off interior views with mirrors too and u think with the PS3′s power they couldn’t pull off interior view??? But I digest anywayz what about weather like what maxitsu said? But dynamic time change is confirmed? Maybe with that you can set the game time to your console like in madden? That wud b cool like if I’m playing a hardcore session @ 4:00 in the morning then I see the game sun come up for sunrise at watever your time zone is set for…but maybe we’ll know by Friday…

  44. I don’t understand how this has not been settled yet. Why is this such a mystery? Can someone just please fully explain this phenomenon so we can put this issue to rest

  45. all cars have cockpit view ..just the other 800 arent fully modele like internals such as engines or undercarriage or all tha stuff but not the actual cock pit view

  46. Sam__NY

    Hang on, what do they mean by 9 NASCAR models? If they’re referring to drivers, they’re wrong as we’ve all seen 11 NASCAR drivers.

    And if they’re referring to car models, they’re wrong again as NASCAR only has 4 different car models.

    What could they be referring to?

  47. so dang disappointing! Only 200 cars will have a dashboard view?? PD should not have tried to include so many cars then because splitting the cars into “premium” and “standard” is awful. It won’t feel like a complete game!

  48. Another article says: “[premium car] interiors can be navigated.” (

    Don’t know what that means, but it doesn’t mention anything about standard cars missing interior views anyway.

    • Oh, it also says that “High and low beams have been added for night driving.”, I guess that is full light / half light?

    • LeStique

      Ah and where exactly did you find this? I was just searching through the text but couldn’t find this passage…

    • LeStique

      ok somehow my browser or the site was kidding me…just forget what I wrote…

  49. If you check the pics of the muscle cars “standard vehicles”, you can see that they have transparent windows (instead of the darker ones on GT4 or PSP) and you can see the driver and even the detail on the steering wheel.
    If you can see the interior from outside I guess you can see it from inside.

  50. If you think logically, standard cars should have a cockpit view and “interior” means engine, trunk etc.
    You can take photos of all cars in the photo mode. It would look pretty bad if most of the cars would be missing a cockpit or would have black windows. Even the small Suzuki Cappuccino from GT5P got a cockpit view and i don`t think this car is a premium.

    • Yep, I’m also thinking ‘Interior’ is relating to the inner workings of the car, suspension, engine bay and so on. Only the ‘Premium’ cars are destructable to the extent of revealing what’s underneath the panels, so they’re the only cars that require the ‘Interior’ to be modelled.

      I’m hoping ‘Cockpit’ view will be on all cars, after all the Suzuki Cervo in GT5P has a very nicely modelled cockpit, but would you rate it as a ‘premium’ car?

  51. We need someone to nail down exactly what “interior” means…

  52. Nice titbits.

  53. If the cockpits have been modeled for “standard cars” such as the ones seen in the screenshots, then there should also be a cockpit view to go with it

  54. Geo_212

    Will we be getting higher-quality E3 demo videos?

  55. Blinkwing

    I think, that PD is up to release GT5 as a working title.
    I don’t think they just say: So, we got it and now we go start a new game from scratch.
    PD probably had a hard time on releasing this game “uncompleted” and that’s why I think, Gran Turismo 6 will be the finished GT5 with all cockpits, more tracks and of course, if it is even possible (:D) updated graphics.
    But we need to wait just another 3 years for the next GT game, but it will be less waiting time than for gt5.
    just think optimistic!

  56. I’m wondering about the word choice on “interior”

    Since this was translated from Japanese, we can’t be sure if there are going to be cockpit models for each cars.

  57. any top gear track video’s around?

  58. KilzoneGeneralStrife

    Honestly..if this is true.and damage was what took time away from them doing the interiors,screw it!I dont care for damage! Just weather,night and interiors

  59. Maxitsu

    also still nothing about rain or weather… :(

  60. Probuff

    So i guess all of gt5p cars were ‘standarts’.
    Premiums the one with damage and under’the’hood stuff.
    Dun wurry guyz, it’ll be awesome.



  62. As far as i’m concerned, all cars have interiors ( we have over 70 from gt5p and they aren’t all premium are they?) and 200 of those cars will be premium, which means full under bonnet and interior details/ damage.

    they wouldn’t have it any other way, stop panicing. If this isn’t true i’ll eat my hat.

    ta ta

  63. ElieTheBear

    I got a feeling ! that we will only play with premium cars !! because of the damage and rollovers … I think it will be the 200 firsts car bought … the premiums .. and then we ll buy the standards for the collection lol

  64. Kilborn230

    I really hope the guys from can get an interview. If their is anyone there that will ask the right questions, they will.

  65. KilzoneGeneralStrife

    I read the eurogamer article earlier today,I want to believe Kaz is too professional to just have 200 interior dashboard views.200deformable interiors is cool..dont mind that.but after that gorgeous E3 trailer,I pray every car has an interior dashboard view…Oh God please let it.they honestly cant release it without 800interiors but have that stupid gps real world track time measuring thingy or freakin 3D that the majority of us wont use.Kaz..clear this up

  66. Wasn’t IGN supposed to do their piece on GT5 today or is it tomorrow (Thursday)? Someone has got to clarify this once and for all. My understanding, for months now, was that the “premium” cars would show more damage, including damage to the “interior” (my definition of “interior” is the part you sit in) meaning you would see the door dented in from inside, or the door missing, etc. and on the “standard” cars there would just be scratches, etc. but there would still be a steering wheel, dashboard, etc. There must be someone in the city of Los Angeles who can speak fluent Japanese and English that can get an accurate answer on this one. Seriously? Anyone?

    • RE515TANT

      I don’t know if IGN was going to do a feature today, but I do know that G4 will be featuring it this afternoon on their 3-hour wrap up show.

      Be sure to watch G4 this evening to possibly find out better translated information.

  67. GT_Prologue5

    AND flipping Corvette ZR1s at 200+m/h? Sounds like fun.

  68. GT_Prologue5

    that also includes Citroens, Subarus, Mitsus, VWs, Hondas, and any other GT5P manufacturer that had a small mass production car.

  69. here’s my guess… standard cars will have fixed-view interior/dashboard (for when you drive), while premium ones will feature full 3D interiors with multiple cameras inside for replays showing driver reaction etc.

    • marshall

      Im with you dim. Sounds like i sensible view.
      As mentioned further down Prologue had 70 cars all with cockpit.

    • Maxiboy

      I think this is the best optimistic take on what the article means … but still the 2nd most likely. I hope your right, but I still think it means cockpit view. Damn … I just got used to using it aswell.

  70. GT_Prologue5

    I don’t care I’ll still play it AND it will be the most advanced driving simulator that will be on the market for the next 2+ years.
    Still, though, will cars like Mazda RX-7 have interior views? Because PD already had the modeling down for GT5 Prologue.

  71. They must mean the actual interiors such as under the bonnet/hood etc. GT5 Prologue had 70+ cars and all of them had cockpit view and some of those cars were also in GT4.

  72. Merc_rmw

    I’m thinking “Interior” means car innards. We know all the cars from GT5P have a cockpit, plus most of the race cars, and rally cars. It just seems like 200 isn’t enough to encompass all of them.

  73. L8 Apex

    Bummed about the 800 standard cars’ lack of interiors (if they are in fact referring to the place where the driver sits and not the stuff under the fenders and hood), but I guess even 5 years wouldn’t have been long enough to render them given how small PD is relative to many other developers.

    Also: Does this mean the 9 NASCAR cars in the demo will be the only ones in the final game? Or does the 9 models refer to 9 different cars (Old and new? Nationwide and Truck?) that will each have multiple liveries? There were other drivers (Denny Hamlin and Michael Waltrip) and other liveries in last year’s trailer, and I can’t imagine them going to the trouble of modeling the Ford (or at least the Ford nose and side windows) just for Carl Edwards.

    • lilmann73

      9 NASCAR cars themselves. In one of the videos, they scrolled through the NASCAR’s and only 9 appeared.

  74. I hope the muscle cars sound like real muscle cars……about the only thing I’m worried about is the sound…

    • ElieTheBear

      maybe the sound is just transfered from gt4 too :(

    • Best sounding V8-cars in GT4 are the Cobra and the Range Stormer Concept car.

  75. I think all of the cars will have and MUST have interiors… if capuccino, dihatsu’s and cervo’s have them… won’t be like a strange thing for other pricier cars without cockpit? i mean i do not trust to everything what jurnalists say



    • marshall

      Cars taken from all prevous GT titles and given a PS3 lick of paint. And the Premium models are all singing all dancing. Cockpit, full interior, Engine bay, underside, damage. Minute detail. It’s great for certain cars to receive this treatment but i’ll only use these cars more than likley.Which is a big shame. And what if your favorite isnt in Premium mode!

    • lilmann73

      Standard cars do not have damage and are modeled slightly less.

  77. maxpontiac

    The article mentioned Porche, and then said 800 cars do not have interiors.

    What gives? Typo on the Porche and mis-translation on the interiors?

    I think so..

  78. Jordan you must do something! We have to know whether all cars have cockpits. Somehow work your magic!

  79. Kilborn230

    If Sage is around can you help confirm that the GT4 cars don’t have interiors? It’s just a little hard to except :P

  80. jerzyk14

    800 cars don’t have the view from the cockpit?! :O

  81. DomoKun

    Wow, no interiors… Damn, 5 years… Its still looks the look though, but 800 “mules” are too damn much, its pretty understandable, cuz traveling to Romania to get a Dacia Sandero sounds too damn expensive to me

    • ElieTheBear

      so they’ve made 200 cars in gran turismo 5 … and took 800 transfered from gt4 ??? with no cockpit views … impossible .. this is %$/%? I hope no interiors means damage”” because seriously … 800 cars without cockpit view .. I’m not buying gt5 and I’ll wait one year and a half for gt6 .. because I know how to wait now .. or gt7 on ps4 .. !!! how can yamauchi launch a game with standard and premium cars … ?? like if in gt1 he made a game with 150 cars with no wheels … and the other 150 with wheels ….damn ! he just have to put more employees in his team …. and not doing this little gt psp of crap!!! !! was hoping for better news than these 800 car just transfered from gt4 : S aiaiai what will hapen with people racing online with standard and premium mixed ? one will rollover and crash and the other will pass the line with little paint scarches ??? wtf ..

  82. Hopefully they will release free DLC or updates with a batch of interiors for certain cars. :)

    We still loved GT, GT2, GT3, and GT4 without interiors. Why can’t we be okay with 200 cars with interiors beautifully modeled? I understand Polyphony completely.. 1000 cars to model perfectly inside and out would take years and years.. It’s a surprise that Yamauchi, being the perfectionist he is, is releasing the game to us with only 200 cars with cockpits.

    I still want this game badly! :)

    • marshall

      When i think about it 1000+ cars with a cockpit view is asking alot but i think given the time the’ve had we were expecting all cars to have this. I dont think i can go back to racing from the bumber cam then racing certain cars in cockpit view. I’ll end up only using the premium cars and never the standard.

    • because only 200 cars with cockpits is s@#t considering there were like 70 cars in GT5P already in 2008 and all of them had it.

      I’d rather have 500-600 cars with a cockpit than 800 without it. Driving with a wheel is terrible if you can’t see the interior.

    • anominus

      “1000 cars to model perfectly inside and out would take years and years” – it has been years and years

    • I think in one interview he was saying how doing the crash was difficult because they had to design all the interior parts of the cars that would blow up or what not…
      So maybe all cars will have cockpit, but 200 premiums will have damage and highly polished cockpit…maybe the others get standard cockpit with little details and no gear shift animations?

  83. is there damage on the standard cars?

  84. Kilborn230

    I really hope that “won’t have interiors” means under the hood and undercarriage. Please be another translation mixup :)

    • Gamer GT5

      I’m hoping that too. This game has been under development for about 5 to 6 years already. It seems like they would have cockpit views on all cars. And for the standard models in one of the old articles he mentioned about standard models without interior damage. I wonder is the article focusing on the damages? We should take note.

    • in gt psp it has cockpit view, but it’s blacked out, so gt5 will probably have something similar to taht for the standard models, why are you people never happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????, shut up and be happy for once, Thx Kaz, Thx Jordan, and anyone in the PD team!!!!!!!!! Gr8 job

    • Gamer GT5


      Whoever says we’re never happy? And how can you say “shut up”? I’m probably more happy than you are. How can you put words in my mouth. I was just analyzing and taking notes about the article. I’m not even complaining. Never did I say that i was disappointed at PD. I’m not stupid. And yes PD put their hearts for this game to come true. And even they have just interior cockpit views with just 200 cars i’m more than okay with that. I respect PD for their hard work and Jordan. Have some sense kid.

    • Kilborn230

      What Gamer GT5 said. I don’t recall saying I wasn’t happy. Kids these days think they know everything.

    • Gamer GT5


      I know that dude. I never said you wasn’t happy. I wasn’t replying to you.

  85. All the online stuff sounds pretty cool!


    what do you mean no cockpit , thats mean they didnt have enough time to develop all cars with cockpit i hope gt5 wont be stupid beacause they too much things to have in one game ,, i hope when releasing the game they also release update for this things are missing ,, too bad .

    • Blinkwing

      I would say they will release a “GT6″ kind of that includes a “completed” GT5

  87. gt5 im waiting

    only 200 cars with cockpit
    thats really sux
    huge disappointment **

  88. marshall

    Surley to god they have done a cockpit view for all cars.
    PLEASE !!!

  89. I agree with those interior comments. Some of the cars in Prologue obviously wouldnt be premium models, like the Verso… lol.

  90. OK. He mentions Porsche in the article, hint or mistake? As a journalist in the gaming industry he should know that GT wont feature Porsche. Something like that could make you question other things in the article

    • That’s a good point, as Porsche is definitely not going to be in GT5.

    • RacecarBMW

      Yes I was just about to post that or maybe do you think there was porsche there

    • i think porsche was there as everyone knows porsche aren’t in GT5 so this could be good news

    • emponator

      To me, that seems like the writer of the article haven’t played GT series much, and haven’t followed the progress of GT5 nearly at all.

    • Maybe he was refering to one of the RUFs, foolishly not realising it wasn’t a Porsche!!

    • RUF’s are actually Porsche’s. The company history states that they are. But they are made the way RUF wants them to be made and also tuned differently.

    • I agree the journo may not be that experienced with GT. He talks about 2 types of phote mode as if it is a new thing, but GT4 had that.

  91. 800 cars without cockpit ??

    Auuuch !! this hurts dude !!

  92. i hope they are kidding,i can’t drive unless it’s with the cockpit view and with all this time we’ve been waiting i really hope all the cars have interior view.

  93. I hope so, i want cockpit in all cars.

  94. [The Stig]

    all of the classic “muscle cars” we saw in the latest batch of screenshots are all “standard”
    and on the video it says – PREMIUM!!!!!!WTF

  95. I’m not happy about this: ‘However, according to the article, standard cars “won’t have interiors”.’, but the other stuf is AWESOME!!! (sorry for my bad english)

  96. Dracwolley

    Before everyone starts bickering, INTERIOR does not mean COCKPIT. They were both said and used in the article in different ways. INTERIOR means under the bonnet and beneath the car and other body parts, likely modeled for intense crahses.

    • NoonenF1


    • oooooooh, that changes everything I first thought!

    • so when someone mentions a cars interior you think of the engine bay, beneath the car and body parts?? I usually think seats, dashboard, steering wheel, gearknob, seatbelts etc…

      This isn’t the first time they have said “no interior” how can someone say interior and mean something else? This is rather worrying and I hope we get some clarification soon because 800 cars without a cockpit view is damn depressing…

    • Maxitsu

      I Hope you are right about that. if not the game will suck big time!

    • marshall

      Interior can only mean one thing. The inside of the car.. ergo you’ll be looking at the road again and not through the window/behind the wheel. I think im going to cry.

    • Dracwolley


      No, I don’t. But in the article, they refer to both INTERIOR and COCKPIT in different places and in very different ways. In my opinion, it’s just bad journalism. I could be wrong, but with GTHD + GT5P + GT5 Demo cars, we already have well over 100. Does it really make sense that there would be that few more cars? They have a rather large staff now, and most of them are working on car modeling, not other things.

      Also, does a Fiat 500F merit a “premium” status? Because it’s certainly got an interior, according to some previous press shots of PD’s studio.

    • agree! In one of previous videos which shows PD headquarter, one guy there is carefully modelling the engin bay and suspension of a Ferrari. I think this is interior. Hopefully.

    • Nato777

      I think Dracwolley is right. I doubt if all the cars in Prologue or all the demos we’ve seen to date have all been ‘premium’ cars but they have all had cockpits.

    • Well from the article it’s pretty clear he means no cockpit as we’ve seen from the cars in GT5P.

      “the interiors have been recreated down to the stitching (standard cars won’t have interiors, which is a bit sad, but there are, like, 800 of them)”

      Down to the stitching… has to be talking about the interior view with the seats. Of course this guy also mentions Porsche so maybe he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    • @ZZ:

      You’re right about that. Now there’s a bit more mystery.
      I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Marooned

      In my opinion I think what they mean is that no details for inside view but you have it like the GTPSP version the dashboard was black but you have the front windshield…hope it’s like that.

    • No46_TheDoctor

      I agree, no need to worry.

    • I do hope you’re right. I probably wouldn’t even buy the game if 800 cars were without a cockpit view.

    • Article says ‘The 200 premium cars that take the final count past the 1000 mark are something else, however. The premiums have been lavished with a slightly worrying amount of detail – every single screw is visible in the hubs, the interiors have been recreated down to the stitching (standard cars won’t have interiors, which is a bit sad, but there are, like, 800 of them), and their undersides have been comprehensively modelled to take into account a new physics system which, along with allowing for dents and scratches, can sends your ride flipping through the air during collisions.’ therego no steering wheel etc. Shame the muscle cars have simple interiors. this game is going to get bashed by the media

    • tvensky

      +1, hope its your way! ;)

  97. I just hope we havn’t seen the best of damage yet. Doesn’t sound like we’ll get any wet weather either which is disapointed.

  98. DerekTX

    only 200 interiors? i guess that would take forever to model but still, forza did it…

    • but forza had a lot of non working interiors that were inaccurate too

    • Not really, have u played Forza ? Most of the interiors are so badly modeled that i rather drive without it. The obviously spent most of the time on high priced supercars like the R8. But get in a Civic Type-R, something like this is unaccaptable for a game claiming to be better than GT.

      I hope Dracwolley is right. I can live with 800 cars not falling apart when crashing. 800 Missing cockpits would make me cry, but in the end i could live with it. Just think about designing that many cockpits. Nearly impossible in that amount of time.

    • papamitsos

      Forza interiors are fine. Most of the instruments work, even the time changes on the clock, no matter digital or analog.

      I am a GT fan, but I have to admit, in Forza 3 I have interior for every car, it’s a big dissapointment that only 200 car will have interior…

    • personally I could care less about the interiors.

      They don’t really do much for me. And playing on the in car mode is not as realistic as many people say. and the ONLY reason I say that is because in video games there are no way to make peripheral vision that we see in everyday life as humans. So do I need an interior on a video game to enjoi a good racing game? Hell no…its pointless to care about.

      The bumper cam works just fine for me.

    • The “interior” is referring to under the bonnet detail modeling and NOT cockpit view.

      No game has that level of detail except GT5 which will have 200 fully modeled cares, down to the bolts.

    • Even if not all interiors are greatly modeled you gotta take into consideration that Turn10 had less time to work on them.

    • turn10 also has a more people working for them

    • tomren30

      Guys, there is something wrong see what Yamouchi said about interiors during E3 interview; The first revelation in today’s Gran Turismo 5 presentation was that, of the 1,000-plus cars featured in the game, only 200 or so will be what Yamauchi described as “premium” cars. Unlike the 800-plus “standard” cars, these will feature meticulously detailed interiors, and after collisions, their panels will be modeled in such a way that they can come apart and fully deform. The standard cars still look superb, but the level of detail just isn’t the same. In fact, most of the standard cars have been taken from previous GT games and optimized for the PS3′s graphics shader. For the record, even though standard cars can’t be damaged in the same ways that premium models can, they’ll still be susceptible to physics-based damage, dents, dirt, and scratches.

      So i think there will be interiors for all of them…

    • Lachlan1662

      I agree only 200?! get ur akt together I dont want an obviously un finished game! sad face

    • FishCake

      NO NO NO! Kotaku stated there there will be “200 acturate looking interiors for PREMIUM cars” and for the standard cars they will get generic interiors. DONT WORRY.

    • that is crap. 6 years for one fifth of the cars to have interiors. hate that. Also only 9 nascars also crap

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