Modify Your Logitech DFGT Pedals For More Resistance

December 28th, 2010 by Jordan

One of the most frequent complaints about the popular Logitech Driving Force GT is the pedals. The brake, in particular, can be quite “squishy”, making it more difficult to accurately gauge the force being applied. Since the DFGT was released, several popular DIY mods have been shared in our forums, but this one is probably my favorite: simply wrap a small bungie cord around the brake pedal and hook it around the base of the unit, as YouTuber megadarren demonstrates above (thanks, TRC_Hunk).

Of course, there are many variations to this setup, or you can engineer something that’s a bit more complicated. Regardless, with many of us here in the United States exposed to serious competition in GT Academy for the first time, more sim racers than ever before have a renewed interest in getting the most out of their equipment. Have you modified your wheel or pedal assembly? Share your ideas below or head on over to our steering wheels forum for more in-depth discussion.

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  1. >implying a rolled up pair of socks isn’t better, faster, easier and more realistic

  2. zondaman2

    So, just use bungee cords? (even though I don’t have the pedals yet)

  3. TRC_Hunk

    I got the bungie mod idea from a thread here at GTPlanet. It was the first I heard of it so I gave it a shot. I was surprised at just how easy it was to install and how effective it was, so I made a quick video showing how to do it. I never thought it would get 10,000 hits though. =D

  4. Panjandrum

    Ha! I didn’t do the movie, but that’s actually a pic of my pedals from ages ago somewhere over in the GT4 or maybe cockpit forums.

    I’ve moved to a fanatec wheel now, but I used bungles and the stick-on rubber grips for years on both the DFP and G25 with no ill effects on the pedals. It helps a lot if you are accustomed to pedals in real cars. I don’t know if will really be of help to the younger people here who don’t have a real life reference point that they have to “unlearn” in the first place. You can get the rubber stick-on stuff at Meijer, automotive stores, etc. It is sold for sticking on the running boards of pickups. Using shortish bungles and then twisting them up will also help you keep them out of the way of your heels. It’s nice to see this tip getting some attention.

  5. stanger2125

    Its funny, I never realise that the pedals were actualy very squishy. Now, that I saw this, I might see what I can do about it…

  6. sure it is. Its “ghetto tech news” besides that, its news to anybody who has not heard of this.

  7. Magic Ayrton

    Official support, what a load of ***** G25 is the best of the lot.

  8. acerockolla

    The crazy thing is that these are the pedals that will be used during the live finals for the GT Academy. An event of this caliber should be using at least the G25/G27. It makes no sense that they are using these piece of crap pedals for such an event.

    • slicecom

      It makes no sense that they are using the GT branded wheel for the GT Academy?

    • occasionalracer

      True say… but now that the RS500 is official as well, I would not be surprised to see that beast at the Academy Finals. If they’re still using the DFGT it would be a bad marketing decision. The only thing would be for the finalists to get used to the feel of it, which could take a good hour, but I’m sure they would give enough warm-up/practice time. This is airing on national TV so they should advertise the new Gran Turismo wheel.

  9. BOGAN… that is all.

  10. Craigles

    I just got the dfgt for christmas and a love it but what force feedback settings are the most realistic?

  11. This shouldn’t be in the “news” section.
    Some things should just just stay in the forums.

    • Its tech news. Get over over it.(yes making fun of you)

    • A video of some guy attaching a bungie cord to his video game peripheral that’s been out for years isn’t “tech news” either.

    • slicecom

      Stop complaining. Would you rather read about nothing? I for one welcome any GT5 related posts to the news section.

    • Fully agree mate. Totally confused by how this is ‘news’ in any way. All I can think is that it’s been a slow couple of days for real news. DFGT modding in this way has been around for ages and there’s a whole bunch of threads in the forum on the subject.

  12. Hypergolem

    Simple but effective!

  13. Craigles

    Great to have the mobile site back.

  14. Craigles

    Dont worry ive grown out of silly comments.

  15. Craigles

    Guess whoes back :)

  16. Craigles

    Guess whoes back

  17. Yaycandy69

    Its said for a late December update on Standard cars being converted to Premium car. Wonder when that Update will be…

    • xxANDYxx

      Well u have to think the bugatti will be updated to premium.

  18. I’ll have to try that. My brake pedal sometimes only comes back up about 98% of the way when I take my foot off it – which is just enough brake left on to totally f*** you up if you don’t notice. Maybe this will help.

  19. This made me Lol a little bit as this is pretty much the same way I have ghetto rigged my Logitech Driving Force.

    Other than that, it works pretty well. I was wondering if anybody else did this Lol.

  20. Sele1981

    He only want to show his muscles :D

    No looks good but anyway I need the clubsports

  21. Christian

    good, this will last me a week or too till my carrera comes in.

  22. This solution has been around since practically day one the DFGT came out, not quite sure in what way this is news worthy. the forum is already full of this sort of thing.

  23. monster bob


  24. Don’t mean to be harsh but… slow news day?

  25. hmm – surly it wouldn’t sit flush on the ground and would rock? that would be annoying :( can anyone confirm?

  26. the simplest solution for me was to take the spring out of the brake side so both the gas and brake have the same feel to them. I believe the LEAST resistance will give you better response time on both pedals.

  27. My pedals are dead but my wheel works fine, where can i get a new set?

  28. I got logiteck for Xmas the brake is ok

  29. Even better, buy a decent wheel and pedal set in the first place…

    • Do we all have decent wheel and pedal set money?

    • We all have money to buy a $500 gaming wheel, but there are more interesting places in life to invest our $500.

  30. terminator363

    I was just searching stuff on this the other day! Perfect timing news, just have to watch it! Cheers

  31. jay kirb

    I just roll up some socks and insert them behind the pedals in between the gap in the back. L2D!

  32. Would have been a far better video if the hook had come loose and snagged him in or around the eyeball area, I’m just sayin.

  33. DaveTheStalker

    Friends who share links are better friends that the deep blue sea

  34. MrGiggly

    G25/G27 brake pedal mods usually use the Nixim idea of a small piece of rubber inside the spring. I replaced the spring with a Squash ball on mine (did this on my old Logi momo red as well). As ever, google is your friend !

  35. COOLfiat

    cool, does this work with the G27 too??

  36. Sometimes the simplest solutions result in being the best.

  37. Anderson

    Thanks. That is a different and intersting solution.

  38. RacecarBMW

    Yea I am interested I hate the brake pedal

  39. Jakemania

    That video was short and sweet lol

  40. I’m gonna try this out.

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