Mercedes’ GT5 Cross-Promotions Begin

May 28th, 2010 by Jordan

Since we first learned that the company’s new SLS-AMG would grace GT5‘s cover, the company has been increasingly open about their affiliation with the game. First it was the showcased GT5 demo at their headquarter’s museum and dealers across Europe, but now they’re expanding use of the game as they integrate it with their international marketing efforts, as seen in Mercedes’ new Facebook game “Behind the Speed”. This simple game comes with a lucrative prize: a free copy of Gran Turismo 5 and your very own VisionRacer VR3 driving rig.

The competition is open to everyone until July 12th, so head on over to Facebook and give it your best shot.  At the very least, perhaps it will help keep you  busy until Sony’s E3 press conference – now just a few short weeks away…

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  1. BMW_Robban

    @UnkaD013 So do something else with your account then. it’s not that hard to be socialized!

  2. UnkaD013

    Dude, that sucks if that’s the max score, or even if a maximum score is attainable in the first place. For an event that lasts over a month, I’d say it’s a pretty crappy deal for everyone if the prizes are claimed or won within the first three days. I’m upset, as I created a facebook account specifically for this contest. What a waste of time, and getting my hopes up like this is just wrong. Call me a complainer if you want, but this sucks big time.

  3. Syaieya

    welp, just 5 days into the contest and it seems that either everyone is stuck on one game or 4 people already have a perfect score and all the worthwhile prizes will be claimed

    the top 4 positions have all ready been filled at 425000 points a piece and so unless that score can be beaten, everyone else is now just going for that coffee table book thanks to how the rules are setup.

    “The eight players who have scored the highest will win the prizes. If players within the top 8 have equal scores, the player who achieved this score first will be of higher rank in the high score”

  4. Laurenti91

    Anyone have pass the level 15 of photo blitz ?

  5. Mickstanz

    Hmm well im already giving up as all thats available to win now is prizes for 4th to 8th place, as the top 3 positions have already been filled and according to there T&C:

    “The eight players who have scored the highest will win the prizes. If players within the top 8 have equal scores, the player who achieved this score first will be of higer rank in the high score”

    Pretty much first in first served with the prizes, im not too worried about it but just warning other people that might try, that your only playing for the 4th to 8th prize pack now.

    Check it out tho i had a little fun on it, currently sitting at rank 22, but im leaving it now as the prizes left dont interest me. Have fun! :)

  6. wakenabeb

    and I was close too. had a 99577 score before I retried

  7. wakenabeb

    It’s possible to get a perfect score without cheating. I’m nearly there, I just have to luck out and get the braking part precisely right.

  8. NotaSonyEmployee


    Hmm, I got first, and I didn’t cheat…

    Well only half true, has I didn’t cheat, but I didn’t play either, so no first place for me.

    Point is: Following a post about cheating by posting that your in second place and didn’t cheat is all well and good, and even possibly true, but rather a waste of time. Anybody can post such things, and doing so at that point looks guilty has hell. Arguing it makes it even more unbelievable.

    My advice would be not to bother, and save yourself the grief. Actually win the prize, and it’s pretty certain it’ll make front page news here anyway, and you’ll get all the recognition in the end. The alterative will probably only cause a major flaming….

  9. 51 on RANK !!

  10. ElieTheBear


    No, I just finished the game normally !

  11. For the people talking about a 2011 release date. Sony have already confirmed that GT 5 will be out BEFORE LBP 2. LBP 2 is coming out THIS winter, so GT 5 is definetly coming out before then, which means this year, not 2011.

  12. @ElieTheBear How the hell did you made 100k points in braking? Extreme luck or nice exploit is needed there.

  13. danielwhite74

    Mickstanz, they probably used screen and keystroke recording software to acquire their perfect score. I’m surprised Mercedes didn’t think of that while creating the competition.

  14. Laurenti91

    ElieTheBear => How do you do to pass the level 15 of photo blitz ? The game doesn’t work after le level 15 for me :(

  15. ElieTheBear

    got the second place ! yeah yeah : P

  16. Mickstanz

    Haha well id stop there if i was you, im just leaving it untill they fix a few bugs, but the guys who already have a score of a perfect 425,000 seem a bit dodgy..

  17. @Mickstanz

    How do you get that far? I only could get upto level 8 :S

  18. Mickstanz

    Seems you cant get past level 15 on the ‘photo blitz’ part of the game

  19. Scibba, i was at jb hifi(strand arcade store) and it had a sign for release 1/10/10

  20. NotaSonyEmployee

    I think GT5 will release sometime in the first half of this century because making people wait any longer will cause a time space rift resulting in cross quantum bleed overs of forza 26 into need for speed shift 16. This will imbalance the moon, causing it to spin of into pluto’s orbit, collide with it, and thus add enough mass to cause the reclassification of pluto has a planet. Then we’ll have to buy new textbooks for our kids, and won’t be able to afford the game. this will also cause a catastrophic loss of sales at Merc dealerships all over the know universe. It’ll be anarchy.
    Oh, and the contest date is moot, the game was released allready. Unfortunately, this causes a temporal disturbance, changing pluto’s orbit, causing it to swing closer to the sun, shrink, and lose it’s status has a planet. This caused an alternate history timeline where random video game titles evaporate into thin air at 90% completion, a problem that manufacturers haven’t yet figured out how to remedy.
    But ok, if they want to have contests, they don’t need my permission.
    Or mabey they do…..MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  21. Urielxx

    We don’t care we want more news for GT5


  23. blackjack

    R.I.P Dennis Hopper.

  24. Gomorah

    Sooo, let me ask this. How long does it take to complete 10% of work?

  25. Still cant believe their putting the sls on the cover, im not really a ferrari fan but they could of put the 458 italia on it, at least thats a good looking car

  26. Hm… As much as I’d like a Vision Racer VR3, I would have absolutely no room for it… I’ll just try to get a G25. I already pre-ordered the game anyway! :)

    As for the promotion, I think it’s good. And guys, seriously, stop “speculating” the release date and just wait for Kaz to officially announce it. All of your blabbering and arguing is getting annoying!

    PS: I love the SLS AMG!!!! :) :) :)

  27. alex c.

    You say august 2010 release GT5?I dont think.2010 autunum/winter.Maybe 2011 Q1.KY says 1 months ago,GT5 90% complete!Move and 3D support+10% working,min half years release GT5.

  28. DustDriver

    I hate those little mini games because they’re mostly easy to hack.

  29. gt5 august. is already been said,

    i wouldnt be surprised if it landed in a week, with no advertising atlall,,,

    I BELIEVE THIS because, say if sony did advertise, and the date etc… – would anyone believe them, would anyone turn up to the shop to que to get it

    no one would believe it,

    now, – plan 2., – put it on the shelves , put it in the media, let word spread, people will be running to the shops as fast as their 8-10-12-15-18-27-32- or even 40′ year old legs will carry them.

    this is the beauty of gt5, EVERYONE likes cars, EVERYONE likes or knows gran turismo.

  30. TokyoDrift

    @N155AN, no, it simply says that there are 44 days to win. The prize? A voucher for GT5. The release could be any time after that. Keep playing the guessing game – not including June there are only 5 months to go at in 2010, with December being unlikely. So, by picking two months like you did, your odds are like the toss of coin – hardly an amazng prediction if you are right.

  31. boring game, it takes to long time to collect your friends for the weight. On E3 they HAVE TO say when GT5 will be released!! NO WAY PAST

  32. weird how it says 44 days left to win… and that would suggest july/august release maybe :S

  33. Release date?I say 2010 Q4 nov-dec/2011 Q1 feb-marc.I REALLY HOPE GT5 SUPPORT DYNAMIC WEATHER SYSTEM AND DAY/NIGHT CYCLE!!

  34. @ Razor: When reading the prize page I don’t think that the release will be that early:
    They don’t hand GT5 games to the winners, but a voucher which is valid as soon as GT5 is officially released. Besides, the first and second prize include a copy of GT5 Prologue. They won’t do that if the GT5 release was that close around the corner…

  35. Skidmark> I wanted to say exact same thing: if competition ends on July 12, surely prize will be given soon after that……GT5 Release date August?

  36. terminator363

    I hate these little games everytime you think you did well someone did better. Anyways I was wondering for the release date too and I think it’s gonna be october or earlier because did’nt Kaz say “it’s comming out earlier than expected”? Just a thought…

  37. CanAm1968

    Oh I forgot to add that I like Mercedes cross promotions campaign! Why might you ask?

    I like it because I seriously doubt they would get behind a game which wasnt going to be released this year. That just sounds like marketing suicide. I am hoping E3 will confirm a 2010 release and let us all applaud and breathe a overdue collective sigh of relief :)

  38. CanAm1968

    Heres something I havent seen anyone mention. Didnt PD announce last year @ E3 that the PSP and GT4 were being released that October and it really did happen. I think everyone was taken by surprise by it actually….so….even though it would be less of a surprise and more of a blessing (for those of us patiently and impatiently waiting) I would love to see Kaz and the PD gang reveal at this years E3 that GT5 will be 100% complete and ready to release in October.

  39. Mickstanz

    It says you win a ‘Voucher’ for GT5, which means it could still come out at any stage guys

  40. There’s a large Mercedes-Benz dealer just 1 mile from my home – guess, I’ll keep an eye on them from now on ! hehehe

  41. I got upto level 15 on photo blitz then the game took a dump and made me start again…. noooooo spank you… I’ll just buy the frigging game haha

  42. dont expect much

  43. december or Q1 2011 is a realistic date

  44. Lachlan1662

    I hope it on 27th coz my birthday is on the 29!! :)

  45. Springrate

    Thats very good news. Im happy Mercedes will benefit from marketing through Gran Turismo. Mercedes Benz: The worlds finest automobiles. Not those bloody red cars!

  46. Marco G.

    way too difficult for me!

  47. Iluvgt4

    i think ill go check out this minigame right now…

  48. DemonBlade

    All over the web tonight guys that GT5 has worldwide release of 27th August 2010. That would seem to tie in with a lot if things…..just after the world cup, 3d tv’s on sale and before the Call of Duty plus Medal of Honour battle in November which would make sense. Here’s hoping :)

  49. i saw the gt5 cover yesterday at jb hl fi but no date yet

  50. It says its open until july 12th, not that the winner will be announced july 12th.

  51. How do you complete photo blitz? The levels just keep going.

  52. tyl0r_r

    skidmark brings up an interesting point. even if it’s july, i’ve never seen a contest with a prize being a game that won’t be out for another 2 + months. interesting!

  53. For that Behind the Speed game you have to get your friends to enter their weights, which is slightly strange…

  54. I wonder how long it’ll be before they get Schumi in on this cross promotion malarky…

  55. Alex p.

    It’s July skid.

  56. Skidmark

    Free copy of GT5 and it ends the 12th June!!

    Surely they are not going to make the winner wait until October for their copy!?? ;0)

  57. Hoodie1878

    Great, so you have to be slightly narcissistic and anally-retentive to have a go.

    For that reason I’m out.

  58. You’re also winning an airbrushed PS3

  59. John Marine

    Part of me is a bit surprised that Polyphony Digital hasn’t put any Ferrari on the front cover of Gran Turismo 5. However, this just goes to show how much PD cares about cars. The Mercedes-Benz SLS-AMG is absolutely beautiful (though part of me still fancies the classic 300SL more).

    Should be a great deal here!

  60. Blinkwing

    Jordan, you are the man!

  61. Ralamch

    Sweet, hopefully Soony’s advertising machinery begins working for GT5 now.

  62. This is some sweet news!

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