Lamborghini, Bugatti Coming to Gran Turismo Series

August 4th, 2009 by Jordan


It’s a great day for Gran Turismo fans around the world, as it has just been revealed that the both Lamborghini and Bugatti are bringing their cars to Gran Turismo PSP and, presumably, Gran Turismo 5!  The news came as Sony announced a special pre-order promotion for GT PSP, which entitles you to some type of code that gives you access to one of the following cars from “day one” in the game:

  • 2009 Bugatti Veyron
  • 2002 Enzo Ferrari
  • 2008 GTbyCitroen
  • 2009 Nissan GTR V-Spec
  • 1974 Lamborghini Countach LP400 (more Lamborghini’s are also coming)

Their blog post is a bit scant on the details of how this will work, but they promise to reveal more on the program soon.  Nobody’s too worried about that right now though, as most of us are still picking up our jaws off the floor.  Enjoy the new screenshots of the cars below!

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  1. TylerD951

    I want the Porsche 959

  2. Mustangmiha


  3. Canadian STIG

    Yes “Gt” I’m with you. It has been quite a while and I think even the people at P.D have come to their sense realizing it is an appropriate time (according to them of coarse) to FINALLY answer some much needed questions that tend to be swayed away from. Even so the surprises were worth the wait and they just keep coming on a daily basis now!

    Suzuki XL7 Pikes Peak for the win, btw!

  4. I meant to also say in my last comment, Do you get the secret code when you pre – order the game or when you pick the game up?

  5. hopefully whe get some new info about gt5 the comming weeks

    Number of cars and tracks ,, gameplay video with weather and day night races + damage

    And of course the release of the best race simulation ever

    Rally suzuki Xl7 monster pikes peak with weather rian fog night races and damage

  6. Thanks for the news about everything Jordan

  7. tomek_pl

    We are all GT fans so we should be friends too. because we love that game, and we will be playing for a long long time, so I wanna have some friends who I can race, so please add me.

    MY ID – tomek15 can’t wait to play!!!

    Love Buggati and Lamborghini!!!!!!! Thanks Kazunori!!! You’re the best!!!

    PS: My English is my second language, so if I made any mistakes, I’m sorry.

  8. tomek_pl

    We are all GT fans so we should be friends too. because we love that game, and we will be playing for a long long time, so I wanna have some friends who I can race, so please add me.

    MY ID – tomek15 can’t wait to play!!!

    Love Buggati and Lamborghini!!!!!!! Thanks Kazunori!!! You’re the best!!!

    PS: My English is my second language, so if I made any mistakes, I’m sorry.

  9. Ow jeah gt5 has car damage.

  10. @Ngrignon some are factory colors. Althouhg Jou have an optionol color for the gtr,•Ultimate Black Pearl Paint – a 577,500 yen option dont now how much that is.

  11. NOTHING is confirmed for GT5… this is GT PSP and Lambo might only be in this because THERE IS NO DAMAGE.

    But ofcourse I will be over the moon if these are in GT5, its about time!

  12. I will pre-order this as soon as they announce what stores are participating.

  13. R35

  14. Just so everybody nows its Nissan GTR spec-v. Not v-spec

  15. gtone339

    lol yeah

  16. Johnny Dazed


  17. my bad, they built over 100. eb110 and the SS were pretty cool.

  18. caribbean topdriver

    hey brandon, sorry if we dont know that car ur talking about….. guess it wasnt important to us. long live granturismo.

  19. i remember the eb110. cool looking car, very cool. hope thats in. didnt they only make two of those?

  20. Dave, both of the last two posts were posted to @GTPlanetNews right after I posted them. You haven’t stopped following us, have you? :P

  21. jloss34

    sorry the lp560-4……..not the lp590-4

  22. jloss34

    i know that they r having more lamboghinis but they NEED to have the lamborghini gallardo lp590-4 and the murcielago lp670-4 AT LEAST. also in order for this game too be good, they must have porsche and maserati.

  23. DaveTheStalker

    Jordan, you’re slipping a little buddy. You haven’t Tweeted these last 2 stories. I could not let this one go unTweeted.

  24. gtone339

    What brandon?

  25. Watevaman

    Brandon, just because we don’t acknowledge you doesn’t mean we don’t know about the vehicles. I personally know about the EB110 (and think it’s beautiful), but looking at the Carabo, I think it’s very ugly. I don’t care what type of doors it has, it’s ugly.

  26. brandon

    you guys depress me.

  27. Canadian STIG

    I was thinking the same Watevaman, but we still ought to have Koenigseggs and role overs if that floats anyone’s boat. Apart from those its difficult to imagine what we’re (GT fans) are missing IF we get damage and interior views of all the cars and at least 700+ cars.

  28. Watevaman

    Oh, and I’m not trying to start anything, but doesn’t this mean we (GT fans) now have everything that made the Forza fans spit in our face (damage, Ferrari, Lambo, Bugatti, etc.)?

  29. Watevaman

    I’m kicking my butt for thinking negative thoughts regarding the GT release date, cars included, and (I’m hoping) day/night w/weather.

  30. brandon

    so i take it nobody knows about the eb110 or the carabo? im shocked

  31. As the words from Mark Webber… YES YES YES YES YES YEEEEES!!! :D

  32. Betogtr

    Omg !!!!!! I can’t wait to take the murcielao SV for a spin !!!!!!!!

  33. nice’ssssssssssssssssss

  34. Paulpg87


  35. gtone339

    Omg!!Really?!Sweet this is good news so far!

  36. Alex p.

    @ marchy,
    I think you’re right-we shall see at gamescom in 2 weeks

  37. Audi (already in GT5P) owns Lamborghini, VW (also in GT5P) owns Bugatti… can you see a pattern here? And now VW has acquired Porsche, so the next logical step is….

  38. Ngrignon

    “they are looking a lot more like real psp screenies”

    No they are not, they just look like the car on the selection screen menu. (look closely a gameplay video on youtube the red Nissan on the selection screen and the blue GTR: same lighting!

  39. Ngrignon

    To jack: on their website: “your in-game collection of cars in AN EXCLUSIVE color.”
    so even if you win the car in GTPSP, you won’t be able to get the Veyron in Black? the Enzo in yellow? the GTR in Blue? the Countach in orange? however these are their original livery colors??? … from ALL the youtube gameplay videos, there wasn’t any colors selection screen between the moment you choose the car and then you race… When Kaz said their won’t be any tuning… I’m afraid that this will apply to the car colors too.

  40. this is gonna be as kaz promised, the best game eva!

  41. wisznia


    yesterday we’ve got the ‘real rumors’ from a ‘trusted source’ about GT5’s release date.
    today we’ve got lamborghini and bugatti confirmed in GT PSP and GT5.
    wonder what will be tomorrow ? :D

  42. Jack_uk

    Ngrignon Says:

    Its how to get these cars without buying them in the first place I’m pretty sure it will be available in game too.

    I think this is a clever way of advertising by sony they know Lambo & bugatti are very important and have introduced it within a pre-order offer. Simple Genius kaz

  43. omg omg omg omg and they are looking a lot more like real psp screenies

  44. sumbrownkid


    I think Ruf just buys the chassis and other components, and just fill in the rest themselves.

  45. Folkmann

    From the Playstation Blog:

    And last but not least is the classic 1974 Lamborghini Countach LP400 in Arancio (orange). Yes, that’s right. Lamborghini. GT fans know this is special, as it marks the first time Lamborghini has ever been in Gran Turismo. And as you can imagine, this won’t be the last Lamborghini in a Gran Turismo game, either.

    (notice the last sentence……. basically a conformation of Lamborghini in GT5

  46. Ngrignon

    “the announcement link mentions the pre-order cars in an “exclusive color”. If that’s how to get the lambo in orange I’m there.”

    I hope it doesn’t say that there won’t be color selections for cars… and the only way to have a Nissan GTR blue is by these codes.

  47. Alex p.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, FINNALYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
    Damned! I hoped for lambos since the second GT and now this eben with Bugatti Veyron! BEST DAY IN MY LIFE XD!

  48. Jack_uk

    I know that Lamborghini Is the big news as well as Bugatti but I cannot wait to race round the ring in the GTR v-spec, Personally I think its a piece of engineering brilliance, one thing that PD could do is give different BHP to every GT-R you buy seeing as the engine is hand built.

  49. Ruf is a company that buy porche cars and tune them.

  50. Ah i see..well i can live without a Carrera GT…
    but ok its nice if they will be in GT5…but its not THAT important for me..i’d love to see RUF’s too..
    However, if you tune up ya 911 Carrera with an xtra Turbo Stage 3, you got a sort of RUF too whehehe..

  51. Jantsu92

    Murcielago LP670-4 SV + Nordschleife = heaven.

  52. Pingwhen

    @ mark

    it’s all about the gt1 both road and track car. And the Carrera gt.

    I am bouncing off of the walls from this news!!!!!


    I AM SO HAPPY!!!


  55. Can anyone tell me why everybody wants Porsche….???
    RUF was in the pervious GT’s…so i guess it would be in GT5 too…

    Ok Porsche is very nice, but RUF is also nice isn’t it?

  56. For example the Bugatti EB 110 and EB110 SS, inject.

  57. brandon

    the one car i would love to see in GT is the Alfa Romeo Carabo…designed by Bertone. this was an epic car in the design world. first car to use scissor doors…my favorite car ever. go google image it.

  58. brandon

    i hope the eb110 will be in the game. v12 60valves quad turbo AWD. seriously one of the greats during the 90’s. go watch the top gear video of the eb110 and listen to the wastegate ‘chirp’

  59. Thank you, thank you, thank you PD! Addition of these cars will add to the sexyness of GT5 :)

  60. unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!! BUGATTI + LAMBORGHINI ? hehe Porsche should be there too! don’t worry! ….. still no word about GT5 .. looks like PD publicly focusing on GTPSP but secretly on GT5 :P

  61. and also the clasic bugatti 1929 bugatti T35B

  62. i like to drive a 1925 Cunningham clasic with cockpit vieuw

  63. before the Veyron, what’s the most recent Bugatti that came out? I love some of their old 30’s models (not for GT) but have they had anything cool from the modern era?

  64. NoxNoctisUmbra

    GTbyCitroen looks the most sexy and best exotic car out there..
    BUT I am very happy Ferrari and now LAMBO is in the game
    Bugatti cars were very predictable.

    LEts hope for Porsche, but seems they wont allow.. unless some secret DLC because we can all expect Ferrari and Lambo in GT5 from day ONE.

  65. I been waiting since they announced Gran Turismo 2 to have Ferrari and Lamborghini in a GT, i dont know why took so long but im REALLY happy that finally happens, i cant wait to have my F40 and Diablo SV (my because i love them not because i really own them) in GT5 and GT PSP.

  66. jereweeti

    EVERYONE: April 1st is April Fools Day!

    PS. Sorry for the CAPS LOCK

  67. GTP_DGiant2000

    Great news! You’d be gutted if you got the Citroen GT though!!

  68. Awesome news! Porsche next please!

  69. Canadian STIG

    So is the release date April 1st? I’m lost I apologize.

  70. Bugatti

    the bugatti veyron acceleration from 0-100km in 2.5 sec wow max speed 408km

    the bugatti veyron acceleration from 0-62 mph in 2.5 sec wow max speed 254 mph

  71. DaesLP640

    YES! YES! YES! – This just made my day! – Thanks PD! And thanks GTP for posting.

    – Can’t wait to race around Nordschleife in a Lambo Murcielago LP670-4 SV!!! :D

  72. Bugatti

    i need to see some weather day night gameplay video with a porshe and damage

  73. I dont like Lamborghini’s…i think its for gays…

    Kiddin!! This is AWWWWWSOME news!! I’m seeing myself drivin’ a toxic green Lambo Murcielago on the High Speed Ring with a stage 3 Turbo Kit on it whehehe…great news :D

  74. PD’s ultimate day

    What’s happening on April 1st? – PD is going to start ruling the WORLD!!!!!

  75. Alan D.

    What’s happening on April 1st?

  76. Canadian STIG

    I the level of excitement with which I am going through is uncanny. Hearing about a possible earlier release date of gt5 and then this!?! Good things really do come to those who wait. Thank you Jordan and cheers

  77. OMG OMG OMG OMG… this is going to be the BEST game of ALL time.

  78. jereweeti


    Well thought, could be possible!

  79. PD’s ultimate day


  80. trfarchitect

    BOOM!, the first of many bombshells drops. Cant wait for more info, please please please…
    Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV

  81. the announcement link mentions the pre-order cars in an “exclusive color”. If that’s how to get the lambo in orange I’m there.

  82. L8 Apex


  83. Could this mean Porsche is coming? They’re all affiliated with VW.

  84. of course you don’t have to use a pre-order car. It could sit in the garage looking pretty. Countach FTW.

  85. excellent news on the new cars…but am I the only one that thinks the whole process of starting out with a fixer-upper and progressing up the ranks is a HUGEtastic part of the fun? Still cool, but I wont be starting out with a million dollar car.

  86. I am ecstatic, my fav car……….

    Veyron here I come :D

  87. Still not what you will see on PSP screen but much more believeable in terms of using actual PSP models…

  88. Daniel Johnson

    That is awesome news! Now they just need to get Porsche to play ball.


  90. MaulReize

    Alfred: “You’ll be taking the bat-bike?”
    Bruce: “Thats a little too attention grabbing in the daytime.”
    Alfred: “So, then, the Bugatti?”

  91. Wow, didn’t think PD would be getting their hands on the Bugatti lisence any time soon, nice job!

  92. khamseen

    Now that’s a bunch of true GT PSP models. Not bullshots at least. Can’t wait to see them in GT5.

  93. killanite

    oh god oh god oh god oh god… i love you pd. forever and always <3

  94. Take a look at the post above, lbsf1. :)

  95. Pure awesomness.

  96. oh my god where is the anouncement can someone get a link so i can read it for myself because i don’t believe it

  97. Wiseguy

    I cant believe this.



  99. Schweeeet

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