GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 45 Round-up!

October 5th, 2011 by SlipZtrEm

Would you look at that – a mention of the year anniversary approaching last week, and the very next day, the bombshell hits: Spec 2.0 is coming! While we’re all wondering what Kaz & Co have in store for us, the Photomode sub-forum continues to bustle. So much so, in fact, that we’ve had to add a new Official competition. But first, some Tournament news:

PMC Division Round 2 Winners (top to bottom, left to right):
Soloracer3, Jason_B, 
sar593, 725

(click here for the full-size images)

Our remaining four non-editing users had two interesting themes this week: Soloracer3 and Jason_B (our returning champ from the first Tournament) had Bird’s Eye View, being forced to shoot a car from the top down, while sar593 and 725 had Drifting Elsewhere, forcing them to take drift shots without the use of the ever-common Japanese cars. With just 12 hours to vote, help decide who will be facing off in this week’s final! Remember, these are multi-choice polls – vote for one image per matchup! Cast your vote now!

2.0 Advanced Division Round 2 Winners (top to bottom, left to right):
Revolution., Moglet, CCShaft7

(click here for the full-size images)

Four remain in our Advanced, editing-allowed division this week as well; 3 of whom have been around since the GT4 days, while one has made waves as a relative newcomer. Revolution and I were handed the Eyeball theme, asking for a close-up of the driver in action, while Moglet and CCShaft7 got Be The Kaz, forcing them into an IS-F RM (in white, of course) around the Nurburgring N24 track as an homage to GT’s father. Again, there’s less than 12 hours to vote, so… Cast your vote now!

Last Week’s Winner: Primus Ortus

This Week’s Theme: Primus snapped up his first PMC win with that WWII-evoking shot up there, and took it as an opportunity to focus on The Photo Finish. The theme this week requires two cars, speeding towards a close finish. Primus wants to feel like he’s right there in the stands, watching the race go down to the wire… so you know what you need to do. Jump to the thread now!

This Week’s Polls: Oh, yes, multiple ones: last week was an H2H week! The theme was Tuner vs Muscle, both getting healthy representation from our community. With the polls picked (and also closing today), both sides will need your vote in determining the winner, both of which will then face off against one another this evening. Click here for the Tuner poll, and when you’ve cast your vote, click here for the Muscle poll!


Last Week’s Winner: jBhIpS

This Week’s Theme: Hope you’ve got some money in those pockets this week – our double-winner (more on that later) has requested Luxury Week. Only cars worth over a quarter-million credits will do, and they’re only allowed in Photo Travel, so you’ll be working with the lovely Premiums this week. Jump to the thread now!

This Week’s Poll: My theme last week was Heart Ties, focusing on pairings of cars using the same basic engine configuration and aspiration (even if displacement and even placement in the car was different). They say variety is the spice of life, and there’s a whole lot of spice in this week’s poll: Jump to the thread now!


Last Week’s Winner: jBhIpS

This Week’s Theme: jBhIpS has taken the Photomode competition section by storm, winning two competitions in the same week! For his second theme, he wants you to take a GT by Citroen Race Car out to Eiger Nordwand Short Track for Drift On A Spaceship. Get ready for some contrast between the natural, flowing landscape, and the otherworldly aggression of the GT. Jump to the thread now!

This Week’s Poll: Clashing body/wheel colours? Sagging-car levels of camber? The sound of VTEC kicking in (yo)? Yep, last week’s theme of Ricer Roni brought all sorts of craziness in, but now it’s your job to pick which of these little Civic Type-R’s deserves the win. Jump to the thread now!



Last Week’s Winner: ijkhk4

This Week’s Theme: We’re slightly late to press this week, but you’ll have to wait a tiny bit longer to see what this coming week’s theme is for the Photoshop competition. Make sure to keep an eye on the Photomode Competition sub-forum! (UPDATE): Well now, here’s this week’s theme: Repair Manuals & Sales Brochures! GT5 might not allow extensive, race-ending damage, but that doesn’t mean the cars can’t star in their on fix-er-up literature! Load up your editing program of choice and… Jump to the thread now!

This Week’s Poll: Last week was focusing on the dream we all have with GT5; the ability to make our giant e-garages real. What does that require? Well, usually, we think about how we’d need to win the Lottery. That was the theme, and there’s 4 entries made up as faux-ads for just such an occasion, using GT5 assets. Which should win? Well… Jump to the thread now!


Last Week’s Winner: MetalBeerSolid

This Week’s Theme: And here’s our new Official competition – a community favourite that’s been going strong for a few months now. In Secret Santa, users all submit their entries to the host each week, with no identifying signatures, and the judge then picks from those for the poll. The goal is no possible favouritism, and it’s a lot of fun trying to put a name to a shot. For this week, MBS gets some inspiration from a GT3 soundtrack song: Judas Priest’s Turbo Lover. Simply hop into your old RUF CTR2, or even older Yellowbird, and snap some shots. Then, make sure to follow the submission process laid out by Nato_777. Got that? Jump to the thread now!

This Week’s Poll: Last week’s SS poll had Sepia Love as the theme, which produced quality, vintage-feel shots. Even when some cars weren’t even old at all! Vote for your favourite, and find out who actually submitted which image at the end of the poll. Jump to the thread now!


All sound a bit complicated? Read this thread for an explanation on how to get your images off your PS3 and onto a computer, and read over the individual rules in each competition’s thread. If you’re further stuck, feel free to Private Message me (click here). Start snapping those digital shutters!

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  2. LR-MR-Cole

    thats weird it posted them sepratly but only posted once

  3. LR-MR-Cole

    Delta S4 backfire shot looks amazing

  4. LR-MR-Cole

    Fina Mclaren pic looks real I think it is.

  5. LR-MR-Cole

    Fina Mclaren pic looks real I think it is. And the Delta S4 backfire shot is amazing for standard shot. GOOD TIMING I SUPPOSE.

  6. Ilikewaffles_11

    I really wanna upload a picture but I have no idea how, can someone tell me how.

  7. SlipZtrEm

    Ah, there we go; the Photoshop theme this week is now added, and it’s “Repair Manuals & Sales Brochures” :)

  8. Quakebass

    I’m really enjoying the last username…

  9. check forum for spec2.0 details

  10. 07_HSV_GTS

    Lol love the iBus photoshop.


    how can you take a picture for a backfire?

    • HPUnleashed

      You have to pause the replay at just the right moment. It takes a bit of luck, but if you’re patient enough you can get an image like that.

  12. Freezer445

    The pictures always look so real…
    As if they were taken in an actual race…

  13. izzyg07

    Nice pix guys


    Great works

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